Jan 19, 2010

Naomi Klein warns on Haiti disaster capitalism

Update Jan 19: just published is the horoscope of Haiti's Declaration of Independence, Jan 1, 1804, with a few details. Powerful, manipulative Pluto is now conjunct Haiti's natal Mars/Chiron conjunction and tr Mars Rx is conjunct n SN!

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Democracy Now has the Jan 13, 2010 interview text and video of author Naomi Klein concerning the Jan 12 earthquake disaster in Haiti and the threat of shock doctrine capitalism to this impoverished and on-its-knees nation.

In a comment on this blog yesterday I mentioned my lack of trust that the US government (and others) are being honest relief-bringers to the people of Haiti. Well, I wasn't searching for the above info but it turned up during a cyber-ramble for Haiti's date of independence.

Slave Uprising Leads to Independence

Haiti's revolutionaries declared independence from France on January 1, 1804, hour unknown, at Gonaives. Our slave owners President George Washington and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson erred on the side of supporting France and Napoleon in the uprising.

'Erred' is only my modern word, but their historic mistake.

For as we see demonstrated before our eyes each day, rich plutocrats do like to stick together and they'll support or install any dictator who dances to their capitalist tune in order to make everything a one-sided win-win - but only for them.


clymela said...

Here in my little home I have been engaging my family with this question:why is a taking so long to get help to the Haitians? Why do we see images of the huge US airliners with the people unloading so slowly and we know that if there were US soldiers trapped there would be much more speed involved.
Well I think we see now that the US is interested only in occupying Haiti the better to own the country and turn it into a factory for US concerns.
Yes Naomi Klein is right on the money and I see it with my eyes and here the truth: "over 12,000 US troops to keep the peace."
This may be the saddest betrayal yet but bombing families in Afghanistan and destroying Iraq are also right there.NO????????
Viva la France?! in their leaders questions of just what the US is up to in Haiti.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Clymela, what the US military is up to in Haiti will become clearer soon as 'helping' UN troops won't be much of a cover if a coup is on their imperialist minds.

Why so long? Why so long for Katrina victims? Population control perhaps? A sad thought. jc