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Jan 27, 2010

An opinion of SOTU 2010 - Mars rising 1/27/10

All in all, it is my opinion that President Obama's delivery of this evening's SOTU Address 2010 was a great expression of a Virgoan Mars used intelligently.

Update 10:35 pm est: now listening to the Republican rebuttal to a Democratic President, and it seems to me that in Washington (or 'DC' as we called it when I lived there many moons ago), Republicans always call for limited government when Democrats hold the reins of power. Then when Republicans hold the reins it's we-the-people who call for limited government.

You've noticed it, right?

Am I the only one?

You know, echoes are only amusing for a little while then their charms soon fade.


firebell said...

Republicans always call for limited government when Democrats hold the reins of power. Then when Republicans hold the reins it's we-the-people who call for limited government.

Your comment and I agree with you very much, all the time. I read you everyday, sometimes twice a day? I do not post often, but I am here, following you. You are
ahead of the curve, provacative and so right on all the issues. I apprecaite your delving, astrological information. This admimistration is a continuation of Bush/Clinton with many speeches, and no push to change the status quo. The iluminati lives on.
You are fantastic to follow, and thank you for keeping us all informed.

libramoon said...

I thought he did quite well in demonstrating his concerns about common themes of concern, calm deliberation, call for sanity and reason. I totally agree with you about the Repubs. I guess they find that kind of angry mantra consoling.

Jude Cowell said...

firebell, wow! Thanks!

~it's great to know you're reading~

Guess writing a blog lets off some amount of steam if we relate it to my senses of indignation and condemnation of scoundrels and 8-arm bandits.

Keep your antennae out, fireball, reality is about to become even more surrealistic. Some of (what we've come to know as) 'the spin' will deceive even the very elect. Mass hynosis is what TV and other forms of 'entertainment' do so well and the enslaved are only partially (if at all) aware of the delusional possibilities of having another entity controlling your mind.

Apparitions we're accustomed to seeing on the silver screen can be used in other ways and tricks of light and sound will become more frequent...special effects have gotten more fantastic and 'real' - we see it with the resurgence of 3-D glasses at films, and more.

You know, Bush really isn't the 'good liar' he thinks he is, isn he?


Sad to say, the mob took over the White Lodge ('House') long ago (not that it wasn't an enforcer arm for politicos long before.)

Now? it would take a super-tsunami to wash all the dirty babies of government, banking, business, church, and academia out with their stanky bath water. Them you'd want to throw.

firebell (what a sparkly name!), Thanks again for following and stuff! Jude

ps: leave your link if you have a blog to share...

Jude Cowell said...

oh libramoon, we-the-people are caught in the crossfire between groups of people who hold oaths to secret organization (or however many, but only one must be First) much higher in their hearts than they hold their oaths of public service. God's Law isn't a consideration for such folk who may react with primal violence when challenged (doesn't take much to set off some of them.)

Perhaps 'implied oaths of public service' are too flimsy to inspire better behavior and standards could be raised, or followed if they've been ignored too long. And that's just One of their Problems.

Be well,