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Jan 28, 2010

Like Day from Night: Poverty vs Politics in Washington DC

Sadly, the following Day/Night conditions affect nearly every city and town in America now that the fascist state is better established and ensconced in the US than ever before:

Twice years ago I resided a while in the midst of a beautiful city that has a large bit of history dogging its steps -- Washington, the jewel of the District of Columbia. Or more like the bellybutton that holds the jewel, that fount of enrichment that our 'Game birds Feathering Their Nests" politicians *constantly repair to for sustenance and succor. (And silken trappings.)

These days I suspect that there remain more than two levels of lifestyles in DC but only two are portrayed in an article about Washington's sociological unmasking when the sun sets in a Day vs Night theme. The premise of the article works because it is uncomfortably true.

In Georgetown of the 1970s, I saw my first bag lady and had not thought there could be such a woman in that condition in the US. Being a 19-year old and from a more southern region of the country where ladies were still often called 'm'am', it never occurred to me that women - or children - would be left to fend for themselves on the cold streets. Yet there she was, all her belongings fitted somehow into two enormously stuffed shopping bags, a kerchief snugged over her wild hair, a forlorn yet defiant expression on her face.

Greedy vs Needy goes on and on...

Anyway, I recommend the article to you for it captures the underbelly conditions that can result from a perfect storm of bad legislation, purposefully bad legislation, programs that do the opposite of what their cynical titles assert, "unintended consequences" of bad decisions, city resources pilfered and diverted from the people...the list of infamy goes on.

Politics by Day - Poverty by Night shows a snapshot of a suffering city whose Day's veneer at sunrise swallows the starkness of its disenfranchised Night with a cruel smirk of righteousness that chills to the bone.


*My reference is to the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Jupiter from wa-a-y back in 1776: '6 Cancer' = "Game birds Feathering Their Nests"; now we say that Jupiter = the Republican Party and its members in Mundane charts yet party platforms and players change through the years. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar but a liberal isn't a flip-flopper. Nor is a GOPer a not-my-brother's-keeper type but a...oh wait. They are that type. These days. Sorry. The 'magic Christian' dust had me fooled for a second there.

Anyway, America's natal Jupiter @ '6Can' represents Jupiterians during the 1770s and later, but certainly signifies those who were on the scene and in the mix on July 4, 1776. Jupiter represents the banking class, too, as you know, plus religious leaders, professors, and gurus and sages of all persuasions.

Yes, the usual factors that 'come along with' our nation's natal Jupiter's condition (sign, house, rulerships, aspects, etc) are of influence still (because a natal chart = the character) yet, it's difficult to ignore how Capitol Hill, its environs of law firms and lobbyists, and the national and international banking institutions and other corporate entities (in which I include monarchies) who 'donate to' US politicians have wrested most of the control of the US government away from the American people. Not that the 1776 ideal has ever been perfectly realized but these crooks and wastrels have taken America far far away from her ideals, her basic self-esteem, and ability to protect national sovereignty.

And that's one of the more basic things I have against the recent 'Dred Scott Moment' that the US SCOTUS whacked us with last week, an activist move which will open the front door to foreign interests to meddle in our election processes more freely even than we have long meddled in theirs.

Rob Our Treasury, Buy Our Senators (but we must give a No Money Back Guarantee on the politicians - keep 'em, they're yours..."Them's your pigs" - Rip Torn; just take them with you, No Refunds, don't say we didn't warn you of their turdiness)...

Now here in the South we have a tradition, a saying, really: "Y'all Come!" meaning we'll miss you when you're gone, so please come back when you may. Yes, we are polite down here (and I was surprised to find the DC of my day to be much more of a southern city than I had previously suspected; yet a swamp with a fancy city built upon it will always remain a swamp underneath...and Scorpio holds sway in DC.)

So with the recent SCOTUS invitation extended to more fatcat internationals than we can shake a stick at, will it be part of President Obama's duties to stand at the White House front door, issuing "Y'all Come" homilies to meddlers and foreign agents who have long tired of sneaking in and out of the White House back door?

If so, then it's going to be up to the collective 'we' ~ not 'wii' ~ to take back the mike from Kanye and tell them how things are gonna be, for we have the right to determine our own futures without their chaos-creating events designed and implemented to keep us off-keel and weakened.

Might this much-needed mike-snatch be an imperative of the current Cardinal T-Square (2010 - 2014) with its Saturn/Uranus opposition at the pattern's base, and both Saturn and Uranus squaring Pluto as they did in 1875...but in different signs?

(1875 - Saturn AQ/Uranus Leo = Pluto Taurus; now it will be Saturn Libra/Uranus Aries = Pluto Capricorn, sign of government, business, and law; authority, control, and cold-hearted ambition.)

Now there's another way I've been considering the Cardinal T-SQ and perhaps you have been, too. It requires speaking of the planets as 'actors' in a mystery play (life) so the script is determined in large degree by the planetary aspects involved since aspects describe the relationships and energy circuits between them.

Saturn and Uranus (old vs new, tradition vs progress, rules vs freedom) are now 'applying' to Pluto, the puppet master/s of the Universe, and somehow he feels blocked by obstacles caused by adherents in both the 'tradition' and 'progress' camps. The tension within the relationships between the three actors is, of course, more complex than if it were only one actor applying to Pluto at one time.

As it is, a pattern is formed, a T-Square, which awaits a trigger or stimulus to reach the empty point - in Cancer opposite Pluto. Plus, a natal or progressed planet may fill this requirement in a longer-term manner; then the T-SQ 'occurs; to the natal or progressed planet as a transiting configuration.

Ex: The Cardinal T-SQ falls hard on American noggins with our natal Venus (values; money; relationships, etc) filling that empty spot - Pluto opposes our national Venus...and a Grand Cross is thus created with inequalities keenly felt.

Pluto-opposite-Venus is a time when present circumstances adversely affect material conditions, joint ventures, and relationships, so if you have a mo, see what pops out at you from the Events of 1875 list, facets of events or issues which might possibly re-run or re-surface in 2010 and beyond in the Sat-Ura-Plu departments of life. This comparison may supply a hint of shades to come while the Universe is giving us another chance to manage these difficult yet dynamic energies more consciously and maturely - a feat which precludes allowing ourselves to be duped by cynical 'leaders' who manipulate the masses based on a plutonian, draconian ideal of utopian one-world control.


Anonymous said...

What do you make of Alito's mouthed response "Not true" when Obama spoke of the decision by the Supreme Court that corporations have free speech? I'd like him to explain in plain English, but we know that'll never happen.

Jude Cowell said...

Was it Alito and not another Justice? i recorded the show so i should watch it to be certain.

Regardless of who mouthted a (sophomoric) response, it was a breaking of the Chambers's rules (and Senate rules too, i think.)

Was a TV camera set to 'catch it' on the air or was it coincidental? Looked perfectly set up to me but i was watching it on PBS.

As we know, "Nothing in politics happens by accident; if it happens you can be sure it was planned that way." - to paraphrase FDR

Most of what i blog is based on that truism which is seldom, if ever, inaccurate.

What do you think? Jude

Anonymous said...

This Huffington Post article with embedded video of this scene seems to bear it out, but Alito is saying something just before "not true." I am a darn good lip reader (because I'm deaf) but I can't make out that other phrase.

Yes, indeed, a breach of decorum, as it was when the Republican legislator shouted "You lie!" a few months ago.

Not one of these people ever speaks the truth. I am still new to astrology, so I may be speaking in ignorance: Is this an age of lies because it is the Age of Pisces? Pisces's ruler, Neptune, therefore rules this Age, and we know it governs dissembling, trickery, deception, and so on. Am I on to something or totally off the mark?

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, almost as soon as i replied to your comment i 'ran across' Justice Alito breaking rules and tradition by responding to a sitting President in a rather sophomoric fashion, imo.

Yet A Point Was Made - that his performance was a set-up for the camera (as i felt with "You lie!" too - SomeBody knew it would happen) is a feeling that won't leave me.

That Alito's wife's *tearful theatrics during her husband's confirmation testimony indicates to me that our premiere thespian couple of the US court system has now stepped into the spotlight and are diligently following the NWO script (as do both 'sides' - Rs and Ds) to a T.

We've been coup'd. No one in Washington can be trusted which is not a rare condition unfortuantely.

And yes, Pisces is known for fudging truth and not facing up to it very well (without help from Above) but if we think that we are now in the 'Age of Aquarius' (worldwide web = www = glyph for AQ) we have to accept the fact that all signs are capable of lying. Greed and lust for power and money seems to set the stage for liars and scoundrels to act upon, including behind the curtain!

Thanks for commenting, Jude