Jan 26, 2010

US' secret blueprint for global domination/Spring EQ 2010

Pre-presidency (Jan 20, 2001 when Bush was installed in the Oval Office), chicken hawk draft dodgers Bush and Cheney and friends were making plans for world governance (PNAC) to be run by America (not by the UN as others have preferred) whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power in Iraq. As we know, they soon decided to take care of that thorny 'Butcher of Baghdad' issue.

This implicates the Rhenquist SCOTUS in the PNAC regime-changing plans and gives the oft-hurled charge 'activist court' a new level of meaning. A lower one, that is, since the actions of the SCOTUS of the United States of America revealed itself to be an operative in the neocon-Zionists' New World Order plans.

We know that Bush Sr has been a mover/shaker promoting this agenda since he famously and openly called for the NWO years ago saying that if they are successful "--and we will be," he marked himself as a co-conspirator. See the freak on video, if you will, in a previous post which links to Bush Sr's 1988 RNC speech containing his "thousand points of light" code words.

The identities of "will" types like these fellows may also be uncovered by noting such verbal habits as, "if you will" which Cheney liked to mumble when playing VP, and which has been copied by talking heads such as George Will on political TV shows, and by others who intentionally, or perhaps unintentionally, mimic world government planners from the olden days (when the word was, "wilt") - as made up by Aleister Crowley and his pals and fashioned into a 'religion' called Thelema.

Perhaps there is something to the rumor that W's mother Barbara Bush has an unusual paternity in Crowley, born Oct 12, 1875, during the same forceful T-Square pattern now concerning everyone in 2010 into 2014...Saturn opposing Uranus at the base, pointing to powerful Pluto. Yes, the signs have changed since 1875, but the effects are as difficult as ever...perhaps more so, since the game - the agenda - is in much later stages of development in this, the New Millennium.

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion against one's lot in life; brutality; concealing changes to activities; drastic changes in a previously liberal atmosphere; rigid inflexibility replaces adaption; harm through force majeure; the desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary effort (mind over matter? "What thou wilt"? - jc) (midpoint pics: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

And of course, the tensely dynamic energies of the *Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square pattern relate to earth changes and natural disasters as well, such as in Haiti. On this blog and elsewhere, Pluto is shorthand for secret hand, or the puppet masters of the world. Plus, apex Pluto in a T-Square signifies one (or a group of ones) being relentlessly one-tracked in aims (NWO) and has a willful determination to abuse power and gain control over others. (Like Crowley himself.)

If you click the link to my post on Crowley's natal chart, you can enlarge it and see the T-Square of 1875 before your very eyes. Around his chart is the natal chart of his reputed daughter, Barbara Bush. The comparison shows some very interesting links between them.

And yes, the Bush-Cheney regime change plan pre-Jan 20, 2001 is old news for many of us but it bears repeating - and remembering, as President Obama continues shoving through the PNAC program. He just does it with a more elegant style of rhetoric and by use of complete sentences. In closing:

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."

Frederick Douglass


If you're concerned about the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square's influence in your personal life, take heart, for upon the weekend of Spring Equinox in March 2010 help will arrive. Keep alert to Donna Cunningham's blog SkyWriter for complete details as Spring Equinox 2010 draws near...


Anonymous said...

first time machine


Anonymous said...

What you wrote is very interesting, both the sources: The Pnac Project has been important and Bush, it is true, had as a plan in mind to attack Iraq well before becoming President.

But this is the point: Has America become stronger or weaker in consequence of these Plans?

Can we see in sight a “New American Century” or not? Answer is under everyone’s eyes, in full ice...

Obama, having become aware of the mistake committed, is trying to repir but it’s too late...
His last moves - as that of China - confirm that the moment for the introduction of the Amero cannot be too far nowadays...
This, in my view, is the aim of these last moves we saw in this month...

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Jon, will check it out!

Anonymous, imho, America is weaker and more despised thanks to Bush and Cheney.