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Feb 17, 2016

Did America 'peak' in 2008? What will the February 2016 Full Moon reveal?

America's Progressed Full Moon 2008 and the February 22, 2016 Full Moon

by Jude Cowell

The Full Moon @3Vir33 on February 22, 2016 has me thinking: did 1776 America 'peak' in December 2008? For that is when our nation's natal (birth) horoscope reached a Full Moon phase by progression with Sun @4Virgo10 and Moon @4Pisces10--less than one degree from the February 22nd Full Moon positions across the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces axis. Below is a version of the US SP (Secondary Progressed) horoscope as published to my WordPress blog back in the day. The chart is set for the moment of exact opposition between progressed Sun and Moon and issues from our July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA natal chart:

Please enlarge the image to read the messy scribbles!

You'll find details concerning this chart at Jude's Threshold, sans edits. Also from the site is a Banking Crisis Timeline where the closest event to December 24, 2008 is this entry: "American Express will get $3.39 Billion in TARP funds" dated December 23rd. And remember that the Great Heist itself and subsequent TARP give-aways were set up and perpetrated under George W. Bush, Jeb's brother.

Campaign 2016 Under a Virgo Full Moon

Now as you've noticed, the rhetoric of Campaign 2016 has included certain events that occurred during the 8 years of the Bush-Cheney presidency (or, regime, as some describe it) such as expansion of US war efforts and the stupidity of invading Iraq. The national debt limit may soon be a featured GOP talking point as 2016 proceeds, and yet, karma rides side saddle with December 2008 marking what some consider the crescendo of Financial Crash 2008 when the mask of disguise could no longer be worn by America.

As a blogging astrologer, I have used America's 2008 SP chart for such a timing purpose because SP Full Moons cosmically identify the external limits to which a person or entity may reach in the world given the capabilities they began with (the natal potential). If this is so for our nation, it seems that only the less prepared--the 99% of us--were deeply harmed by the crash and by what has turned out to be a continuance of Wall Street's fraudulent ways and now big banks are bigger than ever and home mortgages are being sold over radio and TV as if they're hot cakes--yours for the asking! But not so fast, for victimized Americans have traveled this rocky road to ruin before...

My thought is that although you can presume to cheat natural laws for a while, at some point karma--the law of reaping what was sown--will catch up with you. Even power elite manipulators and their cat's-paw politicians must learn this basic universal lesson in the end when all cosmic litter boxes shall be cleansed. Perhaps you disagree, but to me, Senator Bernie Sanders is the only 2016 candidate offering to wield a giant pooper scooper!

For after all, our symbolic SP Full Moon and the real-time Full Moon of February 22, 2016 fall across the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces axis and we may find again that various types of impure shenanigans are under our Piscean feet and may be revealed by the light of the February Full Moon.

Aug 28, 2012

Does voting Mercury's Station Rx on 11.06.12 tell of a false flag op?

Mercury, planet of voting and ballots, unhelpfully performs a Station Retrograde at 6:03 pm edt on Election Day 2012 (Nov 6) as it strongly opposes President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini--an opposition to his wishes.

Can this be a cosmic indication of an Obama-staged false flag operation meant to disrupt the November 6th election and thus keep him in power?

Well, someone writing for the Canada Free Press seems to think it's possible. And yet...since Mercury will oppose the president's natal Moon (reigning need--Tyl), any terrorist attack on US soil could very well plop a political fly into the DHS ointment, a fly that buzzes even more loudly as an anti-Obama plan with a Rovian flair!

Remember how the Bush-Cheney-Rove gang and the DHS trotted out threatening Osama bin Laden tapes--modified though they may have been--just before election time? Well, unfondly so do I for it swayed many gullible voters into accepting more misfortunes under a warmongering Republican White House. And you know what a financial boondoggle fighting wars on credit card is for the American people for the misguided, misdirected US government is still doing it as if expecting a different outcome!

Feb 16, 2011

America's Democracy of Hypocrisy; Rally in Wisconsin 2.15.11 (video)

The Spirit of Uprising wafts through our global air and the following video is one that I am feeling hopeful about and very proud to display on Stars Over Washington, a blog written and dedicated to my ideal of the United States of America. Not the perverted warmongering America of the neocons and Zionists, but America the Beautiful, the world's haven of Liberty and Freedom.

And that includes Freedom to Protest so continue countering their austerity madness, good people of Madison, Wisconsin!

Isthmus on the Union Rally 2.15.11

Hypocrisy Increases Further Sullying America's White Hat

by Jude Cowell

In the news during these days of Riots, Strikes, and Uprisings are many examples of US government officials criticizing other nations for repressing their populations who wish to protest against government.

Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been loose with her praise for those who are demanding democracy and better social conditions from their leaders such as those in Tehran (well, democracy is one of our primary political catchwords in America, a shield in times of assault in the Rs v Ds chess game of factions positioning for control of Washington microphones, gavels, and bank vaults here and abroad. NYSE now 60% German-owned....publicly, I mean, not just under the table anymore.)

High-handedly, Joe Lieberman and Peter King are leading the GOP charge to shove through the Shield Act in honor of a certain slippery foreign varmint name of Julian Assange because apparently the Espionage Act of 1917 won't be enough to permanently net and squelch their prey, they fear. (Unless as some say, Assange works with the CIA, or is their dupe, either of which is a masterful way of putting out disinformation with no paw prints on it.

News Flash from me: even if the US gov manages to put Mr. Assange on trial, convict, and sentence him, it will not add one iota to the slim sliver of good will a majority of the American people now have toward the current totalitarian, chaos-creating tactics of those whose predecessors usurped both our political parties and now masquerade as one-of-us.

Washington DC's faction wars can't solve our nation's societal ills (and aren't meant to or they could do a lot better than they're doing: such as admitting that fraud and embezzlement have gone on for years until now - US coffers are looted like the Baghdad Museum.) Nor will the draconian austerity cuts now threatened against the ill, elderly, and poor among us 'solve' things but will further hobble the US economy and cause more mass misery than we've already seen.

When a nation's meekest are not kept safe from rich plutocrats of the world, a moral line has been crossed similar to a society that makes a habit of using abortion as birth control. Both create bad karma for all must reap what they sow, even governments.

However, if my fellow Americans retain hold of our traditional national conscience in 2011 ('is this how America treats its citizens?'), we will not allow our resources to zoom elsewhere and stoke military enterprises, but toward the people who paid into tax funds and who must ask for a leg up to be given by those who've sought and made their fortunes with aid from American society. Make your money in America, support her when social conditions warrant it.

Yet actions always speak louder, we know, and if America has lower to fall (US natal Saturn exalted in Libra (sign of justice and balance) in 10th house of World Status and Career = a fall from grace if Saturn's lessons are disregarded by government. To whom much is given, much is required, says Saturn in 10th house. Plutocrats don't wish to remember such a thing so our protests are in part to remind them they need the consent of the governed or all their 'authority' will go pouf!)

Well, I for one, do not want our American society to fall by the wayside of globalists who honor no loyalties but their own (and their cabal oaths.) If they have hearts, they're in the wrong place and we see this as we observe and experience what globalists (or, the power elite, if you prefer) produce in the world...things like loss, grief, fear, and suffering. Survival of the Fittest is a theory put in practice by the win-at-any-costers with which we's the dog-eat-dog method of gaining (or stealing) worldly 'success' built upon the backs of others with eugenics the ugly foundation.

Yet most people would prefer to live their lives and watch their children develop in harmony. Media colludes by telling the public repeatedly that there are bad men in the world, beware. Why yes, there are, and I'm lookin' at a bunch of 'em on my TV screen spouting state propaganda over and over. The old "It's him, not me" ploy (like a Martin Short skit on SNL) never directs its energy in the proper direction for it's too busy redirecting our attention away from political misdeeds, crimes, and prejudices.

Therefore, no real problems ever have to be honestly faced; thus no solutions arise.

Never Having Enough, The GOP Wants What You Got

Not only are the Republicans trying to remove all vestiges of Women's Health Care availability in the US, they want to 'remove the authority' for enforcement and rollback to the 19th century the protections of the Child Labor Law Act of 1916, if Republican Jane Cunningham of Missouri has her wacky way.

Is support for a return to child slavery growing in US political circles? In 2011, are uppity manufacturing conglomerates gearing up for a new amassing of a cheap slave labor force in the US to 'compete' with workers' low pay scales in China, India, and other places where US jobs migrated for the benefit of corporatism's bottom line? How could our job-starved economy possibly benefit from adding millions of child workers to US labor rolls now unless profiteers know something we don't as of yet know? Has the GOP completely lost its moral compass? Is Cunningham's super-regressive, dark-age idea our only clue to their craveness?

The YOD of US Secondary Progressions 2001 and 2002

Astrologically, I'm looking at a horoscope of US Secondary Progressions (Sec) set for February 7, 2002, the date that George Bush signed a presidential 'waiver' exempting the White House (his nibs himself) from having to consider members of al Qaeda and the Taliban as human beings. In Bush's world, his oil-and-poppy-infused 'enemy combatants' then magically became less than human (a commonly used tactic which Hitler finessed); thus they were subject to being tortured in the crazed notion that information would be forthcoming with enough pressure applied. Resulting deaths were often only inconveniences and perhaps still linger in the way unsolved crimes and mysteries have of retaining secrets within their DNA. As a thing begins, so will it end, and with many karmic lessons learned - or unlearned - in between.

So the Sec chart with our Sec Neptune/NN (Neptune in fated Nodal degree: 26Vir29 Rx vs NN 26Can54) received our national Sec Sun (the leader) in 2001/02 at the very point in the Zodiac that inconjuncts both Sec Neptune and Sec NN creating a YOD pattern of crisis, a crossroads, turning point, special task, and/or major adjustment now ripe for activation by progression.

A big deal? I would say so, especially since the Neptune/NN sextile at the YOD's base had progressed into a position of pointing to US natal Moon 27AQ10 (so the YOD's base had progressed to a quincunxial relationship with our n Moon of 1776); our Sec Sun progressed to the apex position in the same YOD which created a double YOD pattern. Below are the two midpoint pictures formed with the intrinsic nature of the Neptune/NN combination indicating:

Thesis: leadership that is unwilling or unable to consider the demands of its people; ideals or national glamour are excuses for neglecting the growth and progress demands of the population or important groups.

Antithesis: scandals caused by foreign concerns; spies or terrorists enter for villainous purposes; an ill-adapted, inadequate hospital or medical care system; drug policies that avoid important concerns.

To Neptune/NN, Ebertin adds: exploiting, deceiving, and cheating other people; anti-social elements; lack of judgment leads to wrong ideas about associations.

These were some of the social issues we needed honestly addressed in the early days of the New Millennium. They were not. And things have continued to fester in America.

YOD's Midpoint Pictures:

Sec Neptune/NN = Sec Sun: encouragement to be your own person in deciding what influences from others you will or will not accept from other people (Bush,
the decider? jc); being let down by others.

Sec Neptune/NN = natal Moon: disappointments; a cessation of inner understanding between people; a lack of community spirit; lack of adaptability; feeling ostracised or misunderstood. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

2001 and 2002 presented America a crossroads fraught with governmental misdirections and dirty political tricks while the American people then needed, as now, to hear truth, not cynical slogans and half-truths meant to twist our heartstrings, mobilize our patriotism, and rob our pockets. The long-submerged iceberg of theft and fraud in America surfaced to great fanfare and political theater with the Bush-Cheney Financial Collapse 2008 - and trillions of dollars simply 'disappeared' as if they never were.

Meanwhile, in the America of President Obama and Secretary Clinton circa 2011, hypocrisy uttered by governmental mouths continues apace and one may wonder how oppressed we-the-people will find ourselves when we finally follow Wisconsin's example and get off our chubby duffs en masse to remind Washington and local governments that their paternalistic abridging of our rights is completely unacceptable, a word politicians are so very fond of using when displeased.

For if Iran, Libya, and the rest of the restless are the goose, Madame Secretary and Mr. President, then America must be the gander. It's time we-the-people had a big helping of that democracy sauce, thanks. And leave our Twitter and Internet alone while you're out speechifying so inspiringly across the globe.


If you know of demonstrations or rallies for common causes springing up these days in America, pass along the details or a link in a Comment, if you wish. We-the-people once knew how, right? Thanks! jc

Nov 20, 2010

Full body scanners: Chertoff's conflict of interest (video)

As you've probably heard by now, former Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff has a major conflict of interest when it comes to selling the US government the full body scanners now being loudly protested in our airports.

If the conflict pans out to be the scandal it now seems to be, President Obama will be in for criticism as well. Didn't anyone tell Mr. Obama from the get-go that retaining certain of the Bush-Cheney administration's staffers and lackeys was a very poor idea which would eventually bring him lots of political flack?

Then again, if you're anything like me, you think the highly praised 'peaceful transition' and baton-passing of American presidents every four years is another way of saying that the power elite's long-desired global take over is proceeding undercover and quite unnoticed as planned with the majority of we-the-people none the wiser. Old boss and new boss are virtually the same boss, m'peops.

Ahh, I remember the heady days of March 2006 when I posted the sunrise version of Michael Chertoff's natal chart showing his natal North Node conjoining US natal Pluto, and his Chiron at the POLITICAL POWER degree (18Cap) where the illuminated duo of Uranus and Neptune had their Great Conjunction/s of 1993.

And what is 18Cap's shadow side expression? "Smug or strong-armed paternalism," states Marc Edmund Jones in The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.

The post of 2006 also mused over Chertoff's possible loss of his HoSec czarship, but of course that turned out to be only a mirage created from the fumes that waft from the swamp of Washington DC to keep the savages manageable.


Topic suggestion provided by Alex D'Atria.

Sep 23, 2010

Gerald Celente on the Gary Null Show (video)

Video: Gerald Celente speaking on September 20, 2010.

Yes, I'd say that as Bush and Cheney left town, they and Hank Paulson cleaned out the US Treasury quite well but apparently a few farthings were left behind for President Obama to use as chump change, with massive borrowing from China and elswhere continuing apace.

But you know me: they're all in this together and it's ruling class vs we-the-people. Besides, 'bad apples' aren't always found near the bottom of the barrel, you know. Sometimes they ferment on the top of the lot which ruins the rest of us.

Aug 31, 2010

Obama on Iraq tonight 8:00 pm edt w/ Pisces Rising

This evening at 8:00 pm edt, President Obama will speak for approximately 15 minutes on the ending of official combat operations in Iraq, a war begun on March 20, 2003 6:35 am Baghdad time with 8Ari16 rising.

There's no time this morning to blog on the Iraq War chart itself but I can say that in tonight's TV speech chart, the first planet to rise will be 2003's Mercury 27Pis19, the spot where transiting Jupiter and Uranus have visited off and on of late and still hover.

Tonight at Aries Point tr Uranus 00Ari59 Rx is first to rise with Jupiter 00Ari59 Rx in tow as chart-ruler. As you know, any time a chart's ruler is Rx indicates delays having to do with the function of that planet. (This may refer to the '50,000' US soldiers left in Iraq. Now Jupiter indicates many things on various levels and billions of dollars in war costs is definitely one of them. The Bush-Cheney invasion of sovereign nation Iraq was begun with Jupiter Rx 8Leo25 which sat upon Bush's natal Ascendant and conjoined the natal Mercury positions of the GOP and Senator John McCain.

This at the time indicated to this reluctant astrologer a 'bottomless pit in the money department' as I described it. Eventually tr Jupiter in Aries will trine Iraq War Jupiter in Leo bringing a time of compatibility and success. Pisces Rising points to Neptune as well so we may find the speculation pair (Jupiter/Neptune) of influence in the President's speech tonight. Perhaps he will address the thorny issues of independent contractors and mercenaries.

At 8:00 pm edt in Washington DC this evening, the midpoint of Moon/NN, a significator of public contact, rises...Moon/NN = ASC: establishing personal connections; maintaining inner contacts with others.

Lots of publicity ensues, and pundits must have their jobs and salaries justified.

The Sun/Moon phase is Disseminating (261 degr 23 mins) which is a time when the info, message, and propaganda may be spread far and wide. 8:00 pm edt is an Hour of Saturn indicating 'stoppage' but also control of the narrative. Saturn 4Lib07 is in 7th house of the President's speech, the house of Partnerships, and traversing between US n MC 00Lib53 (Sibly chart) and our nation's natal Saturn (with our Saturn Return upcoming, a three-fer as mentioned in a previous post.)

But has America yet learned Saturn's lessons of accountability and responsibility?

Now with tonight's Uranus conjunct 2003's Sun 29Pis07, we may expect a 'going off in a new direction' theme (as advertised) in order to find a new identity - the ID as 'occupier' having grown stale and overly expensive. Also tonight's Jupiter hovers around 2003's Mercury showing a need for new experiences and methods yet taking on too many projects at once must come to an end. We expect the President to focus more attention and money on fighting in Afghanistan where many empires have failed before us.

Plus, we remember that the 2003 Iraq Invasion was a war of choice a la Bush and Cheney who shackled our nation in more ways than one with the power elite's misguided ideologies such as 'A New American Century' and the '1% Gang' of Dick Cheney and pals.

But since they were determined to do it, electing to invade after April 4, was the better choice since Jupiter the General would have been moving Direct thus shortening the war effort and costing less in taxpayer money. And with Saturn to US n Mars, it makes you wonder if the muddled outcome all these years was precisely their intention...more war profits, you know.

The North Node of public encounter conjoins 2003's Mars 9Cap41 (contacts concerning Iraq) near 2003's MC 4Cap59; tr Pluto Rx tonight @ 2Cap50 has crossed and recrossed the Iraq War's MC in recent months indicating that drifting along is no longer an option. Please form yourself a government, Iraqis!

Tonight, tr Pluto/NN = 2003's MC: dependence of one's future upon associations which influence one's objectives in life and may cause setbacks in one's career.

The speech's Moon 29Tau50 contacts 2003's NN 1Gem22 echoing the public notice of the President's speech which will be followed in Baghdad; Mr. Obama's natal Moon 3Gem21 is nearby and communicating (Gem) with the public (Moon.)

The war's Saturn 22Gem45 conjuncts US n Mars = circumventing rules and regulations is ill-advised; a firm determination to succeed is needed along with more organization and focus. Physical efforts are difficult to say the least with dampening Saturn on America's military forces planet, Mars, god of war.

Tonight's 29th-degree Moon is at a critical crisis degree which shows the the people's dire condition in America - and in Iraq - and Moon is the only one out-of-bounds which signifies a large amount of emotional insecurity about our daily needs which expensive wars tend to ignore, as we see on Capitol Hill. (Our needs are 'unaffordable' says Congress, yet more war funds are easily found, etc. Taurus is all about the creature comforts; Moon also conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone: something to cry about and has a mystical yet judgmental vibe.)

And of course, tr Neptune and Chiron continue traveling in tandem upon US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) so fraud is still an option for use against us as our domestic conditions continue to waver or disintegrate.

Looking ahead, the human tendency toward holding unrealistic expectations will be evident again regarding US foreign policy when tr Neptune reaches Pisces and conjoins the Iraq War's Uranus 00Pis30: ideals and ideologies will conflict with technical and economic conditions and almost anything can happen. One thing is clear: the US invasion of Iraq will reverberate in global society for years to come no matter how effectively President Obama says his 'peace' tonight.

Okay, 'nuff said. Except for three things:

1. tonight's Venus 23Lib is conjunct more than Arcturus (a different approach) and Spica (potential for brilliance), but the Iraq War's Moon 23Lib06 as well which indicates popularity of the idea, if not the reality, of US troops' combat operations ending in Iraq.

2. the Sabian Symbol for the President's Sun this evening...

'9 Virgo' = "A Man Making a Futurist Drawing"...EXPERIMENT...

positive expression: a gift for the illimitable expansion of the human mind and a consequent extension of its powers;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: complete and continuous confusion of ideas. (Jones.)

('Extension of its powers'?? Confusion used as an oratory tactic?)

3. tonight, the planet of the masses, mass media, deception, and glamour sextiles MC (the goal; the larger world) at 8:00 pm, so we may expect much subtly within the President's message as he uses Neptune's subliminal talents to influence policy and get others to go along with him, thus avoiding opposition and confrontation. He hopes, as he employs a vision and symbolism to create a framework for future decisions.

That's Politics!


Note: my experience timing TV appearances with their horoscope is that speakers usually begin about 2 or 3 minutes after the scheduled hour. If so, at 8:02 pm edt, the ASC = 19Pis10...'20Pis' = "A Table Set for an Evening Meal" which seems to refer to ending combat ops in Iraq; my greatest fret is that it also refers to the closing operations of our nation.

Jun 28, 2010

Who will carry the US Constitution now that Senator Byrd is gone?

As you heard, the longest serving senator in US history, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVA), passed away during the night at age 92.

After his 50+ years of service, had he lived down an unfortunate membership in the Klan in his youth? Opponents would say nay, yet I forgave him long ago based on his exemplary record serving in the US Senate, and most especially for delivering the speech Today, I Weep for My Country which was heard on the senate floor on behalf of common decency, Constitutional law, the American people, and the people of Iraq who at the time were only hours from being bombed by the Bush-Cheney administration in March 2003, a conflict still grinding on these 7 years later with no end in sight, and much to what should be America's eternal shame.

I well remember the months-long campaign with war drums beating on the afternoon of March 19, 2003, for I was weeping, too.

For even this *Saturnian astrologer knows that karma is what we reap from what we've sown, and Hades and chaos in the Middle East are what America has sown. No one welcomes foreign occupation of their country and that goes for Afghanistan as well. Would you?

So here is what I blogged on the 5th anniversary of the Iraq invasion with a link to Senator Byrd's heartfelt speech included. As soon as Senator Byrd finished speaking, (VP Cheney directed) the Theodore-Roosevelt-worshiping Senator John McCain to stand up and defend the war hawks' 'decision' to wage their war of choice with its visions of world domination and obscene profits.

You'll find McCain's speech included and I find it fascinating to compare the two senators' sentiments now in light of how things have turned out so far in Iraq.

Or you may wish to skip my ramblings and go directly to the text of both speeches, compliments of Information Clearing House

Now the war-promoting senator that day is the same John McCain who tossed out a "maybe more troops in Afghanistan" on Meet the Press yesterday, a statement which almost made me lose my brunch. For if Afghanistan isn't a perfect historical example of bashing one's head against a brick wall, I don't know what is, though 'stone' wall would be more to the point.

And so the tattered copy of the US Constitution which Senator Byrd carried in his pocket through the years must now be sadly laid aside with his passing. Without Senator Byrd's spirit of vigilance, let us hope that this laying aside is not indicative of a further and deeper loss of constitutional principles.


*Saturnian astrologer as opposed to Uranian astrologer is my understanding of one who sees heredity and DNA in cell-like horoscopes where others see past lives and reincarnation.

Mar 13, 2010

Senator Mitch McConnell on video

Oh this is mean of me to publish this old video from the RNC 2008 showing Senator Mitch McConnell looking how he looks best...

You may wish to check out the senator's natal chart if you haven't yet: Sun in confusing, mystical Pisces, Moon in either feisty, pioneering Aries or complacent, stubborn Taurus.

The post also displays the 'frictional' synastry grid between the natal charts of Sen. McConnell and President Obama. Funny how the Republicans keep seeming to forget: they lost. And eight years of their mis-rule were way too many for all but their fondest Kool-Aid drinkers and the 'elite base' - so GOP political futures must now depend upon the oft-mythologized American public as having a "short memory."

Maybe You Do, But I Don't

Ah, eight years of Bush! Remember the old accusation: congressional Republicans are spending like 'drunken sailors'? Why yes, they did! And look at all we don't have to show for it. Except for war, war, and more war...that, they're still doing. But funds for the people's needs? "Too expensive," in chorus, coming primarily from the Republican side of the aisle like parrots repeating a rich man's mantra.

Well, hopefully, in the November 2010 elections, the American voting public will remember the condition of our tattered, less free, bankrupted nation as that vampiric duo, Bush and Cheney, cleared out the rest of the US Treasury and skulked out of Washington, with ill-gained loot dripping from their bloody claws.

Why speak so graphically? Because if you're going to worship Lucifer and do his bidding, you have to expect such craven descriptions of your criminal activities.


November Elections 2010: Remember Bush. But Run From Cheney.

Jan 26, 2010

US' secret blueprint for global domination/Spring EQ 2010

Pre-presidency (Jan 20, 2001 when Bush was installed in the Oval Office), chicken hawk draft dodgers Bush and Cheney and friends were making plans for world governance (PNAC) to be run by America (not by the UN as others have preferred) whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power in Iraq. As we know, they soon decided to take care of that thorny 'Butcher of Baghdad' issue.

This implicates the Rhenquist SCOTUS in the PNAC regime-changing plans and gives the oft-hurled charge 'activist court' a new level of meaning. A lower one, that is, since the actions of the SCOTUS of the United States of America revealed itself to be an operative in the neocon-Zionists' New World Order plans.

We know that Bush Sr has been a mover/shaker promoting this agenda since he famously and openly called for the NWO years ago saying that if they are successful "--and we will be," he marked himself as a co-conspirator. See the freak on video, if you will, in a previous post which links to Bush Sr's 1988 RNC speech containing his "thousand points of light" code words.

The identities of "will" types like these fellows may also be uncovered by noting such verbal habits as, "if you will" which Cheney liked to mumble when playing VP, and which has been copied by talking heads such as George Will on political TV shows, and by others who intentionally, or perhaps unintentionally, mimic world government planners from the olden days (when the word was, "wilt") - as made up by Aleister Crowley and his pals and fashioned into a 'religion' called Thelema.

Perhaps there is something to the rumor that W's mother Barbara Bush has an unusual paternity in Crowley, born Oct 12, 1875, during the same forceful T-Square pattern now concerning everyone in 2010 into 2014...Saturn opposing Uranus at the base, pointing to powerful Pluto. Yes, the signs have changed since 1875, but the effects are as difficult as ever...perhaps more so, since the game - the agenda - is in much later stages of development in this, the New Millennium.

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion against one's lot in life; brutality; concealing changes to activities; drastic changes in a previously liberal atmosphere; rigid inflexibility replaces adaption; harm through force majeure; the desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary effort (mind over matter? "What thou wilt"? - jc) (midpoint pics: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

And of course, the tensely dynamic energies of the *Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square pattern relate to earth changes and natural disasters as well, such as in Haiti. On this blog and elsewhere, Pluto is shorthand for secret hand, or the puppet masters of the world. Plus, apex Pluto in a T-Square signifies one (or a group of ones) being relentlessly one-tracked in aims (NWO) and has a willful determination to abuse power and gain control over others. (Like Crowley himself.)

If you click the link to my post on Crowley's natal chart, you can enlarge it and see the T-Square of 1875 before your very eyes. Around his chart is the natal chart of his reputed daughter, Barbara Bush. The comparison shows some very interesting links between them.

And yes, the Bush-Cheney regime change plan pre-Jan 20, 2001 is old news for many of us but it bears repeating - and remembering, as President Obama continues shoving through the PNAC program. He just does it with a more elegant style of rhetoric and by use of complete sentences. In closing:

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."

Frederick Douglass


If you're concerned about the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-Square's influence in your personal life, take heart, for upon the weekend of Spring Equinox in March 2010 help will arrive. Keep alert to Donna Cunningham's blog SkyWriter for complete details as Spring Equinox 2010 draws near...

Dec 1, 2009

Bush deliberately let bin Laden escape to justify war - video

Just as I always thought, as did many other Americans in Dec 2001 and since: Bush-Cheney deliberately allowed Osama bin Laden to escape in order to justify the neocons' illegal invasion of Iraq and accomplish their long-desired overthrow of Saddam Hussein and his statue in Baghdad.

You know the lack of Bush's respect for US soldiers has been demonstrated through the years by many things: lying to take the US into illegal wars, lack of equipment to keep them safer while in battle, shabby medical care once they return home (if they return at all), re-deploying soldiers who deserve a break, 'privatizing' the war, leaving rank and file to answer for Abu Ghraib abuses, Blackwater gangsters - the list is endless.

Now someone speaks out to say that our soldiers were pulled back from capturing the very reason - bin Laden - the Pentagon invaded Afghanistan in the first place so more of our troops could risk and give their lives for a sham cause that makes the rich richer.

And this treason came from not one but two draft dodgers, Bush and Cheney!

Notice I didn't include the attacks of 9/11 as false flag ops. Which is why I just did.

But Tora Bora was Dec 2001 - now it's December 1, 2009

Then tonight at 8:00 pm est, President Obama will make Bush's misdirected course of action even worse by announcing a ramping up of America's imperialist mistakes, missteps, and bullheaded hubris which adds prayer to my menu for tonight and 'going forward' about you?

See my previous post for the natal chart of Afghanistan with transits for Dec 1, 2009. You'll find tonight's presidential announcement post with the 8:00 pm West Point, NY chart linked therein.

Sep 25, 2009

Naomi Klein interviews Michael Moore - text link

On Sept 25, 2009 Naomi Klein interviewed by phone Michael Moore whose new film Capitalism: A Love Story is garnering excellent reviews.

Click the link to read the text of their interview.

Plus, you'll find a video of the film's trailer embedded a few posts below this on Sept 21. It's worth your effort, if you haven't seen it. Actually, don't scroll - here's the link for you.

For as Mr. Moore says so ably on our behalf: we want our money back.

And I must pass on what David Letterman just said on TV about Dick Cheney's back surgery...he needed it from carrying Bush for 8 years.

Then, today as I waited in line, whose frowning snoot do I spy on the cover of a supermarket tabloid but that of ex-prez George Bush along with the news that Bush is depressed and suicidal. Hmm. With his ego?

Aug 23, 2009

Warpaths and a Joyride to Hades

And in front of military veterans, too!

President Barack Obama sounds predictably Bush-like as he stumps on behalf of war to an allegedly willing audience, while evoking 9/11 to justify US imperialism against the whole world - but most especially against the Middle East where the oil lies.

Never mind the true and lasting consequences.

Did I hear you whisper, hope, change...or...audacity?

Once again I assert that changing presidents in honor of the Oval Office is a baton-passing exercise. It has nothing to do with deserting a previous agenda. It has everything to do with continuing an agenda, though perhaps under a different guise...this time, a suave one.

You know the old saw: would you buy a new or used car from this man? Well, it seems you and I already have, but unbeknownst to many, George and Dick were huddled together in the rumble seat, grinning like satanists on a joyride to Hades.

Mr. Obama steps on the gas...

Aug 22, 2009

'Capitalism: A Love Story' by Michael Moore - video

This trailer about Michael Moore's new film, which debuts on Oct 2, hints that the movie looks promisingly informative and more than a little annoying for Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Bernanke, Congress, Wall Street gentry, and the rest of the heisters who've ruined a world economy so they can build it back to their liking.

Wonder if seeing Mr. Moore's film will change my opinion.

Jul 13, 2009

Nuke expert Dr. David Kelly was Not a suicide

Nuclear weapons expert Dr. David Kelly did not kill himself just after his role was revealed concerning the UK's 'sexed up' intell designed to scam the British people into war with Iraq in spite of experts like Dr. Kelly saying there were no WMDs.

(There weren't. Even a few neocons will admit it now that it's too late.)

Thirteen UK doctors are now speaking out on behalf of an inquest...fine, if it's not simply a whitewash committee set up to lay suspicions, if not the victim, to rest.

Although I spent quite a few hours studying charts for Dr. Kelly and his July 17, 2003 'suicide' at the time, the only place on SO'W I mentioned Dr. Kelly's assassination was in October 2007 along with other mysterious deaths of a political persuasion.

Kelly had told someone that he would probably end up dead in the woods. (He did. He bled out from a slashed wrist, they say.)

Perhaps our former VP and his reputed 'death squad' can shed some light on the case of Dr. David Kelly who dealt with politicians and their backers, people who would do anything to promote their main cause and protect their elite positions.

And just like writer Danny Casolaro, assassinated during the last manifestation of the 11 South Solar Eclipse Series in 1991 - which repeats on July 21, 2009 at '29Cancer' - Dr. Kelly was writing a book, which would have to have been a very telling book, one suspects.

Wonder if Dr. Kelly's notes mysteriously disappeared just after his death as did Danny Casolaro's notes on what he called The Octopus, the world crime syndicate whose tentacles now throttle the entire globe?


Apr 22, 2009

Torture Quote Round-Up begins with John Yoo

The following Torture Quote Round-Up is brought to you by the Information Clearing House Newsletter and begins with 'torture attorney' John Yoo:

"Congress's definition of torture in those laws - the infliction of severe mental or physical pain - leaves room for interrogation methods that go beyond polite conversation." John Yoo

"The civilized have created the wretched, quite coldly and deliberately, and do not intend to change the status quo; are responsible for their slaughter and enslavement; rain down bombs on defenseless children whenever and wherever they decide that their 'vital interests' are menaced, and think nothing of torturing a man to death: these people are not to be taken seriously when they speak of the 'sanctity' of human life, or the 'conscience' of the civilized world." James Baldwin

"The aim of torture is to destroy a person as a human being, to destroy their identity and soul. It is more evil than murder..." Inge Genefke (1938- ) Danish Doctor & Human Rights Activist

"Modern man likes to pretend that his thinking is wide-awake. But this wide-awake thinking has led us into the mazes of a nightmare in which the torture chambers are endlessly repeated in the mirrors of reason." Octavio Paz (Mexican poet, writer, and diplomat, 1914-1998)

"Torture is banned but in two-thirds of the world's countries it is still being committed in secret. Too many governments still allow wrongful imprisonment, murder or "disappearance" to be carried out by their officials with impunity." Peter Benenson- (1921-2005) Founder of Amnesty International


When it comes to torture-promoters like John Yoo, David Addison, the other attorneys who did Bush's and Cheney's bidding on this matter - and the politicians who smudge America's soul with torture and 'rain' bombs on women and children - it may be as simple as allowing each of them to sample the techniques they've ordered for others to suffer - then they might quit playing with semantics and understand down to the cellular level - just how torture is defined. And it might not be quite so polite.

Jan 20, 2009

Obama's Inaugural Address 2009

Here's a link to the text of President Obama's Inaugural Address today which lasted from 12:07:50 pm to 12:26:10 pm est - "18 minutes, 10 seconds," as reported by TV's Brian Williams.

'Seconds' given are from my own observance.


All the president's address was delivered during an Hour of Saturn; Mercury Rx and Sun, both at 00AQ+, crossed Midheaven while he intoned...12:07:50 pm's Mc 28Cap08 (conj US natal Pluto whose degree had crossed into 9th house as well) and ended 2AQ29, with Jupiter 3AQ32 conj Mc.

Sun and Mercury had, of course, Barack Obama's natal Jupiter in tow...his Jupiter Return 00AQ52 was on Jan 9, 2009. I'm using Aug 4, 1961, 7:24 pm AHST, Honolulu, HI; Asc 18AQ01; natal Mc 28Sco54, with Inaugural Moon 29Sco49 at 12:07 pm...conjunct and exalted at BHO's natal Midheaven.

So! Moon (the people; the public) conj Mc, the Goal/Aspiration Point...shades of: "This is not about me...this is about the American people."

To our American political thespians and their minions:

And now, at this moment, I put on notice any politician or operative who interferes with Obama's policies that help, or may facilitate, the common good in are being watched.

The people's distrust is rampant after eight long years of neocon shills, Bush and Cheney, so you will be the first to be suspected of working against the American people if you block Barack Obama in his initiatives.

Block him, block us. Or at least that will be the first assumption since

Pres. Obama, unlike stubborn George Bush, is capable of trying something else if the first or second things don't work. That trait does not give his detractors license to call him names or play PR games that are politically expedient for a certain globalist, special interest agenda.

If your political power agenda is in sync with the common good, you will not perpetrate this undermining work against the president and the American people.

You are on notice, as far this blogger is concerned.

You will be watched.


Astrology Q: did the 29 ~crisis~ degree of the Moon, which relates to the physical body and health, describe Senators Bird and Kennedy and their health crises? Both had to be taken out of the congressional luncheon.

Sen. Kennedy now said to be doing well (3:40 pm est) after suffering a seizure, Sen. Byrd, who was upset about Teddy, was wheeled out - and Scorpio is the sign of health issues such as surgery, etc. Sen. Byrd's *natal Sun was conjuncted today by the Inaugural Moon!

But speaking of chairs with wheels:

Earlier in the day, Dick Cheney looked like a big faker in his wheelchair, if I say so myself. Like HE'D ever be caught lifting moving boxes with his weak ticker. Puh! Sell me another one!


Robert Byrd
Nov 20, 1917,
North Wilkesboro, NC
sunrise: 7:10:42 am est

Sun 27Sco37/Moon 9AQ00
Moon being conjoined
by tr North Node today
= contact with the public.

Dec 24, 2008

An alternate Christmas tradition from Austria

If Krampus is a goat-headed holiday spirit that's after all the naughty folks of the world, George and Dick better run from Washington DC's Goat of Mendes head that's laid out in DC architecture.

The devilish goat is on to their bad selves (or inspiring them, take your pick.)

Maybe it really is time for the war twins
to be hoppin' down the rabbit hole trail before Krampus gets 'em.

Dec 22, 2008

High Point of the Bush-Cheney years: the video

Here's the highlight of the entire 8-year Bush-Cheney presidency, the one Dick Cheney couldn't think of when asked what the highest moment was - His Darkness said the attacks of 9/11.

Figures, with his Progressed Pluto-Chiron midpoint on 9/11/01 exactly at Progressed Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart.

Dec 8, 2008

Crooks take over, America the pariah

"We Let The Crooks Take Over": The plot to shift taxes from wealthy and on the wage earners

Guns and Butter Interview with Dr. Michael Hudson

The United States Has become a pariah in the world financial economy.


Yes, it's definite - the crooks have taken over. And I always appreciate Dr. Hudson's writings.

But the 'pariah' part doesn't work quite as well for me, esp considering annual G-8 summits, the annual Biderberg Group meetings, and other entities which meet in secret sessions (such as the WTO) to discuss what's coming up economically.

To say the US is a financial pariah indicates the possibility that the current financial meltdown isn't part of a script which many governments are following with world bankers and the Fed leading the bankrupt-America charge over the insolvency cliff as the power elite cheer them on.

That's why these entities meet - it isn't to discuss how wonderful America is.

The recent and popular video of Bush hanging his head when no world leader would shake his hand at the G-20 was a set-up, imho. It was too obvious by half, and very badly acted - plus, they knew they were being recorded, after all. Can presidents be impeached for bad thespianism?

"America is too rich to go bankrupt," a brag which some of my fellow Fraysters once taunted (silly) me with at Slate Magazine in their forum, The Fray, so I wonder what they're saying about America's financial propects now that 8 years of the Bush-Cheney cabal has had its way with US coffers.

Perhaps I shall pay a sentimental visit to The Fray, a readers' forum which helped me realize that I wanted to blog about Washington, DC and Politics through the lens of Astrology...but not to gloat, oh no.

Because this is one of those times you'd dearly love love love to be completely wrong.

Nov 5, 2008

Keep eyes on Bush and Cheney

Bush's Last 100 Days the Ones to Watch

By Jesse Jackson

Bush and Vice President Cheney represent a failed conservative era -- and they know it. As the administration moves into its last 100 days, thereseems to be a flurry of activity: regulations to forestall Obama's new era of accountability; a flood of contracts to reward friends and lock in commitments; a Wall Street bailout that is pumping money out the door.