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Mar 6, 2010

Economist has views on the Fed and so do I

You know I really love it when economist Joseph Stiglitz talks corruption at the Federal Reserve in this recent interview.

Now I don't love it because corruption, avarice, and fraud are at the core of the lucre-driven creature or because I'm in cahoots with the breedy gastards, but because so much that needs saying about the financial realm seldom if ever gets said - thus it cannot be dealt with or improved upon except in very shortsighted fashion. So I appreciate the bits Mr. Stiglitz has said and hope he spills many more truths out of the Cosmic Urn of Knowledge.

It's just like in dysfunctional families: the things never spoken aloud are what do human beings the most damage. Well, we've been done.

Yet if you, lone reader, don't feel damaged by these global-minded, win-at-any-cost gangsters, I must then ask you: where's your sense of outrage? You know that organized crime is organized crime no matter the size of the culprits' bank balances so sneakily tucked out of sight from the tax man.

Hey, let's round 'em up and move 'em out! To the Big House, that is.

But we must be sure to Audit the Fed before closing it down - and preferrably "over the weekend" for a little poetic justice served as a side dish to go with a well-deserved legal entree.

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