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Mar 6, 2010

Technocracy the real threat to our freedoms

An article by The August Review 's editor Patrick Wood has set me back on my heels this morning!

Smart Grid: the Implementation of Technocracy? is a must-read for those feeling distinctly wary of the constant drip drip of propaganda which the power elite are using to frog-march us toward totalitarian global control.

According to Mr. Wood, Technocracy is the deeper threat to our freedoms, not Communism, Fascism, or Socialism and he explains it much better than I ever could. Repudiated by the American people when presented in 1932 and 1933, Technocracy is working behind the scenes to establish Smart Grid monitoring and distribution of energy which will be the basis of a new economy...not fiat currencies of any sort, but -- energy!

This will involve the fully regulated consumption of electricity, gas and----water. Now there's total control over human behavior!

Technocracy is described as a totalitarian scientific dictatorship dreamed up by a few men including Howard A. Porter, one of the dudes of 1933 who thought FDR should be inaugurated as a dictator. They attempted to sell Technocracy as a solution for the world's economic ills - familiar since 2008, yes? Great Depression meet Great Recession and here we go again.

Now astrologers are familiar with the fact that Hitler and FDR have natal charts so similar, it's uncanny. Why, one was a vicious dictator, the other a sainted US President, say the unwary! Well, there's more to the links between the two men than an innocent astrologer might reasonably hope or expect.

So let me try one of the hilarious Craig Ferguson's tricks: 'Hitler and FDR. One was a ruthless dictator who seized power and turned governmental systems and societal norms upside down...and the other was Hitler.'

Yes, there were two 'seize power/take control' flavored Series of Solar Eclipses which occurred in 1932: 6 North and 6 South: 6N on March 7, 1932 @ '7Pisces' and 6S on August 31, 1932 @ '8Virgo' - these eclipses repeated, not in 2008, '09, or '10 - but in 2004, the year that the plutocratic, oppressive, fascist, technocratic combo of Pluto and Chiron aligned by parallel (mid-August) upon America's natal Ascendant (Sibly chart)...@ '12Sag' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle That Crows."

And 6N's '7Pisces' conjoins US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint and our natal Ceres (security and food issues), too, with Virgo-Pisces being the victim-savior axis.

Well, I hope you'll read Patrick Wood's article, perhaps follow the links he provides, and begin noticing more closely the Smart Grid Task Force goings-on all around us. Billions of our tax dollars have been and will be pumped into this radical 'project' by way of stimulus funds in the US and across the globe so this slab of fat has already been tossed into the one-world fire and will make for a very meager communal dinner for all but the wealthy shareholders.

Smart Grid, Smart-Meters, Smart Government?

So will Americans fall for the Technocracy-promoting propaganda as they refused to do in 1933? If so, we must have gotten much stupider over the last 77 years. Maybe we do need a nanny state. After all, when President Obama visited just down the road from where I type - Savannah, GA. - the other day to tout nuclear plants and stimulus money investments, he lifted up his 'Home Star Initiative' which is said to be a 'revolutionary program' that will put a lien on personal property and tie consumption costs to one's property taxes.

How does that smell to you, m'peops? My own suspicion is that there's more than a little stank issuing from that particular governmental skunk in the totalitarian road. Are they offering us a roadkill in every pot?

So the next time the disingenuous GOP calls Mr. Obama names such as 'socialist' I'll know that BHO is really acting as a reconstituted Technocrat and that he obviously agreed to promote their ruthless 'scientific' agenda in order to tarry in the Oval Office a while and play 'president'....aka, 'propaganda-catapulter' as W called it when he had the gig.

Now here's further reading posted online mere minutes ago: Maryland Gets Ready for Smart Electricity Grid Technology and you notice someone inserted 'electricity' into the code words for changes which may sound okay but we're not gonna like the agenda's heavy hand at all once its true nature is fully revealed.


libramoon said...

Thanks, Jude. I sent the August Review article to Seers and Seekers and will read it more closely soon. I have been feeling this kind of controlled society encroaching.

Choosing Sacrifice

Sweet teardrop rainbow
celestial, demure
bright drops of light
clearing vision
from clouds
clean sparkling flowers
of grace
Taste enervating electricity
Feel blood bathing brain
Smell the air of change
so easy
like falling off a cliff
anyone can
In the Future
houses will be wired
to spy
'No thought crimes allowed, sir.
You'll be coming with us
for regrooving."
Cats and mice will play nicely,
or feel the juice
from which none come back
the same
This is the way the world turns
from sanity or compassion
because we are cheaper than robots.

July 25, 2009

Jonathan said...

Despite having been foreclosed already by Godwin's Law, I feel compelled to enter the fray...

What exactly was Hitler's crime, extreme ethnic cleansing or letting the corporations run the house? One could argue that FDR saved lives and enacted rules that, until they were repealed recently, kept the banksters mostly in check.

From anything and everything I've read on the smart grid, it's merely an advisory and scheduling system. The utility exposes and transmits to you the real price of electricity at any given moment and you choose when to run your heavy electrical. This is the free market in action. This is empowerment!

If you prefer the "ignorance is bliss" grid, then you're free to be priced out of the market in 20 years, IF the grid is even in good enough condition to deliver electrical service to your home.


Kieron said...

Jonathan, you may wish to reference
this article from the Scriptorium which may answer your question about Hitler (whether it was rhetorical or not, I can't tell). Much has been hidden from us, coming now to light. Who's to say even those revelations are true? All I know is I'm tired of lies and dissembling.

Jude Cowell said...

libramoon, you are wonderful and thanks for the poetry! Peace, my non-robot friend, Jude

Johnathan, the science of the smart grid, etc, is okay be me, it's the motives of those who will control all resources in order to manipulate our behavior that gives me the creeps and a sense of dread.

Yes, FDR did some things that helped the people - my parents thought well of him, etc - but i now see him (Freemason President that he was) as part of a larger plan - he just did things His Way.

Yet 'incremental steps' is how they've led us to the tipping point we're on now and personality cults for worshiping presidents are to keep us out of their agenda's way.

Just call me grumpy! jc

Kieron, thanks for the link - i'll check it out, too...lies and dissembling have caused great weariness here as well. jc

Jude Cowell said...

Kieron, thanks - i've linked a couple of the articles into the sidebar so i'll have them handy!

Anonymous said...

This article is one of the dumber things I have read on the internet.
The author is totally not talking about the actual group founded by Howard Scott… or if he is there is not connection between what he is saying and any kind of reality.
Energy accounting is not even remotely related to carbon currency… and to link fake conspiracy stuff to this movement is comical.

Jude Cowell said...

You may be correct and i publish your critique even though you hide behind 'Anonymous'. It remains to be be seen whether Smart Grid or other changes will result in rationing of our basic needs as earth's resources dwindle.

"one of the dmber things" you have read it may be (though there should be many other articles up for such a rank) yet i think it's smart to keep up w/ what people are saying and w/ changes that governments are implementing.

Thanks for your comment, Jude.