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Mar 22, 2010

Health Reform passing, Scorpio Rising March 21, 2010

So comprehensive health insurance reform passed Sunday night (Ds garnered 216 votes @ 11:37 pm edt) and President Obama spoke from the East Room (stuff you've heard before) from 11:46 pm edt to 11:55 pm est.

One bill goes on to the Senate for more passage, and the other lands on the President's desk for signing later in the week, last I heard. An executive order is meant to kibosh federal abortion funding that may or may not be lurking.

This evening (though it's now Monday 2:25 am edt) the Rising sign/degree over the Capitol Building at 11:37 pm edt March 21, 2010, when the vote tally passed 216 was @ 23Sco24 with Fixed Star Agena rising; Hour of Mercury 8Ari58 (votes! bills! In 5th house of Gambling and Risk-Taking); Rx Pallas (strategy; wisdom) rises in Scorpio, too, and Scorpio is the sign of surgeries, recuperation, and regeneration. And of course, snakes are the healing element symbolized on the Caduceus, associated with Mercury - and tonight the Sun conjoined Hermes, the magician and alchemist!

At Midheaven (The Goal) 4Vir46, the nation's Secondary Progressed Sun is in full view; chart-ruler Mars is tangled with Jupiter in an applying sesqui-square, an 'interlaced square' of dynamic energy. Yet there is good news for warrior Mars: he's applying to a helpful sextile with old man Saturn who now lowers his bony bones once again upon US natal MC (Sibly 00Lib53.) Accountability and responsibility for all the world to see. Wonder what the passage of this reform might do to world markets?

The Cardinal T-Square awaits Uranus to leave nebulous Pisces and reach Aries; until then, Sun-Saturn-Pluto will have to do for plutonian obstacles. If mandatory vaccinations and any kind of surreptitious DNA collection are results of this legislation with its hidden provisions snugged within, I'm going to be really annoyed. If the financial discrepancies in the final bill continue to be questioned, the bill's opponents may just be correct to doubt the legislation's funding and supposed 'cost-savings' which are projected so far into the future and are too much based on possibilities as to feel like a mighty big leap into what could be a prickly Briar Patch.

Moon 14Gem59 in 7th house of Partnerships is out-of-bounds indicating an insecure populace; even many of us who think we might end up with health reform legislation that benefits someone besides those of the wealthy class are wondering just what surprise is tucked inside its dewy pages. Moon '15Gem' = "Two Dutch Children Talking" and I'm quite certain they are.

Venus 18Ari10 conjuncts asteroid, Pandora, who tends to expand circumstances with her 'unintended consequences' rippling out into the environment...Venus, accustomed to dealing with valuable things, is excitably gambling in the 5th house.

Sun Aries/Moon Gemini is a live-wire Fire-Air blend which has three interesting Images for Integration: 'A fencing master carries off the prize...A racing driver plays the piano to relax...Hayden's Farewell Symphony.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

The zest and quick thinking of the Aries/Gemini combo are legendary along with great entrepreneurial skills, a good eye for opportunity (an oft-repeated word tonight by Speaker Pelosi and others), and a knack for keeping things bubbling along.

Yet this blend is a starter and not much of a finisher, so other factors will need to be supplied to keep the Dems on track (Mars sextile Saturn? Sun trine Mars? Lots of talent and cooperation there.) Still, it is a blend of a 'great persuader' with a will to win and lots of courage to get the job done. The chart looks as if a lot of telephone calling went on and I believe that that would describe President Obama's role in recent days.

And 'influence of a woman' is all over the 11:37 pm edt chart as well which is no big surprise with a Democratic Speaker of the House (and other ladies) helping push the legislation through like...well, like a difficult birth.

Here are a few keywords for Agena from Anthony Louis' Horary Astrology(Agena has the nature of: VENUS, JUPITER; Mars, Mercury):

High status, honors, a good organizer; sarcasm, scandal, gossip, cleverness, and success with the masses.

All the versions of the Health Insurance Reform legislation have been watered down almost beyond recognition, but...there it is.

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