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Apr 13, 2021

Solar Eclipse April 2022 and the Marseillaise Trio

Beware: The Mars-Jupiter-Neptune Trio from 1792 Soon Repeats

by Jude Cowell

For astrologers, key dates in the History of the French Revolution reveal intriguing planetary alignments with the Marseillaise Trio of Mars, Jupiter, and Nepune prominent and coming to represent extreme violence such as stormings, breaches, and mob riots against established authority. Note that when the Storming of the Tuileries palace occurred on August 10, 1792, the planetary Trio was aligned in late Libra, sign of balance and justice, as the populace demanded an end to the French monarchy of King Louis XVI and proceeded to dethrone the king. Follow the link, above, for more details concerning the events.

But why mention this historically significant planetary alignment now?

Because a heads-up may be in order for unfortunately, the Marseillaise Trio will form in 'marching order' once again and can be seen in the Horoscope of the April 30, 2022 Solar Eclipse in the 6 North Saros Series (shown below) and ranging from 23Pisces to 1 Aries with globally significant Aries Point included, one of the four Cardinal World Points of manifestation. Here, Venus is among the Trio which will tighten on May 18, 2022 when Mars and Neptune conjunct @24Pis59:35 and Jupiter inches slightly into Aries (1:22).

Initial 6 North Eclipse of May 15, 0850 (28Taurus) Repeats on April 30, 2022

May 15th, the 'Ides of May', is a significant date in history and marks the Roman Festival of Mercury, aka, Mercuralia, when merchants honored Mercury and prayed for profit and the ability to continue cheating customers. And as you know, messenger god Mercury is called Hermes in Greek mythology and is well known for her/his commerce, trading, communication, teaching, tricksterism, thieving, and other talents and skills. Interestingly, Mercury rules both the Ascendant and Midheaven of the April 30, 2022 eclipse chart and @00Gem48, conjuncts Alcyone with its keyphrase, 'something to cry about'. Or, perhaps Mercury conjunct Alcyone will simply bring rain a bunch!

April-May 2022 Solar and Lunar Eclipses

So yesterday when we discussed some prominent Karmic Planets That Block President Biden's Plans into 2022 I hadn't yet thought much about the first Solar Eclipse of 2022 occurring April 30th @10Taurus28 in the 6 North Saros Series and what changes and disruptions its 'wild card' Uranian energies could bring to the White House and to the US government. Adding to this is erratic Uranus @14Tau32, the degree of America's Inaugural Ascendant every four years and spotlighting fixed star Menkar with its 'victim of the unconscious' implications and link to Jonah and The Whale (saying what must be said, as presidents with bully pulpits do).

Since 6 North themes involve 'relationships to authority figures' and 'taking control and responsibility' we must, however reluctantly, consider the April 30, 2022 Solar Eclipse (DC horoscope, below), plus, the accompanying May 16, 2022 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (not shown - and perfects within a day of May 15th depending on your location and time zone). As you know, accompanying Lunar Eclipses reveal clues concerning societal reactions to their related Solar Eclipses (these across the Taurus-Scorpio axis). And as you see, the Solar Eclipse's 3rd cusp @25Sco36 (when set for DC) points toward the May 16, 2022 Lunar Eclipse which may actually signify the Full Moon referred to in the Symbol for the Venus-Jupiter Conjunction @28Pisces (6th house; wealthy people) - which in turn relates to the symbol for the Solar Eclipse itself ("11Taurus") via the concept of Gardening Under the Full Moon, at the culmination stage of plans seeded at the previous New Moon.

Note: Sabian Symbols supply additional information for those who use them and several are penned upon the chart.

So besides the 'take control' energies contained within 6 North themes (see the top of the chart for the rest), the Symbols identify gardening, care, development, and cultivation as additional underlying potentials of both April/May 2022 eclipses, plus, Taurus is the sign of growth. And in a flurry of synchronicity, a cosmic time link exists between this Solar Eclipse's Syzygy Moon (the previous lunation) - also a Full Moon which perfects on April 16, 2022 @26Lib46 with its degree spotlighting the 1792 Marseillaise Trio. As you see, the April Full Moon in Libra conjuncts the 2nd cusp of the eclipse chart implying revelations concerning finances and/or values:

6 North Solar Eclipse April 30, 2022 4:27:55 pm EDT White House, Washington, DC: Hour of Jupiter (conjunct Venus--two money planets); Mutable/Earth; a Bundle shape of planets suggesting a concentration of 'take-over energies' which resonates with the themes of 6 North eclipses; quirky Uranus nearby emphasizes karmic debts and resources, and solar eclipses in the 8th house link the past, present, and future, and are particularly karmic. Manifesting in Venus-ruled Taurus, the Taurean traits of endurance and reliability are required for best results (R. Lineman) concerning events brought by the eclipse. (I suspect you know what this eclipse may refer to without my having to type it, dear reader, for I do not want to do that in case it attracts the loss or dethroning of a leader via illness or unreliability.)

Now in closing, here are three midpoint pictures an their potential expressions from the above chart: *Pluto-NN (North Node) = Neptune: 'success attained through lies and fraud; disadvantages and losses'; Mercury-Pluto = Venus = Jupiter: 'propaganda; persuasion; crooks and swindlers'; and, Mercury-Uranus = NN: 'surprising news; turns or changes; cooperation' (Ebertin).

Plus, penned on the chart, lower left, you see the only applying Ptolemaic (major) aspect made by chart-ruler/Midheaven ruler Mercury - a sextile to Venus (2A52) indicating opportunities for diplomacy and for forming alliances. My first thought? That Venus might very well signify VP Kamala Harris.

(Note: any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions.)

*Besides the 'common destiny of a large mass of people' and 'powerful groups', Pluto-NN is the "tiger by the tail" combo!

Dear Reader: As always your on-topic comments and observations are welcome as long as you don't sign with 'Unknown' or 'Anonymous'! jc

Aug 24, 2011

List: Donations to Deficit 'Super Committee' members

Oh good! Shining light upon political intriguers is always worthwhile and eventually may serve to disinfect their contamination of democracy. has published an updated list of donations to members of November's Deficit 'Super Committee' made up of 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats (aka, a 'Super Congress' formed in part to drive a spike into the heart of the US Constitution and to circumvent a traditional role of the US Congress.)


Four favorite sites covering progressive issues:

Move To Amend
Democracy Now!
Thom Hartmann
Global Astrology

And three quotes of note:

"That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above...and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below--to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing."

-Hermes Trismegistus

"Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It has taught me many things and I am greatly in debt to it."

-Albert Einstein

"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do."

-J. P. Morgan, Sr, client/student of Astrology pioneer Evangeline Adams

Jul 1, 2011

Ode to Independence Day 2011 w Uranus in Gemini

Ode to Independence Day 2011

by Jude Cowell

"Perhaps it's time to shut down $17 billion worth of money going for reconstruction projects, when our track record really stinks," Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) asserted on Thursday.

And if I'd found a visual of the June 30, 2011 hearing already posted in the
C-SPAN Video Library in case you missed appreciating Senator Claire McCaskill's justified performance on the subcommittee (one of many chaired by McCaskill on the topic of waste), the video would be added here but I may have tried too soon.

The formidable lady once again is not hearing the answers she wants and seems to be unimpressed with the unaccountability factor so rampant whenever Pentagon and private contractors toss in their lots with the US Department of Defense, the big-daddy bank roller in our messy Mesopotamian Occupations.

Among those called upon this week to testify as to who's in charge of our financial fiasco overseas, an Oath of Un-Accountability seems to have been taken yet perhaps McCaskill's pointed questioning will cause a majority of the American people to insist that Saturn's lessons of accountability and frugality be honored as August 28, 2011 nears. This date brings orbiting Saturn's return to sign and degree in America's natal chart of July 4, 1776 (14Lib48) and is under girding the current Debt Ceiling 'crisis' on Capitol Hill and the global financial results if the US defaults on her debts for the first time in our nation's history.

Can you imagine that the ones now driving the Washington jalopy of government want that little item of default to appear on their precious political resumes? They're total dolts, if they do.

Electric Uranus, the Brilliant Awakener

As you know, INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM are words and concepts from the realm of planet Uranus, discovered by William Herschel in 1781 at a time betwixt the American and the French Revolutions, with US natal Uranus @ 8Gemini55 and ruled by Mercury.

(Q: can lower octave Mercury be said to 'rule' a sign of higher octave Uranus' placement? Hmm. Perhaps. As a pair, the combo of tech-savvy Mercury/Uranus = Thesis: business groups formed for purposes of initiating policies; labor coalitions or unions at work; modernization in transportation networks; Antithesis: riots, protests, strikes, or rebellions start due to ambitious goals that are ill-explained or undefined; reforms cause disruptions in transportation systems; use of propaganda in emergency situations. - M. Munkasey.)

Actually, I often think of Uranus as America's 'totem planet' or 'cosmic mascot' due in part to the centuries-long use of such slogans as the iconoclast and reformer inspires (exs: "Give me liberty, or give me death!" - Patrick Henry; our beloved 'freedom documents', etc.)

As in any horoscope, the sign of Uranus describes basic behavior, and we, as a nation and a populace, generally behave as if we're merely a bunch of youth-idolizing, never-grow-old, communicating, sometimes duplicitous, of-two-minds, quick-witted yet superficial Geminis, sign of the Jack of All Trades, and The Trickster. Meanwhile, our Saturn Return demands maturity!

Interestingly, transiting Hermes, aka, the trickster, magician, and alchemist, now sojourns beside traveler Uranus in early Aries! And Ebertin gives Uranus in Aries as, Utopians, which may well describe the sectarians who now force their slight-of-hand ideology upon congressional legislation on Capitol Hill in order to gum up the wheels of government. As you know, neocon Utopians want to drown all government (except for their own brand of anarchy) in a big'ole bath tub.

Uranus brings the chaos!

So this post is meant to be my Ode to Independence Day 2011 and I hope that if you've not yet witnessed or read Senator McCaskill's questions and remarks to certain contractors and others associated with construction projects in Afghanistan, you'll check it out with a sense of the true "Spirit of '76" as we may express it in 2011.

And I'm sending out a prayer for the future of our nation on this Fourth of July, a future without the throttling of life and the thievery of our treasury by the military industrial complex and their in-cahoots operatives and bankers, parasites as they be.

For your convenience, here's an image of the chart...

America's Scorpio Rising horoscope July 4, 1776 2:21 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA

As noted, this chart is useful as a natal horoscope for America (visit Michael O'Reilly's Neptune Cafe for more info - he champions this chart), or as a Spying Agencies horoscope timed by our first postmaster - aka, spymaster - Benjamin Franklin smiling enigmatically upon the US 100-dollar-bill as the Hour is shown upon the face of Independence Hall Clock, Philadelphia, just behind Old Ben, the Uranian genius.

As for the exact time for setting up a Scorpio Rising horoscope, I'd use 2:21, or 2:22, if you wish; however, adding up the digits, '6' was not, as far as I know, considered an auspicious number in the 18th century whereas '5' possesses different vibes all together, then as now. For '5' is in the quintile family of aspects - 72/144 degrees (talent.) The amiable Ben Franklin was an astrologer, Freemason, Rosicrucian, doctor, scientist, inventor, money printer, almanac publisher, and who knows what else, really.)

Plus, my point is that Dr. Franklin organized our early gaggle of scouts and spies into a more cohesive network of surveillance operatives. And my, how their web has grown.

No chart details are given today (for our holiday weekend is here!) But if you wish to read a few brief notes previously published concerning the US Scorpio Rising chart (the above image is shown there as well), then of course you freely may.

You'll find that the post focuses on the hidden square which appears in any version of the US natal chart you choose to use: 256 degrees between Uranus and Neptune, the enlightened ones. This aspect has an unconscious flavor which is why it's "hidden" so at first, some Americans may experience a 'that's not me!' or 'that's not us!" reaction. But if you will, let its implications and assertions sink in especially considering the dire circumstances our society is dealing with for Independence Day 2011 - and considering that it's the citizens of GREECE protesting Saturn's austerity cuts in the streets while we-the-people lounge next to our hamburger grills, freedom fries supposedly on our menus.

Do enlarge the image if you like, by clicking to read a few basic chart details though additional magnification may be necessary.

As a sample, here's one sentence from the Uranus/Neptune aspect's 'hidden square' traits which amounts to good advice and is just in time for our Fourth of July 2011 celebration since it relates to many of the ongoing and upcoming kerfuffles at the top of Washington's one-upsmanship political agenda which so often leaves the American people hanging by a thread:

If freedom is truly important to you, then you must have the courage to fight for it. (Planets in Aspect, R. Pelletier.)

Now with that Uranian message, I wish us all a Happy 235th Birthday, America!
Though foes undermine you at every turn, you remain my only nag in the race.

Yet it's only fair to say that for individuals and for nations, troubles are often self-created - especially when Congress continually neglects its oversight duties - what Senator McCaskill tries to improve upon - while leaders lie us into ill-advised wars begun with Jupiter the General retrograde, a sure signal of a war with a bottomless money pit, and no clear victor left standing.

Now either America is a government of-by-for The People, or she isn't.

The decision as to which one we'll have "going forward" has now plopped upon our national plate like a slice of birthday cake baked by the universal law of karma for everyone must reap what they sow. Even politicians and their chaos-mongering sponsors are not outside natural law as they grandly imagine themselves to be.

So in the Spirit of '76, I'll close with a paraphrase of what progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann says at the end of each of his shows, and let that 'do':

Democracy begins when you show up...tag, you're it!

Nov 11, 2010

Senate Banking Committee hears from bankers = 'stormy proceedings' 11.16.10

Come along as I check to see what's rising in the chart for November 16, 2010 at 2:30 pm est on Capitol Hill when the Senate Banking Committee is scheduled to open and hear testimony from the president of Bank of America Home Loans and the CEO of Chase Home Lending concerning their shady home mortgage practices which have had such dire effects upon the US economy.

For when an astrologer finds an exact time of an event, it's like waving a red cape in front of a you-know-what, right?

Nov 16, 2010 2:30 pm est Capitol Building, DC

ASC 2Ari06 with asteroid Hermes 2:07 Rx rising so apparently there's a magician or a mystic in the House, but is it '2 Aries' or '3 Aries' that's the degree famous for leading nowhere or having no intention of following through? Obviously, a lack of follow-through would not be surprising with US senators so snugly inside the banking industry's big 'they say' - the best Congress money can buy.

At Goal Point (Midheaven) is the transiting Pluto/NN conjunction still at its conjunction degree of November 9, 2010 (3Cap38) and with Mc @ 1Cap09, we have a midpoint picture to behold relating to The Aspiration of the Senate hearing...

Pluto/Mc = NN: the importance of connections; memberships in groups which help you achieve your purposes; getting rid of habits that retard progress; the power of influence over others; the desire to gain leadership by force within a community (by foreclosing? -jc); leadership of a group of people.

Now chart-ruler Mars 14Sag11 and Mercury 11Sag30 (11Sag+ = the degree of the Great Conjunction of the disenfranchising plutocracy duo, Pluto and Chiron, on Dec 30, 1999) apply to conjunction which is the only applying aspect of Mars. If we use the Sibly natal chart (5:10 pm LMT) for America, we have the midpoint picture from this post's title...

Mercury/Mars = n ASC: stormy proceedings; a shrewd attitude; communicating with others who have an angry demeanor. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Sun 24Sco20 is in the 8th house of Debt and Credit; the changeable Moon 28Pis16 has just risen and is in 12th house of Large Institutions (that are supposedly 'too big to fail'), Karma, Self-Undoing and Politics, after having sailed past the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus conjunction 23Pis30 Rx and 26Pis30 Rx, respectively.

The Senate Banking Committee hearing opens during a Venus Hour, but Venus is Rx yet strengthening @ 27Lib45 as she prepares to turn Direct Nov 18; here, in 7th house; controlling manager Saturn 13Lib12 is in 7th house as well and about to return to America's natal Saturn degree (14Lib48) on December 3, 2010 (#1 of 3.)

Venus has to do with evaluations which is proving difficult in the real estate and banking markets especially with the Robo-Signing scandal on the menu (a hearing on those issues is scheduled for Nov 18, 2010, the day of Venus' direct station! Perhaps some headway can be made as the evaluations planet moves forward - plus, moneybags Jupiter turns direct then, too, and heads back to AP, our US natal Ic of Home and Domestic Scene.)

Also in the hidden 12th house is the Neptune/Chiron conjunction, still affecting US natal Moon in Aquarius bwo of deception, fraud, waste, toxic assets, homelessness, and potential flooding. 'Flooded with debt' is a sad testament to this transit's ill effects, and yes, Neptune moves slowly so it took years for the loss and sense of despair to envelope US consumers; yet Neptune/Chiron's close link with spirituality may bring us relief.)

Moon reaches Aries Point (00Ari00) on Nov 16, but not until 5:59 pm est (with the hearing probably over for the day), and the 'hidden square' between Moon (the people; publicity) and Mars may hold more sway than first appears...

Moon SQ Mars = resistance to compromise due to fear that others will take advantage of you; emotional outbursts; contrariness when dealing with others; forceful demands shows a double standard which irks others. (Planets in Aspect, Robert Pelletier.)

Well, I'd say the 'take advantage of you' part has already been accomplished by the US Congress, the White House, SCOTUS, and our glaringly corrupt banking and mortgage industries yet I hope that some redress for the American people comes out of the Senate hearing's political theater...matinee at 2:30 pm.

Jul 21, 2010

Financial Reform Bill signed

President Obama signed into law today his Financial Reform Bill @ 11:48 am edt White House, DC; Hour of Mars; chart-ruler Venus 12Vir25 is in 12th house and makes one major applying aspect (how things will proceed): a square with the Moon (the people); US natal Saturn 14Lib48 is our first natal planet to rise.

Here you see the Horoscope of the Financial Reform Bill signing, aka 'Wall Street Reform' (and thus this horoscope is the natal chart of the bill itself) but we'll have to keep the Wall Street potential for ethics improvement in mind as things go forward:

With separative South Node of the Moon at Mc (The Goal Point), Fixed Star Alhena (to have a mission) at Mc, and the above-mentioned Moon/Venus square, I don't expect the bill to garner much support from the American people especially with the constant and tiresome undermining from the opposing political party whose determination to cause Obama's failure as President affects America the Nation's failing or succeeding as well.

A good point is that the housing market may receive a boost from having NN at IC, the cusp of Home, Domestic Scene, and Real Estate. Yet there is lurking Pluto 3Cap28 Rx in the neighborhood (3rd house) focal planet in a midpoint picture:

Uranus/ASC = Pluto: use of force; a desire to attain success even under the most difficult circumstances; commanding success. There's a midpoint of energies opposing Mercury 20Leo55, planet of contracts and such...the combo = radical reforms; reformist policital groups.

Uranus/NN = Mercury: studying deeply before effecting change; a quick comprehension of things; excited thoughts shared with others; fast-traveling news; criticizing others. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

Another picture of interest: Mercury/Mc = Sun: further change.

If you count the ASC and MC, there's a Cardinal Grand Cross with the big bankster duo, Jupiter and Pluto which are squared to the degree (3Ari/Cap.)

A YOD between Sun/Saturn (sextiling one another still but just barely since Saturn changed signs) was pointing to an apex Neptune but now points to a crisis-ridden 29th degree: Chiron 29AQ57 Rx in 5th house of Gambling and Speculation.

And as you see, the ongoing opposition of wealthy, secretive Pluto to US natal Venus is on the Mc/Ic axis, the security/career axis - not a good portent for the signing, imho, yet it is one of the many reasons that reform is necessary.

SN at Mc has this Sabian Symbol: '12Can' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" - and you know, this isn't the first time in recent weeks that a reference to China turned up in a US mundane chart, for obvious reasons: China is our #1 creditor, and Pluto the Dragon echoes China's national and traditional archetype of The Dragon. So, the Dragon it is, opposing our evaluating Venus, one of the money planets. Our n Jupiter is within orb of Pluto's opposition, too. Double dip recession?

(Also, Venus is a significator of our Statue of Liberty made of her favorite metal, copper, which today was evacuated for supposedly an incorrect smoke detector reading. None were hurt, I believe, except for the long stair hike down. Hmm...)

Sun (the leader) 28Can47 in 10th house, a bright and shiny place, yet Sun opposes US natal Pluto (in the 4th house of this chart' US natal planets are scribbled outside the chart in red) which indicates that others will firmly stand in one's way when trying to get to the bottom of things. If this bill is a power play, it won't work as far as secret hand Pluto is concerned. As a power move against the American people, it will be blocked or resisted but is now on track to be ruthlessly forced upon us, unintended consequences, or no.

Additionally with Sun opposing our national Pluto, others may be jealous or intimidated by the events of the day, by the power wielded by the President.

Be that as it may or may not be, today Mr. Obama got to play boss and sign another large piece of legislation - and the DOW closed down this afternoon 109 points.

Perhaps Wall Street is pouting. Someone is trying to take away their red truck and they only have 1,000-gazillion-bazillion blue ones, boo hoo.

Plus, there are interesting items tucked into the new reform bill (one concerns Jim McDermott's 'conflict mineral' provision) and many specifics are not yet written - guess they're still in the 'vision' stage - but not to fret. For hordes of lobbyists are already on Capitol Hill and working to sway how the specifics are written in favor of the financial, real estate, and insurance industries.

Meanwhile, the careless-with-oversight ratings agencies (S&P, Moody's, and Fitch) are up to shenanigans, too, concerning the bond markets. Seems they're afraid they could get themselves sued. Oh really? Integrity in one's business doesn't often lead to getting sued, my financial friends! Oh ye Ponzi-enablers!

Oh, and transiting Saturn 00Lib00 conjoins US natal Mc 00:53 in the Sibly chart, and opposes more closely tr Uranus 00Ari29 Rx, both planets now in Cardinal (active, outgoing energy.) Jupiter 3Ari24 Rx travels in tandem with Hermes, one of trickster archetypes...aka, the magician or alchemist.

Speaking of alchemy, I wonder if anyone has spotted in the bill provisions that concern gold or the gold market? Plus, tr Midas 8Gem53 (conjunct US n Uranus 8:55) and Pan, another trickster element with a 'panic' vibe @ 7Gem43 - both opposing the people's Moon in Sagittarius.

So please click to enlarge the image for more details, consider this horoscope and the situation as you will, and get back to me with a comment, if you may, because LINK TV is rebroadcasting Orwell Rolls in His Grave right now, a documentary about media being part of the problem rather than being the public watchdogs that Thomas Jefferson thought they'd always be on behalf of the American people.

But instead, the mainstream media obfuscates issues, focuses on trivial stories, and blurs the line between news and entertainment. Is the future of this nation and our children's futures only 'entertainment'?!? (See link below for news of real value with no fluff; check local listings for regional times. In edt, Amy Goodman broadcasts at 11:00 am weekdays.)

All these class warfare 'players' are part of a global crime syndicate, and have weakened our democracy over decades. And I fear that we haven't held on to our republic very well either.


President Obama's remarks at signing ceremony July 21, 2010:

Over the past two years, we have faced the worst recession since the Great Depression. Eight million people lost their jobs. Tens of millions saw the value of their homes and retirement savings plummet. Countless businesses have been unable to get the loans they need and many have been forced to shut their doors. And although the economy is growing again, too many people are still feeling the pain of the downturn.

Now, while a number of factors led to such a severe recession, the primary cause was a breakdown in our financial system. It was a crisis born of a failure of responsibility from certain corners of Wall Street to the halls of power in Washington. For years, our financial sector was governed by antiquated and poorly enforced rules that allowed some to game the system and take risks that endangered the entire economy.

Unscrupulous lenders locked consumers into complex loans with hidden costs. Firms like AIG placed massive, risky bets with borrowed money. And while the rules left abuse and excess unchecked, they also left taxpayers on the hook if a big bank or financial institution ever failed.

Now, even before the crisis hit, I went to Wall Street and I called for common-sense reforms to protect consumers and our economy as a whole. And soon after taking office, I proposed a set of reforms to empower consumers and investors, to bring the shadowy deals that caused this crisis into the light of day, and to put a stop to taxpayer bailouts once and for all. (Applause.) Today, thanks to a lot of people in this room, those reforms will become the law of the land.

Passing this bill was no easy task. To get there, we had to overcome the furious lobbying of an array of powerful interest groups and a partisan minority determined to block change. So the members who are here today, both on the stage and in the audience, they have done a great service in devoting so much time and expertise to this effort, to looking out for the public interests and not the special interests. (Applause.) And I also want to thank the three Republican senators who put partisanship aside -- (applause) -- judged this bill on the merits, and voted for reform. We’re grateful to them. (Applause.) And the Republican House members. (Applause.) Good to see you, Joe. (Applause.)

Now, let’s put this in perspective. The fact is, the financial industry is central to our nation’s ability to grow, to prosper, to compete and to innovate. There are a lot of banks that understand and fulfill this vital role, and there are a whole lot of bankers who want to do right -- and do right -- by their customers. This reform will help foster innovation, not hamper it. It is designed to make sure that everybody follows the same set of rules, so that firms compete on price and quality, not on tricks and not on traps.

With this law, we’ll crack down on abusive practices in the mortgage industry. We’ll make sure that contracts are simpler -– putting an end to many hidden penalties and fees in complex mortgages -– so folks know what they’re signing.

With this law, students who take out college loans will be provided clear and concise information about their obligations.

And with this law, ordinary investors -– like seniors and folks saving for retirement –- will be able to receive more information about the costs and risks of mutual funds and other investment products, so that they can make better financial decisions as to what will work for them.

So, all told, these reforms represent the strongest consumer financial protections in history. (Applause.) In history. And these protections will be enforced by a new consumer watchdog with just one job: looking out for people -– not big banks, not lenders, not investment houses -– looking out for people as they interact with the financial system.

In the end, our financial system only works –- our market is only free –- when there are clear rules and basic safeguards that prevent abuse, that check excess, that ensure that it is more profitable to play by the rules than to game the system. And that’s what these reforms are designed to achieve -- no more, no less. Because that’s how we will ensure that our economy works for consumers, that it works for investors, that it works for financial institutions -– that it works for all of us.

This is the central lesson not only of this crisis but of our history. Ultimately, there’s no dividing line between Main Street and Wall Street. We rise or fall together as one nation. So these reforms will help lift our economy and lead all of us to a stronger, more prosperous future.

Mar 22, 2010

Health Reform passing, Scorpio Rising March 21, 2010

So comprehensive health insurance reform passed Sunday night (Ds garnered 216 votes @ 11:37 pm edt) and President Obama spoke from the East Room (stuff you've heard before) from 11:46 pm edt to 11:55 pm est.

One bill goes on to the Senate for more passage, and the other lands on the President's desk for signing later in the week, last I heard. An executive order is meant to kibosh federal abortion funding that may or may not be lurking.

This evening (though it's now Monday 2:25 am edt) the Rising sign/degree over the Capitol Building at 11:37 pm edt March 21, 2010, when the vote tally passed 216 was @ 23Sco24 with Fixed Star Agena rising; Hour of Mercury 8Ari58 (votes! bills! In 5th house of Gambling and Risk-Taking); Rx Pallas (strategy; wisdom) rises in Scorpio, too, and Scorpio is the sign of surgeries, recuperation, and regeneration. And of course, snakes are the healing element symbolized on the Caduceus, associated with Mercury - and tonight the Sun conjoined Hermes, the magician and alchemist!

At Midheaven (The Goal) 4Vir46, the nation's Secondary Progressed Sun is in full view; chart-ruler Mars is tangled with Jupiter in an applying sesqui-square, an 'interlaced square' of dynamic energy. Yet there is good news for warrior Mars: he's applying to a helpful sextile with old man Saturn who now lowers his bony bones once again upon US natal MC (Sibly 00Lib53.) Accountability and responsibility for all the world to see. Wonder what the passage of this reform might do to world markets?

The Cardinal T-Square awaits Uranus to leave nebulous Pisces and reach Aries; until then, Sun-Saturn-Pluto will have to do for plutonian obstacles. If mandatory vaccinations and any kind of surreptitious DNA collection are results of this legislation with its hidden provisions snugged within, I'm going to be really annoyed. If the financial discrepancies in the final bill continue to be questioned, the bill's opponents may just be correct to doubt the legislation's funding and supposed 'cost-savings' which are projected so far into the future and are too much based on possibilities as to feel like a mighty big leap into what could be a prickly Briar Patch.

Moon 14Gem59 in 7th house of Partnerships is out-of-bounds indicating an insecure populace; even many of us who think we might end up with health reform legislation that benefits someone besides those of the wealthy class are wondering just what surprise is tucked inside its dewy pages. Moon '15Gem' = "Two Dutch Children Talking" and I'm quite certain they are.

Venus 18Ari10 conjuncts asteroid, Pandora, who tends to expand circumstances with her 'unintended consequences' rippling out into the environment...Venus, accustomed to dealing with valuable things, is excitably gambling in the 5th house.

Sun Aries/Moon Gemini is a live-wire Fire-Air blend which has three interesting Images for Integration: 'A fencing master carries off the prize...A racing driver plays the piano to relax...Hayden's Farewell Symphony.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

The zest and quick thinking of the Aries/Gemini combo are legendary along with great entrepreneurial skills, a good eye for opportunity (an oft-repeated word tonight by Speaker Pelosi and others), and a knack for keeping things bubbling along.

Yet this blend is a starter and not much of a finisher, so other factors will need to be supplied to keep the Dems on track (Mars sextile Saturn? Sun trine Mars? Lots of talent and cooperation there.) Still, it is a blend of a 'great persuader' with a will to win and lots of courage to get the job done. The chart looks as if a lot of telephone calling went on and I believe that that would describe President Obama's role in recent days.

And 'influence of a woman' is all over the 11:37 pm edt chart as well which is no big surprise with a Democratic Speaker of the House (and other ladies) helping push the legislation through like...well, like a difficult birth.

Here are a few keywords for Agena from Anthony Louis' Horary Astrology(Agena has the nature of: VENUS, JUPITER; Mars, Mercury):

High status, honors, a good organizer; sarcasm, scandal, gossip, cleverness, and success with the masses.

All the versions of the Health Insurance Reform legislation have been watered down almost beyond recognition, but...there it is.

Oct 31, 2009

Horoscopes of the Ds' and Rs' Progressions 10.31.09

Here is a dual wheel of both parties' Secondary Progressions set for today, Oct 31, 2009, at noon edt in Washington, DC.

Please click image to enlarge because I may leave out a detail or two in this text and there are several notated which a need for brevity prevents me from mentioning; a few US natal planets are around the outside of the chart.

Important midpoint pictures have been written on the charts as equations and will be discussed below.

Both parties - and I sound as if I think there's much difference in them other than their styles of fulfilling ego needs to be Number One in Charge - have Sec Sun in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker: Dems with Sec Sun 26Sag02 conj Sec MC (the Goal), and Rs with (Cadent) Sec Sun 16Sag54 conjunct Sec Venus 15Sag54, a conj of self-satisfaction which is able to morph into whatever the current situation or present company expects in order to be better appreciated.

A few asteroids have been included here which relate to mysticism and the supernatural because the planets indicate it: one indication is the Ds' Sec Venus/Chiron opposition - magickal satanist Aleister Crowley has this aspect natally.

Rs have Sec Sun nearing Sec Pan, associated with the ancient mystical sign of Capricorn (mer-goat), and the Goat of Mendes which is associated with the layout of Washington, DC and DC's Freemasonic Temple of the Scottish Rite. You may think mysticism doesn't apply to modern day politics - you would be incorrect. Two examples before our eyes: the White House is actually a White Lodge, and just look at the architectural style of the Capitol Building and the crypt under the rotunda!

So let's first discuss the Sec chart of the Numero Uno Democrats (Hour of Jupiter), now placed at the helm by the powers-behind-the-throne which are primarily represented by Saturn/Neptune (secret or invisible government), and by Pluto, a manipulator described by Reinhold Ebertin in his 'The Combination of Stellar Influences' as:

Principle: Force majeure or providence, invisible forces or powers.

(As you know, the 'Eye of Providence' (aka the Eye of Horus) is the capstone on the pyramid of power on US money and elsewhere.)

Sociological Correspondences for Pluto: persons who exercise a magical influence over the masses such as propagandists, actors, public speakers, and politicians.

Psychological Correspondences: the will or wish to exercise power; ruthless frankness; the urge to influence the masses; undertanding the masses; propagandistic objectives; ruthless coercion; inclination to incite; a fanatical zeal to state one's own doctrinal principles; to agitate.

In the Ds' Sec chart we see that Venus, planet of values, relationships, and smaller amounts of money equals two midpoints: Saturn/Neptune and Moon/Mercury so we have these pictures which may or may not apply. See what you think:

Sat/Nep = Venus: feebleness; lack of initiative; longing for attention; lacking popularity; appreciated more by senior people.

Moon/Mercury = Venus: a sense of beauty; art appreciation. (Nice, but not very political. I include it because it expands the Venusian influence and may involve appreciation of the ancient mysteries' symbolism and logos; Moon/Mercury together = perception; thinking influenced by feeling; an active mind; good judgment.)

Ds' Sun/Moon midpoint 18Cap45 in 11th house of Groups, Association, Hopes and Wishes is at the POLITICAL POWER degree (18Cap) of the NWO-flavored Uranus/Neptune conjs of 1993. This may indicate Ds' connections to UK leadership and goals - see the Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' - "The Union Jack..."

With Dems now acting as the ones in charge, Sun at MC makes sense, yet Fixed Star Acumen is there at MC, too: keywords: enduring attacks which weaken. We're certainly seeing that with the health care stand-off and other attacks from opponents upon the party's actions and principles - and the president.

If we round off Sec Mercury's position we also have '18Cap' conj the Sec 11th cusp as Mercury has recently been 'taken' into the more visible 10th house of Public Status and Career. Sec Sun/Moon phase is now at Crescent stage of crisis-handling (45 degr 25.)

ASC 21Pis13, ruled by Jupiter and co-ruled by Neptune, two planets whose combination indicates speculation and grandiose schemes; 1st house Sec Midas 29Pis51 conj Aries Point. Sec Neptune 1Sco25 conjs the UN's natal Sun which is also the natal Sun of the NWO (birthday Oct 24 in both cases. Is Sec Neptune veiling these links?)

Sec Mercury and Sec Pluto are out-of-bounds from the earthly plane so who knows what they're actually up to in private. They're working on their own from the other planetary energies of the chart and probably working together. (Mercury/Pluto = propaganda; wielding influence; sharp criticism; cunning; crafty subtlety.)

At MC is the mystical, supernatural Neptune/Pluto midpoint so we have:

Nep/Plu = MC: mystical peculiarities; profit through the occult or the spiritual; high and purified soul life.

Nep/Pluto = Sun: impressionability; sensitivity; creative enterprise; possible 'drain on the system' through over-indulgence; rationalization reigns over realism. (I emphasize 'drain on the system' since we know they do it regularly and because it relates to the Solar Eclipse season we're in: July 21, 2009's 'systems fail; new ideas and methods needed to deal with events' - Brady's 'Predictive Astrology.')

Nep/Pluto also relates to resources such as oil, gas, and anything underground, and to the Robber Baron class.

Also at MC are two fortunate, successful money-related midpoints:

Venus/Jupiter = MC: wonderment at feelings os success; gladness.

Ven/Jup = Sun: being popular, well-appreciated, and successful; life advancement; good will.

Mars/Jupiter = MC: love of enterprise; ability to make fortunate arrangements; the excitement of being 'on top'; opportunities for success.

Mars/Jup = Sun: organizational talent; leadership; success. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Authoritative Saturn 25Ari25 Rx is in 1st house which is better for ruling than the Rs' Sec Saturn in 12th house @ 12Gem01 Rx - both are emphasized by their Rx condition which indicates some weakness, or perhaps a Father Complex; Rs' Saturn is setting - conj Desc in the US natal chart (Sibly), another indication of the GOP's 2nd position in Washington. And as you see, the Rs' Sec Sun opposed Sec Saturn in the last 4 or 5 years which played into the 2nd term of Bush being more problematic for them than his 1st term due to Saturn's restrictive, tamping down qualities - and heralded their subsequent losses at the ballot box as their 'shine' (Sun) dimmed (Saturn.)

But back to the Ds:

The Dems' Sec Jupiter is happy in Scorpio (and in 8th h) where Jupiter fulfills his biggest large-scale enterprises. A Scorpionic Jupiter has occult interests, too, and 8th house is the house of The Occult. In Scorpio, Jupiter likes to acquire secret info about the affairs of others - well, who doesn't in Washington, right? I've said before here that if it weren't for blackmail as a tactic, the federal government would have to shut down.

Another thing about a Scorpionic Jupiter is a tendency to be uncompromising about principles and religious or philosophical beliefs which makes for powerful, bitter enemies. (Ronald Reagan has a Scorpionic Jupiter in his natal chart.)

The Harveys give the sometimes impractical, out-of-touch, crusading Sun Sag/Moon AQ blend's 'Image for Integration' as: 'On a tour of primitive lands, a university professor goes through a tribal initiation and becomes a blood brother of the chief.' More mysticism a-hoof?

Now what about the Rs' Sec Progressions?

ASC 1Can53 with tr Pluto at Desc; Hour of an out-of-bounds (OOBs) Mars; chart-ruler Moon 8Leo36, approaching the R Party's natal Mercury; the Moon seeks support, approval, recognition and applause in Leo; Sun/Venus conj in Cadent 6th house where they're not as strong as the GOP could want; mystical Pan near the Sun as noted above.

At MC (The Goal) sits nebulous, mystical, yet often deception, self-deluded Neptune, the hiding-in-plain-sight combo, and I suspect the majority of Americans who prefer the R Party think they're seeing spirituality and religion with this Neptune at the most visible point of the chart rather than the goat-footed mysticism it implies; 'deceptions or illusions about religion' are possible.

Ebertin gives Neptune/MC as: putting on an act; the supernatural; insecurity; uncertainty (how to shove themselves 'back on top'?); a devotion to far-reaching objectives that are hard to bring to realization; peculiar ideas; investigating the unconscious or the supernatural.

Sociological Correspondences of Neptune/MC: people with utopian ideas; crooks and swindlers; 'men of big talk, no action'; weaklings.

(Wonder if our rank and file conservatives see the oppressive midpoint of class warfare, racism, corporatism, fascism, gender bias, and other such heavy-handed delights: Pluto/Chiron = MC...?) 'Crooks an swindlers' indeed; are these 'far-reaching objectives' of the NWO agenda?

Plus, 'uptopian ideas' is highlighted above because I believe this relates to the founding of America spurred by the esoteric ideas of Sir Francis Bacon with Atlantis as the 'new world' - meant to be the old world's cash-cow and vehicle for world domination. And though it seems we got a little uppity along the way, Utopians are still pulling strings from behind the curtain, imo. This is undergirded by transiting Saturn/Uranus' current opposition as: 'old vs new.'

Now Ebertin gives the combo of Saturn/Pluto energies as: hard labor; cruelty. And we know it relates to violence and possibly to mass murder (such as during their opposition on 9/11/01 across the US natal ASC/DESC axis of the 'Sibly' chart.)

The Nodal axis of Destiny (including 'destiny of the masses') in the Rs' Sec chart has Saturn/Pluto conj NN...

Sat/Plu = NN: misery of the masses; common suffering shared with others.

This mdpt picture in the GOP's Sec chart does nothing to dispel my constant memory that it was 8 years of GOP rule under Bush-Cheney that broke and raided the US treasury and has led directly to the 2008 financial crisis (engineered on purpose as I believe it was), and to the suffering which war and loss entail. The 9/11 attacks are part of the 'bankrupt' timeline as its ripples fan out today.

So thanks, neocons of the Republican Party, she types with scorn a-dripping over the keyboard.

However! Ebertin also gives Saturn/Pluto as 'adepts; magicians' which brings again mystical correspondences into the deal along with the occult talents of whoever is guiding these varmints and heisters in their strategies. He also gives the controlling Sat/Plu combo as 'silent activity' and 'martyrdom.'

Yes, sometimes the Rs are up, sometimes it's the Ds, but the real cuprits remain in control.

Sociological Correspondences of Sat/Pluto: deeply searching scientists; reactionaries; violent people.

Ah yes, reactionaries. Saturn/Pluto people tend toward purely egoistic aims and use force to get what they want. My belief is that this relates to the attacks of 9/11 and the neocons' and zionists' desire for 'a new Pearl Harbor' meant to take the US into endless war while bankrupting the American people. And as you know, the plan is working famously for them - many of us are ruined while they're wealthier than ever and can easily relocate from America to the next happenin' place, even if it's a space station above our heads.

And since we're speaking of mysticism: in Capricorn, sign of politics, business, and law, we see magician alchemist Hermes conjunct Chiron, his teacher! Why, Aleister Crowley must be sitting up in his grave at the thought.

So let's close with the 'Images for Integration' for the grandiose, opinionated and bossy Sec Sun Sag/Moon Leo combo of the Republican Party:

'At an emotionally moving ceremony, the shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary university degree in herbal folklore and ancient geography.'

Did you notice that the Images of both parties involve the word 'university' - and that both relate to mysticism bwo blood initiation and shamanism?


Natal Charts used to calculate the Progressions:

Democratic Party May 13, 1792 12:00 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA; Republican Party July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT, Jackson, MI.

Sep 12, 2008

Palin to break Washington's 'old boy network'

On The View just now, John McCain, when pressed by Barbara Walters, says that Sarah Palin will "break the old boy network in Washington."

But honestly, if McCain isn't an 'old boy,' show me someone who is.

Actually, forget it. He's old enough for anyone.

Besides, if the old boy network was broken, the place would fall apart without all that brethren stuff knitting it together from Founding Father days.

Did you know that the Sibly version of the US natal chart has Hermes rising..'12Sag' = "A Flag Turns into an Eagle That Crows."

Hermes is one of the Mercurial trickster elements in Mythology and Astrology, and partakes of Mercury's Messenger to the gods duties - actually Hermes is Mercury. The ancient works of Hermes Trismegistus are the basis of astrological teachings even today - and certainly during the founding of America as well-known by our Masonic Founders.

Lynda Hill gives The Caution for '12Sag' as:

"Assuming one is right only because of might or power or because one can say it the loudest; propaganda; lording it over others; seeing other 'nations' as being lesser; loud voices; bullying."

"Might makes right" seems to be all our leaders live by these days, with massive amounts of hubris complimentary. And Pluto's discovery in 1930, which ushered in atomic research and its resulting destruction of life, only made things worse because it made hubris and bullying easier.

Yes, America is 'exceptional' says the old boys' network...but hasn't our exceptionalism has gone astray?


Visit Lynda at her Sabian Symbols site.

Dec 18, 2007

Spotlight on Mercury: Barack Obama

Speedy Mercury, whose orbit lies inside that of Earth in relation to our Sun, is not much larger than Earth's Moon, yet astrologically describes the focusing lens through which one's creative powers are directed. The characteristics of the sign of Mercury indicate influences in thinking, ability to communicate, and what occupies the mind.

What one notices and considers important is also shown by this important chart factor; plus, neutral Mercury (as the Eternal Youth, Mercury can be male or female) may be thought of as tofu--taking on the flavors of any planets which are linked with it.

The god Mercury has quite a varied career and many talents including communication ability and style, speaking, writing, and commerce.

As the god of wisdom, Mercury is associated with the Buddha (divine wisdom = buddhi), and was known as Thoth in Egypt; aka Odin (or Woden) in Norse mythology, making Wednesday Mercury's day.

In Homer's Odyssey we meet him as Hermes, the Greek god of the 'persuasive tongue' and as the messenger of Zeus...aka The Divine Herald with wings on heels and helmet. And though this function of divinity is not prevalent in Washington, I think that a consideration of various candidates and their natal Mercuries may be somewhat informative as we listen ad infinitum to Mercurial speeches, expressed plans and ideas, and promises promises--all brought to us by Mercury as Orator, spinmeister, and Messenger.

Some comments will be included on aspects of their natal Mercuries by sign, and by other distinguishing factors which quicksilver Mercury may wish to mention. Only some of the R and D candidates have a known birth times so I'll leave out questionable factors which a vague hour of birth would render off-the-mark, particularly the house (department of life) of natal Mercury.

The charts for which I use sunrise, are also checked for the noon hour to see if anything interesting turns up.

Let's begin with Barack Obama whose natal Mercury is posited at 1Leo14--very creative Leonine thinking and communicating here in the purest expression of Leo--the first decan (first 10 degrees.)

(If Mercury in Leo sounds familiar, it's because it's the sign of George Bush's natal Mercury--plus, it's Gonzo's, and the R Party's as well...9-10 Leo, Jupiter's decan.)

Sen. Obama has an out-of-sign conjunction of Jupiter (00Aq56 Rx) and Saturn (25Cap22 R) opposite Mercury, so we may wish to consider their midpoint picture--and as usual, the picture may indicate all, none, or any combination of expressions esp when triggered by transits, progressions, and such...

Jupiter/Saturn = Mercury: desire to make changes; studying one's life philosophy; studying hard and asking the right questions; speaking with great maturity; travel; the search for variety; inconstancy of mind or philosophy; a fortunate separation (all mdpts: Tyl; Ebertin.)

Another midpoint pic with which Obama's Mercury is entwined is...

Mercury/Mars = NN (the public): realization of thoughts in association with others; quarrels within a community; determined expression of one's views in public.
(I added that last one.)

Planetary Aspects of Mercury:

Mercury opposite Jupiter: tendency to promise more than can be delivered (uh oh); follow-up actions may be insufficient; attention to detail may be lacking--thoroughness is needed and must come from other factors; may be literary, scholarly, or pursue esoteric studies; may be not good at keeping secrets (uh-oh squared); intellectual conceit may be present.

Perhaps we should count Saturn as being in opposition since old Cronos may provide a steadying effect to the above woolly difficulties...

Mercury opposite Saturn: somewhat self-defensive; may be critical with few friends; ambitious for intellectual recognition but may encounter obstacles to its achievement; may arouse jealousy in colleagues; attacks on reputation occur; challenged to listen well to what others say; "the world is against me" attitude; may be rigidly opinionated; subject to depression, nervousness or respiratory disorders.

Well, ooo. Doesn't sound so helpful but our charts are what we make of them, si?

And Alan Oken says that Saturn opposing Mercury can teach mental discipline, responsibility, and the necessity for precision (Alan Oken's Complete Astrology.) Seems it must have done for Barack Obama esp since Saturn is strong in his own sign of Capricorn.

Rx Saturn must develop his own inner authority for the father may have been absent in some way or was somehow insuffient in his authority role...the weak when he should have been strong, domineering when he should have been gentle model which many people must work through during their adult lives (from Erin Sullivan's info to me.)

Mercury in Leo: strong willed, fixed purpose; capable of focused concentration with the Sun dispositing Mercury; dramatic and forceful manner of speech; likes to be considered an authority; mental self-confidence gives positivity in thinking which aids in problem-solving; may deal with the broader view at the expense of important details.

Because Leo is a Fixed sign, opinions form slowly and change with much reluctance (or never, as with the current White House denizen.) Continuity of purpose bestows executive ability, and a love of travel for business or pleasure may be enjoyed.

Obama has been criticized as being short on details--now I see how that may be a permanent facet of his style of thinking, and not just a campaign ploy or a sign of lack of preparation. Details may be someone else's province were he to become president or vp.

The unveiled hook-up of Obama with former Clinton adminstration advisers may be their way of greasing wheels for a Hillary-Barack regime (I say regime because not much will be changing for America--sadly.

And John Edwards' out-of-bounds Mercury seems not to wish to cooperate as closely with the corporate gamesters and robber barons--Edwards is playing Robin Hood's part but I'm not convinced it means any real improvement for the common good. Wish it could, but if it did, who'd cooperate with him?)

~(Update 2008: Edwards dropped out of the race but is said to be consulted often by Clinton and Obama--an Atty Gen post for Edwards would be okay be me--or vp.)~

Well, that's my Capricorn Mercury attempting to communicate some info about the shiny, proud Leonine Mercury of roaring Barack Obama. Guess I'll continue next time with other Dem candidates, then it'll be on to the Republicans. Or perhaps I'll alternate R and D in no particular order.

To be continued...