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Mar 12, 2010

Mitch McConnell Feb 20, 1942: Sun in Pisces

Synastry grid of natal charts: Across President Obama (D-WH); Down Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY); as you see I've circled squares, oppositions, inconjuncts, sesqui-squares, and semi-squares between the two men and have titled this synastry grid comparison, 'Friction and Tensions.'

Pictured below is the noon horoscope for Mitch McConnell, born Feb 20, 1942 in Tuscumbia, Alabama although his website skips Alabama entirely and goes directly to his being 'raised in south Louisville' Kentucky.

Yes, Tuscumbia is the birthplace of Helen Keller but perhaps Sen. McConnell's apex Neptune in a YOD pattern (with Sun sextile Moon - if he was born earlier than noon) gives us a clue: apex Neptune in a YOD configuration indicates one who in early years longs to be elsewhere in a better, calmer place.

In fact, discontented is a good word for him on more than one level, and he's something of an idealist who'd rather stay in his emotional ivory tower and ignore needed social adjustments. In a 'safe' emotional place you don't have to deal with real life's harsher realities yet this is the kind of inner (possibly unconscious) attitude that causes distortions in judgment and errors concerning others' situations (to the extent he notices them, one supposes.)

The senator may feel quite fearful and defensive when life fails to live up to the ideal vision of his Airy Jupiter - unless and until he learns to sacrifice whatever it takes in order to gain an intangible ideal; apex Neptune in a YOD pattern may indicate an illumined one who deeply delves into the mysteries of life.

If you've ever read this blog before you know that politically speaking I take all references to words such as 'illumined' or 'illumination' as a link to the Illuminati and its over-arching plan to rule the world - just in case...wouldn't want to miss a glaring honker like that!

These YOD factors are tied in to his Sun in Pisces (Jupiter/Neptune), and his natal South Node in Pisces indicates that he tends to 'fall back' on past, unconscious behaviors of a Piscean nature - perhaps alcohol, with Bacchus prominent (see chart.)

Now I've heard that Baptists 'don't drink' but I also hear that most senators consider themselves to be far above the natural laws the rest of us are subject to! Well, if he doesn't drink, perhaps he writes poetry or plays violin when he's in seclusion.

Senator McConnell has a Leonine Pluto/Chiron conjunction, the pair of plutocracy, oppression, fascism, sexism, and all the disenfranchising -isms you may care to name; plus, for him and for other Jupiterian Republicans, I'm-not-my-brother's-keeper-ism could be in the mix, too.

Now you see in the noon chart below that McConnell's Moon 4Tau36 has traveled from Aries recently - actually, @ 2:58 am CWT the Moon reached 00Tau00, so he either was born with a Sun Pisc/Moon Aries blend (Water-Fire = steam) or a Sun Pisc/Moon Taurus blend (Water-Earth = mud.)

Therefore, I shall include a few notes on both Sun/Moon blends since he seems more the quarrelsome Arian type than the placid Taurean type. Of course, Taurean Moons do like their creature comforts, don't they? And perhaps an Aries Moon is too fiery for the solemn fellow. Yet I always remember a famous man with an Aries Moon, so fond of spouting, "I AM the people." (Robespierre.)

And Senator McConnell keeps saying over and over (in an attempt to make it true) and speaking for us that the 'American people don't want' health insurance reform legislation to pass. Or is financial reform legislation his oft-repeated mantra of obstruction as he tells us what we (all) don't want?

Both health and financial, if either bill's passage means success for the President.

You see in his chart a massive trio of Mars, Saturn, and Uranus in stubborn, intolerant, greedy Taurus (the dark side of Taurus.) Those with Mars conj Saturn are not accustomed to having their plans challenged and can launch vicious attacks against adversaries, even to the point of physical violence; Saturn/Uranus conjunction folk have a talent for putting inspirations and innovations (Uranus) into form (Saturn), and lots of self-discipline for reaching their goals...Senator McConnell is purposeful and is not afraid of responsibility; he belongs in the socio-political a word, Politics. He's impatient with superficial people and may consider Mr. Obama to be one. Don't trifle with McConnell!

Sun Pisc/Moon Aries: independent; big talker; touchy; quarrelsome; understanding but self-centered; vivid imagination; willful; nervous; a quick thinker; introverted poet vs zealous crusader and explorer.

Weaknesses: fear that abilities and worth won't be noticed making him go overboard in efforts to win; taking himself too seriously makes him touchy, temperamental, and argumentative.

Images for Integration: In tattered rags, the small, obscure young servant named Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and becomes king of Camelot.

(Whoa, big aspirations for such a grumpy fellow - bet he'd love a White House stint!)

Sun Pisces/Moon Taurus: fantasy world vs mundane world; caring and capable; lover of harmony; emotionally demonstrative; sociable, charming, and sensual; a gentle, compassionate nature (?) backed by a real stubborn streak (!); appears compliant and low-profile but knows what's right for him - has a quiet strength that tells others, don't trifle with me; dreamer and realist.

Weaknesses: strongly subjective, emotional view of life; possessiveness; tends to maneuver situations to satisfy personal security needs; stubborn, old-fashioned, clings to the past.

Images for Integration: A nature mystique bakes bread in an earth oven...An artist decorates her home lavishly. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Well, as usual, there's a lot more to say about Senator McConnell's natal chart but the press of time weighs upon this gnat of a blogger so I shall ask you to click the chart to enlarge and read a few basic notes I've scribbled there which include the impressively long list of asteroids linked to his natal planets (Sun = Bacchus = Hermes! Pluto = *Nemesis, and interestingly, McConnell has been described as President Obama's political nemesis. Considering that McConnell's Nemesis-Pluto-Chiron trio is about two or three degrees from Mr. Obama's natal Sun, I must astrologically agree with that political assessment. Plus, Obama's natal Mercury 2Leo20 conjs MM's n Pluto - quite a planetary pile-up between them. As you know, Merc/Pluto contacts can be critical and cruel.)

But one more thing...the closest applying aspect to natal Sun which describes the core essence of our subject:

Sun inconjunct Pluto (150 degrees, aka, a quincunx): can take on duties that others neglect, then feel bitterly resentful about it; may overreact to the expectations of others; deep guilt causes continual striving to prove he's doing his share; makes punishing demands on himself so that moderation is needed to avoid health consequences; may compare himself to others who become bitter when forced to follow his example of overdoing; obsessed with gaining the admiration of others to whom he feels inferior; sacrifices must be made to realize ambitions; must learn to accept his limitations; can focus efforts on a particular objective and ignore nonessentials; wrestling with other people's wills should be avoided for best results - the less conflict and tension he creates in dealing with others, the better.

(Physically, a Sun/Pluto inconj may indicate heart issues or weakness.)

Since President Obama moved into the Oval Office, Senator McConnell seems to me to be more energized than ever to create conflict as part of the GOP's 'anything to undermine Obama' campaign in order to ensure, as Rush Limbaugh announced at the outset in January 2009, the failure of the Obama Presidency.

Never mind that where a US President goes, there goes our nation.

What do you think?


You'll find a few sketchy details on McConnell's Vietnam service at Wikipedia if you can stand to read of an entire daring month of his military derring-dos (that siren, Capitol Hill, was whispering his name and offering him apprenticeship.)


*Nemesis = the unbeatable foe; divine retribution; arch enemy.


Anonymous said...

He's only one man, a melting political icycle, I hope.

Chris Houston said...

A true Yod has the slowest moving planet apex.
Mitch M. does not have a true Yod which is why he is a swamp dweller.
He isn't working on himself this life, he like 99.9% of them are.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks Chris, yes, as per Al H. Morrison, here the slowest moving planet in the pattern is apex Neptune with Sun and Moon sextile so I must be missing your point! Count this pattern as a double-quincunx if you prefer :) yet there remain special challenges and the question of preparation and correct timing for activating and directing the energies wisely for best results.

And I do like to include the midpoint picture formed by the three or more planets involved in this and other patterns. Appreciate your comment, Jude

Lynne said...

I think McConnell is Cancer rising - he has the peculiar walk of certain Cancerians, seeming to step slightly sideways before correcting himself. Shortsighted, large eyes, round face. The Gravedigger of Democracy shows us the destructiveness of a Fixed dominance with Pluto having a strong influence.