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Mar 26, 2010

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Sun Aries-Moon Scorpio

Happy Birthday to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who was born into a political family in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 26, 1940, debuting as the youngest of 6 children.

On March 26, 1940, the Moon remained in Scorpio for the 24-hour period so without knowing the Speaker's birth time, we may confidently surmise a Fire-Water Sun Aries/Moon Scorpio personality blend. And as you know, Fire and Water equal steam.

The Sun Ari/Moon Sco blend is one of personal integrity, open-mindedness, a biting wittiness, and deep passions. This combo is highly motivated, forceful and powerful, self-dramatizing, and has much charisma. Drive, energy, and tenacity are evident as a person with this natal combo finds direct or indirect ways of achieving goals.

There can be an upfront impatient, naive, trusting approach to the world yet backed underneath with suspicion and doubt. Slow-burning determination melds with a go-for-it gusto - for if they don't meld, relationships fall apart amid bitter conflicts.

With its act together, a person with this combo becomes an unstoppable, co-operative leader determined to 'set the world to rights' while leaving its mark. Some people see this blend as brash and pushy yet none can doubt the strong commitment to aims along the chosen path. Yet Sun Ari/Moon Sco does care about others' good opinions because it longs for approval and applause from others. But when plans are blocked, bitterness can set in.

A secret weapon is self-belief which bestows a formidable will to achieve and a natural gift for strategy for this is a combo of a natural leader. And yet Nancy Pelosi wants to be thought well of as she puts causes ahead of herself. This blend gives a talent for psychological insight and is supported by her natal Sun (5 - 7 Aries) conjunct asteroid Psyche. (A prominent Psyche may give her psychic abilities, too.)

The tendency to take a real disliking to certain people may result in an arrogant, rude, and bloody-minded approach which opponents have certainly noticed before now. A belief in the worth of the individual is a strength along with a capacity for pushing through ideas and plans against all obstacles and this may cause others to see Speaker Pelosi as overbearing and ruthless, for she can be.

(Of course, Independent me says 'good' to the last part because at least she isn't a Republican.)

Images for Integration: Charlie Chaplin saves a maiden in distress...A passionate woman sells herself for her cause...The Godfather films. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Does she make offers her opponents and colleagues can't refuse?

The Sun Aries/Moon Scorpio blend is shared natally by Charlie Chaplin (obviously), Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Anita Bryant (!), Francis Ford Coppola (hence The Godfather films), Thornton Wilder, David Frost, Henry James, Leslie Howard ('Ashley' in Gone with the Wind), Hayley Mills (a 60s fave of mine), Arturo Toscanini, Dudley Moore, and Wilhelm Rontgen (discoverer of x-rays.)

Well, Nancy Pelosi held a Reconciliation Bill Enrollment Ceremony which she signed at 10:16 am edt this morning (C-SPAN) so it now goes to the President to bolster his Health Insurance Reform law. And now you know a little more about our determined Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of Baltimore, Maryland.


libramoon said...

Thanks, as always for your intriguing analysis. I had to check this out, not for Pelosi but the synchronicity of the new Emerging Visions (Holy Chaos) due to emerge on April 1 with Aries Sun/Scorpio Moon.

Jude Cowell said...

Hope this issue amazes like the rest, libramoon! Thanks, Jude

Lolabelle said...

Ms. Pelosi has Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Saturn square Pluto (exact). Need I say more?