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Apr 20, 2010

President Obama's progressed midpoints 4.20.10

Keeping a squinty eye on the President bwo of Astrology! The following is a brief fyi post:

Sometimes astrologers relocate an individual's natal chart and then 'progress' it to a specific date to see how the person is evolving. They then compare the chart with the natal chart, Solar Returns, or other relevant charts, to see what's linking up by aspect.

(Ex: Sec Venus to Sec or natal Sun may often show 'it's time for' marriage.)

And sometimes we use Secondary Progressions (a-day-for-a-year principle) to represent the physical plane, with Minor Progressions showing the mental-causal plane, and Tertiary Progressions indicating the emotional-intuitional-spiritual plane.

Together these three methods of progressing charts are the 1:13:27 ratio as taught by expert astrologer Robert Blaschke so let's see if little me can paraphrase the concept: 27 = Minors: a thought drifts up from the unconscious into consciousness; 13 = Tertiaries: we feel an emotion about the thought; 1 = Secondaries: we either act or don't act on the thought-emotion; we think 27 times faster than we act and feel an emotion 13 times faster than we act.

Many Astrology software programs have the Minor and Tertiary features in their programs. But enough of that. ;p

Today I've taken a peek at the April 20, 2010 Secondary Progressions of President Obama and want to share the midpoint pictures found in his Sec chart set for Honolulu, Hawaii, and in a relocated chart set for the White House.

(To do the latter I have relocated his natal chart prior to progressing it. The Sec chart based on his natal place of birth may indicate his inner dynamics with the White House chart bringing in his current environment's effects upon him. You may disagree, if you wish!)

Turns out there are three midpoint pictures from Mr. Obama's Sec chart based on his place of birth (assuming it to be Hawaii!) which do not appear in the Sec chart set for the White House. As always with midpoint pictures, all, any, or none may apply, and they are:

Mercury/ASC = Saturn: adopting a strategic reserve in expression; withdrawing from a social circle; protecting one's position; inability to discuss vital matters within the family circle.

Mars/ASC = Saturn: anxiety from feeling controlled somehow (from the NWO big bankers? jc); frustration and rebellion; others don't cooperate as they should; a defeat; quarrels; sharing worries with others.

Saturn/ASC = Moon: difficulty being accepted (esp at Tea Parties? jc); depression due to the environment; ill humor.

In both locations there are two midpoint pictures, one of a serious nature given the huge stakes for America that Mr. Obama deals with: financial reforms, health insurance reforms, nuclear agreements and disagreements, etc:

Venus/NN = Uranus: making friends with people out of the ordinary; making contacts easily.

And here's the doozy...

Saturn/NN = Neptune: fraud; lies; deception; confusion in one's environment or, confusing others about one's personal stand; friends who deceive or confuse you; having to pay a price for help which is more than you expected.

With Astrology's AC-DC principle always in force, the fraud-lies-deception energies can flow in both directions: coming from and going toward the President, either alternating or occurring simultaneously.

Now if I had more time to blog this morning, I'd post the Sec charts themselves, but alas! Therefore, the progressed midpoint pictures of President Barack Obama represent a simple photograph in time for April 20, 2010, and give us a small peek under the hood of our nation's current Oval Office occupant.

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