Apr 20, 2010

Is the 2012 Doomsday--Mayan Prophecy a hoax?

Just thought I'd link to a site with a different point of view on the Mayan calendar, the December 21, 2010 Solstice, the '11:11 Phenomenon', and other topics and theories that people are promoting now, topics which are making some folks a lot of money in the marketplace.

So if you find yourself fretting overmuch about 2012 and what may or may not happen, you may wish to check out some alternate views on these fascinating subjects at 2012hoax.org.

Not having had time to read all the site's articles (I just found the website a few minutes ago and am passing it on to you at 2:03 am - must get some shut-eye soon) I can say that the part about the '11:11 Phenomenon' makes sense to me, it's just that back in the 1980s I too began seeing 11:11 each time, day or night, that I glanced at a clock, and elsewhere, too...and I was nowhere close to being interested in Astrology or esoteric subjects then since I'd given up my early interest in such things when I began studying to join my church in 1977 (year of Chiron's discovery - I know!)

But actually, end-of-time themes were brought to me then by a church that teaches quite a lot about them, but mostly teaches how to be ready to account for yourself and your past actions when the grand day cometh! I suspect that that requirement for survival is what is underneath so much of the current interest in and fears about the 2012 predictions going around the Internet...therefore, imho, the focus is off the mark.

Because as they say, it's not what you or anyone else thinks of you that matters, it's your true condition before God that really counts 'in the end'.

And that qualifies as a word to the wise!

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