May 9, 2010

Stars Over Washington posting from Raleigh May 9, 2010

This cool Spring morning I'm blogging to say Hello to you from Raleigh, North Carolina! Have spent the morning reading articles around the web, mostly bad or so-so news with a smidge of good, a little Astrology, and some mild Facebookin'.

Today my family and I will check out the new space at the NC Art Museum which includes a beautiful reflecting pool (I do so love reflecting pools, don't you?) but stay tuned for a return of Political Astrology articles posting to this blog no later than Tuesday, May 11!

But for now, I'm wishing Happy Mother's Day to those who celebrate their source yet I remain a little wary of the ongoing in-tandem transit of heavy-hitter Pluto with asteroid Ceres, the archetype of The Mother, which in Mundane Astrology = security needs, agriculture and food supplies like milk and especially grains, and other domestic issues of which the horrendous Gulf oil spill and the Times Square almost-bomber are but two examples.

Yes, Mother Earth must be quite unhappy with us about now and this cannot be a very Happy Mother's Day for Gaia, can it?

Makes me wonder: can global plutonian overlords monkey with our food supplies, our brain waves, and our natural environment any more than they already have?

Mais oui! For as you know, old Satan is endlessly inventive, he really knows how to hold a grudge, and we earthlings are the pawns in his already-lost game.


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John Michael said...

Just thought your readers might like to know about People of Public Transit in DC.


Jude Cowell said...

Thanks! Will add a permanent link in sidebar under 'DC blogs' - I lived in DC when the Metro was under construction - those are some amazing photos you have there!