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May 6, 2010

Sanders' Audit the Fed amendment breathing shallowly

Right now (9:57 am edt) Senator Bernie Sanders is answering callers' questions on C-SPAN's Washington Journal and his Audit the Fed amendment has gained some play today on Capitol Hill.

If the Sanders amendment is allowed to tag along on reform legislation (which so far sounds quite toothless) will it lead to anything useful for the American taxpayer or merely entertain us with yet another trifling performance of the infamous Capitol Hill Theater?

Now here's a post from Jan 2008 which I began with a quote from Senator Sanders and which displays the horoscope (sans my notations) of the *Generation of Materialism, aka the Robber Baron class, which is timed astrologically by the New Moon 8Tau14 of April 28, 1881, as noted by E. Alan Meece in his book Horoscope for the New Millennium.

Click to view the New Moon and the rest of the line-up in Taurus for a Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (2 - 4 Tau) had been exact on April 18, Venus and Neptune were just beyond conjunction with Venus Rx (13 - 17 Tau), and the plutocracy-corporatism-oppression duo, Pluto and Chiron, were headed toward conjunction as well (16 - 28 Tau) which is a tremendous amount of Taurean energy - great for architects, builders, and gardeners but with greed and intolerance lurking in the shadows.

The New Moon's Sabian Symbol for '9Tau' = "A Christmas Tree Decorated" = SYMBOLIZATION...

positive expression: man's achievement of complete self-satisfaction through a simple sharing of his potentials with his fellows;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a desire to place people under obligation and to enjoy life's riches without payment in kind. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

A House of Cards Always Topples

The credit card industry is one example of a concentrated effort to place millions of people 'under obligation' with the lure of easy, instant luxury and the promise of riches that only the Robber Baron and banker classes can truly 'enjoy'.

As I've blogged here previously, it's the Robber Baron class' modern spawn (biological or ideological) who now bedevil our society and undermine it with corruption and greed so out of bounds that the world's financial system has been shoved to the precipice of total collapse...and right on schedule, after they've made their riches by robbing and exploiting others while funneling collective dollars into their private and corporate accounts.

And enriched America made the perfect vehicle.


*As Mr. Meece cites in his book it was Carlton Hayes who coined the term 'generation of materialism.'

Blog Note: this is probably my last post until Monday or Tuesday of next fun is on my agenda so y'all have a great weekend! jc

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