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May 26, 2010

US Post Offices with Secret Rooms for Detainment?

It's being reported that US Post Offices across the country are being re-fitted with 'secret rooms' to be used as investigation rooms along with detainment facilities if (when) martial law is declared in America.

The Rx condition of America's Secondary Progressed Mars (as of 2006) would indicate that this is a possibility: when a natal Direct Mars turns Rx by progression, the 'god of war' becomes reactionary and shows the potential for US police and military forces being used on US soil against the people who may - or may not - be enemies of The State.

Is the US government preparing for a national emergency? Or is it creating one where all detractors will be rounded up, interrogated, and held indefinitely?

Click to read the disturbing article and view a blueprint of a Post Office facility in Macon, Georgia, about 2 hours down the road from where I now type. Which means that if I should ever 'disappear' without a trace, my family won't have far to go to look for me. Goody.

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