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Jun 24, 2010

G20 Summit opens w/ Lunar Eclipse: YOD in Toronto

Update June 25: the 'disagreements' mentioned in my post below are being noted in the CNN Political Ticker today and the G20 jawboning has yet to officially begin!

Original post begins here:

"To deal with the global economy," is the reason for this weekend's global summit, says Canada's PM Harper, and all week long I've been antsy (due to busy-ness) to find confirmation that the G20 Summit in Toronto will begin on Friday, June 26, 2010 in tandem with the June 26 Lunar Eclipse 4Cap46 conjunct Pluto 4Cap06 Rx @ 7:30 am edt in Washington, DC, with US natal Mercury Rx rising opposite US natal Pluto conjunct Descendant (7th house of Partnerships.)

Well, here it is.

And apparently it's going to take a small army of security forces to protect their hallowed brows and expanded brains and ideologies from anti-G20 protesters who are not impressed with their style of meddling in people's lives.

If you click the Eclipse link above you'll see the horoscope set for the White House which is almost identical to one set for Toronto - both @ 7:30:18 am edt. And both charts have '27 Cancer' rising, an apt degree considering current events because the Sabian Symbol for '27Can' = "A Furious Storm Rages Through a Residential Canyon."

Therefore, America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition remains on the ASC/DESC axis for Toronto on June 26, 2010. Yet Mc/Ic axis differs, for at the White House, Mc '11Ari' = "The President of the Country," and as you know, ASC = the WHAT? Point of any chart. In our current case, that would be President Obama.

But in Toronto, Mc = '9Ari' = "A Crystal Gazer" which makes me wonder if it's a "McCrystal" gazer at the top of the summit's agenda. We do know that fury and rage lurk just outside the summit's hotel doors, don't we?

Besides the fact that evaluating Venus in 1st house in Toronto (in 2nd house in DC), another difference between the two locations has to do with 2/8 axis issues such as money, shared resources, and transformation (a la PM Harper's justification noted above.)

Interestingly, in Toronto (not in DC), the ASC degree is just late enough to clock into a *YOD pattern, a Finger of God configuration indicating a special task, crisis, or a turning point - a critical situation which must be attended to by current actors and which was left incomplete by past actors (or generations.)

There is also a potential for health conditions or illness to interfere with proceedings, or to appear within the collective due to a YOD's 1st/6th/8th house connotations.

The YOD in Toronto involves...

Saturn/ASC = Neptune (in 8th house, both charts): depressing and introverted life situations; arguments about strange dimensions or obscure things; over making a point; a depressing environment; disagreements cause separations; dreaming of what the world should be like as opposed to what it is.

(Midpoint picture: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply, yet I suspect that these days, they all do.)

With General McCrystal and President Obama, the separation has already occurred though more may be at hand, and with transiting South Node hanging about US natal Sun (the leader) since April.

Now if we can just get the Pentagon and White House to admit that the Afghanistan jig is up. Our now-retrograde US Secondary Progressed Mars (military forces) is showing and withdrawal must be accepted! Paying Taliban warlords doesn't fit into anyone's budget that I know of, how about you?

Talk about neurotic, South Node behavior!

Meanwhile, the good people or public (Moon) will be 'eclipsed' as the summit begins on Friday with overpowering Pluto's extreme wealth, surveillance, and manipulation standing by in 6th house of Police and Military Forces. (Protesters are already being arrested, and it's being reported that the hotel's workers have gone on strike today. And here's a btw reminder - another title Pluto carries is: the pope.)

So given America's natal Pluto on DESC, plutonian strength girds the power elite and their minions-in-attendance as they make high handed plans for - or, I should say, against - the world's future.


*A YOD, which resembles a squished triangle, is formed by a base of two or more planets sextile (60 degr) one another which 'point' to a third planet (or more) known as the apex planet/s; both the sextiled planets are quincunx, or inconjunct, the apex planet/s (165 degr.) In a YOD, apex Neptune signifies those who prefer their comfortable ivory towers to harsh, mundane realities - this way their high idealism can be successfully sustained against all common sense and dealing with the ultimate consequences of their actions doesn't interfere with their lives.

Greater structure and definition are needed by nebulous, often deceptive Neptune and this need may be supplying a basis for the 2010 summit's agenda. Neptune is a very creative apex planet in a YOD pattern, for the desired 'universal unity' (in their case, one-world-government) makes a potent, entrancing inspiration point for their totalitarian dreams and visions of Utopia which first requires chaos in order to rebuild a 'better' world.

Now some astrologers would not consider the above pattern as a YOD because one of the points is, well...a point (rather than a third planet.) Yet the midpoint picture detailed here is still of influence in Toronto symbolically, at least, since the ASC degree changes within minutes causing the YOD to dissipate. My point is that the precise timing which creates the YOD in Toronto is gleaned from the perfection of the June 26 Lunar Eclipse, Sun precisely opposing Moon...and world conditions are depressing and introverted indeed.

For as author, journalist, and social activist Upton Sinclair so fairly asked not so very long ago:

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?"


Altogether, it is too much to ask. Pluto does not share.

Well, I'll be keeping an eye on Toronto this weekend...June 26 and's growing late in the game so I hope you will, too. jc

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