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Jun 25, 2010

Financial overhaul approved as US Venus rises 6.25.10

In Time for June 25, 2010's Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto

As you've heard by now, the proposal for the largest financial overhaul in the US since the Great Depression was approved this morning at "5:40 am edt" (time noted by C-SPAN's call-in moderator) as committee members reached a compromise on the bill's details.

C-SPAN's session this morning concerning financial overhaul has refused any discussion from callers on how the legislation will affect the floating of the 'amero' said to be on tap later this year, and another caller's question about the Illuminati's role in the legislation.

Such questions are always shut out from all discussion on C-SPAN even though at 5:58 am edt today, the Illuminati signature of Uranus and Neptune, the Uranus/Neptune midpoint, crossed DC's Midheaven 14Pis56 (The Goal), along with the midpoint of the Big Bankers and Large Scale Operators, Jupiter/Pluto. US natal Jupiter 5Can56 was precisely rising at that precise moment...'6Can' = "Game birds Feathering Their Nests"...

Uranus/Neptune = Mc: guidance is sought from other realms or never-before-tapped sources; supernatural concerns come into play; inner vision; dissolution; a lack of stamina; restraint placed on half-baked ideas; proficiency in using the right side of the brain.

In his book on midpoints, Michael Munkasey gives the Uran/Nep midpoint as: changes in political and social structures due to new ideals and dreams of the future.

Yeah, that's what worries me!

Jupiter/Pluto = Mc: hard-working attainment of power position; great accomplishments in society; industriousness; advancement and promotion; ambition.

(Midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; 'any, all, or none' may apply and are subject to future transits and directions.)

At 5:40 am edt, Capitol Building, ASC 1Can43 - '2Can' = "A Man on a Magic Carpet Observes Vast Vistas Below Him"...perhaps this will result in actual congressional oversight!!

Hour of the Sun, with Venus 12Leo49 in 2nd house of Money and Values conjunct President Obama's natal Sun - perfect timing for his taking this victory to the G20 Summit in Toronto this weekend.

However: chart-ruler Moon 21Sag13 in 6th house makes only one applying aspect in the chart to tell us how things will proceed: an opposition to Mercury (8A42) which sounds like the people (Moon) won't be too impressed. And perhaps there's someone else who won't be impressed with the clue embedded within the Moon's Sabian Symbol...

'22Sag' = "A Chinese Laundry"! Well, I'm an American people and am wondering how the government of China, America's biggest creditor, will react to the bill's ultimate provisions. Hey, maybe China's approval was sought beforehand, hmm?

But enough of my typing out loud...

Activist Mars 9Vir52 conjuncts Ic, the Foundation of the Matter; '10Virgo' = "Two Heads Looking Out and Beyond the Shadows" as Senator Blanche Lincoln's compromise on regulating derivatives and other risky instruments was gained thus allowing the vote to be taken successfully to the crowing of the Democrats and the President, though only the riskiest derivatives will be included in the bill.

And Mercury, planet of negotiations, agreements, votes, and legislation, rises at a critical or crisis 29th degree: 29Gem55, with Sun 3Can45 conjunct US natal Venus, our nation's chart-ruler in the Sibly chart.

Sun/Mercury = ASC: fondness for negotiations; a pleasant mental state. (Yes, they must have had that Quelle Relief! feeling after the 20-hour session and their months of wrangling cats. Rraowwww!)

The pile-up at ASC this morning points my attention toward Spring Equinox in March (Sun 00Can00), the month that the President signed his Health Insurance Reform Bill into law, the results of which we hear good things so far although personally I'm not certain the 'goodness' of the bill has been confirmed...too soon to tell.

So as with all congressional legislation, it remains to be seen the real-life effects and potential collateral damage which may be created by the financial overhaul bill which Mr. Obama intends to sign by the July 4th recess.

And I imagine that his one-world-government collaborators attending the G20 Summit this weekend in Toronto will be quite impressed, a possibility which makes me doubt the bill's sincerity on behalf of the American people's best interests.

For one thing, a Consumer Protection Bureau has been left in the bill but will be housed within the bowels of the secretive Fed. And if that doesn't illustrate perfectly the old saw about (the Fed) fox guarding the hen house, I don't know what ever has.

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