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Jun 1, 2010

Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto June 26, 2010

Chart shown: Lunar Eclipse 4Cap46 conjunct Pluto Rx; 6th house of Employment, Service - including police and military, civil servants, rehab centers, health in general, our daily rounds and schedules; Hour of Jupiter 2Ari14 in his own 9th house with Uranus 00Ari33 at Aries Point of World Manifestation.

ASC 26Can01 with US natal Mercury Rx rising and our natal Pluto on Descendant (propaganda and control of info and communications); Sun 4Can46 with Mercury 2Can16 are in 12th house of Secret Deals, Hospitals, Karma, and Self-Undoing, and are nestled among America's natal planets in Cancer: Venus, Jupiter, and Sun; Pluto opposes America's Cancerian planets (not our Mercury yet) and the triple transit is in full force here.

More Foreign Raids on the US Treasury?

Click chart image to enlarge and read a few of my notes such as the list of planets involved in multi-T-Squares and a dissociate Grand Cross as well, thanks to Saturn hanging back in Mutable Virgo. Since I've mentioned most of the midpoint pictures formed by these mainly Cardinal configurations, I'll not repeat myself here.

Mars 10Vir24 conjunct 3rd cusp makes the only applying aspect to chart-ruler Moon (and thus the Eclipse): a helpful trine (5A37.) Yet activist Mars feels quite stymied in staid Virgo, sign of the dedicated worker, health, practical nurturing, and criticism. (Read more on Mars below.)

Fraudulent Neptune (in 8th house of Debt, Credit, and Big Banking) and status quo, restrictive Saturn remain inconjunct indicating continued staunching of credit flow and financial untruths affecting hapless victims - and the communications (3rd house) which influence them and cause intense emotions.

In 11th house lurk asteroids Pan conjunct the Venus/Uranus midpoint = 'erratic or extravagant with money', and MIDAS conjunct the Venus/Jupiter midpoint = over-indulgence with money affects prosperity and growth; foreign raids on the treasury; religious interference in the justice system.

However, there are two midpoint pictures particular to this LE, one perhaps more problematic than the other for the president; the first involves an opposition between Mercury and Pluto with its propaganda implications - plus, as mentioned above, America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition is emphasized on the ASC/DESC axis with its surveillance/spying vibe; Jupiter adds religion, philosophy, ideals, broadcasting, and Big Money to the plutonian devils' bargain:

Mercury/Pluto = Jupiter: diplomacy; the art of persuasion; public recognition; the need and power to control info and materials released to the public (or perhaps not controlled in the light of this Full Moon! - jc); increased public relations maneuvers (Nov 2010 elections? scandals? jc); gaining a good reputation; great successes; crooks and swindlers. (Jolly Jupiter isn't always honest!)

Saturn/Mc = Sun: needing to fight hard and having the capacity to do so; becoming the master of your own fate in spite of early obstacles; driven to perform for praise; lack of courage; insufficient powers of defence with regard to other people; emotional depression; illness.

Saturn/Mc = Moon: subordinating oneself to the needs of family; strict family values or ethics; impressionability; depression; renunciation of one thing and the adoption of another to better fulfil needs; an attack on private emotions.

(All mdpt pics from: Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply and they may be triggered at a later date by transits and/or progressions.)

With the Lunar Eclipse's Sun @ 4Can46, we know the US has a birthday coming in July and the usual question of 'what to get' is second on many an astrologer's lists of quandaries; first is which natal chart to use for US Solar Returns: charts with Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius rising? Well, they're all in use and each has much to recommend it.

For 9/11/01 studies, I believe Sag rising or Gemini rising work best but you may disagree. And using a Scorpio rising chart can always be used for Scorpionic matters such as Big Finance, Spying Agencies, and such...even for 9/11 with its questions of betrayal from the US government against we-the-people. Yet a Gemini ASC gives freedom-loving Uranus rising indicating an 'ability to cope with the unexpected' so naturally I like that chart, too!

Well, for today's post we're considering only the Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010 @ 7:30:18 am edt, the White House, DC; chart-ruler Moon is ruled by Saturn which emphasizes the Can/Cap axis of Security, Ambition, and Homeland. Controlling, coping Pluto has eclipsed the Moon (though I'm glad the chart clocks in with Moon already moved beyond powerful, manipulating Pluto, 0S41) and an infection may develop which affects the health of the people.

Now Celeste Teal, in her masterful book Eclipses, has titled this LE 'A Rough Patch' and you can see what she means. A cadent house indicates stages of preparation, Pluto shows awesome power and obsessions with it, and the presence of the North Node here brings an influx of new elements and energies into daily life, plus, a need for adaptability in matters of the 6th house.

NN Lunar Eclipses are usually more positive than SN ones; we may expect new developments and revelations of previously hidden things with any Lunar Eclipse yet the NN association bwo Jupiter here (SN being Saturnian and indicating a release of energy) is more positive. Yes, something often comes out into the open with Lunar Eclipses, and to tell you the truth, financial affairs in general and possibly more econo-scandals are highlighted here (a 1st house comfort-loving Venu$ in showy Leo quindecile sneaky Neptune in 8th house: obsessions, veilings, and difficulties with finances. Neptune/Chiron continue to represent the ongoing BP oil disaster of April 20, 2010; Neptune to US natal Moon, the foreclosures and other dissolutions for we-the-people.)

Sorry to say that US military actions cannot be ruled out and they may be on the US plutonian menu of aggressive imperialism for the rest of 2010 (shhh! Sun the leader and Mercury the planner are consulting together behind the door of the secretive 12th house; more bad karma on the way.)

Yes, US troops may come home (hurrah! perhaps part of the June 26 influx of energy is our martian soldiers returning home) while other troops are deployed anew, for after all, President Obama did make one promise during the 2008 campaign which he has kept scrupulously on behalf of the NWO: military escalation in Afghanistan.

So to my dissenting American gaze, it seems that the haunting specter of the exportation of power clings round the edges of the June 26 Lunar Eclipse chart set for Washington DC, and there could be delays or obstructions to transportation, trade, and/or communications. Plus, I do hope the power grid isn't affected unduly...power (Pluto) grid (Saturn-ruled Cap.)

Yes, Summer 2010 will continue our 'season of discontent' especially with disruptive Uranus now re-active on the world stage (Uranus = AP historically indicates scientific breakthroughs though 'radical global changes' are certainly possible as well.)

Actually, research on secret projects may be what comes to light under the Moon's bright rays especially with circuit-breaker Uranus holding at Aries Point in 9th house...perhaps 'foreign scientists'?

A spotlight on the 6th house reflects the folly of indiscretions which can bring danger as clandestine projects are revealed - or perhaps it's the danger which causes them to be uncovered in the first place...hopefully, Pluto's plutonium isn't implicated.

So as usual with Full Moons, relationships are strongly emphasized and balances must be found at this, the culmination/fulfillment phase of seeds planted at the previous New Moon two weeks prior, a New Moon in Gemini conjoining US natal Mars, planet of war, soldiering, violence, riots, and protests.

Yet astrological Mars also rules energy, initiative, motivation, and new starts - and Mars here @ 10Vir24 - conjunct 3rd cusp but just barely entered into 2nd house of Earning Ability, Valuations, and Self-Worth - makes the only applying aspect to the Moon...a helpful trine (5A37), as noted above. Mars in 2nd house usually means 'the more you work, the more money you make' yet finding salaried employment would be integral to that interpretation, wouldn't it?

So this particular LE chart indicates 'obsessions' (Pluto) as noted, along with 'conspiracies among men' yet I'm banking on its 'North Node influx of new energy' with a potential for Jupiterian luck to pull us through a difficult summer; however, large storms should continue to be expected in residential areas which will especially threaten the Gulf Coast region all the more thanks to BP, Halliburton, and Transocean and their over-confident and environmentally dangerous oil drilling.

A Political Peep-Eye Afoot?

Lunar Eclipses tend to work on inner levels yet the presence of the NN here brings its effects onto outer levels with contacts and encounters in the physical realm. Yet it will be our attitudes (Moon) which carry us along for ill or good because where our thoughts go, so go our emotions. (I think Dr. Laura Schlesinger said this, among others. Scripture says it another way, that As a man thinks, so he becomes. Political manipulators and propagandists know this truism very well and use it regularly as they assault us on the level of the senses.)

My advice remains: If you find yourself being taught to hate a particular politician and all they stand for, you might consider the possibility that you're being used a tool for other peoples' purposes! And Uranus to AP says, It's time to Awaken, my Brothers!

So will the second half of 2010 bring new fiascoes or political scandals that give conspiracy-minded folk such as myself new focuses for their rants and rages? Does George Bush love neocon kool-aid?

Yes, this LE will uncover stuff which some will wish were left buried. Even interesting skeletons, buried treasures, relics, and fossils may be found with ancient Pluto's influence so near the astrological Moon which rules, among other things, the past.

Perhaps a secret relating to power elite Pluto will come to light! He hates that which means, I love it.

And with the Goal/Aspiration Point of the LE chart @ '11 Aries' (Mc), we may know the identity of the primary focus of many of our angry citizens based on the Sabian Symbol that describes him for it's the ID of the One who has the most opportunity to 'use' a LE infused with Pluto's secret powers; Sun (the leader) is in 12th house of secret meetings, deals, karma, and self-undoing; imho, more war would be a generator of 'self-undoing' as it has already shown itself to be:

'11Ari' = "The President of the Country"...or, "The Ruler of a Nation"...

'Keynote: The power resulting from the formal integration of the collective desire for order.' (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala.)

Oh dear, this actually sums up June 26's Cancer Eclipse conj Pluto quite well! The people (Moon) desire order and security (Can/Cap; Pluto in Cap) above all - even at the expense of our jobs, financial health, and the world's peace.

Mr. Rudhyar continues that '11Ari' indicates: 'CENTRALIZATION OF POWER' - which describes the anti-constitutional agenda in process of being implemented in America for several decades now. How are you liking its plutonian results so far?


Just typing aloud: wonder where our returning soldiers will find jobs? Once they (hopefully) recuperate, that is. Wouldn't it be great if some formed worker-managed and owned manufacturing plants or other socially helpful enterprises which we could all support? And I know we would! jc

Well, how about another perspective on the Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010? I'm about to check out the Lunar Eclipse article at Funk Astrology with the chart set for London, if you care to join me!

Also, you may wish to view the Horoscope of Summer Solstice 2010 with details, a celestial event which is overlapped in time by the Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010.


Unknown said...

The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks for your comment, 'private profile' Silverdew, though i'm not certain to what you refer to concerning this post! Jude