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Jul 20, 2010

PASS unemployment benefits extension so that...

...people can pay for their internet service so they can apply online and fill their gas tanks to drive to interviews if they should be so fortunate as to find an interview to show up for.

Is this rocket science?

Every member of Congress who votes against the extension this afternoon is welcome to forfeit their paychecks (compliments of the American people) for the next three years to 'pay for' the benefits. Sunset tax cuts for the rich for now, for tax cuts will surely come again when they can be afforded. If tax cuts for the wealthy really did 'trickle down' to the piggybanks of the masses we'd have experienced it before now.

Cut military spending and bring America home and don't just talk about it.

Making the President 'look bad' is making the GOP look like the tightfisted, overpaid lackeys of industry that they are. How to look worse than a Democrat in Congress is to look just like an Oilcan Harry Republican twirling his moustaches with glee at the thought of cutting the American people's social net out of the financial picture entirely.

Without extension of unemployment benefits for the chronically unemployed? Can forcing unemployed workers onto welfare rolls (as if there's room in most states) be an improvement over putting benefits money into the economy where people will spend it in their local economies? Why, it's almost as if Republicans, along with mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh, want the American people to fail! As if we-the-people haven't been punished enough for Financial Collapse 2008 which rich banksters and others engineered and grossly profited from!

Well, big business Scorpio rises this afternoon when the benefits extension vote is scheduled for around 2:30 pm edt (after Senator Robert Byrd's seat is spoken for by Mr. Goodwin @ 2:15 pm w/ Sco rising then, too) and chart-ruler Mars makes two applying aspects: Mr. Testosterone conjuncts Saturn in Virgo, then opposes Uranus in Aries (ruled by Mars) at a Mars Hour of energy, action, and quarrels.

Mars (one of the two primary timers in Astrology, the Moon being the other) sets off the ongoing stand-off (opposition) between progressive Uranus and status quo Saturn, and aspect of relationship and awareness which perfects on July 26, 2010 @ 1:07 pm edt.

Meanwhile, the Moon 28Sco (we-the-people) approaches her Return to our Inaugural Moon 2009 @ 29Sco45 and for the vote today, Luna sits atop the natal Midheaven of President Barack Obama and is in first house, a good portent.

Now we know one thing that was indicated on Jan 20, 2009 by our crisis-degreed and critical Inaugural's critical vote for the people or against the people. Can Congress rise to the test?

Yes, this is proving to be an interesting, eventful week overhead and down below and if I didn't have an insurance adjuster pulling up in the driveway right now (to view storm damage from two nights ago), I'd fuss about it some more...later...

Update 7.20.10 3:36 pm edt: the vote in favor was a predictable 60 to 40.

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