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Aug 3, 2015

Delving into the Mysteries you are?

Here are links to three online resources for those who are delving or wish to delve into what may be called, the Mysteries, or the Occult, in relation to Politics and the establishment of a new order that is now in progress of creating global chaos so that the Novus Ordo Seclorum of 1776 can be replaced with a more stringent model as the 'New Millennium' proceeds.

As for Political Astrology and timing of such issues, you may remember that the last US presidential election of 2012 occurred under the auspices of a Saturn-Uranus opposition which describes the status quo old order (Saturn) in a stand-off with the new order represented by disruptive Uranus--and conflict ensues, as we see. Of course, their recent opposition issues from the last (and current) Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Uranus which perfected three times in 1988 in the 27-30 degree range of Sagittarius with deceptive Neptune soon chiming in for a triple conjunction (1989) not seen since the 15th century:

Secret Societies and Subversive Movements by Nesta H. Webster, the ancient history of George Washington's family, and A Cosmic History of the Illuminati.

Another great resource for unusual topics is The 'X' Zone Radio-TV Show with host Rob McConnell broadcasting from Canada. Yours truly is scheduled to be interviewed by Rob this Thursday August 6, 2015 at 10:00 pm EDT so I hope you'll tune in Thursday or catch a podcast at your convenience!

Oct 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street (Sat-Uran-Plu): Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts!

As I searched for a particular reference hidden in the almost 3,000 entries on this blog (whew!), I ran across a previous post detailing the frustrating yet dynamic Cardinal T-Square between Saturn/Uranus (in opposition) pointing toward an apex (focal) Pluto.

On one level, we could say that 'old' (Saturn) is being 'transformed' (Pluto) into 'new' (Uranus, and in Aries that means, 'Utopia'--but that's bosh!)

If you click, please scroll down a ways into the post for the explanation of the midpoint picture formed in May 2011 between three heavy-weight planets...

Saturn = the past, Time, tradition, form, function, age, systems, scaffolds, responsibility, accountability, restriction, constriction, boundaries, bones, skin, teeth, spinal column, the status quo, delay, decay, long term efforts, patience, perseverance, endurance, and such.

Uranus = the future, futurism, creative genius, sudden inspirations, innovation, behavior, originality, Science, Astrology, upheaval, upsets, restlessness, quickness, sudden shocks, lightening, electricity, like a bolt from the blue, group activities, disruption, The Witness (a 'sudden sense of self'), The Awakener (in Aries, Uranus = *Utopians, anarchists, and/or radicals with political inclinations), the Higher Octave/Frequency of Mercury, oddness, eccentricity, separation, and more.

And Pluto? You mean Mr. Underworld, the Dragon who guards the world's riches? The Oligarchy of plutocrats under which we toil and struggle as billions of people teeter on the brink of enslavement or extinction?

Well, he-who-employs-assassins has become tiresome to type about, frankly. Pluto is apex planet in the Cardinal T-Square pattern, and an ace manipulator of the high-powered corporate executive kind. The full Cardinal midpoint picture info may be found by clicking the link above, if you wish.

Actually, I'll go ahead and tell you my guess: that the midpoint pic's "rebellion against one's lot in life" sums up quite well the general motivation/s of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, don't you think? Our younger generations are the ones whose futures have been stolen, purloined, embezzled, and gambled away with verve and insouciance.

So where else should OWS protesters be than occupying Wall Street? America needs to cease her occupation of foreign lands though Corporate America wishes that we-the-people not pay attention to that very inconvenient, bought-on-credit-card fact. Seems global bankers are up to their old Rothschildian tricks: they make much more money by making 'loans' to governments and by pushing private debt and responsibilities onto the public ledger.

Wall Street, Main Street, Pennsylvania Avenue: Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn

In these difficult days, there are calls for the Philanthropy of Jupiter and Neptune, not the mean old-fashioned stinginess of a sour, grouchy Saturn. Wall Street gentry should want to take a closer look at themselves and their anti-social behavior--and the news for them is, I for one don't want their stanky money. But I do want their control of the US government to erode and their crimes to be addressed and tried in an honest courtroom, not a whitewashing one.

Plus, I believe that fair taxes should be levied to re-balance society's financial inequality for our see-saw has thudded to one side and we can't get off the ground--we are in a word, oppressed. So Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts or raise taxes on the wealthy 1% of Americans at least for a period of time--say, three to five years perhaps? And wouldn't it be logical if those in charge kept in mind the old "If that doesn't work, try something else" strategy, as FDR and others have often said and used.

Then blessings shall be showered all around!

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Boo CEOs but Mourn Steve Jobs.

Hurrah! The coming together of movements and groups in NYC such as Occupy Wall Street, Labor Unions such as the Nurses' Union, Code Pink, Civil Rights activists, Gay-Lesbian activists, and other organizations, groups, and persuasions (protests are now happening in 500 US cities and counting!) shows that the Global Spirit of Revolution has finally infected America big time and my prayer is that progressive reforms that lift up The People will sweep across the US and every land!

Jupiter/Neptune, ruler/co-ruler of Mystical Pisces = Religion/Spirituality and Grand Schemes

Watery Neptune is, after all, about to dip her toe again into the compassionate tides of Pisces...but where we ultimately wash up depends on how we handle things from now on.

Here's the usual-suspect list of the well-connected and the speculating Forbes 400. Discretion is advised.


*"Uranus in Aries = Utopians": Reinhold Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences.

For much more on progressive topics try Thom Hartmann and Amy Goodman (texts or videos of their broadcasts are available.)

I Am The 99%!!! Are you?

Jul 28, 2010

One reason the GOP blocked Dems' DISCLOSE Act

Ignoring for a moment the constant one-ups-manship and 'ego games with important consequences' between our national-international political parties (based in Washington DC - you know the ones), I have an opinion about one of the reasons the DISCLOSE Act was blocked - with the ongoing Cardinal T-Square's Pluto at work squaring/blocking other planets which are engaged simultaneously in tangled opposition - relationships; awareness - with one another...well, I don't have to tell you that it's a difficult, noisy war being waged on a higher level above our noggins (for evolutionarily speaking, we are mere children in the universal scheme of things) and thus in our collective psyche yet it's a war that doesn't have to be expressed as violently against the common good as the power elite would have it.

Refuse to be manipulated!

Now we all know that the current Cardinal T-SQ and off-on Cardinal Cross bring times of tribulation, and it even includes things such as a minority party blocking progress (described by another exact opposition between status quo Saturn on - here, the Rs - and progressive (BHO) Uranus on Monday July 26 (2010; view chart) -- both are being blocked by apex (focal point) Pluto in Capricorn. And Mr. Hades holds all the puppet strings (as he wants us to think.)

Meanwhile, traditionalist Saturn and upstart Uranus are going at it hand to hand across the relationship/balance/war axis, Aries-Libra. But is Pluto interfering on subtle levels in their relationship dynamics? Primal violence is often the most effective arrow in his quiver and humankind pays the price through this dark force's frantic struggle for control of the human race, as down he goes. More guises of Pluto: devil, psychiatrist, Pope.

Eventually transiting Pluto, god of the underworld (and I mean that in every lousy, anti-social, psychopathic way you don't want to imagine), will return to his position in America's natal chart ('charts' for there are many potential birth dates and times for the US but basically Pluto = 27Cap33 Rx) and I think secret hand, wealthy bankster, saboteur and assassin Pluto has already left his psyche-you-out calling card on the world's hall tables, the fancy and the plain.

Well! WikiLeaks' Julian Assange is on TV now in a re-broadcast of last evening's interview conducted by journalist Amy Goodman on DemocracyNow! (which I get bwo of LINK TV.)

And Mr. Assange is correct, I think - America's wars are unsustainable, not easy to exit, and yet we must end them. It's a bitter pill for the Vulcans among us, but frankly, m'dear, I don't give a ham for the warmongers of the world who sit in their libraries and bank vaults while directing young men and women to their deaths as if they were pawns on a chess board.

Yes, the Crashing of America IS their goal and they're doing a good job of it, aren't they? Because now our nation is locked into a death spiral of war and bankruptcy engineered by dark forces - and we-the-people seem to be the only ones desperate for a 180-degree Turn of Direction!!!

Candidate Obama pretended he'd help end the madness, but this seems to have been a campaign ruse. Did he believe his NWO masters would withdraw their crusading footprints from the Middle East because President Obama said Pretty Please? He's a smart guy. And I think he knew the game very well, sorry to say.

So it remains for our citizen-zombies created by drugs both legal and illegal, programmed by entertainment trances and other methods meant to weaken the populace in every way - to awaken from their slumbers. And perhaps now that it's become of great financial consequence to so many, larger numbers of people will pay closer attention to what's really going on here and become active in non-violent displays of dissent.

They say that just recognizing and identifying a monster can go a long way toward lessoning his power and eventually vanquishing him. I submit that here is where monster Pluto comes in.

But sad to say, there's some ill news about the Horoscope for Inauguration 2013 (on Monday Jan 21, 2013): at Midheaven (Mc = The Goal; Aspirations; WHY?) lies not only US natal Pluto, but Vulcan; at Ic (Endings; The Drain; HOW?) lurks Vulcanus, both named for the myth concerning a jealous blacksmith, an iron-fashioner of war weapons.

Things were already bad enough but then his lady Venus betrayed him, you see, by messing around with lusty Mars - and these vulcanic archetypes turning up in the US Inauguration 2013 horoscope are indicative of vengeance, war, and strife or the preparation for war - made more apt to physically manifest in the world for the presidential term (2013 - 2017) because weapon-maker Vulcan has the Mc/Ic axis on both ends, going and coming, upon which to do his worst.

He has four years for the Inauguration 2013 horoscope to be in effect (or until the next US president, if we keep having them, takes the Oath, as mere titular heads or not.) Nuclear concerns cannot be ruled out. Pluto loves this since 'he' was discovered in 1930 and announced the atomic era. (More's the pity for all humankind when that natural law was broken for it brought the world the abomination of desolation and the subsequent contamination they can never be honest with us about.)

Yes, more chart study for Inauguration 2013 must be carried out, of course, for many other chart factors must be weighed in spite of such a strong signature of exactly what our world does not need - more war.

The good news is that we have time to divert the worst of it if we-the-people can manage soon to throw off the dark mantle that's been tossed over our collective right shoulder. More on that later if anyone is interested...because a certain Sabian Symbol describes a very telling and fateful picture.

Well. I almost forgot to say what I consider to be one of the reasons the GOP blocked the Dems' DISCLOSURE Act...

Why, to keep their true faces hidden within the shadows, as you know!

Jul 20, 2010

PASS unemployment benefits extension so that...

...people can pay for their internet service so they can apply online and fill their gas tanks to drive to interviews if they should be so fortunate as to find an interview to show up for.

Is this rocket science?

Every member of Congress who votes against the extension this afternoon is welcome to forfeit their paychecks (compliments of the American people) for the next three years to 'pay for' the benefits. Sunset tax cuts for the rich for now, for tax cuts will surely come again when they can be afforded. If tax cuts for the wealthy really did 'trickle down' to the piggybanks of the masses we'd have experienced it before now.

Cut military spending and bring America home and don't just talk about it.

Making the President 'look bad' is making the GOP look like the tightfisted, overpaid lackeys of industry that they are. How to look worse than a Democrat in Congress is to look just like an Oilcan Harry Republican twirling his moustaches with glee at the thought of cutting the American people's social net out of the financial picture entirely.

Without extension of unemployment benefits for the chronically unemployed? Can forcing unemployed workers onto welfare rolls (as if there's room in most states) be an improvement over putting benefits money into the economy where people will spend it in their local economies? Why, it's almost as if Republicans, along with mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh, want the American people to fail! As if we-the-people haven't been punished enough for Financial Collapse 2008 which rich banksters and others engineered and grossly profited from!

Well, big business Scorpio rises this afternoon when the benefits extension vote is scheduled for around 2:30 pm edt (after Senator Robert Byrd's seat is spoken for by Mr. Goodwin @ 2:15 pm w/ Sco rising then, too) and chart-ruler Mars makes two applying aspects: Mr. Testosterone conjuncts Saturn in Virgo, then opposes Uranus in Aries (ruled by Mars) at a Mars Hour of energy, action, and quarrels.

Mars (one of the two primary timers in Astrology, the Moon being the other) sets off the ongoing stand-off (opposition) between progressive Uranus and status quo Saturn, and aspect of relationship and awareness which perfects on July 26, 2010 @ 1:07 pm edt.

Meanwhile, the Moon 28Sco (we-the-people) approaches her Return to our Inaugural Moon 2009 @ 29Sco45 and for the vote today, Luna sits atop the natal Midheaven of President Barack Obama and is in first house, a good portent.

Now we know one thing that was indicated on Jan 20, 2009 by our crisis-degreed and critical Inaugural's critical vote for the people or against the people. Can Congress rise to the test?

Yes, this is proving to be an interesting, eventful week overhead and down below and if I didn't have an insurance adjuster pulling up in the driveway right now (to view storm damage from two nights ago), I'd fuss about it some more...later...

Update 7.20.10 3:36 pm edt: the vote in favor was a predictable 60 to 40.

Jan 10, 2009

US Senate okays Gaza aggression, Saturn-Uranus opposition in the fray

US Senate Endorses Israel's War on Gaza

By Jeremy R. Hammond

The US Senate on Thursday passed a non-binding resolution promoted by the influential Israeli lobby AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee), effectively endorsing Israel's war on Gaza.

The resolution, entitled "A resolution a resolution expressing solidarity with Israel in Israel's defense against terrorism in the Gaza Strip."


US weaponry is being used by Israel (Goliath) - and I want to know where Hamas is getting its rocketry (David.) Ironic that David and Goliath seem to have have switched sides since the olden days, and I suppose it's Iran providing David his rocks and slingshots.

Well, the aggression of the Saturn-Uranus opposition is really showing itself, isn't it? Saturn-Uranus as a pair represents the Middle East and specifically Palestine and Israel.

Their appr 45-year cycle began with conjunction 3 times in 1988 in the 27 to 30 degree area of Sagittarius where transformative Pluto, god of Hades, has traversed so recently.

So at the risk of boring you, here's the midpoint picture again which Pluto's transit has stimulated so grievously:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: acts of violence or brutality; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure; tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort.

With Pluto now into Capricorn to stay, we might hope things will be resolved (as much as they ever are in that region of old and deep animosities) but then we have World Point 00Cap00 to consider where world events manifest, and the deconstruction of Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by authoritative Saturn. Any contact of Saturn and Pluto seems made for cruelty of various kinds.

'Forgiving the unforgivable' seems very far away as the New Year rolls on, doesn't it? But it's the only way to stop the cycle of violence and revenge in Gaza - and within our own hearts.

As Scriptures say, we should Pray for the peace of Israel. For the sake of the world, let us pray.

Jan 2, 2009

Coal Ash Flood 12.22.08: Saturn opposing Uranus

Dec 22, 2008 marked the largest environmental disaster of its kind in US history, the coal ash flood - or 'spill' - in Kingston, Tennessee, 40 miles west of Knoxville at the Kingston Fossil Plant

The initial estimates of the size of the carcinogenic sludge were woefully short and it turns out from aerial photographs that the actual amount is 5.4 cubic yards, enough to flood over 3,000 acres one foot deep. Three houses were destroyed by the coal ash flood which occurred when an earthen retaining wall gave way after much rain and cold temperatures.

And since coal ash is not regulated as a hazardous material, we may be hearing - or experiencing - more such disasters.

My guess is that we already have on some level - unless you like arsenic and mercury in your drinking water - because unlined ponds for capturing this lead and thallium infused muck are the preferred way the US coal industry and the TVA like to 'handle' this health threat.

In other words - they don't. No one had a plan for if/when the holding pond failed! So I have to say: don't debate the regulation of this hazardous material - line the nation's holding ponds, for cryin' out loud...line first, debate later.

Planets and Stars:

Dec 22, 2008, Kingston, TN, at appr 1:00 am est gives 5Lib31 rising, chart-ruler Venus 16AQ23 conjunct wounding Chiron in 5th house of Risk-taking, Gambling, and Children who may suffer nervous and reproductive disorders from such material which contaminates ground water.

Venus applies to conj with watery and often deceptive Neptune (5A46.)

At Midheaven is 6Can07, a Water sign, with Mercury 15Cap19 and Jupiter 26Cap43 in 4th house, along with the Pluto-Chiron midpoint of corporatism, oppression, racism, environmentalism, and disenfranchisement of all kinds.

The sign Cancer has nothing to do with the disease, cancer, but in this case, it seems too descriptive for comfort - and at the WHY? Point of the chart (Mc.) Of course, we associate business and making money with the sign, Cancer, along with protection and security.

And we can't miss the fact that Dec 22's early hours were the perfecting of Sun conjunct Pluto at a World Point. At 1:00 am est: Sun 00Cap46; Pluto 00Cap54, with Mars 26Sag13 nearby, all in 3rd house of The Neighborhood, Sagittarius the sign of the foreigner.

Asteroid Atlantis was conj Sun/Pluto as well - keywords: abuse of power; feeling doomed. Not a fun trio, that's for sure.

There are three midpoint pictures of note:

Mars-Pluto = Sun: accident potential; passionate attack to achieve an objective; upset of plans that is irredeemable; intervention of some undeniable force or authority. Guess the Tennessee Valley Authority might be included in that last one.

Moon-Neptune = Mars: weakened system.

Uranus-Asc = Mars: making things happen raucously; devil-may-care attitude. (All midpoint pics: Noel Tyl.)

Did I mention that asteroid Cupido (corporations; The Family; brethren) arose at 1:00 am? Cupido 6Lib00 - which makes it a transit to George Bush's natal Neptune. And like Eros, Cupido has a link with piercing (as with Cupid's arrows.)

Now I'm not making a case for sabotage, I'm just noting what's in the chart for Kingston's coal ash flood of Dec 22, 2008. At least I don't think I am. Seems with the 'weakened system' and poor planning and support, it was an accident looking for a place to happen.

Conjunct Fixed Star Denebola (to go against society; out of the mainstream), Saturn 21Vir41 opposes Uranus 19Pis00 (a Water sign) and we always look to Saturn when we think of 'earthen' and containment, which the pond did not do. Uranus (sudden events; lightening) in Watery Pisces affected the earthen retaining wall (Saturn) which should have been well-lined (Saturnian boundaries again.)

Well, Saturn was dissed, and he does not like that. Will this disaster prove that his lessons can be learned and applied by an AWOL government? I say 'AWOL' because as an American citizen, I did not give my government leave to become slack and sorry! Did you?

My heart goes out to the folks who live near this disaster which could have been lessened or avoided if such materials were regulated and government agencies performed their duties to protect the American people rather than the coal industry's bottom line.

But why fret? The TVA says mercury and arsenic levels in the area's drinking water are "barely detectable" so make mine a double over ice, would ya?

Nov 12, 2008

Full Moon of the Mystic Rectangle 11.13.08

Full Moon 21Tau15, Nov 13, 2008; 1:17:18 am est, White House, Washington, DC; Moon in 9th house, Sun 21Sco15 in 3rd house...and it's a chart full of challenges and gifts of the skills to meet them!

Now of course, the Moon is exalted in Taurus and very fat and happy - here we see Luna preening at her Taurean fullness as she reflects the Sun in Scorpio.

With Virgo ascending, the Taurean 9th cusp indicates a down-to-earth view of religion and philosophy; views are fixed (Taurus) and not likely to easily change.

Also there's insistence on the just handling of finances and relationships with a Taurean 9th cusp. One must be careful though with Taurus' shadow side: intolerance and greed.

Moon in 9th house has an emotional attachment to 9th house matters of religion, philosophy, and higher education. Social values come from childhood teachings with a 9th house Moon, with the 9th house's natural ruler, Jupiter, exalted in Cancer, the Moon's natural sign.

However, this emotional bias and identification with traditional values can limit the scope or depth of spiritual understanding, or there can be inspired intuition with this Moon placement - and with a celestial Mystic Rectangle overhead we may hope the latter is the case.

Sun in 3rd house likes words well said and Sun here spotlights communications. Since a Full Moon is the culmination of things begun at the last New Moon ('6Sco': "A Gold Rush"), and since the economic crisis is in the airwaves and on every one's menu, perhaps we'll be hearing something soothing for a change in the next two weeks concerning finances.

This Full Moon is part of a pattern, a Mystic Rectangle, a configuration consisting of two oppositions (the other being Saturn oppo Uranus) with planets sextiling one another on each end. In this chart you see the Mystic Rectangle highlighted in blue.

Not much has been written about this lovely-named pattern, but Bil Tierney says it indicates practical mysticism and points out that the sextiles and trines (Moon sextile Uranus; Sun sextile Saturn, so naturally Moon trines Saturn, Sun trines Uranus) gives opportunity for the awareness-revealing oppositions (Sun/Moon; Saturn/Uranus) to be utilized creatively. (Tierney, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.)

So the challenges that oppositions normally bring are more effectively encountered than would be otherwise expected with the sextiles and trines easing the conflict and discord into satisfying resolutions.

Yippee! Who doesn't like satisfying resolutions?

Well, right. Some people do prefer things stirred up in order to justify their gripes and make way for what they see as improvements. Them, we can do without.

And with a Mystic Rectangle, the cosmos gives us chances for more balance in relationships (oppositions always relate to relationships, and sextiles and trines are considered helpful in Astrology) and makes possible an objective evaluation through intuition and insight.

Occurring during a Sun Hour, this Full Moon shows Venus still out-of-bounds (OOBs) and thus not part of the system of energies here. At a World Point, 00Cap45, we see her just beyond her hook-up with Pluto, a conjunction which has a bankruptcy influence, as well as other flavors I won't repeat from a previous post.

Actually, it looks to me as if Lady Venus is sashaying Pluto back into Capricorn for more breakdowns and restructurings!

Highlighted in pink is a T-Square with Sun/Moon pointing to Neptune 21AQ30 in 6th house of Work; Health; Service. This makes nebulous, spiritual Neptune the apex planet of a T-Square.

An apex planet directs the energy of the opposition and can indicate the general tone of the entire chart - especially since the opposition in question is the Full Moon. Here's the midpoint picture using Tyl and Ebertin...

Sun/Moon = Neptune: misunderstandings in relationships; inner discontent; deceptions and illusions; self-torment; one who is easily upset; the undermining of associations.

This apex Neptune tells the tale for which the Mystic Rectangle is needed!

And what about the Saturn/Uranus opposition? Any help there?

Well, Saturn is being quincunxed (inconjuncted - 150 degrees) by Neptune - and vice versa. Inconjuncts are often involved when there are health problems, and Neptune in 6th house indicates conditions which are difficult to detect or are incorrectly diagnosed. (Planets in Aspect, Rob Pelletier.)

Saturn inconj Neptune: stay away from those with infectious conditions! (Easy to say and usually hard to do.) There is a compelling spiritual motivation to bring social order to chaos, but programs with unclear goals should be avoided (such as 'Bailout Bills'?)

When Saturn and Neptune are inconjunct, it's typical that those who serve are abused in some way - self-protection becomes extremely important. This morning NPR reported that an American aid worker and his driver have been killed in Afghanistan. And thus it goes.

Plus, there is a tendency for those who would serve to take on too much or to feel responsible for what should be the tasks of others - Senator Barack Obama comes to mind and scapegoating by some will be a real temptation or possibility with his presidency. (His awareness of these tendencies will help.)

The good news is that beneficent Jupiter, who often acts as a guardian angel, is applying in trine to Saturn (0A53) and sextiling Uranus (separating, but 00S00 - they are both 18:50!) so an olden term in Astrology for Jupiter here is: Thales planet, or Thales Point.

In (American) Political or Mundane Astrology we use Jupiter to signify the Republican Party, with Saturn for the Democrats. In this lovely trine, we see the peaceful transfer of power now occurring in Washington between the parties and administrations.

Uncomfortably for this reluctant astrologer, Jupiter is still on the '18Cap' degree, which is the New World Order degree in my book due to its activation at the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in the early 90s when Bush Sr called for the NWO.

The current financial crisis, engineered as it may be, is the opportunity they've been working toward, and you've heard the words, "a new economic world order' in the news lately, haven't you?

Actually, I'd say it's more a culmination of their plans which are in process of being realized by the opportunity they created with the economic meltdown. How excited the shadowy 'they' must be!

Back to the Full Moon chart:

At the Ic, or Foundation Point, I have marked its 11Sag33 because it is the position of Dec 30, 1999's conjunction of the plutocratic corporatism pair, Pluto and Chiron. The midpoint of Sun and Pluto is there as well, so because it's about polarities, we have...

Sun/Pluto = Mc: power games with important consequences; striving for power; consciousness of objectives and goals; vocational crises; violence with emotional consequences.

The Sun/Pluto pair, says Ebertin = 'craving for rulership and disadvantages through the former; the power of attainment; pioneers; martyrs; rulers; leadership; danger; arrogance; fanatical aspirations; creative power.'

Orating Mercury in deep-thinking Scorpio is in Nodal Degree (same degree as the Nodal axis - here, 13) which represents a fated or karmic condition. And their midpoint is one degree from Pluto which is close enough for us to consider the midpoint picture formed...

Mercury/NN = Pluto: the thrust of intellect; lording it over others; the desire to be intellectually superior.

Plus, there are two other planetary pictures in this chart...

Mercury/Mars = Sun: putting one's foot down; making a point strongly; standing up for one's position; enjoying a good argument; a man of quick decisions; manly and brave thinking and acting; a positive or firm demeanor; determination; the ability to succeed.

NN/ASC = Mars: team spirit; an intense working together with colleagues; an association or organization fighting to uphold its common ideas and principles; working for the common good; the do-er. (This may partially describe the do-er that the Saturn/Neptune inconjunct will take advantage of...or maybe not.)

Whew! That's a lot at the Base of this Full Moon chart but all we have to do is listen to, watch, or read the news - no Astrology necessary.

And with Saturn rising, the Saturn/Uranus opposition is on the menu from the get-go. This pair of planets is associated with the Middle East, and with Israel and Palestine in particular.

And of course our November 4 elections was the day the opposition perfected, with a few more votes to be counted (Dec 2 is a senate run-off here in Georgia - Chambliss vs Martin. My local radio station just announced that John McCain will be coming to GA to stump for Chambliss - McCain's first stumping (other than last night's TV appearance where he touted Palin's future endeavors) since he lost the presidency. Goody for us, but will it be enough to help the Bush-loving Chambliss?)

(Counterpunch! It's an hour later and they're now announcing that Obama campaign field operatives are on the way to GA to help with Jim Martin's grassroots organizing - yes! and thanks. Chambliss needs to go.)

Now Back to Saturn/Uranus:

So we may say that their opposition is the 'Full Moon' of the Saturn/Uranus cycle which began with their conj in 1988. (I'll not repeat previous blurbs about this cycle.) This means that issues from 1988 resurface for resolution (Mystic Rectangle!) - or for brewing tensions to fully express.

The chart's Kite patterns are marked with penned dashes and I hope you can see them both. Kites are actually modified Grand Trines with a planet/s at a fourth point opposite one of the trine's planets and simultaneously sextiling the other two planets.

You see the kite tails I've drawn - one on Saturn, one on the Moon, which operate here as stimuli for the trines' creative outpouring of special skills and talents.

So a Kite adds more chances for successful use of Grand Trine energies which are gifts from the cosmos. This is an Earth Grand Trine which emphasizes the calming, comforting, and attracting power of a Grand Trine pattern...very magnetic.

Earth Grand Trines accumulate and skillfully manage assets and resources with common sense, and having a Taurean Moon as a driving force may bring solid results.

But for whom? we may rightfully ask.

This chart seems to indicate that working for the common good may now bring positive results for the people as this Full Moon shows us the way. And Moon in a national chart = The People.

In conclusion: my hope is that with all this good will from On High, the world can find a better path now which is being kindly lightened by the rays of a lovely Taurean Full Moon.


My excellent friend, astrologer Monica Starr, has posted an article about tonight's Full Moon in Taurus relating it to the natal chart of the New York Stock Exhange. (Nov 12 or Nov 13 - depends on your time zone since the Moon is full at 1:17 am est - I set the above chart for DC, Eastern time zone.)

Monica is well-versed in Astrology AND financials so you'll want to see what she has to say about this Full Moon occurring in one of the money signs - Taurus, a sign that is nothing if not on the bullish side.

Nov 1, 2008

The stormy week of November 3, 2008

With US elections about to heat up from who-knows-what problems and the Saturn-Uranus opposition perfecting with nebulous Neptune turning Direct, we may wish for a little calming advice from Astrology.

To our rescue comes expert astrologer, Julie Demboski, who provides just that bwo natal Sun sign wisdom for times when Saturn's stability is not available to the collective.

Stability and tradition are on the shaky side now with revolutionary Uranus opposing old man Saturn, in their dance which began with three conjunctions of 1988 at 27-30 Sagittarius, Pluto's recent path as 'the boss of Hades' enters Capricorn for good.

And we know that Pluto's triggering of the 1988 conjunction/s degrees creates a midpoint picture we've been seeing expressed mightily:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion; brutality; the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort; harm through force majeure. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Remember what was going on in 1988? Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune met near the end of Capricorn, funnily enough. And astrologer Marjorie Orr, in her book The Astrological History of the World notes that this triple conjunction hadn't occurred since the 15th century - and that Saturn-Uranus as economic indicators always bring "sharp swings" before settling on a "new track."

(This description may be applied to the presidential election and a new presidential term as well, imo...since the elections are occurring during the perfection of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the culmination of the cycle begun in 1988. There are many financial implications to this cycle's fulfillment in 2008 but I have no time to compose it.)

A little political something that occurred in 1988 was John McCain's sandbagging of Rose Mofford's testimony to Congress which may be read about in a previous post, To know him is to loathe him: John McCain in Arizona.

Well, in our private lives we could use some balance on the week ahead and these difficult issues and you'll find that Julie's article,Nov 3rd - 10th: Shelter From The Storm, gives comforting advice to the shaken and stirred among us as our 2008 election season mercifully ends with ease or, perhaps more likely, with upheaval before settling down on a new track.

Traditional Saturn isn't fond of being challenged - especially by out-of-the-blue Uranian lightening bolts, you know!

Oct 15, 2008

Moon buckets and Saturn bowls

John Townley over at AstroCocktail has some interesting insights on that rollercoaster feeling of two-week shifts we're all experiencing between the economy, the campaign, and more.

Naturally, if you say the words two-week cycle it reminds any astrologer of the Moon's orbit.

Well, expert astrologer John Townley knows much about celestial bowl patterns and how they affect the environment, so check it out because the world's current 'groundswell' feeling is part of the celestial 'As Above, So Below' action now as the Moon moves within the bowl - the edges of which are created by the Saturn-Uranus opposition - and then spills out of the bowl...slosh!

As you know, the Saturn-Uranus opposition perfects on November 4.

All this sloshing reminds me of the ocean's tides which are controlled by the Moon, and one of the words associated with the Moon in an Astrology chart is: fluctuation, a term we hear a lot in financial markets. Mmm-hmm...cycles.

So we may be feeling a bit seasick with half the sky full of planets sloshing about during the weekend of Oct 25-26, and John says it will remain that way until after the Nov 4 elections.

On into 2009 things will be sloshing off and on so hold onto your lifejacket, if you have one. And if you don't, at least Astrology can give you the timing to be aware of for best results!

Sep 20, 2008

Obama: Uranian change or Saturn's status quo?

With Barack Obama's natal Saturn (authority) in its sign of traditional Capricorn (politics, law, business) I've been wondering repeatedly whether Obama-as-president would bring us Uranian change or Saturnian status quo, despite campaign rhetoric.

And as both readers of this blog know, Saturn opposes Uranus on Nov 4, 2008...US Election Day, as the universe echoes the importance of this election and the world's future direction - As Above, So Below!

Of course, Saturn may operate as a slower agent for change - Uranian change is quicker and more revolutionary and startling (like the attacks of 9/11/01.) These last several years have been of the Saturnian variety of change once 9/11 was accomplished, and a long-time coming, too. We might ask Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the power elite about that.

So with Barack Obama's change slogan rattling in my brain, I turned to one of my favorite Political/Mundane Astrology writers, Jessica Murray, and found that she's on Obama's case with Stepping Outside the Bubble: The Election of 2008 where the Saturn-Uranus opposition, America's natal chart, campaign politics and propaganda, the 'lesser-of-two-evils' approach which we-the-people so often remark upon from the voting booth, Rovian tactics, the entrenched power elite, the Age of Aquarius vision, and other important issues are analyzed as only Ms. Murray can do.

Is Uranus stronger than Saturn for the US? Well, I agree with Jessica that government by-of-and-for the People IS Uranus incarnated. It is what makes We-The-People worthy of capitalization!

Perhaps 2008's grassroots organization of Americans will win the day for our beset nation whose power elite care not a fig for our hopes, wishes, livelihoods, or futures. Disregard what they say - it's what they do and have done that counts (see Wall Street bail-outs while family businesses and individuals sink. That this is a massive Take-Over is apparent and explains the queasy feeling most Americans are having...and should.)

Wall Street gentry (and the status quo government) may be seen as Saturn and the individual as Uranus, so the Saturn-Uranus opposition describes the current financial crisis as well...we vs them.

Massive grassroots organizing of the individual into a strong, power-wielding group (AQ) is the only way we'll come out of this important election time with measureable change for the better, and with government on our side again, if indeed it's possible at this late date.

And so I ask: which side are you on?

Jun 30, 2008

David Albright's ISIS

From Information Clearing House:

The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was

By Scott Ritter

David Albright has a history of being used by those who seek to gain media attention for their respective claims. In addition to the Hamza and Obeidi fiascos, Albright and his organization, ISIS, have served as the conduit for other agencies gaining publicity about the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program, the alleged Syrian nuclear reactor, and most recently the alleged Swiss computer containing sensitive nuclear design information.

~~Ritter's article~~

ISIS? Unless someone in Washington is worshipping Egyptian goddesses (which wouldn't surprise me) let's see what Astrology has to say about the asteroid of the same name...

Isis: *42nd asteroid discovered, orbital period 3.8.years; named after the Egyptian goddess; initially a fertility divinity but in later mystery religions Isis became a goddess of wisdom (maybe she had learned a thing or two by then); her primary myth concerns the dismemberment of her husband Osiris, whom she reconstructed.

According to Lang-Wescott, Isis represents sibling relationships, and efforts to put people or things back together again from fragmented or scattered locations (perhaps Humpty Dumpty should've hired her.)

Keyword: collate. Which helps when you're acting as a conduit--and your privatized government is supposedly engaged in reconstruction of the country it broke tore up.

Lehman gives Isis and Osiris as relating to the balance of masc-fem and left brain-right brain hemispheres. Thus, androgyny is one of Isis' issues.

The heliocentric North Node of Isis is appr 25 Gemini, conjunct the Discovery Degree of radical rebel Uranus, btw.

But basically, we know Isis as the Egyptian goddess of the Moon. And Washington, London, and Cairo are linked bwo Egyptian mystery schools and teachings--there's DC's Masonic temple and other architectural evidence of Sacred Geometry--and at least 9 Founding Fathers are known to have been Masons, and/or Rosicrucians, and perhaps...the dreaded Illuminati.

So maybe Isis does have an honored seat at the table in Washington. Maybe I wasn't kidding.

Yet sadly Isis can't or won't wave her magic wand and put Bush-Cheney's Iraq back together again. Besides, according to them, success is busting out all over Iraq (a la Cheney), and as I've complained here before--for their purposes, all is swell.

(If you've never Googled Goat of Mendes, you're in for a DC treat. Perhaps an appreciation of Bush's reading material during the attacks of 9/11 will then infuse your being.)

So when your script follows the New World Order agenda, you have to bust everything up into chaos before you collate the fragmentation...which sounds brittle like the soon-to-perfect Saturn/Uranus opposition, doesn't it?

*Isis info: Astrology Encyclopedia, James R. Lewis

Mar 2, 2008

Noam Chomsky: media plays the game

The media want to maintain their intimate relation to state power. They want to get leaks, they want to get invited to the press conferences. They want to rub shoulders with the Secretary of State, all that kind of business. To do that, you've got to play the game, and playing the game means telling their lies, serving as their disinformation apparatus. -Noam Chomsky

Here are some natal details on Chomsky, and this recent post concerns America's backing of Israel and the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition, a cycle which began with their conjunction in 1988 and which was triggered by Dec 2007's Great Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction.

Jan 21, 2008

Chomsky on US backing of Israel

Noam Chomsky

The Apartheid Paradigm in Palestine/Israel

22 Minute Video

Chomsky says US backing of continued Israeli occupation and annexation of Palestinian land is the biggest obstacle to peace.

Article at Information Clearing House.

The Saturn-Uranus pair (Middle East esp Israel and Palestine) began their cycle at conjunction in 1988:

1. Feb 13; 29Sag55
2. June 26; 28Sag47
3. Oct 18; 27Sag49

This cycle I have mentioned before because their opposition phase is now forming 20 years later and the Dec 11, 2007 Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto occurred upon the above degrees (28Sag24.)

Peace brought by Jupiter-Pluto plutocrats?

Peace imposed from without? Or the people's misery made worse for political gain?

Whatever it brings, the opposition phase is one of culmination--like a Full Moon--so as the people of Gaza suffer, I pray for the peace of Israel as Scripture admonishes us to do, Palestine included.

Is cutting them off without food is the best anyone can do?

Sep 10, 2007

Sep 11 Eclipse began in 1917

The September 11 Eclipse Series (9 New South) began on July 19, 1917, as previously mentioned, and is actually the Initial Eclipse of the entire Series--which gives info on similar themes for each of its manifestations appr every 18-19 years...this time occurring on Sep 11, 2007...tomorrow.

I have no memory of General F.S. Maude, but here's the familiar assurance he gave to Baghdad way-y-y back in 1917...the more things change, the more they blah blah blah...

"Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators. Your wealth has been stripped of you by unjust men...The people of Baghdad shall flourish under institutions which are in consonance with their sacred laws."

--General F.S. Maude, commander of British forces in Iraq, 1917 (such a joker!)

The positions of the July 1917 Solar Eclipse are:

Sun/Moon 25Can51 (conj US n Mercury); Mercury 3Leo13; Venus 18Leo18 (her vengeful position on 9/11/01; also the Sun/Moon degree of the Mother of All Eclipses of Aug 11, 1999; Mars 23Gem54 (just beyond US natal Mars--US Mars Return on 9/11/07 = new two-year cycle of activity); Jupiter 3Gem48; Saturn 3Leo04 (conj Mercury: serious meetings; dampening news; commerce restricted);

Uranus 22AQ45 (being triggered by tr Neptune these days--Nep to Ura: confusion, disorientation, unrealistic expectations in society; ideals conflict with technical and economic issues);

Neptune 4Leo16, conj Mercury and Saturn--5Leo is the US n North Node = destined encounters); Pluto 4Can28, conj US n Venus--actually it's US n Venus/Jupiter midpoint = Pluto: gaining favor with the masses; and NN 9Cap49...Capricorn of law, business, and politics fame.

Midpoint pictures for the Initial Eclipse of 1917:

Venus/Pluto = Sun: creative thrusts; an unusual sense of form.

Venus/Pluto = Moon: enormous feelings of emotions from the depths of being.

Setting both Eclipse charts (1917 = 2007) for the Pentagon, we see that the 2007's Ascendant is bringing up (to our consciousness) the 7th house of 'partnerships; legal affairs; lawyers, consultants, mediators; rivals and competitors; open enemies' for our consideration.

And what I'm doing here is comparing the "liberating" events of 1917 with today's non-admirable quagmire. The 7th house's direction is Southwest.

>You know how I try not to complain over-much about the US natal chart such as it is (July 4, 1776: whatever version you like, aka the Declaration of Independence chart)...for after all, "modern" Astrology proffers that all charts are "good"...

...or as we might say around here, all charts are pertinent to the hapless creature born unto it with the time/place/date stamped upon the fresh child. No one else in the Universe was born where and when YOU WERE, Lone Reader...not unless another lady was on top or underneath your Ma and giving birth in tandem.

I think not.

So face are unique.

And so is America.

A More Applicable PE for America?

Personally I find the Solar Eclipse chart for Aug 14, 1776 to be especially relevant to our nation's founding, more so than the . Plus, I have read that the full signings had not taken place until August 2, 1776--and thus within the 2-week range of the eclipse.

The reason I suspect that this Eclipse is closely connected to America's beginnings and thus may be used in predictive work, is due to the meaning of its Series, the 13North (13N); this America's Founding Eclipse (PE) was also a strong, initial Eclipse (IE) in the 13North (13N) Series (Brady's Predictive Astrology):

Emphasis on groups and associations; ambitious energy is expended toward large group projects which require a separation or a breaking of already-existing bonds. Following the separation there is joint achievement.

Does this sound like America's first squall to you? Waahh-h-h-h-hhh h h..h...cloth diaper or plastic?

It even sounds like disruptive Uranian things of the day: rebellion; revolution; Franklin's electricity experiments; sudden events, emotional shocks and upheavals, bolts from the blue...but also creative genius--the sparkly touch of the muse from On High. With Uranus' higher vibratory influence on the sign, Aquarius, the Water-bearer, an Air sign of intellectual capacity and perhaps humanitarian outlook, AQ is thus associated with America who likes to boast that she gives the most. She promises a lot, doesn't she?

As you know, Uranus was discovered by William Herschel (with much help from his able sister) in 1781 and is often mentioned along with the Revolutions in America and in France. Discovery degree: 24Gem27..."25Gem": "A Man Trimming Palms"...ENHANCEMENT...

pos: an exceptional gift for bringing all things to an effective service in some special aspect of over-all achievement;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: an empty display of trivial excellencies...

(The Bush-Petraeus 'report'? Oops--my brain is in 1917 = 2007 mode. Our Neptunian/Plutonian energy titans have had 90 long years to betray and finagle their way onto someone's merde list in the Mid-East. This they have done well while meddling where they are not welcome, pontificating, thinking themselves to 'partition' land between tribal peoples! )

And the cycle of Saturn/Uranus and their upcoming opposition relate directly to the Middle East. Saturn = old systems and structures; tradition; the past; form, and Uranus = chaos; disruption; progress; the new; the ideal; the future. These two big guys first met up in 1988, the year of the first Palestinian intifada against Israel, and their cycle basically underpins the "War on Islamic Terroism."

(Saturn's and Uranus' first exact opposition in our time occurs on Nov 4, 2008...US election day. Old vs new, tradition vs the avant garde. Hillary and Obama? Gingrich and Paul? Massive breakdowns of voting equipment? More bridge and building demolishment? Mid-Eastern issues dominate? All I really know about our next annointed is that someone else decides who it will be based on their values, not mine...and that anyone who wants the job of US president needs a serious psychological evaluation, esp "at this juncture.")

1917's Sun/Moon 21Leo52, "22Leo" = "A carrier pigeon": ENLIGHTENMENT...

pos: a complete mastery of all things through the normal processes of thought;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a lack of simple good sense. #

As I said at the start, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)