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Jul 27, 2010

A podcast on Political Astrology now available!

Just a brief heads-up for those who may wish to listen to a fresh podcast interview which Practical Astrology's Victoria Bazeley conducted with me concerning Political Astrology, and it's now available at WebTalkRadio.

I feel so 'New Millennial' doing my first-ever podcast, you know, and only 10 years in. So click for a freebie listen, or the interview may be downloaded for later listening, if you prefer. And don't be surprised if you detect my (slight?) southern drawl.

'Political Astrology' is a modern term for looking at politics, political events, politicians, nations, weather, natural disasters, and world concerns using the excellent lens of Astrology; all Political Astrology is Mundane Astrology but not all Mundane Astrology is political.

But there's a statement that needs correcting from the interview: I mention an article now on my drafting board for Julie Demboski's e-zine Eclipse - that I am using for my article the Jefferson-Dunlap version of America's natal chart (1:51 am LMT.) This is not true. In my files are many versions of the US birth chart with most set for July 4, 1776, but with various birth times garnered from the notes or journals of our Founders. Some times are based on additional historial records as well, so many potential Ascendants make for quite a puzzlement concerning America's true natal horoscope.

After all, using various Ascendants can create various chart-rulers so the astro-plot thickens considerably. And it takes years of study and chart rectification through the timing of major events to gain a sense of which chart to use, which one 'works' best. The attacks of 9/11/01 spotlights the Sibly version (5:10 pm LMT) since 2001's Saturn-Pluto opposition falls on its ASC-DESC axis with transit Pluto to natal ASC, tr Saturn to n DESC. Even before 9/11, America's Sibly chart is the one I used most often myself for that and for other reasons.

However, these days I am experimenting with different versions (Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius rising!) Plus, it's possible to use a variety of US charts for certain issues; ex: Scorpio rising for spying agencies, surveillance, the occult, and/or Big Business. As said, the astro-plot thickens considerably.

However, the Jefferson chart I use for my Eclipse e-zine article is not the 'Jefferson-Dunlap' version, as stated (aka, the 'Jefferson-Jones chart' after Marc Edmund Jones' work on it) but the 'Jefferson chart' set for 6:30 pm LMT (July 4, 1776; 29Sag43 rising which keeps Jupiter as chart-ruler; Mc 22Lib44; Hour of Mercury Rx; Chiron conjunct Ic) which gives a Secondary Progressed New Moon for the US which is within one day of America's Secondary Progressions which are featured in my article.

Whew! I feel better having said that for it's bothered me for days that I "misspoke" during the podcast interview with Victoria - not a huge gaffe, to be sure, yet you and I both know that if I were a DC denizen and perpetrator of Washington politics, a mere 'misspeak' would be all I'd ever admit to!

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