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Jul 17, 2010

Quake hits DC but Obama doesn't 'feel it' (an astro-peek)

When asked, President Obama said he 'didn't feel' the quake Friday morning yet some in DC definitely did feel it.

The LAT published a feature on the 3.6-magnitude earthquake that shook parts of Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Delaware on Friday July 16, 2010 @ 5:04 am edt according to a lady near Gaithersburg MD, the center of the action.

And this, coming a mere 4 days after CNN/Money Magazine again named the town a 'Best City' so I guess this shows that pride can indeed come before an earthquake wakes you up way early in the morning and leaves you wondering what just happened.

Well, if you're the type to look for synchronicities, you might be wondering if politically, those in the White House should have felt it especially with November midterms 2010 coming up. Or perhaps should I say, admitted to feeling it.

Mr. Obama's scheduled 'run for it' weekend vacation with the family unit is certainly not seen by this reluctant astrologer as in any way connected to what a quake-feeler in MD described as "really loud" and "like a plane flying really low."

If on another level Air Force One is flying really low these days it is to be expected. The Gibbs-on-Meet-the-Press brouhaha of this last week seemed on the vicious, if threadbare, side but the BOP (Big Oil Party) made the most of it. Yes, I like that nickname for them. It fits, yet we mustn't leave out Big Oil's Dem donation recipients including the President.

On MTP last Sunday, Mr. Gibbs said that there were enough seats in play for the GOP to gain control, not that they would, but that (in other words) it is mathematically possible. At least, that's what I heard him say as it was broadcasted. A red herring, perhaps, but there it is. Follow its fishy scent to the exclusion of more important matters and events, if you wish, yet it's all political theater, dahlink.

An Astro-Peek at the DC/MD Quake of July 16, 2010

With 11Can57 @ ASC (July 16, 2010 5:04 am edt White House) and South Node rising (a Saturnian point of separation which so recently conjoined US natal Sun and thus, caused problems for Mr. Obama as 'the leader') we may also expect that the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24 (which is also rising in the quake chart) to have a connection to the experience of an earhtquake since quakes and other natural disasters are often heralded by eclipses (as noted through the cneturies; a tragic example for the people of China is the Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008 occurring at the start of the Beijing Olympics, with George Bush in attendance.)

After all, the time of a quake 'marks' a specific moment in time for we may set up a horoscope when then acts as a transit chart if nothing else - a snapshot of a moment in time for a particular location.

It's an Hour of Venus yet the chart-ruler is the 4th house angular Moon 26Vir48 (Virgo, an earth sign) with Mars 21Vir50 angular from the 3rd house (the neighborhood); Saturn, ruler of soil and tectonic plates, is at a critical degree: 29Vir36 in 4th house. The trio of Mars, Moon, and Saturn are indicative of heat, movement, fluctuating conditions, and pressure in the earth.

Chart-ruler Moon makes six applying aspects in the Quake chart and all I can do at this moment is list them chronologically for you:

1. semisquare Mercury 12Leo15, 2nd house, 0A27, conjunct Mr. Obama's natal Sun);
2. incojunct Neptune 28AQ11 Rx, 9th house, 1A23; Neptune is still within orb of most positions for US natal Moon (we-the-people if you use July 4, 1776 with n Moon in the 18AQ - 28AQ range);
3. conjunct Saturn 2A48;
4. opposite Uranus 00Ari33 Rx, 3A45 (associated with sudden natural events and disruptions), 3A45;
5. opposite Jupiter 6A31;
6. square Pluto 3Cap36 Rx in 6th house with NN 11Cap54, 6A48.

There may be aftershocks for up to approximately two weeks which may well be described in the Quake chart by the Moon's applying aspects which give a sort of timeframe. Ex: '6A48' can show 6+ seconds, minutes, days, weeks, etc. Potentially, Luna's symbolic conjunction with Saturn @ 2:48 and almost simultaneous opposition to Uranus are the last of the aftershock considerations within the timeframe of this chart, we hope.

And the Quake Moon actually joins in with the difficult Cardinal T-Square energies but not at precise degrees, for opposing Jupiter 3Ar19 and Uranus 00Ari33 Rx, both in 10th house and both relating to large events of a scientific, traveling, or lucky break nature (a brief respite in Maine for the Obamas?), testifies as to the 'mild' nature of the July 16 quake.

Both Jupiter and Uranus are ruled by an angular, incendiary Mars; Saturn may be considered angular as well so we have not one nor two, but three bodies which when angular can lead to big events and sudden manifestations. And when Mars and Saturn enter Cardinal Libra, the fur (political, social, physical, legal) may really begin to fly as their square to Pluto blocks - or perhaps blindsides - their energies; Pluto is in his ongoing transits of US natal Venus and natal Jupiter - personally, if I were involved closely in the stand-off Cardinal T-Square affecting world governments and populations, I'd flee far away, too, if I could.

Well, here we have a particular location - the White House - the construction of which must be braced up and lined extremely well not to have allowed its inhabitants to notice a 3.6-magnitude quake that reportedly jolted some folk from their beds. Maybe someone in the White House was advised not to mention it for its comedic implications abound.

President Obama's Mars Return July 17, 2010 w/ Quake Horoscope

An interesting factor for the President is that today, July 17, 2010, has brought him a newly arrived Mars Return (22Vir35; conjunct US natal Neptune), a new cycle of activity which gives a timed horoscope 'good for' Mars' two-year cycle (using BHO's natal chart set for 7:24 pm AHST on August 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii.)

And with Quake Mercury 12Leo15 conjoined the President's natal Sun, it is rather difficult to believe that Mr. President didn't 'feel it' especially being such an aware, astute kind of guy and all. If still abed, it seems like someone would have awakened him from his slumbers. But perhaps he's grumpy in the morning.

So all this stuff causes the sass in me to wonder if an astro-someone advised Mr. Obama to travel elsewhere (leaving the White House yesterday) in order to re-locate his Mars Return 2010 which occurred today, Saturday, @ 11:11:54 am edt in Maine (and in DC)...does re-location result in a more positive chart?

When set for the White House, his Mars Return 2010 shows crisis-degreed Saturn 29Vir42 about to rise (ASC27Vir00); in Maine the ASC degree has entered early Libra so Saturn is just risen (and 'behind' him) leaving Moon 14Lib42 the only inhabitant in the 1st house, a much more fortunate portent; the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse in 1st house can be either positive, negative, or both but it's flavor is 'things at first seem worse, then clear with successful outcomes'. Could be worse!

However, Mars rises with Fixed Star Denebola, keywords: to go against society; to go against the mainstream, and in Maine ('maine-stream'?) puppetmaster Pluto is conjunct the Foundation of the Matter, the Ic, with US natal Venus and Jupiter at Midheaven.

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Was that idle conjecture about the "astro-someone" or does this Whitehouse also use an astrologer?