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Jul 17, 2010

Senator Nelson on the BP Oil fiasco (video); Hidalgo will return

Here Senator Bill Nelson speaks about reports of oil seeping from the Gulf of Mexico seabed and the possibility that BP's well casing may be pierced.

Today asteroid Eros (a piercing) is @ 13Vir18, Panacea (is the newly positioned 'tight-fitting ' cap but a panacea?) 29Vir17, a critical degree conjunct Saturn, planet of delay and restriction, and Hidalgo 23Sco09 is Rx indicating that this rebellious asteroid of power will be returning to its position in the April 20, 2010 blowout chart (ASC 1Sag23) where it arose a few minutes before 10:00 pm edt, the stated time that explosions and fire erupted.

The Mexican Independence horoscope is included in the post.

And yes, I do still think it is significant to this ongoing Gulf Coast environmental disaster that asteroid Hidalgo is named after the Priest Miguel Hidalgo who rang the church bell to signal the start of the Mexican Revolution on September 15, 1810.

Actually, the situation reminds me as well of the proposals made in the Zimmerman telegram, a coded communique in which Germany proposed the winning back of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona on behalf of Mexico. The telegram's perfectly timed exposure was one factor that led the US into WWI, so we see that the same ruses and propaganda tactics are still being used to emotionally rally and intrigue Americans into fighting wars that common sense and further reflection would advise us to stay out of.

Bullhorns of democracy-spreading, y'all!

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