Jul 1, 2010

Senator Byrd in repose: a Mystic Rectangle forms

Today as Senator Robert Byrd lies in repose on the Senate floor for his last appearance there, Sun is in Cancer, Moon in grieving Pisces, two water signs which gently trine one another.

A pattern called a Mystic Rectangle (practical mysticism) forms today at 1:16 pm between Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and NN and the senator will be visited by the public until mid-afternoon. This is a singular honor to lie in repose on the Senate floor rather than under the Capitol rotunda of our Masonic Capitol Building, and critique him as we may, I think Senator Byrd is one of the few Washington politicians who can still be said to deserve such an honor.

Senator Joseph McCarthy was the last to lie in repose there.

Today an out-of-bounds Mercury 13Can18 conjoins US natal Sun as well which indicates on one level the public viewing (Mercury) of a US leader (Sun.) The melancholy midpoint of Saturn/Neptune 13Sag34 continues its visitation to US natal Ascendant:

Sat/Nep = ASC: emotional suffering; oppressive environment (funeral, etc); sense of being 'out of the group'; mourning and bereavement.

Will there be more US funerals with the current January eclipse conjunct US natal Pluto? Well, there's not much time for it with the next Solar Eclipse occurring on July 11 @ '20Can' in a Series with quite a different flavor.

The current Solar Eclipse season (Jan 15, 2010 @ 25Cap01) has indicated loss of leadership in relation to Capricorn's interests: government, law, business; royal weddings are indicated by this eclipse as well, and those have been in the news. (Did Prince William really elope? I've had no time to follow up on the rumor!)

Born in North Wilkersboro, NC on November 20, 1917, Senator Byrd's Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius (for the 24-hour period; birth hour unknown) gave him a radically independent viewpoint, a self-reflective temperament, a magnetic effect on others, and the powerful intellect he was well known for in Washington. This will, no doubt, be eulogized.

To quote one who shares the senator's Sun Scor/Moon AQ blend, "Integrity is in no need of rules." - Albert Camus.

Yet I would add, 'but man is - especially when set loose in the halls of power.'

Today's 'cagey crab fish' Sun Can/Moon Pisc blend gives the following word pictures, or Images for Integration, which set a 'slippery and secretive' tone for this day of the senator's last appearance in the US Senate:

A lone sailboat offshore at sunset...Ol' man river, he keeps on rollin' along.

Mr. Byrd has served West Virginia well through the decades, bringin' home the pork for a state that could well use it, so it isn't up to me to hold that against him. And it's doubtful that the American people will see his likes again on Capitol Hill for who else will stand up on the Senate floor to speak against a misadventure like Bush-Cheney's Iraq invasion?

Please click if you wish to read the senator's March 2003 speech
Today, I weep for my country with which he attempted to clue in the war hawks of their folly, war hawks who still quixotically helm our nation against all common sense.

So today it's our turn to weep, if only for a moment out of our busy lives, for Senator Byrd who lies in repose, his work assignment on earth now done.

Senator Robert Byrd
1917 - 2010
R. I. P.


(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzy Harvey.)


Anonymous said...

senator byrd goes down in history for longevity, which is only "just ok"; as he isn't known for anything else.
and, he rests in the same spot as his very opposite, mccarthy, who is remembered for "doing something" besides just hanging onto a cushy job for far too long. both were alike in at least on way. neither was ever accused of using astrology.

Jude Cowell said...

thanks, yes, i had reservations about posting on Byrd's repose at all and have very mixed feelings about the symbolisms that decorate DC, my favorite past abode, including the Capitol Bldg and the 'White Lodge' of the president.

i do, however, have 4 natal planets in Cap so honoring the elderly while they're with us - or on their way out - isn't esp unusual for me personally. Not being from or living in WVA, i couldn't say if he will be remembered for more that hanging on to a cushy job (agreed!) but that he did, didn't he?

Checking out your links now & thanks a bunch for your comment, Jude

DD said...

I was impressed by your extensive vision of a man who left so many wondering!