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Aug 13, 2010

America now pitifully passe in Europe

In the debit column of international banksters, domestic and foreign speculators, fraudsters, and crooked politicians who justify selling out our nation on the basis of a 'higher plan' for global domination, America is now spoken of, if she is at all, with pity in Europe.

Part of the way the US is being 'seen' now in the world is through having transiting Saturn in US natal *10th house (larger world; the world stage; public status) with a 3-fer Saturn Return on the way 2010 into 2011. Now the transit is not an automatic planetary recipe for disaster. But it is if Saturnian lessons of responsibility, accountability, maturity, prudence, and moderation have not been heeded when they ought to have been.

So Thanks, Washington. Suck It, Wall Street. More Stimulus, President Obama.


*That's '10th house' if you use America's 'Sibly' chart for July 4, 1776 @ 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.


Unknown said...

It IS pathetic, isn't it? And it -- our fall from grace -- has taken such a short time I am still reeling with shock, along with a good many of our fellow country-people.

What a difference one miserable, wretched decade plus the entrance of Lord Pluto into Capricorn, doing his heavy footed Dance of Death with Old Man Saturn, while the force of the tension between Saturn and Uranus brings devastation from the under-world in the form of earth-quakes.

I love the language of astrology, the symbols, the myths -- it's all there (too much for any one lifetime) for anyone with eyes to see.

Although the Reagans are looking downright liberal these days (now that I would NEVER EVER have imagined), I was quite impressed with Ms. Nancy for her regard for Astrology -- we don't fool around in California -- I don't really know her person, but I would hope she had somebody who knew his work well.

The Prez is far too Vulcanesque for anything as outre as Astrology -- too bad, as he could make use of it right now. When I realized the highest planet in his chart was Neptune something in me flinched, as I have Neptune "issues" if we could say that.

I have 4 squares to personal planets -- 1 tight square to the moon in cap in the 11th, and 3 squares to Venus, Merc & a 10 degree Sun that is pulled into the whole T-Square. I don't care what they say -- when you have a 5 planet *I'm now including Ceres AND Pluto* stellium you are in for a run of it, especially when you have every single one of the majors knocking at my door.

And that's just me -- the poor Prez. Anyway, don't say there's only 2 of us reading your blog -- I discovered it ages ago, but until I saw you on Twitter I did not realize -- well, that I could say hello! I am a GREAT admirer of your work, as I am what you'd call an amateur astro-geek. and a political junkie on the left end of the spectrum Connection! Anyway, I'm Julie -- a pleasure to "meet" you, Jude!

Unknown said...

PS: As an American who loves the UK (but hasn't been to the rest of Europe), I don't like the feeling of being known as an "American" as I get that our Empire has teeth that have been felt all over the world, but when I say I'm from California -- everybody's faces light up. Every single time! I think that is fascinating; I love my country but do not like what we have become and how I'm treated because of my government, so that is my slip-slide away from the subject, for better or for worse.


Jude Cowell said...

Hi Julie, yes it is nice to 'meet' you! Glad you found me on Twitter and can now add your thoughtful comments here whenever you wish.

My life with kids to raise, elderly parents to care for, a small business to run, etc has not taken the UK-visit turn i'd always envisioned so i'm only an armchair traveler. So i much appreciate your insight from your travels concerning how the US is viewed across the pond.

Sadly, those who warned the US about its sorry course in the last few decades were arrogantly dismissed by Washington who was 'all about' doing things their way - precisely how they've been done: endless war waging and beggaring the populace of America.

And it's taken Financial Collapse 2007/08 for a majority of the country to realize how 'for keeps' these globalist that their own pockets have been picked by Wall Street w/ lots of help from Capitol Hill. :-(

So thanks for reading, m'dear, and for saying that more than 2 people read this blog! SO'W feels quite gray around the muzzle these days since it will be 5 years old this October!

Washington has made 'pathetic' the word for America,