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Aug 26, 2011

Horoscope: US Saturn Return 8.28.11, and Can people cause earthquakes? (video)

Now some people don't care for the ways of Alex Jones yet he's one of the few now speaking of such potentials as human activities causing earthquakes. And we know there exist in the world gangs of robbers in hiding and win-at-any-cost brigands (the political arm) and criminals (the enforcing arm) of a network who think it's all about them and scr*w the rest.

Then there are religious crazies who imagine they can speed up God's timetable and bring on Armageddon as if they would be somehow benefit from such a self-destructive plan! As if God someday would say, Thanks for the spur, religious zealots, I needed inspiration from you to act because I was wavering on The Plan I created before the Earth was formed. What would I do without your arrogant meddling? Puh!

Of course, ego inflation is one of the factors knitting the reptilian-brained together and love of money (the root of all evil) is a driving motivation for them all. Is murder self-loathing turned outward? Fixed Star Denebola (near US natal Neptune 22Vir25) tells such a tale: to go against society which, when the star is active, can affect all dimensions of life from financial fraud and greed to acts of violence in a community, with all manner of selfishness in between.

So now, in August 2011 with a New Moon 5Vir27 about to conjoin President Obama's natal Pluto 6Vir59 on the evening of August 28 (11:04 pm edt), we may wonder which side our politicians are on: is it going against society to wish our education system into history's waste bin? Is the immorality of forcing the elderly, hungry children, the impaired, and the ill onto American streets something the Republican Party wants to bring to our nation with their austerity cuts and cold hearted attitudes?

We know Washington--through the tyranny of the Federal Reserve Bank--holds our purse strings when it's time to aid Main Street while rewarding Wall Street criminals who freely stroll golden avenues. Are Americans being backed into corners in order to encourage protests in great numbers? It would seem so. Why else has the US government expectantly armed and trained soldiers and police if not to beat and arrest their fellow citizens?

(If you get out there to protest peacefully, Beware 'planted' looters who ramp up the action so that police forces dressed in draconian Darth Vader costumes can knock some heads. Seriously.)

Times of Turmoil: Uranus Square Pluto

The riotous mid-1960s saw the Great Conjunction/s of the revolutionary pair, Uranus and Pluto, which now have reached a square (90 degrees) in their orbits (360 degr) so that intense frustration is obvious yet blocked, societal problems resurface from the 60s era, but obstacles stand in the way of easy resolution. Social unrest and riots are sweeping across the globe and Americans are paying closer attention to sorry politicians than we have in a long time. Is it our turn to rise up?

Hurricane Postpones MLK Memorial Dedication

As you know, August 28, 2011 @ 11:00 am edt was set to begin the official ceremony dedicating the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Statue on the Washington Mall, with Dr. King shown emerging from the stone, exalted by the very government that may have been culpable in his assassination. Marking the 48th anniversary of Dr. King's I Have a Dream Speech and the Memorial's Dedication will be postponed until September or October.

You may wish to read or listen to his speech @ American Rhetoric.

Yes, The Preacher (Jupiter) spoke too plainly, made too much sense, and threatened The Establishment (Saturn) by combining the issues of the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-War Movement, and a blossoming Workers Rights Movement into one huge collection for Americans who wanted their due--and non-violently, thanks. Yes, Dr. King was too popular and may have presented behind-the-scenes 'king-makers' with a challenge in the US presidential arena if allowed to expand his audience and sentiments. Our freedom documents were of no moment for the plutonians who had changed America's course before by assassination of Lincoln, JFK, and others who'd been more what we-the-people in the majority wanted--and continue to want--to lead our nation.

When Saturn Returns #3

Yet on August 28, 2011, no stormy weather can interfere with the third of three conjunctions from transiting Saturn to US natal Saturn, aka, a Saturn Return, with Saturn ruling, among other things, stone, rock, granite, monuments, and permanence. Why, our Saturn Return may include the bad weather!

In addition, accountability, responsibility, restriction, austerity, old age, and other such Saturnian themes remain on our menu as our Exalted in Libra (the Scales of Justice) Saturn returns to its natal spot and thereby repeats its square to US natal Sun (leader; leadership) from July 4, 1776.

A Sun/Saturn square contains dynamic energy which, in 1776, represented our nation's struggle to express and manifest authority in the way any entity would wish: freely and maturely. The limiting quality of Saturn (lawmakers, courts = two branches of government) placed 'checks and balances' upon a potentially runaway Executive branch (Sun)--or was originally meant to, in an attempt to prevent monarchism. (Turns out, US monarchism seems to be reserved primarily for Supreme Court justices since the Marbury v Madison decision of 1803--but that's another post!)

My point is that any US Saturn Return brings to the surface similar issues to be dealt with in the current era, and hopefully to be resolved (#3 hit of 3 as resolution phase) in a way that actually benefits the nation in the realm of staid Saturn's concerns. Paying one's debts comes to mind (Saturn = loss; default.)

Below is an image of the US Saturn Return horoscope for August 28, 2011 which becomes exact (partile) @ 5:14;19 am edt in the District of Columbia, with a few basic astro-notes included. And I note that Saturn's delaying function is on display with the MLK Memorial Dedication's postponement!

Balsamic Moon phase of Endings with a potential for sneaky behavior by the Dark of the Moon; Hour Jupiter, 10Tau21 at Midheaven (The Goal); ASC 18Leo11 with Mercury 18:50 rising; chart-ruler Sun 4Vir44 in 1st house and part of an Earth Grand Trine between Sun/Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto.

Transit Pluto continues blocking financial progress through Mr. Organized Crime's opposition to US natal planets in business-oriented Cancer: Venus, Jupiter, and soon, the Sun.

Also visible in the chart (click to enlarge) are two interlaced Fists of God configurations indicating difficult karmic conditions, and/or an overide by a Higher Power (such as a hurricane--one Fist has oceanic Neptune at apex.)

(On karma: a Saturnian astrologer here, so if I use the word 'karmic', it's a reference to the inevitability of reaping what was sown, not to I-Was-Marie-Antoinette pie-in-sky notions. Sorry, past-lifers but that's just how this Capricorn rolls astrologically--heredity and genetics, not reincarnation.)

One Fist of God pattern involves the Uranus/Pluto square of rebellion at its base and both Fists create midpoint pictures which we may wish to consider. The second Fist contains the Mars/Saturn square with both squares separating (waning) yet retaining some measure of power to affect the environment and imprint themselves upon US Saturn Return 2011--a celestial occurrence which is forever imprinted upon the presidency of Barack Obama.

Midpoint pictures: any, all, or none may apply:

Uranus/Pluto = Mercury: adept thinking leads to ideas made real; rational discussions about needs for reform or change; constant focus on new ideas/plans; restless minds; indefatigable workers; resourceful inventors.

Uranus/Pluto - ASC: an application of force; an accident; an unusual or restless environment (I believe the August 28th March on Washington is scheduled to be held in spite of the threatening weather conditions which may turn out to be of no consequence to the District after all.)

Mars/Saturn = watery Neptune 29AQ22 Rx (a 29th critical/crisis degree): a weakening of well-prepared plans (the memorial dedication postponed beyond the MLK speech's 48th anniversary marker? jc); pretenses or cover-ups about the state of preparedness (FEMA? jc); inefficient use of energy (power outages? jc) (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Chart-ruler Sun in fussy yet dedicated Virgo (which opposes the Progressed Sun 4Pis10 in America's Secondary Full Moon chart of December 2008, conjunct the Sec Moon 4Vir10--this spotlighting hints at Financial Collapse 2008 conditions) forms but two applying aspects in our Saturn Return chart of August 28, 2011. Four planets participate in an Earth Grand Trine, a closed circuit of energies.

Actors (planets) within a Grand Trine in Earth signs (Tau, Vir, Cap) prefer the status quo by which they feel supported, and may possess much practical inspiration toward building structures; an amazing amount of endurance is also involved due to the patient qualities of Earth signs.

Will credit begin to loosen up soon? Will banksters return the trillions in bailout money to the American people since corporations are reporting huge profits and our economy needs it back? Yet that pair of wastrels and speculators, Jupiter and Neptune, rule and co-rule the chart's 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Corporations, and Transformation through Pisces.

Yes, the Grand Trine's planetary combos of Sun/Jupiter, Sun/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto relate to political, social, and religious leaders, plus to global bankers (Jup/Plu) such as the Federal Reserve Bank...those who advance large scale projects and schemes which entail great gains for the select few, yet limited benefits 'trickle down' to the masses (a trine's self-protective 'closed circuit of energies'.)

Sun in Virgo Applies...

Orator Mercury in showy Leo rises yet the Virgo Sun's applying aspects describe how things will proceed in relation to our Saturn Return, #3 of 3, the resolution phase for the next 28 years until Saturn comes back to 14Lib48 on Oct 5, 2040, during an Airy Jupiter/Saturn conjunction:

1. trine Pluto (0A15): leadership focuses on power and control issues, and may exhibit skill in handling financial matters; deductive reasoning, such as in detective work or research, may be highlighted; wheat is separated from chaff; scandals may be revealed or spotlighted.

2. trine Jupiter (5S37) indicates much solar creativity, optimism, and possibly a desire to leave 'the rat race'--will another presidential nomination candidate leave the race? Self-assurance, a sense of ease, a lack of incentive for taking action, and self-indulgence usually accompany a Sun/Jupiter trine. (Sun/Jupiter trine Mitt Romney springs instantly to mind!)

As you see, August 28th's protective Jupiter in Taurus sits precisely upon the MC of this chart, the Aspiration Point--next to that, I've penned Martin Luther King's natal Jupiter 1Tau10 and natal Chiron 5Tau25 near this MC indicating that his current Jupiter Return is in progress (a 3-fer: June 10, 2011, Dec 4, 2011 Rx, and Jan 16, 2012 which times his *birthday in Jan 2012 and which is meant to be Jupiter's Reward Cycle.) Some reward! Assassination of an inconvenient man leads to his being chiseled in stone and his memory regaled with the oration of ceremonial speeches some 48 years later by those who only attempt to rise to his oration standards.

Well, MLK's values are at the most visible point of the US Saturn Return chart which lifts up his natal Jupiter/Chiron combo denoting his natural preaching abilities, strong convictions which were communicated more fully as he matured, and his inner intensity of purpose. The conjunction describes him as a 'maverick with a superiority complex who listened very little to others' (Clow, Chiron.)

Now you may wish to explore more astro-factors in the Saturn Return 2011 horoscope for America (since the chart is 'good for' 28 years) and I hope you will. Then feel free to share your insights bwo an on-topic Comment here, as you wish!


*Birth data: Martin Luther King, Jr January 15, 1929 12:00 pm CST Atlanta, GA; Rodden Rating A; ASC 13Tau48 where transit Jupiter now pauses; MC 28Cap13--conjunct US natal Pluto, planet of saboteurs and assassins--and Sun 25Cap08 conjunct his m MC from the 9th house side of Religion, Philosophy, and Higher Education; Moon is @ 19Pis35 with Venus in 11th H; chart-ruler Venus is compassionate toward the downtrodden in mystical, psychic sponge Pisces.

His Earth-Water Sun Cap/Moon Pisces personality blend shows:

a pragmatic dreamer; a compassionate realist; tough and tender; dependable but private; solemn insights into mankind's plight; devoted and loyal; personal courage found in moral precepts; fear of the unknown; may bend fact to fit a thesis (handy for Politics! jc/)

And had he lived, his Uranus Return would be a topic of discussion and of-the-moment with natal Uranus 3Ari57 just inside his n 12th house of Politics and Karma; Uranus in the above chart is @ 3Ari40--Uranus in Aries = radical Utopians, says Ebertin.

Images for Integration: A child builds a sandcastle of reinforced concrete...A wine collector uncorks a rare vintage to celebrate a success...Bilbo in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings...Bathers in a Landscape by Cezanne...Elvis Presley's Blue Suede Shoes. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

As you see, Tolkien, Cezanne, and Presley were born with this Sun-Moon blend.

To end, here's a quote from Elvis the King which seems apt for the enshrining of Dr. King in stone while America regresses on all the social issues and problems that mattered to him most during his lifetime--while certain political parties, their agents, and shills try very hard to bring back slavery!

"It's very hard to live up to an image."


No, images are not what's most important under current conditions and a statue can't hire a single worker, sign a paycheck, or construct a factory, can't it? So it must be time for we-the-people to Rebuild The Dream of America!

Jun 22, 2011

Obama on Troop Withdrawals: Sun/Pluto = Uranus (6.22.11)

Astrology of a Presidential Speech June 22, 2011

by Jude Cowell

At 8:00 pm edt tonight, President Obama addresses the nation concerning the beginning of his promised withdrawal of US troops from foreign sands and occupied lands. In remembrance of Colin Powell's unheeded admonition of 2003, "we broke it" but we can't fix it, and now our nation is broken, too. Part of someone's plan all along? I believe so though naturally you are welcome to disagree with this tiny little blogging gnat with a common good viewpoint.

Looking at the horoscope for June 22, 2011 8:00 pm edt in Washington DC, the North Node (NN = encounters; meetings; contacts; future direction) @ 23Sag23 is rising and points us toward the Lunar Eclipse @ 24Sag23 of June 15, 2011.

In the Lunar Eclipse post, I mention financial disclosures and other potential revelations from this Jupiter-ruled eclipse so it's interesting to note that Fed Head Ben Bernanke is to make a statement around 2:00 pm edt today (ASC 10Lib55 w Saturn 10Lib31 rising: "11Lib" = "A Professor Peering Over His Glasses"; Mercury 12Can28 at MC 12Can27 with US natal Sun at MC, too...see below for Mercury to US n Sun implications.)

NN conjunct Ascendant indicates one with an ability to shape the personality to fit social trends (see Neptune/MC = ASC, below); the conjunction favors popularity yet may also lead to superficiality with actions based on the lowest common denominator of popularly accepted behavior rather than on fundamental convictions (Sakoian, The Astrologer's Handbook.)

As President Obama Orates

Tonight at 8:00 pm edt, another chart factor is prominent as noted in the title of this post: a dynamic T-Square pattern between the Sun/Pluto opposition pointing toward an apex Uranus (behaving radically in Mars-ruled Aries, and posited in 6th house of Military and Police Service; Moon 25Pis50 approaches disruptive Uranus 4Ari27 in 3rd H of Communications; emotional suffering is denoted by Moon in Pisces and the families of our soldiers can attest to that - it's a 10-year war with no end in sight. Psychotic!

A power-filled midpoint picture is formed by the T-Square participants:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself (or for America? jc); sudden obsession with gaining more power and control; surprising suspicion of basic power; new individual perspectives; rebellion.

Joining this picture as apex planet is America's natal Saturn 14Lib48, so we have:

Sun/Pluto = n Saturn: ruthless overcoming of obstacles; separation by a Higher Power; physical impediments; imprisonment.

(Mdpt pics are from Ebertin, Munkasey, and/or Tyl; as always any, all, or none may apply.)

Is God's Fist Shaking?

Another planetary pattern is a Fist of God formed when two or more planets are squared (90 degrees = blockages; obstacles) and both are sesquisquare (135 degr, an irritant yet dynamic) a third planet/s. Here the 'Fist' is being shaken at MC (The Goal: Aspirations; Public Status) which @ 14Lib58, has US natal Saturn upon it - and America is in the midst of a Saturn Return (when chickens of accountability tend to come home to roost every 28 years or so; as we've seen, the Vietnam War lessons of Saturn have not been learned by lying, war-profiteering Vulcans.) The third and final conjunction to our national Saturn occurs on August 28, 2011.

The Fist of God configuraton also creates midpoint pictures and involves the confused, misdirected, or deceptive motivations and actions of a Mars/Neptune square (a natal echo of the US horoscope 1776):

Mars/Neptune = MC: hopelessness; failures; a state of weakness (ya think? jc); discontent feelings of inferiority (we're not accustomed to those, are we? our government has driven us to it - jc); a lack of energy; success in pushing or prodding ideas upon others; one's own world prevails (ah, the unrealistic White House and Pentagon bubbles of world-government Utopian ideology! jc); integrating messages from dreams in order to overcome anger or fear.

Mars/Neptune = n Saturn: persevering in spite of fear; being taken advantage of; a sense of futility; blockage of anger toward those who avoid reality.

Planet of Communications and Oration, Mercury 12Can59 is in 7th H and now transits US natal Sun (leadership) indicating a couple of days when ego and personal goals are highlighted and there's a strong identification with ideas which then provide a more aggressive, dramatic forum in which to express them. Ideas of others may be appropriated and presented as one's own to create something unique. (Personally, I don't care who gets the credit: Bring Our Troops Home Now and stop exporting terror across the globe. You Utopian idiots have bitten off even more than you can chew.)

Rising: the WHAT? Point of Any Horoscope

ASC 23SAg59 has the Neptune/MC midpoint upon it along with the transiting NN and this forms two midpoint pictures which relate directly with the president's speech and performance this evening:

Neptune/MC = NN: sharing of bad intentions with others; unpleasant associations; bad company; finding others who share the vision; people listen to your dreams of the future.

Neptune/MC = ASC: acting and pretending; pursuit of wrong objectives; uncertainty; insecurity; enhanced need to discuss dreams and visions; settings which allow dreams of the future; strong mental focus on plans for a future direction.

Now with expansive Jupiter as chart-ruler, applying aspects of the Great Benefic tell how things will proceed from tonight's presentation delivered during a disseminating phase (putting out the info and propaganda) of the Moon (publicity.)

In order, Jupiter's applying aspects are:

1. sextile Chiron: seeking opportunities for self-expression and having a forum for advancing an approach to transformation; 'bully pulpit' broadcasting is a perfect vehicle and Jupiter is in bullish Taurus @ '4Tau' = "A Rainbow's Pot of Gold."

2. sextile Sun 00Can59: puts best foot forward in communications with optimism and confidence (the 'acting and pretending' mentioned above? jc); this Jupiter is well-armed with information, aka, 'an ideas person'; imposing one's priorities leads to success.

3. trine Pluto 6Cap21 Rx: personal influence or control expand - or the impression of having such is successfully conjured; greater understanding of how to gain control is possible; motivation is for social change and others are stimulated toward supporting these efforts; access is given to privileged information.

Altogether, the broadcast (Jupiter's realm) of President Obama's remarks should be successful on some level yet the American people (and people of other nations who prefer harmony and life to war and destruction) may not be much persuaded with relational Venus conjoining South Node, a separative and Saturnian point, so that others (us) are busy or indisposed. And Venus, here ruling Jupiter, relates to money and evaluations - even some congress members now admit we can no longer afford to wage three wars, one of the biggest duhs ever seen in modern times.

(Confession: since the wars' beginnings, I've been completely indisposed to the entire one-world-domination misadventure of the US government overseas and unhappily predicted in The Fray at Slate Magazine years go that Bush-Cheney would lead the US into bankruptcy. Sometimes you just want to be wrong. However, most replies from fellow Fraysters included, 'America is too rich to ever go bankrupt' My thought is that it's taking a combination of outside and inside forces to affect it so the global power elite may fulfill their Great Plan for America to 'build anew upon ruins'.)

So with tonight's presidential speech beginning with wealthy Pluto in 1st house, we may expect unseen, unforeseen, and tremendously powerful forces to influence issues no matter what President Obama says he 'wants' or intends to do. These forces now oppose the Sun (5A07) which will soon reach its 1776 position in America's natal chart (or charts, set for July 4, 1776 with Sun 13Cancer+.)

Then 'Independence Day 2011' will arrive on July 4th with another post soon published here displaying America's Solar Return 2011 Horoscope in which the Sun/Pluto opposition will be angular across the 4/10 security/public status axis and a more exact 'power struggle' opposition of tr Pluto v. America's natal Jupiter 5Can56 will tell the tale of what's being perpetrated by shadowy international figures determined to dismantle (after looting) our nation.

Mar 17, 2011

Messenger Orbits Mercury tonight as Mercury opposes Saturn 3.17.11

And a Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011 to you and to NASA whose space probe Messenger is to go into elliptical orbit around speedy Mercury tonight and for one Earth year after.

Here's a Timeline of the 6-year+ project to investigate Mercury.

NASA's Messenger page has lots of info (apt for anything to do with Astrology's mental planet, Mercury!) and says that Orbital Insertion begins tonight at 8:45 pm EDT when in the Tropical Zodiac, Mercury will be @ 14Ari20.

Mercury opposes Saturn Rx 15Lib10 w US natal Saturn 14Lib48, therefore Mercury opposes US n Saturn as well. This is a period of time when ideas, activities, and information are prone to diametric opposition to structures, tradition, and organization as other voices with dissenting opinions critique our authority and experience. Normally under this transit, travel is delayed or curtailed, good news is not forthcoming, other people don't tend to say what we want to hear, and conflicting information is all around us.

(This sounds a lot like the House speakers rising this morning to speak for or against public funding of NPR. No ideas in Congress for jobs creation, just attacks on the only nearly-balanced news outlet the American people have left, and the only one still maintaining an office in Afghanistan. Plus, defunding NPR will mean loss of jobs, so Thanks, Republicans. As usual, you're misdirecting your zealous energies. A majority of Americans are polling a resounding, No! to defunding NPR, so get over it. The procedural vote in the House is expected this afternoon. Even if you think NPR is 'left-wing', in America we desperately need a left to counterbalance the abundance of 'right-wing' info we're being inundated with 24/7, otherwise the US butterfly tilts crazily into Fascism as it hits the ground.)

NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission was launched on August 3, 2004 from Cape Canaveral FL and tonight begins the mission's big pay-off. You may wish to check out a 2008 post published just before a flyby. In the post you'll find I used *Adriano Carelli's degree for Mercury's position then (14Lib) where Saturn Rx soon returns 2011 - and, again, it's America's natal Saturn position. But you may be surprised to read at post's end of another entity's 14 Libra Saturn as stated by Mr. Carelli, so I'll let you click and sleuth it for yourself in your best mercurial fashion!

Tonight at 8:45 pm edt with Sun 27Pis05 and Moon 2Vir26, the muddy Water-Earth Sun-Moon blend's Images for Integration may be revealing concerning NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission, its cutting-edge photography of the planet, and other conditions going on now as well:

"A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself...Small events bring enormous consequences...Faith and reason shake hands." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Yes, faith (Jupiter) and reason (Mercury) should shake hands much more often in this polarized, at-odds world and I hope NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission proceeds successfully tonight, and that the partisan GOP attack on NPR is beaten back once again.


*Source: 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli.

Dec 28, 2010

There Be Storms on Saturn! Dec 28, 2010

Zeeks! With America's Saturn Return 14Lib48 well underway into 2011, the planet of accountability, responsibility, authority, stability, and restriction is experiencing a time of unstable weather. Sound familiar?

Space Weather News for Dec 28, 2010

BIG STORM ON SATURN: Got a telescope for Christmas? Point it at Saturn. A giant storm even brighter than Saturn's rings is raging through the planet's cloud tops. Amateur images and sky maps are featured on today's edition of SpaceWeather News.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM IN PROGRESS: At the time this alert is being written (mid-day UT on Dec 28), a polar geomagnetic storm is in progress (Kindex=5). Observers report electric currents in the ground and intensifying Northern Lights over Scandinavia. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

Dec 11, 2010

'WikiLeaks and the Fall of America' (Max Igan video) and our US Saturn Return

Is WikiLeaks' Julian Assange a CIA plant, a whistle blower with a conscience, or __other__?

What do you think the WikiLeaks embroilment and subsequent calls for Assange's assassination are really all about?

Max Igan the promised (threatened) release of internal docs from Bank (Robbers) of America is one very good reason why Assange has been pursued and remanded to a Victorian-era jail in London...detained on a dubious complaint without bail (bail hearing next week, I believe.) It's a he-said/she-said situation of mutual interest that the shes didn't want him to be prosecuted for. Trumped up, say ye? Or was his surrender an excuse for Mr. Assange to receive rescue?

After all, the Midheaven degree (The Goal) at his surrender to police last week in London has this Sabian Symbol upon it: "A Drowning Man Rescued"...hmmm....?

Crazy? Yes, but who will be next if we allow this gagging of free speech to stand? By degrees they harangue and seduce us. By degrees.

From the video image above of Blind Justice lifting high the (Libran) Scales of Justice to Igan's refrain of 'accountability' for global criminals, this audio/video presentation helps demonstrate the current cosmic atmosphere in the US: we're in the midst of a national Saturn Return which began in earnest this month and stretches well into 2011.

Yes, Saturn's return to its 1776 degree (14Lib48; with Saturn exalted in Libra) may time America's often-predicted 'fall from grace' (which a 10th house Saturn portends if one doesn't own up to Saturnian requirements for taking responsibility, acting in a mature and steady way, and accepting accountability for past actions when the piper presents his bill - have we?) so our nation's Saturn Return 2010/11 is a very important transit which cannot be ignored, no matter how cravenly the US government conspires to cover up further WikiLeaks revelations with the biggest 'State Secrets' shovel they can muster.

Yet you should be advised that Mr. Assange's possible status as a corporate and/or government and/or Vatican shill is under quite a bit of consideration behind the scenes of this blog, and perhaps I may get back to you on that before the worm turns or the jig wheezes out. Plus, we'll want to see if the Vatican comes in for more scrutiny as the weeks go by...or if it, like Israel and Zionism, are given a virtually free pass by WikiLeaks.

Meanwhile, I do hope you'll benefit from watching the above Maxwell Igan video for they always display rather psychedelic, cosmic visuals along with useful informational fare so if possible, take 14 minutes or so of your time to view Igan's presentation while pondering the WikiLeaks Saga - which the media is apparently using as quite a hypnotizing diversion, as Igan points out.

And you, dear reader, may remember that that's one of my mottoes: when politicians say, Look Here! always glance in the opposite direction where you might be able to discover what they want so desperately hope to keep hidden from your gaze!


SO'W sends admiring kudos to Senator Bernie Sanders for his recent 8-hour-plus filibuster against the tax-relief-for-the-rich legislation which also takes a swipe at Social Security! Where in Congress are the American middle class' other champions? Lining up to protest the president's devils' agreement, I hope.

Blog Notice: if you dare, check out the latest political poem now posted @ Lim's Limericks: Assange the Limerick. If you don't find it in very poor taste, then we must have similarly odd senses of humor! jc

Nov 15, 2010

Rs not focused on ethics "at all"

Quelle relief!

For a while there I thought perhaps both old and new Republican congress members might focus on ethics during the 2011 session of Congress. But no frets around here, or on Capitol Hill for the GOP transition team leader assures us that, "We're not focused in on the ethics side of things at all."

Whew! That was close.

Except for one thing: if you've checked out my previous post from earlier today and have heard the Max Igan videos it contains, you may agree that addressing corruption in government and holding criminals accountable is the only sensible and efficient answer to engineering a we-the-people 'clawback' of our country based on Peaceful Resistance to the power elite's totalitarian one-world-government plans.

And when better to hold government and business criminals and their enablers accountable than in the midst of America's Saturn Return (which this time is a three-fer: exact on December 3, 2010, and on March 22 and August 28, 2011)?

For our ethics-promoting timekeeper Saturn's 29/30-year cycle says that this is precisely what it's time to do.


Astro-note: no time this weekend just past to post on it but isn't it grand how Neptune's recent Direct Station has synchronized with hostages and prisoners being released from the web of their captors? As you know, nebulous Neptune rules webs, networks, veils, and other hidden, sticky, and entangling stuff!

Nov 10, 2010

America and the Solar Eclipse of Jan 4, 2011

Three quotes of note for Where We Are Now:

"Among the basic freedoms to which men aspire that their lives might be full and uncramped, freedom from fear stands out as both a means and an end. A people who would build a nation in which strong, democratic institutions are firmly established as a guarantee against state-induced power must first learn to liberate their own minds from apathy and fear." -Aung San Suu Kyi

"You may think your actions are meaningless and that they won't help, but that is no excuse, you must still act." -Mohandas K. Gandhi

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." -Abraham Lincoln


Since Veterans' Day is tomorrow, November 11, 2010, I'm spending time reflecting today and Thursday upon my country. From what I've seen and studied of late, America will never resemble herself again until the Bush-Cheney 'Patriot Act' is repealed, the Supreme Court Justices who pushed through the Citizens United decision against democracy are de-benched (and perhaps others of them as well), and - first of all - the US Congress is completely reformed and corporations both foreign and domestic are ushered out the door for good. Time spent raising money for the next campaign is not 'doing the people's business' or 'serving' on Capitol Hill and it certainly doesn't make representing the American people the priority it should be. -Jude Cowell

On January 4, 2011, a Solar Eclipse in the 13 North Series occurs @ 13Cap38. This gives the eclipse a Cancer-Capricorn vibe, Moon/Saturn, which can have a serious tone, even depressing, yet also may bring along a 'strategy-ambition' influence to the collective as well.

Now I've mentioned the Jan 2011 eclipse here before but in light of the above three quotes and Veterans' Day, I wish to emphasize that 13N is the Series which began with its initial eclipse on August 14, 1776 @ 21Leo52; Moon/Mars = Sun/Mars = Pluto 26Cap38 Rx (2009's Inaugural Midheaven degree which had the transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint upon it = the global plutocrats who coup'd for themselves the Citizens United decision.)

As a general guide to the atmosphere of August 1776 and early 2011:

Sun/Mars = Pluto: ruthless application of energy; force; extreme defensiveness; warring relationships; sever health strain possible.

Moon/Mars = Pluto: powerful opinionation; a demanding nature. (Noel Tyl.)

As we see from the initial eclipse date, the first-ever 13N eclipse manifested very near the date of the founding of America. In fact, since the last signatures affixed to the Declaration of Independence were not penned upon it until August 1776, I have asserted previously on this blog that the August 14, 1776 eclipse horoscope might be used as a symbolic natal horoscope for America, the New Atlantis, the first-ever nation to be established upon Uranian ideals which allegedly were received from a Higher Source from which creative genius flows.

(Not that the inspiration didn't flow from a Higher Source, as long as it wasn't Weishaupt's Illuminati, yet you may wish to see George Washington's vision and the Snopes analysis afterwards.)

Perhaps much credit for the concepts embedded in the US Constitution is primarily due the Iroquois Confederacy but that's a post for another day; Freemason principles are integral to our nation's founding and freedom documents as well; these days most Americans understandably feel those freedoms are being and have been repealed.)

Now see if the tone of the following 13N Solar Eclipse reminds you of a certain nation founded in 1776:

13N: groups and associations; large ambitious group projects that require a separation or the breaking of an existing bond; separation then joint achievement. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Well, you don't have to read between the lines to see that America's founding is fairly described by 13N's theme. Therefore, the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse in the 13N Series has particular import for the US, for 13N's issues may resurface to whatever extent they need to be dealt with in 2011. In the news from Dec 2010 into 2011, names may be changed to protect the guilty, but watch out for activities that have a 'separation then joint achievement' flavor to them for they undergird much of what transpires during the eclipse season - at least until the next Solar Eclipse of June 1, 2011 (13S @ 11Gem02.)

As you know, the Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011 falls within the time range of our upcoming US Saturn Return, a three-fer this go-round (Saturn's orbit = appr 29 - 30 years; the same principle applies: what was going on about 30 years ago? Where and how did the US stand up - or not - to her responsibilities, or what accountability was accepted/not accepted? And how was our national authority being wielded - against whom and on behalf of whom?)

Our national Saturn 14Lib48 (Sibly chart; Libra, sign of Justice) is exalted and in 10th house (Sibly); sad to say, my studies indicate that the January 2010 SCOTUS decision against democracy is a main step on the totalitarian road for a complete undermining of the US Justice system, with our traditional Trial by Jury already a limping casualty of the Bush-Cheney administration's intrigues and finaglings.

There's an interesting synchronicity relating to a Scorpio Moon (though Luna's degree is not as late in Scorpio as US Inaugural Moon 2009 @ 29Sco45): it is shown between US Saturn Return #1 (Dec 3, 2010 with Moon 16Sco35), and the 2nd Saturn Return (Rx) of March 22, 2011 with Moon 16Sco54. The Lunar Return to the Dec 3, 2010 chart occurs on March 22, 2011 about 32 minutes prior to Saturn Return #2 which again gives us a Moon/Saturn vibe, and of course, Lunar Returns relate to our daily rounds in the mundane world. In Mundane Astrology, however, Luna has the import of Moon = we-the-people, so such Lunar Returns relating to national issues identify the mood of the larger public - here, we're feeling intense in Scorpio and in crisis mode with Scorpio's Mars/Pluto influence hanging over us.

As noted, 2009's Inaugural Moon was in a 29th crisis degree, and Scorpio in general is a sign of crises, betrayals, and traumatic transformation (Pluto.)

Whatever may transpire, resolution may be expected at, during, or around the time of US Saturn Return #3 which occurs on August 28, 2011 with transiting asteroid Nemesis 14Lib02 (divine retribution) conjoining US natal Saturn, and tr Midas, of gold-hoarding fame, @ 9Gem21 conjunct US natal Uranus, planet of freedom and independence. Obviously, we may wish to look to Midas for some of the details concerning the super-wealthy global plutocrats who've usurped the government of the United States of America. And this leads us directly to the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto of the 1890s @ 7 - 9 Gemini; the Neptune/Pluto duo is the signature of the Robber Barons, the resource plunderers and corporate titans and, in 2010/11, their biological and/or ideological spawn.

If you wish further reading on our nation's current condition, check out this 3-article round-up with my own remarks italicized in between; naturally, the opinions and assertions contained in the articles are the authors' own:

Illusions and Empire

By Charles Scaliger

May America find the humility to turn back from the path that so many other nations,from Nineveh and Tyre to Ottoman Turkey and Britain, have followed.

(Amen. Yet 'humility' with a self-protective Cancerian Jupiter as national chart-ruler takes deep spiritual repentance which refuses any longer to associate with corrupt government officials, gangsters, and fraudsters in business - parasites infesting our nation!)

Netanyahu Tests Obama, Again

By MJ Rosenberg

Netanyahu, who grew up in the United States, is as much a Republican as he is a Likudnik (he worked with Speaker Gingrich against President Clinton) and will do everything he can to sink Obama and the Democrats.

(A sabotaging rat lurks within America's woodpile? He has lots of company - from within the US, and setting up a 'world throne' in Jerusalem is the Zionist aim.)

Arundhati Roy: "These Wars Cannot Be Won"

By Democracy Now!

Arundhati Roy about the struggle of the Maoist rebels in India and her assessment of President Obama.

(Profiteers who foment war for others to fight are not worthy of being followed especially when the majority of people of all nations desire and deserve to live in peace...'world leaders' go home!)


UPDATE Nov 13, 2010: after 7 years of house arrest, the author of the first quote above, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been freed!!!

Aug 13, 2010

America now pitifully passe in Europe

In the debit column of international banksters, domestic and foreign speculators, fraudsters, and crooked politicians who justify selling out our nation on the basis of a 'higher plan' for global domination, America is now spoken of, if she is at all, with pity in Europe.

Part of the way the US is being 'seen' now in the world is through having transiting Saturn in US natal *10th house (larger world; the world stage; public status) with a 3-fer Saturn Return on the way 2010 into 2011. Now the transit is not an automatic planetary recipe for disaster. But it is if Saturnian lessons of responsibility, accountability, maturity, prudence, and moderation have not been heeded when they ought to have been.

So Thanks, Washington. Suck It, Wall Street. More Stimulus, President Obama.


*That's '10th house' if you use America's 'Sibly' chart for July 4, 1776 @ 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.

Sep 19, 2009

What's an EGF? And when is the US Saturn Return?

The EU's international police force, EGF can squash public disobedience, so don't get any ideas and don't be milling about or you'll interfere with authoritarian Saturn's status quo.

And in America, I must wonder how Saturn to US Midheaven @ 00Lib53 will be in the government's approach to the expected civil unrest, not to mention our nation's Saturn Return on the astrological menu. In the last several years, it seems to me that the US government has done everything annoying, stupid, and foul that it can to stir up we-the-people.

Their plans to suspend the US Constitution are in place. Are we ready to pay dearly for the majority of the US public's apathy?

Actually, US Saturn in Libra returns to its natal degree 3 times because of Saturn's retrogradation. Charts are set for US natal location of Philadelphia, PA; their Solar Eclipse Series are included:

1. Dec 3, 2010, Mercury Hour w/ Mercury 2Cap41 in 9th house conj NN 2Cap49; Saturn 14Libra48 in 6th house conjunct Desc 18Lib03 (Desc conjs US Secondary Progressed Mars Rx); 7th house Moon 16Sco35 trine 12th house Jupiter 23Pis53 w/Uranus 26Pis40 Rx; ASC 18Ari03; MC 9Cap49 conj Pluto 4Cap20 in 9th house; no planetary patterns; 9th house Mars OOBs @ 26Sag50; PE = 12 South @ '19 Cancer' in Return's 4th house = US natal PE 00Pis33 = successful outcomes to long term worries;

2. March 22, 2011, Moon Hour w/ Moon 16Sco54 in 2nd house/ Sun 1Ari58 in 7th house conj Uranus 00Ari37; 1st house Saturn opposed by Jupiter (1A53) @ 12Ari55 in 7th house; Saturn sesquisquare Neptune @ critical degree 29AQ36 in 5th house; ASC 27Vir02 w/ Nemesis rising 27:30 Rx; MC 26Gem35 conj South Node 27:19; Grand Cross of Sun, Mars, Uranus, NN, MC, and ASC; PE = 13 North = large ambitious group projects and breaking of previous bonds; PE = 13 North = '14 Cap' opposing US natal Sun;

3. Aug 28, 2011, Jupiter Hour; 3rd house Saturn SQ Mars 16Can24 in 11th house (1S35); Moon 24Leo30 rising - Sun 4Vir44; Grand Earth Trine between Mercury 18Leo50/ASC 20Leo02, Jupiter 10Tau21 conj MC 12Tau06, and Pluto 4Cap59 Rx in 5th house; TWO interlaced Fists of God patterns - first Fist with Uranus SQ Pluto (1S19) at its base sesquisquare Mercury/ASC, 2nd Fist has Mars SQ Saturn (1S35) as its base pointing to Neptune 29AQ22 Rx (Chiron nearby @ 2Pis56 Rx); PE = 13 New South '9Can' = constitutional crisis.

My hope is to post more details on these difficult Saturn Return charts in the coming months including their chart images and worrisome midpoint pictures because if I must know about them, you may as well, too. But if you have Astrology software, set them up to view and marvel. Locating them for Washington DC may change house placements, of course, but the planets' degrees remain the same.

And now it's back to my Art projects!

Dec 11, 2008

Stiglitz on our 5 keys mistakes (Saturn to US Neptune)

Capitalist Fools

By Joseph E. Stiglitz

Behind the debate over remaking US financial policy will be a debate over who's to blame. It's crucial to get the history right, writes a Nobel-laureate economist, identifying five key mistakes-under Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II - and one national delusion.


Warning: the following astrological comments are serious - do not read if you're looking for pie in Neptune's sky!

Ah, yes, one 'national delusion.' In Astrology that would be, as you know, America's Neptune in Virgo, sign of the dedicated worker. Our collective Neptune is being visited heavily by transiting Saturn, planet of realism, within orb now but exact at the end of August into early September 2009.

This is the 'grim reality' transit so our national delusion is being made painfully clear with laser focus, or perhaps with a significant disillusioning event in Aug-Sept of 2009.

Saturn can bring loss along with regret for past mistakes (if there have been any - and there have), and Neptune has to do with living on credit - pretend money, money we don't actually have - and isn't that our illusory finances in an astrological nutshell?

The US 'Sibly' or Rudhyar charts have Neptune in 9th house which in Horary Astrology is the department (House) of foreigners, our world view, wisdom, and abstract thought. Saturn prefers the practical to the abstract, so Saturn is useful for talking Neptune down from the heights.

And foreigners are running from the US dollar in droves, plus they're part of the total buy-up of gold which has caused gold backwardation - as of Dec 2, 2008. See jude's threshold for a recent article on gold backwardation.

With Saturn-to-Neptune, there can also be confusion as to what or who is responsible for what, especially with money matters, and we are experiencing that now as well...see article above! We could say that Joseph Stiglitz (Saturn, a man of authority) is bringing Saturnian realism to our national delusion (Neptune), couldn't we?

Even the title, Capitalist (Saturn) Fools (Neptune) applies as Saturn 'descends' Neptune, but I have no drawing of that, only this one, 'Neptune Ascends' which could be seen as descending instead....

More realism on the way:

Saturn then goes on to US natal Midheaven (which we will have to consider later - it should mean being at the top of one's game professionally, but with all that's going wrong in America, it indicates to me more loss of standing in the world and restriction of our Libran ideals with possible legal system implications.)

Then it's the US Saturn Return to 10th house, which this time will be a three-fer due to Saturn's retrogradation...using the US 'Sibly' chart, here are the dates when Saturn returns to natal degree:

1. Dec 3, 2010
2. Mar 22, 2011
3. Aug 28, 2011

US n Saturn 14Lib48:20 is in 10th house, so our national return to realism stretches out into the next 2 to 3 years with the ongoing social dislocation of home and income loss attending.

Obviously, I will be posting more on our Saturn Return later on, and I wish could be more cheery about all this but that would only be more of the same rose-colored Neptunian glasses - and would vex Saturn who doesn't appreciate his lessons being dissed!