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Aug 6, 2010

Wildfires approach Chernobyl

Russia's over-centraliztion of power is being blamed in some quarters for the ineffectual fighting of the 500 wildfires engulfing Russia these last two weeks.

Perhaps it's kinda like putting FEMA out of sight and out of effectiveness into the bowels of Homeland Security here in America.

Even worse news from Russia is that fire is approaching the Chernobyl site, a disaster we shall lament in perpetuity.

It's astoundingly tragic but such are the times of Cardinal T-Squares and Grand Crosses. Where will it end? The horoscope of the Chernobyl disaster (April 1986) has Neptune @ 5-6 Capricorn, where Pluto, planet of nuclear power, now traverses.

Pluto to Neptune: struggles for ideological and/or spiritual control; power becomes an illusion or can be slowly eroded by undermining forces that go undetected.

Meanwhile, my heart goes out to the Russian people, to the drowning Pakistani people, and to the people of Japan who've just honored their dead killed so horrifically by the US bombing of Hiroshima...the 'abomination of desolation'.

Wish I could type more now but a massive thunderstorm is approaching very suddenly so it's time to shut down...

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