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Sep 1, 2010

Germany bans planting of Monsanto's GM corn

Will the multi-national US corporation Monsanto fight the ban on genetically modified corn Germany has announced?

My guess is, yes. Unless Monsanto decides it's not in their best interests to air their dirty GM laundry in court for all to see.

For an interesting article on what it's like to grow corn (with lovely photos, too) and what happens when one variety crosses with another try The Ladybug Letter.

Here's a brief excerpt:

If one variety of sweet corn crosses with another variety the result could be a loss of quality; the randomly hybridized kernels may not be very sweet, or they could be chewy and fibrous. An affected grower could lose money for a season. But if a GMO corn crosses with an open pollinated, non-GMO variety the consequence might easily be that a new gene is introduced into an otherwise heirloom variety, compromising its purity.

Corn, the matrix of life! Its purity is compromised by big controllers like Monsanto who hijacked our foods with the help of mad scientists who should care more about the human race than they obviously do. Of course, the phrases 'population control' and 'government-induced famine' are in the back of my mind here.

During the summers of my childhood, I loved to play among the rows of two cornfields corn my Dad grew each year and corn on the cob was a favorite dish around our southern household. My Mom and I used to shuck corn together and I was fascinated by corn silk. Boil the water and pass the butter!

That Monsanto thinks it 'owns' corn bwo a Frankensteinian patent to all its kernels (and there are several varieties as The Ladybug Letter explains) is something they cannot be allowed to get away with any longer. (I feel the same about soybeans and other crops but that's a different post.)

So Kudos to Germany for putting a crimp in Monsanto's style! Now please don't let Monsanto strong-arm you over this - or pay you off. A hungry world will be watching.

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