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Sep 1, 2010

'Stuff Alan Simpson Says' about Social Security

From Daily Kos comes an email with a link to Stuff Alan Simpson Says in an attempt to keep Social Security cuts from beggaring the Americans who depend on it. Those with higher incomes and exalted positions are apparently blinded from appreciating the 1935 SS program's benefit to society as a whole which keeps Americans from having to live out of shopping bags on street corners (and goodness knows there are enough of us doing that already.)

'Cat Food Commission' is a grim yet sadly perfect title for the commission Simpson now chairs and Congress will be voting on the commission's recommendations before the end of 2010 - so do check out the website, if you care.

But perhaps our exalted leaders don't want to appreciate SS's benefits for the American people when there are so many war profits to be made 'going forward', so many borders to breach, so many lies to tell.

Hmmm...America hasn't started a new war in at least 7 years so we know the neocon warhawks must be chaffing over your Aunt Granny Fanny getting her SS check on time when the money could be spent strong-arming some sovereign nation and sending its population into chaos. Drones and bombs don't come cheap, y'know!

Well, as I've stated before, self-employed folk like me have paid 100% of our SS taxes for years and trusted the US government to dribble it back to us when retirement age is reached. To me that makes it our money, not Alan Simpson's. Therefore, completing the social contract bwo SS seems only fair to me but it's turning out to seem mighty gullible of us, especially now that foxes like Alan Simpson are in charge of the hen house. (Please pardon the tired cliche but if it's ever been applicable, then this would be the situation.)

So not only is it not Alan Simpson's money to monkey with but none of the money the US gov spends belongs to anyone but we-the-people, as we certainly know! Washington has forgotten for the most part and they need reminding more and more often.

Like many people, I'm left to wonder What on earth was President Obama thinking when he appointed Alan Simpson (assuming it was BHO's choice)? Whose side is Mr. Obama really on?


Anonymous said...

Sounding a little cynical about leadership. Could Romney i.e., Romulus and the ethics of sufis at 9/11 have any lessons about 2012? What might saturn and Vindemiatrix the grape gatherer have to do with anything?

Jude Cowell said...

Considering that absolute power corrupts absolutely, who isn't cynical? Aren't you?

i notice you signed up w Blogger as 'Phoenix' - your queries are interesting yet not on-topic for the post you've left them under. That's quite a spread of issues for a brief reply here, plus, you seem to be trying to tell Me something so...out with it! Jude