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Aug 31, 2010

Obama on Iraq tonight 8:00 pm edt w/ Pisces Rising

This evening at 8:00 pm edt, President Obama will speak for approximately 15 minutes on the ending of official combat operations in Iraq, a war begun on March 20, 2003 6:35 am Baghdad time with 8Ari16 rising.

There's no time this morning to blog on the Iraq War chart itself but I can say that in tonight's TV speech chart, the first planet to rise will be 2003's Mercury 27Pis19, the spot where transiting Jupiter and Uranus have visited off and on of late and still hover.

Tonight at Aries Point tr Uranus 00Ari59 Rx is first to rise with Jupiter 00Ari59 Rx in tow as chart-ruler. As you know, any time a chart's ruler is Rx indicates delays having to do with the function of that planet. (This may refer to the '50,000' US soldiers left in Iraq. Now Jupiter indicates many things on various levels and billions of dollars in war costs is definitely one of them. The Bush-Cheney invasion of sovereign nation Iraq was begun with Jupiter Rx 8Leo25 which sat upon Bush's natal Ascendant and conjoined the natal Mercury positions of the GOP and Senator John McCain.

This at the time indicated to this reluctant astrologer a 'bottomless pit in the money department' as I described it. Eventually tr Jupiter in Aries will trine Iraq War Jupiter in Leo bringing a time of compatibility and success. Pisces Rising points to Neptune as well so we may find the speculation pair (Jupiter/Neptune) of influence in the President's speech tonight. Perhaps he will address the thorny issues of independent contractors and mercenaries.

At 8:00 pm edt in Washington DC this evening, the midpoint of Moon/NN, a significator of public contact, rises...Moon/NN = ASC: establishing personal connections; maintaining inner contacts with others.

Lots of publicity ensues, and pundits must have their jobs and salaries justified.

The Sun/Moon phase is Disseminating (261 degr 23 mins) which is a time when the info, message, and propaganda may be spread far and wide. 8:00 pm edt is an Hour of Saturn indicating 'stoppage' but also control of the narrative. Saturn 4Lib07 is in 7th house of the President's speech, the house of Partnerships, and traversing between US n MC 00Lib53 (Sibly chart) and our nation's natal Saturn (with our Saturn Return upcoming, a three-fer as mentioned in a previous post.)

But has America yet learned Saturn's lessons of accountability and responsibility?

Now with tonight's Uranus conjunct 2003's Sun 29Pis07, we may expect a 'going off in a new direction' theme (as advertised) in order to find a new identity - the ID as 'occupier' having grown stale and overly expensive. Also tonight's Jupiter hovers around 2003's Mercury showing a need for new experiences and methods yet taking on too many projects at once must come to an end. We expect the President to focus more attention and money on fighting in Afghanistan where many empires have failed before us.

Plus, we remember that the 2003 Iraq Invasion was a war of choice a la Bush and Cheney who shackled our nation in more ways than one with the power elite's misguided ideologies such as 'A New American Century' and the '1% Gang' of Dick Cheney and pals.

But since they were determined to do it, electing to invade after April 4, was the better choice since Jupiter the General would have been moving Direct thus shortening the war effort and costing less in taxpayer money. And with Saturn to US n Mars, it makes you wonder if the muddled outcome all these years was precisely their intention...more war profits, you know.

The North Node of public encounter conjoins 2003's Mars 9Cap41 (contacts concerning Iraq) near 2003's MC 4Cap59; tr Pluto Rx tonight @ 2Cap50 has crossed and recrossed the Iraq War's MC in recent months indicating that drifting along is no longer an option. Please form yourself a government, Iraqis!

Tonight, tr Pluto/NN = 2003's MC: dependence of one's future upon associations which influence one's objectives in life and may cause setbacks in one's career.

The speech's Moon 29Tau50 contacts 2003's NN 1Gem22 echoing the public notice of the President's speech which will be followed in Baghdad; Mr. Obama's natal Moon 3Gem21 is nearby and communicating (Gem) with the public (Moon.)

The war's Saturn 22Gem45 conjuncts US n Mars = circumventing rules and regulations is ill-advised; a firm determination to succeed is needed along with more organization and focus. Physical efforts are difficult to say the least with dampening Saturn on America's military forces planet, Mars, god of war.

Tonight's 29th-degree Moon is at a critical crisis degree which shows the the people's dire condition in America - and in Iraq - and Moon is the only one out-of-bounds which signifies a large amount of emotional insecurity about our daily needs which expensive wars tend to ignore, as we see on Capitol Hill. (Our needs are 'unaffordable' says Congress, yet more war funds are easily found, etc. Taurus is all about the creature comforts; Moon also conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone: something to cry about and has a mystical yet judgmental vibe.)

And of course, tr Neptune and Chiron continue traveling in tandem upon US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) so fraud is still an option for use against us as our domestic conditions continue to waver or disintegrate.

Looking ahead, the human tendency toward holding unrealistic expectations will be evident again regarding US foreign policy when tr Neptune reaches Pisces and conjoins the Iraq War's Uranus 00Pis30: ideals and ideologies will conflict with technical and economic conditions and almost anything can happen. One thing is clear: the US invasion of Iraq will reverberate in global society for years to come no matter how effectively President Obama says his 'peace' tonight.

Okay, 'nuff said. Except for three things:

1. tonight's Venus 23Lib is conjunct more than Arcturus (a different approach) and Spica (potential for brilliance), but the Iraq War's Moon 23Lib06 as well which indicates popularity of the idea, if not the reality, of US troops' combat operations ending in Iraq.

2. the Sabian Symbol for the President's Sun this evening...

'9 Virgo' = "A Man Making a Futurist Drawing"...EXPERIMENT...

positive expression: a gift for the illimitable expansion of the human mind and a consequent extension of its powers;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: complete and continuous confusion of ideas. (Jones.)

('Extension of its powers'?? Confusion used as an oratory tactic?)

3. tonight, the planet of the masses, mass media, deception, and glamour sextiles MC (the goal; the larger world) at 8:00 pm, so we may expect much subtly within the President's message as he uses Neptune's subliminal talents to influence policy and get others to go along with him, thus avoiding opposition and confrontation. He hopes, as he employs a vision and symbolism to create a framework for future decisions.

That's Politics!


Note: my experience timing TV appearances with their horoscope is that speakers usually begin about 2 or 3 minutes after the scheduled hour. If so, at 8:02 pm edt, the ASC = 19Pis10...'20Pis' = "A Table Set for an Evening Meal" which seems to refer to ending combat ops in Iraq; my greatest fret is that it also refers to the closing operations of our nation.


Jonathan said...

Not sure if you mentioned this in your article, but the Moon was also VOC (Void of Course) from 7:14 to 8:20 tonight, so whatever Obama was intending to achieve with this speech will somehow turn out differently or be received differently.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Jonathan, for mentioning the VOC Moon - i did neglect to mention it. My feeling is that whatever BHO intended to achieve by this veiled withdrawal of troops is what won't proceed as planned. :-(

Also failed to mention that he began speaking w/ US n Mars at the IC/Foundation of the chart which is understandable. It's our nation's pesky, misguided, even deceptive Mars/Neptune square (Neptune on DESC last evening) that always concerns me.

"Misdirected energy" as usual?

As always, thanks for adding! Jude