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Sep 9, 2010

Jon Stewart explains Jan Brewer's debate performance (video)

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Indecision 2010 - Are You Ready for Some Midterms?
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"Are you ready for some midterms?" asks The Daily Show with its Indecision 2010 coverage continuing with America's most insightful political pundit, Jon Stewart.

Can the Democrats maintain their majorities in Congress in November? And can Jon explain Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's recent debate performance? Oh yeah.

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Jude Cowell said...

Dear Readers: i have no idea why my blog has reverted to all italics today since my last post of the Jon Stewart video. Hopefully it will clear up soon for i can see no reason for the crazy code changes have been perpetrated by yours truly!

Ideas? Anyone? Will be heartily glad when Mercury begins moving in direct fashion in about 4 days. Jude