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Sep 8, 2010

The Natal Chart of John Boehner

On Thursday, November 17, 1949 John Boehner was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was elected House Minority Leader for the Republican Party on January 4, 2007.

Mr. Boehner's birth time is unknown to me, but for the 24-hour period, the Moon remained in Libra (11:13 - 26:03) with Sun in Scorpio ranging from 24:31 to 25:32; Mercury in Scorpio 21:17 - 23:23.

The following planetary positions are from his natal chart set for noon est:

Venus 12Cap10; Mars 11Vir53; Jupiter 27Cap41; Saturn 17Vir50; Uranus 4Can25 Rx (his only Rx, an unpredictable maverick); Neptune 16Lib19; Pluto 18Leo12; Chiron 10Sag29; NN 19Ari10.


Boehner's Mars/Saturn conjunction in Virgo makes him a hard worker and good at organizing others yet there's an element of frustration as if something or someone is always holding him back - this is the 'driving with the brakes on' conjunction. There may be sexual implications.


Moon in Libra crossed idealistic Neptune during the day of his birth which is an imaginative, sensitive, emotional, and psychic combo (especially if the orb between Luna and Neptune is narrow enough to count as a conjunction - the closer, the stronger.) Professional life must have enough challenges to keep him alert, and public-oriented enterprises suit him best. (Moon = the public; Neptune = the masses.)

Facing harsh realities isn't easy for Moon/Neptune folk, and other people tend to be categorized according to very subjective criteria. Plus, Mr. Boehner may be something of a poet! (This combo is shared by comedian Craig Ferguson, btw - very creative.) And he may think he's being impartial and fair while it's actually deeply buried emotional needs that are motivating him.

Idealistic views of the mother, and thus of women in general, are probable. If there is a dependency on drinking, it may very well spring from an emotional source.


There is what can be a problematic Neptune/South Node conjunction in Libra, sign of partnerships (this conj does not depend on a correct birth time.) Neptune/SN does not make for popularity due to intuitions from the unconscious that tend to be out of harmony with social trends. Also, it can give out-of-sync timing when opportunities for good fortune arrive yet there are several indications of good fortune in his natal chart which belie this problem (see below.)

At best, one may be able to sidestep the 'folly of the masses' through superior intuitive abilities, though a caution is that others may take credit for his ideas (bwo Neptune's stealing and loss tendencies.) Neptune/SN has a karmic vibe indicating spiritual purposes which must be worked through under difficult conditions.

Sun and Mercury in Scorpio

Obviously the close conjunction of Sun and Mercury in intense Scorpio shows a deep intelligence and possible interests in mystical subjects; a talent for thinking on his feet aids his political career immensely, yet his opinions (Mercury) are extremely subjective and forcefully expressed. His primary interests relate only to his nibs.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in worldly Capricorn describes one who needs wealth and material status to bolster emotional security; marrying above one's station is often the case with Venus in Saturn-ruled Cap. This placement may be underneath Boehner's suave, proud, and reserved manner in his public behavior. There's a quiet, dignified air which may be based on a desire to feel superior to the common man and which may border on snobbishness. (Well, he is a politician, after all. Most of them do consider themselves to be above the rabble, don't they?)

Venus square Neptune

Venus is afflicted by an applying square from Neptune which doubles the chances for the emotional, overly idealistic tendencies already mentioned with unrealistic expectations of partners; chances for using negative escapism for emotional reasons is also ramped up by this square. Secret romances may be indicated as well.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Now Jupiter in Capricorn gives good fortune in politics and business with a materialistic streak, too. At 27Cap41, Boehner's natal Jupiter not only conjoins US natal Pluto (a duo of big banking and those who mount large-scale projects) but is snugged between President Obama's natal Jupiter 00AQ52 Rx and n Saturn 25Cap20 Rx - in fact, their Saturns are conjunct in its own sign of Capricorn. What do you think - do they try to out-daddy one another? Out-control, for sure.

Mr. Obama's tenuous relationship with his father is well known and described by a retrograde Saturn (father not around, or weak when he should be strong, dominating when he should be gentle, etc - a major, unconscious influence.) But Boehner's Saturn is direct and thus is much more of a conscious influence in his life.

There are at least five midpoint pictures to consider in the chart which are in effect the whole day through, the first a T-square based on the Nodal axis and the Venus/Neptune square (any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions):

Neptune/NN = Venus: misconceptions regarding other people's relationships and associations; unfaithfulness; wrong liaisons.

Mercury/Mars = Neptune: the process of undermining another's position; a pursuit of fantastic or hopeless plans; not keeping promises; a tendency to harm others through falsehood or underhanded behavior.

Jupiter/Saturn = Mercury: a desire for variety and making changes; inconstancy of mind and philosophy; a fortunate separation.

Jupiter/Uranus = NN: striving together with others for a common purpose; an ability to show oneself gay, cheerful, and hopeful in the presence of others; a fortunate, new acquaintance.

Neptune/Pluto = Saturn: grievous emotional suffering; pessimism; dark forebodings; self-torment; a gradual decline of one's powers and faculties.

(The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.)

Dark forebodings? This may tally with his being born during a Balsamic phase of Sun and Moon which has a prophetic tendency, and of coming along when someone just left such as taking over a vacated position, finishing another's project, etc.

Rep. John Boehner was born into the 5 New South Series of Solar Eclipses. His Pre-Natal Eclipse occurred on Oct 21, 1949 @ 28Lib08. Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology we find that this is a quite a spiffy PE to have for it indicates joy, happiness, good news, peak experiences, and benefits, and last occurred on November 23, 2003 @ 1Sag14 ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" - naturally we think of the invasion of Iraq); its next manifestation will be Dec 4, 2021 @ '12Sag' = " A Flag That Turns into an Eagle That Crows."

(That's the ASC degree for the US in the Sibly natal chart. Seems to me it's crowed too loudly and too often already. We're broke from all the crowing.)

Well, that's my thumbnail astro-sketch of Rep. John Boehner. Please feel free to add your ideas to this post with your on-topic comment either astrological or political, as you may. Perhaps a little something about those piercing blue eyes?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jude.
What do you see in Boehner's Chart that accounts for his uncontrollable crying jags?
They are now referring to Boehner as:
'The Weeper of The House'


Jude Cowell said...

An abundance of Water! Sun/Merc in Scorpio and all the Neptunian energy esp Moon/Neptune - very sensitive and sentimental (as tears well up) and a Venus/Neptune square showing religious or philosophical fanaticism w both Neptunian aspects pointing to Mama as a source of certain cloudy, unconscious feelings that can 'well up' when expressing one's thoughts. Moon/Neptune can also give self-pitying tendencies which isn't helped by booze.

Thanks for asking about the new Weeper of the House! The comics will have a field day w him, won't they? Brings tears of laughter to my eyes just thinkin' about all the fun and material they'll have at the Weeper's expense. Jude

Martina said...

Just posted now,.. I can see why he was so incredibly frustrated with the absolute failing and greed of the R party.

A couple of tight lineups Eris (and Rx so more likely trying to "fix" things)= (sqq) Mercury and = (SSQ) Kronos Rx (no faith in what's going on for politicians,.. or maybe even any power for himself)

His Mars is tighter to sq Chiron and = Hades Rx (he really can see the disintegration going on) and Jupiter (big time) Uranus/Pluto to that!!!

Venus, Uranus, Vesta all OOBs. And he has Juno conj America (in this latest case appalled at what the virus is ending up costing because it was ignored) and Apophis (seeing outright destruction) ,.. = Transpluto (virus these days, hidden agendas) and Ceres,.. (what no care for anything?) His Vesta is tightly sq his Admetos (dead stop) so feeling like he couldn't change a lot of whats been going on is probably a big part of it.

I love your posts and can't post on FB (again- constantly being shoved off) but I kinda feel for the guy. He is seeing what he was pushing his whole life (politically) has turned into sheer garbage. Maybe he was one of the few sane ones left! Maybe a tougher Mars would have helped!! Anyways- that post is worth reading. (from whats been happening politically the last few years!!! .......Martina

Jude Cowell said...

Brilliant Martina Thank You! Jude