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Nov 22, 2010

Rockefeller Study on 2010 - 2020 = "Decade of Doom"?

First let me say that I'm very sad to hear this moment on Amy Goodman's program Democracy Now! that scholar and author Chalmers Johnson has passed away.

His book The Sorrows of Empire is in my library and is an excellent resource for topics concerning the end of our republic. The economic collapse under which we now struggle is what Mr. Johnson termed the Last Sorrow.

And on a similarly difficult topic:

Since my work/blogging week is shortened by holiday considerations, I'm in a hurry and picking up a quick thread in the form of an article by Steve Watson published to Prison Planet on July 16, 2010 (article link provided below.)

It concerns a study funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network which lays out what they and their elite buddies envision for what they term the "Doom Decade" of 2010 to 2020, with the distinction between "developed" and "developing" nations no longer "particularly descriptive or relevant" by 2030.

Now I know you realize that beast worshipers play for keeps yet there will be many many people who won't realize how serious the power elite are about instituting authoritarian social control until the trap is sprung - even though many astrologers have been writing and warning about the period 2010 - 2020 for years now.

After all, timing is what Astrology brings to any table which no other system can provide...As Above So Below, and the planets proceed in their courses within the Great Cosmic Clock of our solar system.

Rockefeller Study Outlines "Doom Decade": Life For All But the Super Wealthy Will Be Hell On Earth


On a lighter note (I think!) is my just-created blog Woolly Mammoth Chronicles with news, info, and ode-ish poems concerning the proposed cloning of the prehistoric woolly mammoth. Because we don't have enough big things stomping about the planet to run from, right? Plus, you'll find an aptly named music video from 1985 embedded there. Guess which one? ;p

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