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Jan 11, 2011

Capricorn season 2011? Pass the Twinkies! And explain the dead birds

Today I've pretty much been hibernating and reading, partly due to the snow and ice still on the lawn and bitter cold in the forecast, partly from recent shocking events which my natal Moon in Pisces often absorbs a little too deeply. Regular breaks from Politics are needed to maintain (or attain?) emotional health and sanity, as most people agree.

Yet I've not been wholly inactive and have spent some lovely time visiting CJ Wright's Auntie Moon blog where her wonderful post Tea Time: In the Brambles with Capricorn lists the perfect things to soothe the energies of Capricorn. Maybe my staid Capricorn Sun helps balance a sympathetic Pisces Moon for Saturn does rule boundaries, and sometimes barriers must be put up in order to counteract the craziness of Politics.

In her article, CJ lists foods and teas that are good for us during the wintry Capricorn season, not just for those with Cap's Saturnian energy prominent in their charts for everyone has the sign Capricorn somewhere in their horoscopes. Plus, the winter season makes for lots of Capricorn energy all around us so a steaming cup of Blackberry Tea (with a Twinkie on the side?) can't far go wrong.

(Now what does a Twinkie have to do with Capricorn? See CJ's article!)

Then, thanks to visiting Auntie Moon, I have discovered an informative page CJ links to with Moon Names listed for various cultures. Check it out for it's very interesting to compare lunation monikers around the world.

And if you wish to be updated on the recent mysterious bird and animal deaths, tune in to the Thom Hartmann Show tomorrow, January 12, 2011, for he just gave a topic shout-out to his next broadcast as today's program ended. I watch this excellent progressive show on Free Speech TV and LINK TV (DishNetwork satellite.)

Did you know that Senator Bernie Sanders is a guest on Thom's show on Fridays?

Okay, that's about it for now. Hope you're staying snug and keeping well this winter season - and be sure to feed your Capricorn to avoid its Saturnian grumpiness! Jude

Image: Snowy Path, a drawing by yours truly. And you may wish to view a new iPhone cover published today in my Jude Cowell Art Shop at Zazzle.

1 comment:

DD said...

Me too! I'm drinking blueberry tea and just had a slice of lasagna while watching Dr. Phil.

I want to totally transform, and I have come to realize that means something different than I thought.

I'm thinking on that.
And loving your snowy moon drawing.