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Jan 23, 2011

The Protocols of Zion & the Stone of Destiny

Not for the shy and retiring, and to be avoided by all shrinking violets, here's a modern English translation of the much balley-hooed, often discredited only to rise in popularity again, the Protocols of Zion. Or Sion. Or Knights of Malta. Or Queen Elizabeth II and her kin supposedly descended from King David whose son Solomon, though wise in his heyday, resorted to practicing occultism and witchcraft toward the end of his life.

Then the stonemasons working on Solomon's Temple got into the narrative, secrets abound about the Stone of Destiny which QE2 was supposed to be coronated upon except that she wasn't because the Stone in Westminster Abbey was - is - a fake.

And therein raced the Scots purloining away the Stone of Destiny to a safe place guessed it...Scotland, where it nestles still and with the fake stone doing duty in London. That, they say, is why the British monarchy insisted that QE2's coronation in 1953 not include any close-ups where the fake could be clearly seen.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II reigns illegitimately while grandson Prince William waits in the wings for his star turn at the helm of as maggot-infested a gaggle of inbreds as you'd ever care to meet in a dark alley or otherwise.

For further reading on the topic, try the Lia Fail, aka, the Coronation Stone. And one time-link sort of oddity: when I looked at a horoscope for Dec 25, 1950 (yet a version of the tale mentions "night" and "Christmas Eve 1950" - perhaps a little after midnight making it Christmas Day?), the same midpoint picture turned up then as we have now:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto.

Different signs in 1950, of course, but similar 'brutality' and 'violence' vibes with 'the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort' and the potential for 'rebellion against one's lot in life' in play. (Ebertin.)

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