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Apr 29, 2023

May 6, 2023: King Charles III Coronation w/ his Natal Chart

King Charles III: Crowned During His (Jupiterian) Nodal Return!

by Jude Cowell

Of course by now, most every Earthling knows of the double Coronation of King Charles III and Camilla set for May 6, 2023 at Westminster Abbey, London, UK. The controversy over second wife Camilla has apparently faded, for in February 2022, Queen Elizabeth II declared her "sincerest wish" that Camilla be titled and crowned queen. So if it's okay with Charles' mum, it must be okay with you and me, despite any pro-Diana misgivings one or both of us may retain.

Now havng decided to use a 'noon' timing results in the natal Pluto (planet of power) of king Charles III rising! And this is the 'noon' chart shown, below: the Coronation Horoscope May 6, 2023 London, UK with the noon Midheaven ('The Goal Point') representing the pinnacle of worldly success, high status, and recognition. However, Charles became King the very moment his mother passed away on September 8, 2022 so we should note that the public coronation of Charles III on May 6, 2023 is actually a symbolic religious ceremony with the holy relic, St. Edward's Crown (Edward "the Confessor"), used and worn for the first time since Elizabeth II wore it in 1953. Plus, the crown is very heavy so coronation ceremonies provide its only occasion to shine and impress.

With the coronation service beginning at 11:00 am local time (6:00 am ET) after a processional from Buckingham Palace (11:00 am horoscope, below), here's a Timeline of the Coronation which explains that the procession will be led by the Cross of Wales, aka, the "True Cross," fragments of which are a coronation gift to King Charles from Pope Francis. Notably, the natal Sun of Pope Francis @24Sag54 falls between King Charles III's natal Mars and Jupiter. The trio forms a midpoint picture of Mars-Jupiter = Sun: a sense of honor (R. Ebertin), with happiness and success suggested.

So here's a marked-up bi-wheel of Horoscopes showing the May 6, 2023 Coronation of King Charles III set for London, UK (inner), with King Charles III's natal chart surrounding so that, as noted, we see his Pluto @16Leo33 (Leo, a royal sign) rising at noon. It will be interesting to see what's actually taking place at noon (7:00 am here, assuming I'm awake!). Of course, the entire monarchical hierarchy is all about power and control, yes?

Then at some point, two Oaths will be taken, and as you see, Coronation Mercury Rx in Taurus opposes Charles III's natal Mercury in Scorpio (planet of oaths) indicating potentials for minds to change, differing opinions, and/or perhaps a change in the communications of the day such as a slight shift from coronation traditions. We'll see how proceedings go since traditions are said to be honored during the Coronation of Charles III - or perhaps someone will flub their well-rehearsed lines! And yet the second Oath is a religious one and Charles III wants an Oath that includes multiple religions so there's at least one Mercurial change. For full details see Useful Charts (video).

And now, in case a printable chart is appropriate for a reader such as yourself, here's only the Coronation Horoscope of King Charles III set for 11:00 am BST on May 6, 2023, the hour that the solemnities are scheduled to begin. As you see, a protective, creative Water Grand Trine is clearly visible in the chart between Moon, Mars, and Neptune so I suspect that the Coronation will happily proceed with few if any glitches:

Confessional Disclosures of a genealogical kind: geni dot com informs me that Edward I is my 29th great uncle, QEII is my 11th cousin 3x removed, so her son Charles III is my 12th cousin 2x removed; soon-to-be-Queen Camilla is my 16th cousin with 30 relatives between us. Plus, there are in-law links that are too numerous to mention. But don't judge me because these folks are quite likely to be related to You, too, and probably through no fault of your own!

Sep 9, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II and Glamis Castle

Photo: Glamis Castle; Ian Robinson, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons; 2009

September 9, 2022

When Ancient History Tags Along with Genealogy

by Jude Cowell

The world is saddened today by yesterday's passing of Queen Elizabeth II and for my Friday post of the week, here's a slight departure for SO'W because I've been doing a bit of genealogical research concerning the Scottish side of the family of Queen Elizabeth II (1926 - 2022) via her mother's paternal line of Bowes-Lyon, originally the Lyons of Strathmore, and this leads us to their ancestral estate of Glamis Castle (pronounced "Glahms"), a distant, beautiful, and haunted castle in mystical Scotland.

Reportedly, multiple apparitions roam the family's ancestral home, and in fact, you can hardly do better if you're searching for a ghost-infested castle that even Sir Walter Scott decided to leave after a short while, publishing an account in 1830 that his stay in 1790 had been - shall we say, unnerving. He wrote, "as I heard door after door shut...I began to consider myself as too far away from the living and somewhat too near the dead." No, the famed author's search for isolation in order to do some uninterrupted writing didn't pan out for him at Glamis Castle!

So if you're curious, follow the above link for an extensive list of ghosts that haunt the family's ancestral home including the first John Lyon's wife, Janet Douglas ('The Grey Lady') who was accused of witchcraft by King James V (fearful of conspiracies against him such as being poisoned) and who was burned at the stake on Castle Hill on July 17, 1537. Then keep scrolling for other hauntings, plus, an account of "The Monster of Glamis," a child born with deformities on October 21, 1821 but reputed to have been stillborn.

Related posts include: Queen Elizabeth II: Her Natal and Passing Horoscopes, may she R.I.P.; and An Astro-Tribute to Sir Walter Scott may he R.I.P. as well.

Additional details concerning the tragic Lady Glamis, Janet Douglas, are found in The Douglas Archives.

Please note that you're cordially invited the join the private FB group Genealogy plus History.

Nov 12, 2013

A Search for the Real Monarch of Britain (video)

Then Is Queen Elizabeth II lost? No, silly!

by Jude Cowell

Though I'm studying US Progressions for November 28, 2013, there's not much time for blogging today so here's a curious video, a 48-minute tale of Tony Robinson's search for the Real Monarch of Britain. No, I have not had a chance to view the entire presentation though of course I've previously read about the King who eliminated all those he could murder of Plantagenets from the face of the earth thus diverting into an alternate direction, the Royal Blood Line of Ascendancy to the British Throne:

Am I to guess that much of history is written by successful usurpers?

For more videos visit Forbidden Knowledge TV where knowledge isn't so forbidden after all...

Jun 5, 2012

Horoscope of Venus Transit 2012: Equal Pay for Women, a Recall Vote, and a Queen

In May I blogged aloud whether Greece would leave the EU in tandem with Venus transiting the Sun, a rare cosmic event occurring today or tomorrow (June 5 and 6, 2012) depending on where you are located on Earth. NPR has good coverage of the event, text or audio.

Astrologically the Transit (or Occultation as Venus journeys between Earth and Sun) may be seen as a conjunction by degree....On the level of Politics and Business, it may be interesting to consider the implications of the Sun/Venus combination. Is it synchronicitous that the US Senate is set to vote this afternoon on equal pay for women (Venus) with Republicans carrying their usual flag for Business (men), while Democrats say they're championing equal pay for Women?

Yes, Venus' material values and money are on top of many menus this week with feminine Venus transiting the masculine Sun.

Now concerning the Senate'e procedural vote today, Sun = business (usually men, certainly ego and here paternalism with Venus signifying not only women but evaluations and material earnings (in the US women earn 77 cents for each dollar a man earns so we see who is more valued in American society--even though many women are the only breadwinners for their families, a circumstance seldom of their own choosing.)

Now in my blogging quest to provide you with the best astrological information I can muster, I shall quote from Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets by Michael Munkasey even though Mr. Munkasey isn't a fan of being precisely quoted and considers his analyses inspirational. Well, so do I. But helpfully, his format uses the Hegelian Thesis-Antithesis model with the resulting Synthesis turning up in the realm of Experience or Outcome in society; naturally, with Venus Transit 2012 visible over the planet, the following may apply to any nation or business-related endeavor:

Potentials for Sun/Venus in Politics and Business:

"Thesis: Using the wealth available to a nation or business to sustain its image or authority; how a society shapes the direction of its growth; the nature of reserves, resources, and the role they play in development.

A leadership which doesn't appreciate the role that art or culture plays in developing the character or identity; a society which is estranged from its leadership; little development of artistic or musical heritage."

We may look to today's re-call vote (Venus re-trograde in voting Mercury's sign of duplicitous Gemini with Mercury out-of-bounds of the earthly plane--watch for vote-counting discrepancies and hopefully a large record-breaking turnout with Mercury OOBs) on paternalistic Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (Sun) with collective values and workers' rights hanging in the balance (Venus!), the current and very soggy Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth (signified by both Venus and the Sun--or is the Sun her master?!), and other news items for clues concerning real world outcomes of Venus Transit 2012. Click to read of the Queen's celebration which has made barely a ripple on this side of the pond; included is one Brit's comment on Her Majesty's remoteness (aka, 'estranged' as mentioned above) as Venus sails across the Sun like a very damp flotilla cruising the River Thames.

Now here's a view of the Venus Transit 2012 horoscope set for the Capitol Building Washington DC; please to click to enlarge and read my scribbly notations for midpoint pictures, a T-Square pattern between Jupiter/NN and Neptune, and more; US natal planets are penned around the outside of the chart with US n Saturn 14Lib48 (lawmakers; managers; Democrats) at MC, the Goal and Public Status point; as you know, Saturn in 10th house is the 'fall from grace' indicator if Saturn's lessons of maturity are not learned, honesty is not upheld, and life's responsibilities are not honored (I'm looking at you, US House of Representatives--and at men who abandon their women and don't pay child support...ya know who ya are):

Sun and Venus @ 16 Gemini: "A Woman Activist In An Emotional Speech Dramatizes Her Cause" = "the PROSYLYTIZING MIND...Keywords: A passionate response to a deeply felt new experience." (Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala.) Noted on the horoscope is Venus Transit 2012 taking place Tropically among the stars of Orion the Hunter.

And the negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc) expression for '16Gem' as given by Marc Edmund Jones in The Sabian Symbols in Astrology?

"A bias forever exalting itself."

Sounds just right for a self-satisfied Sun/Venus conjunction and super-decriptive of the majority of our self-serving US Congress members who continue to place power, wealth, and weird Utopian ideologies far above the needs and preferences of We The People whose government it is.

Raise taxes on the rich who can afford it--and stop waging war!

Jan 5, 2012

New Years Day 2012: dead body @ Queen Elizabeth's estate

New Year 2012 Murder in the UK: Who Will Question the Queen? by Jude Cowell On New Years Day 2012, mayhem was discovered--a woman's dead body turned up in the woodlands in or near the grounds of Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate where the royals partied over the weekend to welcome New Year 2012. Since hunting and horse-riding are favorite royal pursuits at Sandringham perhaps *Adriano Carelli's degree symbol for the Sun on January 1st--the Solar Return date for 2012 to the horoscope of modern UK's founding on Jan 1, 1801 12:00 am -1:00 (historical record) will apply as the UK's 211th birthday is imprinted by a mysterious (last I heard--perhaps more will come out) death of a female, as it's been reported (see article links, below.) Carelli gives what I believe is a quite-applicable symbol for '11 Capricorn', the rounded-up degree of the UK's natal Sun--and of the Sun's degree on the day the remains were found: "A king wearing the crown and seated on the throne receives an envelope from a messenger or an ambassador." "A minor feature of this influence is fondness for horsemanship," says Carelli, along with mention of secrecy, reserve, worldly wisdom, cunning, diplomacy and, "--if need be, double-dealing." Well, yes. Monarchy and Politics can be a lethal combo at times, can't it? Carelli adds that '11Cap' is the degree of equidistance (his Sun/Moon midpoint) of Lloyd George who was, among other things, Britain's senior representative in Paris at the Treaty of Versailles negotiations and signing. Queen Elizabeth II Comparing the natal and progressed charts of Queen Elizabeth II (as rep for the UK itself) with a horoscope set for Sandringham Norfolk, 12 am on January 1, 2012, there are astro-links galore all of which I do not have time to detail for you here. There are, however, indications of passion (Venus/Mars) on the scene (in the New Years Day 2012 chart) and unhealthy romantic attachments, or, deceiving or a deceptive woman (tr Venus opposite QEII's natal Neptune), no-win situations and people dropping in unannounced (tr Venus opposite her n Moon in partying Leo), and potentials for danger, disastrous encounters, disrupted gatherings (tr Mars opposite n Uranus) or even violence. (See QEII's natal Sun degree, just below.) And with tr Saturn opposing her natal Sun these days, any failure to live up to past promises comes back to haunt her now. And of course, these transits probably apply somewhere in her experience whether she knows about the mysterious body or not. Its discovery in proximity to the Royal Family's Sandringham estate may be only a coincidence. (Interestingly, the Queen's natal Sun 00Tau12 was recently conjoined by Jupiter's Direct Station on Dec 25, 2011 @ 00Tau22, with '00-1Tau' being 'degrees of violence', according to how aggressively Adolf Hitler acted every time his natal Sun at that degree was triggered during his salad days--'Hitler's trigger degree" which relates to actions based on ego concerns.) Yet the Queen's war time experiences may be all that is denoted by her having natal Sun in the 00-1 Tau range though we may wish to note her family's true origins in Germany (the 'Windsor' family name only goes back to 1917.) Applause Applause! Plus, Queen E's natal Moon--the reigning need, says Noel Tyl--is in Leo 12:07--indicating one born with a bottomless pit in the approval-applause-appreciation department, plus, as you know, royal Leo is the 'natural ruler' sign which is ruled by the Sun...ego. My guess is that all the royal pageantry in her life suits the lady's emotional needs as seen by how Elizabeth took to her sudden turn at rulership like a hungry duck on a junebug intent on satisfying its reigning need for sustenance. Surprising Surmising? Did an old love return to haunt one of the royals? Was the departed lady a guard or an agent on the castle's or the government's payroll? Or a messenger? (a la '11Cap' noted above.) Well, the January 1, 2012 chart set for Sandringham @ 12:00 am shows transit Moon in Taurus precisely opposite Elizabeth's natal Saturn in powerful Scorpio at Midheaven (Sco)--Saturn @ natal MC = a monarch. Will someone's authority, security, stability, or the status quo (Saturn) be challenged (opposition) by a woman, by The People, or by media curiosity (Moon = women; the populace; publicity) as the Moon reflects her natal and ruling Saturn posited at the very pinnacle (MC = Goal; Aspiration; Public Status; Career, across the 4/10 'security' axis. Her Nibs possesses an Angular Saturn expressing facets of mature authority--functioning authoritatively--on the world stage) as shown in her natal horoscope and issuing from her inner psyche and Saturn's gift of longevity has merited Queen Elizabeth II her celebratory Jubilee. That's due to the fact that she has never stinted on doing her duty though this much of Saturn's coldness may be difficult in personal relationships with children feeling the adult's icy personality most deeply in many cases. Year 2012 minus 12 years = Year 2000 Then there's royal Jupiter's recent station on Elizabeth's natal Sun spotlighting a time when one mustn't get carried away with one's own self importance and self-indulgence may be prominent (a New Years Eve party extraordinaire?); plus, Jupiter-to-natal- Sun marks a period when an endeavor begun twelve years before must either move forward expansively, or come to an end. Now two chart factors that 'pop out' at me in Elizabeth's Secondary Progressions is Sec ASC = Sec Saturn/Pluto: being placed in cumbersome or difficult circumstances (ex: a dead body turning up on one's property especially when one values one's privacy and security so very very much); separation; mourning and bereavement. Additionally, Sec ASC = Sec Venus/Mars (passion!): a lively expression of feelings. (Ebertin.) Let's hope that for the Royal Family and their possible involvement in this mysterious event, that someone's emotional 'expression' wasn't lively enough to cause another's sad bereavement. However the case may be, I am merely astrologizing here so how about a few early January links to The Guardian's more factual coverage of this remains in woodlands mystery? For a lighter diversion, let's start with Jan 1, 2012 as artist David Hockney to be awarded the Order of Merit--he who Once Upon a Time refused to paint Elizabeth II or to accept a knighthood; Jan 2: the Queen's "best diamonds" to go on display in honor of her 50-year jubilee--longer than Maggie Thatcher's reign who had natal Saturn--also in Scorpio--rising and conjunct Ronald Reagan's natal Jupiter in mid-Scorpio; Jan 3: Sandringham murder inquiry launched after body discovered; Jan 4: DNA being checked against that of missing women of foreign origins. So far, I have not found mention of how long the woman's remains were around and we'll see as the year proceeds whether this news will be only a blip on the screen of royal info control--or, if Britain's royal family members know absolutely nothing about the matter. Or some explanation in between. Oops! There is one more factor I shall note: a Sabian Symbol that is activated in the Queen's current Progressions: Sec ASC '27Gemini' = "A Gypsy Coming Out of the Forest Gazes at Far Cities"...or, perhaps gazing from the woodlands at a far castle? *Source: The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli.

Jan 23, 2011

The Protocols of Zion & the Stone of Destiny

Not for the shy and retiring, and to be avoided by all shrinking violets, here's a modern English translation of the much balley-hooed, often discredited only to rise in popularity again, the Protocols of Zion. Or Sion. Or Knights of Malta. Or Queen Elizabeth II and her kin supposedly descended from King David whose son Solomon, though wise in his heyday, resorted to practicing occultism and witchcraft toward the end of his life.

Then the stonemasons working on Solomon's Temple got into the narrative, secrets abound about the Stone of Destiny which QE2 was supposed to be coronated upon except that she wasn't because the Stone in Westminster Abbey was - is - a fake.

And therein raced the Scots purloining away the Stone of Destiny to a safe place guessed it...Scotland, where it nestles still and with the fake stone doing duty in London. That, they say, is why the British monarchy insisted that QE2's coronation in 1953 not include any close-ups where the fake could be clearly seen.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II reigns illegitimately while grandson Prince William waits in the wings for his star turn at the helm of as maggot-infested a gaggle of inbreds as you'd ever care to meet in a dark alley or otherwise.

For further reading on the topic, try the Lia Fail, aka, the Coronation Stone. And one time-link sort of oddity: when I looked at a horoscope for Dec 25, 1950 (yet a version of the tale mentions "night" and "Christmas Eve 1950" - perhaps a little after midnight making it Christmas Day?), the same midpoint picture turned up then as we have now:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto.

Different signs in 1950, of course, but similar 'brutality' and 'violence' vibes with 'the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort' and the potential for 'rebellion against one's lot in life' in play. (Ebertin.)

Jul 4, 2010

More on the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse in Cancer

If you're looking for more astro-details on the upcoming Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 Virgo Magic may have just what you're looking for, including info on the recent Lunar Eclipse 4Cap46 conjunct Pluto of June 26, 2010.

With Capricorn ruled by Saturn (fear) and Pluto's deep fear factor involved in the cosmic picture, the fear of loss (Cap) and how to cope with it (Pluto) is on every one's menu on into 2011, which will be The Year To Get Through as best we can!

The July 11 Solar Eclipse is in the 12 South Series which has a time link to its last manifestation so we may expect similar issues from that year to reappear - or, the exact same issues in various guises may re-rear their hoary heads for the world's reconsideration and, hopefully, for better solutions.

Last time, 12S manifested on June 30, 1992 @ '9Can' so Cancerian issues of security, safety, domestic concerns such as real estate, homelessness, refugeeism, food, grains, and milk - anything that nurtures and protects - were on our minds and in the headlines as they are again. Plus, nowadays we have genetic engineering of seeds and food supplies to worry about along with changing weather patterns interrupting growing seasons; famine cannot be ruled out.

And of course, 1992 is one of the years of the 90s decade that the New World Order was rearing its (ugly) head in a more public way than ever before with Bush Sr's mentions of it as a venture which will be successful. Then came 1993, studded with the Great Conjunctions of enlightening planets Uranus and Neptune, the pair which this reluctant astrologer considers to be a signature of the Illuminati and their plan for world domination. You may disagree, and that's okay.

In 1992, Uranus and Neptune were within orb but not as strong as they would be in 1993 when partile (exact.)

Yet it seems obvious to me that Bill Clinton's election to the presidency was part of the NWO agenda with NAFTA's 'free trade' pretending not to be code words for the dissolving of borders, nation states, currencies, and, yes, the United States of America. In the news now is the UN calling for dumping the US dollar.

Yes, 'thanks' must go to Bill NAFTA Clinton, as I call him.

Also, the first bombing of the World Trade Center took place under his watch as perhaps a sort of a dry run for 9/11 though I doubt any WTC attack victims of either year would appreciate my typing that. Still, both attacks are part of a process which is my point today on America's 234th birthday as the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse draws near - and occurs one week into our nation's Solar year.

A bright spot has to be 12S's astrological implications that 'things at first seem worse, then clear with successful outcomes' (Brady's Predictive Astrology) but if the Eclipse influence helps any of the dire conditions we face, the 'then clear' part could come in early 2011, or later this year since a Solar Eclipse's influence lasts from one to the next, approximately 6 months. (Though a strong one may take effect up to 2 weeks prior to its actual occurrence.)

So will BP's efforts to stop the Gulf Coast oil gusher bear fruit in mid-July as they've said it might, before their previous estimate of August? Well, Cancer the Crab does live in Gulf waters after all! Or should I say, lived?

A Few Historical Events of 1992

Britain's Queen Elizabeth dubbed 1992 her 'annus horribilis' with Windsor Castle damaged by fire (and eventually she had to foot some of the bill, poor thing!), plus the marriages of three out of her four children ended in divorce (Charles and Diana formally announcing their separation in December.)

Financial scandals were in the news as usual, and a loss-infused Saturn/Pluto square brought a bleak, heavy mood similar to what their 2010 square brings now (though their square didn't become exact until March 1993, prolonging its effects.)

The Serbs bombarded Sarajevo, heating up the Balkans conflict and the UN condemned 'ethnic cleansing' by the Serbs as a war crime. (War is a crime, imho.) More marriage troubles appeared as Nelson Mandela and his wife separated (like Al and Tipper Gore?); the venerable Lloyd's of London revealed massive losses; in New York, John Gotti was convicted of murder and racketeering.

(Gotti may be gone, but murder and racketeering remain.)

Also in 1992, race riots erupted in Los Angeles after Rodney King's video-taped beating by police was shown ad infinitum on TV, Hurricane Andrew devastated Florida and the Bahamas, and women priests were allowed to minister in the Church of England after much wrangling and controversy.

On January 8, 1992 while visiting Japan, President George Herbert Walker Bush was poisoned (my theory) at a state dinner, vomited into the lap of Japan's Prime Minister, then promptly fainted. Influenza was said to be the cause. Perhaps. But if I'd felt that ill before dinner, I would have begged off and had a tray sent up!

Oh, and did I mention that Bill NAFTA Clinton was elected US President? Bet Poppy B threw up again when he heard that.


A more complete list of the events of 1992 by month may be found here.

Moon Phases, a drawing from my Secret Moon Art collection of cosmic images with an occasional bit of Astrology blended in.

May 5, 2007

Street Sense wins Kentucky Derby!

They just ran the K-Derby which took all of 2:02:17 minutes, and 2-year-old Street Sense has won.

With tr Jupiter$ and Pluto$ snugged around tr Moon 24Sag45, we see the moola flowing with Jup/Plu = Moon (see previous post on the Queen's visit to US for midpoint pictures' expanations.)

And the Sabian Symbol for the Moon, "25Sag"?

"A chubby boy on a hobby horse"!! I kid you not.

Although jockies must be slight, not chubby, I thought that was perfect.

The amusingly-named longshot I'm a Wild and Crazy Guy finished 4th.

FYI: Queen Elizabeth was reported by NPR to be wearing a green straw hat with a pinkish-red scarf tied around it. I assume it matched her outfit.

May 4, 2007

Queen Elizabeth and Cousin George partay!

With more than a whiff of scandal in the exalted air in the US and Britain, it seems appropriate that Queen Elizabeth II has the same natal Sun-Moon personality blend as the Jamestown Colony (May 3, 1607 NS, sunrise: 5:07:32 am LMT, Sun/ASC 12Tau24, Moon 4Leo50.)

For speed purposes I'll be referring to the British monarch here as QE2--no disrepect intended...natal chart bwo AstroDataBank: Apr 21, 1926; 2:40 am BST, from official records...birthplace London, of course.

QE2's natal Sun is earlier in Taurus 00:12 conjunct Chiron--although out-of-sign with Chiron 28Ari01. With Sun conj Chiron, our full sense of self, of being who we are, is connected to the degree by which we experience spirituality and higher consciousness, and relates to identifying our dharma, or life's work.

She's always seemed to me to have an excellent sense of who she is, royal "WEs" to the contrary. However, her closest--and only--applying aspect to natal Sun is a nagging 'minor' semi-square with Venus (1A15)--perhaps showing in part the stiff view of her personality held by the public (with Saturn at MC, the most public point in any chart, doing the rest.)

A waxing (unconscious) Sun/Chiron conj (2S11) gives a very strong and innate sense of destiny with normal life patterns rarely if ever lived out (Chiron, Barbara Hand Clow.)

If you were Queen, you'd be above the crowd and feeling Saturn's isolation as well, and having her duty-bound Saturn at MC and in powerful Scorpio has made her path clear...Saturn's authority gave her no options but to follow the family business of monarchy.

Plus, natal SN (a separative point and Saturnian to boot) conj n ASC places the Lady 'outstanding in her own field'...and separates her from all but the closest relations. Having SN conj ASC may cause problems with them as well!

There's no time to delineate her entire natal chart, more's the pity, but I want to mention a few more interesting factors relating to her current US visit including the Sun Tau/Moon Leo synchronicity with Jamestown's founding.

This is a good time to give the regal, vain Sun Tau/Moon Leo blend with its fixed opinion tendencies and its materialistic, snobbish, and masterful traits:

Images: On a perfect summer's eve, a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream is held in the palace garden...Keeping up with the Joneses. (If she's here to check up on and rein in Cousin George, then we must be the Joneses!)

And here is a timely quote from QE2 herself:

"True patriotism doesn't exclude an understanding of the patriotism of others."

A most riveting observation considering with whom she's cavorting this weekend...perhaps she should've mentioned it to Cheney prior to 2000 and 2003.

QE2 shares this natal blend with Moshe Dayan, who said:

"Whenever you accept our views, we shall be in complete agreement with you."

Wonder who'll be carrying the bigger cattle prod in Washington on Monday? Couldn't Cousin George just have shipped over the gold as usual? But they had more big fish to fry, it further...

Another of her natal chart features worth mentionally is her Pluto/NN conj with its obvious 'power-as-destiny' flavor. This is the 'tiger-by-the-tail' aspect which gives QE2 the drive and determination to take advantage of prevailing social trends to her advantage (hullo, Jamestown, VA Tech, and Kentucky Derby!) Plu/NN has an even more deliberate and calculating quality than an Uranus/NN conj--which Bush has natally.

The Pluto/NN conj has a dangerous tendency to manipulate social forces which are often too large to handle safely. 'We' may find ourselves entrapped or crushed by the weight of circumstances in which we embroil ourselves (and as in all astrology and LIFE, we may experience this happening to others in our environment--ex: perfect description for the fates of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed esp since North Node represents a fated path or destiny.)

This affairs-out-of-hand quality of Plu/NN conjs may collapse existing structures in a dangerous way. Yeah. Same with the Middle East, thanks a bunch.

But back to QE2's jolly US vacation...

With her natal Saturn 24Sco27, I looked at her arrival chart using tr Moon 24Sco27 which actually timed perfectly with May 3 of her arrival upon our shores.

As her visit progresses, tr Moon crosses tr Jupiter 18Sag15 Rx--a pleasant contact--and then tr Pluto 28Sag37, a point conjuncting Fixed Star, Acumen, keywords: enduring attacks which weaken.

Someone is feeling isolated, alone, and weakened, and the Moon is here to (among other things) buck him up, it would seem. You may be tempted to think this refers only to Bush, but check out this midpoint picture which has been ongoing with tr Saturn 18Leo27...stomping between QE2's n Moon/Neptune:

Moon/Nep = tr Saturn: pessimism; despair; influenced strongly by prevailing and temporary circumstances and conditions; feeling frustrated or paralyzed; hard work to shake off indolence; sense of suffering under the yoke (probably a permanent condition with her motto, duty first, self second); restructuring ambition.

Hey, I know--she and Bush and their elitist cronies could pay for restructuring and rebuilding Iraq! Sometimes I have good ideas.

So after tr Moon visits Jupiter (Cheney?) and Pluto (your guess is as good as mine--Bush perhaps?) Moon will conj QE2's natal ASC on the night of the State Banquet at the White House, Monday, May 7...21Cap23. And of course, Sagittarius is the sign of the half HORSE/half man centaur--she throws down at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday!

By Monday, the Sun Tau/Moon Cap blend gives this *Image/word picture:

A royal banquet honours the longest-serving headmistress of the oldest most prestigious school in the land. (Sometimes Astrology amazes!)

So tr Moon (as QE2 herself--and the Moon makes a good timer) goes from the beginning of her trip to the Monday night barbeque (please, George, tell me you'll allow decent fare to be served!) beginning with her 9th house Saturn (albeit closely conj n MC 25Sco33), through her 11th house of Groups/Associations/Hopes and Wishes--Partay!...then through her behind-the-scenes 12th house of Karma and Self-Undoing, and on to conj natal Ascendant on Monday night: 21Cap23.

This gives three midpoint pictures as tr Moon approaches, goes between, and passes Jupiter and Pluto...

Moon/Plu = Jup: emotional conviction guides a new start; establishing one's new position with a gut feeling (oh dear--not again); great success; lucky chances;

Jup/Plu = Moon: the desire to bring about social improvements and aspirations; the ability to influence the masses or the public bwo an appeal to the emotions; a good psychologist (Bush and Cheney could use one--have at it, Old Girl!);

Moon/Jup = Pluto: an extraordinary and usual striving for possessions and wealth; the urge to start great enterprises (deja-vu?); major plans for major triumph; the big picture and the power to make it appear.

Well, isn't this nice? It is for them--tr NN (meetings; encounters; associations) is conjuncting QE2's n Venus, planet of relationships, money, and pleasant social functions--NN to Venus = cultural get-togethers.

May we only hope that the White House pretzels aren't too stale for the royal palate!

Tuesday she'll wing her way back to her own realm (that is, if you think Cornwallis' Surrender was for real and that American independence is lasting into 2007) where Tony Blair's Labour Party has just and justly suffered embarrassing defeats based primarily on Blair's support of the Bush-Cheney invasion of Iraq. And ten years in power seems like a mighty long time.

It'll be a royal wee wee wee, all the way home.

So why not close with a few bon mots from Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie, another Scotsman, who so winningly said:

"You've forgotten the grandest moral attribute of a Scotsman, Maggie, that he'll do nothing which might damage his career."