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Mar 4, 2011

2012? The prez-runniness of Newt Gingrich

Update 9:42 pm est: With Gingrich's IRS filing completed, you may now donate as you wish.

Original post begins here:

Will the erstwhile fellow toss his hat into the White House ring or won't he?

Apparently a certain political maverick of dinosaur proportions will run for president in 2012 but Newt Gingrich has a lot of past baggage to shift around and repack before he even begins trudging the campaign trail.

With neither marriage fidelity nor political ethics his strong suits, Mr. Gingrich must depend on typically stirring rhetoric and his record on Capitol Hill to boost any minute chance he might have of winning the Republican nomination in spite of his weak spots. Besides, would Karl Rove approve of a Gingrich presidency in 2013?

Well, here are a few brief notes I made on the natal placements of Newt Gingrich way back in 2007 prior to Campaign 2008 really heating up. See what you think and get back to me if possible.

Would you vote to catapult a Newt into the White House? Really?

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