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Nov 2, 2022

A Republican Revolution and Violence 2022

When the 104th Congress opened on January 3, 1995, Republican Newt Gingrich took the gavel as Speaker of the House in what can be called the Republican Revolution of 1994. With a major sense of frustration, 40 years of Democratic supremacy had to be vanquished by Republicans chaffing at the bit to be the Big Boss of Washington, just as they chafe now.

An excellent overview of events that led up to the Republican take-over and their "Contract On America" (as President Clinton had called it - so do I), plus, more Neptunian intrigue, are now available via Steve Kornacki's 6-episode podcast, The Revolution (MSNBC). How did the bitterness in Washington begin? With power-craving Republican operative Newt Gingrich using his Pied Piper ability which is shared by Donald Tr*mp via their Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius personality blends.

So for readers who speak any amount of astrologese, it may be revealing to compare the party's 1854 horoscope (Sun = Aries Point; the revolutionary duo, Uranus-Pluto conjunct in Taurus) with a chart of Election Night 1994 (November 8; "8:00 pm" with Moon @1AQ15 conjunct bold Altair, the eagle), what I'm labeling the 'Republican Revolution 1994' horoscope for the purposes of this comparison.

Horoscopes: Republican Party 1854 with Republican Revolution 1994 ("8:00 pm" est puts 1854 Neptune at Midheaven, the Goal Point along with star of crisis, Achernar)

Yes, an abundance of study notes are squooshed upon the charts; please enlarge or print the image for better viewing, if needed. Alternately, why not set up the charts for yourself and have it your way?


For a Thom Hartmann video segment on this topic from 2016, see Who Started the Destruction of Public Trust? (a sprinkling of Astrology included).

It seems antiquainted now, but Gingrich's With America" spouted three core principles: Accountability, Responsibility, and Opportunity! So in view of the Republican Party's attempts to dodge the first two "principles," this would be laughable if it weren't so tragic for our democratic Republic under siege worse than ever before by a fas*ist-naz*-sympathizing GOP working in league with a global authoritarian movement - a worldwide criminal network - ours led by dictator wanna-be Donald Tr*mp, the orange menace, or as some have called him, the Mango Mussolini.

Jun 28, 2021

George Packer and the Recuperation of America

by Jude Cowell

"Equality and Self-Government are interconnected here," - George Packer

Monday June 28, 2021: As you might expect, my morning began with an informative interview posted to Al Franken's podcast of June 27th, George Packer on How It Got So Bad in America and How It Could Get Slightly Better which, in case you missed it, is a must-listen for those who care about our country and the direction the US is headed if we don't beneficially reform our ways. Suggestions for America's betterment are included.

In their wide-ranging interview, topics such as 'Newt Gingrich' ("It's Newt Gingrich," says George Packer: "There was nothing conservative about {him}, "He was a radical") which resonates perfectly with the subsequent radical reactionary Republican Party of our era, aka, the Tr*mp Party. As you know, in Political Astrology such terms describe chaotic planet Uranus, the Utopian zealot, anarchist, and radical reformer. And Tr*mp's 10th house Uranus in Gemini is his 'guiding planet' (last planet to rise before his Sun; fyi mine is 4th house Jupiter in Capricorn).

George Packer's latest book Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal is now available via Kindle and the audio version. #ad

Plus, another astrological point worth mentioning is a certain cosmic link: that Newt and Donald share the same personality blend of 'Peter Pan' and 'The Pied Piper' as noted in a previous post about Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius, the zodiacal polarity of truth vs falsehood-- integrity vs immorality--fact vs fiction axis through which Tr*mp brought us "fake news" and "alternative facts," among other bizarre, misguided things. Obviously, this polarity's communication-propaganda-'religious' vibes have played a large part in the success and eventual disgrace of both men, and Mr. Packer asserts that Gingrich was "consumed by the fire he lit," and that at some point Tr*mp will also be consumed (by his own conflagration).

Now for a cosmic look ahead you may wish to try Jupiter-Neptune Conjunctions of 2009 and 2022 (both horoscopes shown). Note that as I type in June 2021 and until their next Great Conjunction of April 12, 2022 @23Pis59, society remains under the 'dreamy' influences of the third of their three conjunctions in 2009. Follow the link to view the 'current' 2009 (until April 12, 2022) Jupiter-Neptune horoscope with its scandals, hypocrisy, fraudulent schemes, inflationary bubbles, dreams, visions, and political conflicts galore. Why, you may even wish to credit Jupiter-Neptune influence with the abundance of "UFO" sightings which now seem to be worthy of notice by some sectors participating in the public discourse such as the US military, mainstream media, and Politics. Is an "alien landing" of manipulation and fear being planned by the elite class? What do you think? jc

Nov 6, 2018

What History Can Tell Us About the Outcome of the Midterm Election - clip

November 6, 2018: Here in a brief segment, Thom Hartmann provides two historical examples (1946/Truman and 1994/Clinton) of how things in Washington have proceeded in the past when a political party wins a majority of seats in the Midterm Elections and takes control of the House but not the Senate:

Support independent media such as Thom's broadcasts at Patreon.

Oct 25, 2016

Who Started The Destruction Of Public Trust? - clip (plus, Astrology)

Destruction of the Public Trust has been a topic through the years here on SO'W so I'm glad to find that progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann and Professor Robert Reich have something to say on the subject. In the brief video, below, Thom discusses Professor Reich's recent article which points to the win-at-any-cost antics of Republican Newt Gingrich during Bill Clinton's presidency as one of, if not the, culprit.

Remember that destroying the American people's trust in the US government is an integral part of the Global Government plan for domination so that when the dust clears after the chaos they create, we'll all say, Oh, please please establish a One World Government for our problems are too difficult for Washington politicians to handle, or something to that effect. Puh! Well, there are many examples of dry runs on behalf of this devilish Hegelian scenario but one that comes to mind is the creation of a "super Congress" in 2011 so that sequestration (austerity measures) could be shoved into place, funds diverted, and 'Congress' wouldn't be blamed for the results.

If you recall there was even a Sequestration Solar Eclipse in November 2011 with sinister vibes of "a peculiar turn of events" to reflect in the heavens the non-traditional behavior on earth of our infiltrated US government and its 'officials' who continue to act in breach of the public trust.

Also note that Mr. Trump and Mr. Gingrich were born under the exact same personality blend of Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius, if that tells us anything. See Trump and Gingrich: Peter Pan and the Pied Piper for more details. Or view A Natal Chart for Newt Gingrich where you'll see his Sag Moon that will soon (Feb 2017) be hit by a transit from restrictive Saturn (same as Trump's Moon but earlier) followed closely by Saturn opposing their natal Suns.

This transit would be doubly difficult for anyone--unless in the realms of Politics, Saturn brings them authority and responsibility instead of, or along with, loss, ill health, family concerns, broken relationships, and/or an end to their shared desire for power. Whether the Saturn transits are positive or negative for them, I Do Not Want Gingrich, Cheney, Rove, Delay, or any of their particular criminal brotherhood in power, do you? As if all they perpetrated is now okay. It isn't.

So in spite of all globalist ploys to undermine our trust and betrayals of American sovereignty, their Hegelian tactics don't work with this Child of the Revolution because I continue to esteem our form of government while calling foul on the corrupting infiltrators and agents who work from the inside to dissolve our Republic on behalf of a 'new order'. (Perhaps you've seen my 11+-year-old blog description under the title, above--it has not changed!) Do globalists underestimate the fervor of those of us whose ancestors sacrificed, fought, and died for the sake of America? For that is my suspicion!

Now here's Mr. Hartmann:

Astro-Notes on Solar Eclipses of 2015--2017.

Jul 14, 2016

July 15, 2016 GOP Candidate Trump to Announce VP Pick

On Friday July 15, 2016, Candidate Donald Trump Set to Announce His VP Pick

by Jude Cowell

Today is Thursday July 14th, the radio is on, and as I await Herman Cain's live call-in interview with Donald Trump at 11:00 am this morning, I peek at the horoscope for Trump's VP announcement said to be scheduled for tomorrow July 15th at 11:00 am (NYC). Hints suggest will be Indiana Governor Mike Pence because his name isn't on the RNC 2016 speakers list.

Update 1:00 pm edt: WSB Radio reports that Mike Pence is Trump's VP choice.

Later update: Trump canceled due to the attack in Nice, France and won't confirm Mike Pence as VP pick. Changeable Gemini.

Note: Trump and Cain (natal Saturn-Pluto = Mars, and Trump is nothing if he isn't Mars-and-Regulus-rising) spoke for about 13 minutes on what Trump will do for America, the Justice Ginsburg diss and apology, and the importance of nominating conservatives on the Supreme Court; he also mentioned tomorrow's VP announcement at 11:00 am.

Trump VP Announcement July 15, 2016 11:00 am edt NYC

For me, two chart factors stand out: 1. the trio of Mars (24Sco40), Moon (2Sag54), and Saturn (10Sag25 Rx) which create a difficult midpoint picture suggesting loss, moodiness, depression, and/or a weak will (Ebertin; Tyl), plus, '1Sag' is the "A Grand army of the Republic Campfire" degree.

If we turn to Michael Munkasey's midpoints, we find potentials for: anger over restrictions, fluctuations of energy levels, development of courage or strength, and/or an awareness of the need to restrain impulsive activity (my guess with a VP Pence) though who can say if Pence, Gingrich, or anyone as VP can moderate the actions, rash emotions, and indisretion of Mr. Trump. As you know, the Mars-Saturn duo indicates such things as: destructive energy, using force when restraint is required, taking what belongs to another, persistent wars, use of strife and struggle, demands to halt armaments, frustrations imposed by or upon criminal elements, plus, Mars-Saturn marks the death axis in a horoscope. Needless to say, any Moon is a very uncomfortable Moon when she's between Mars and Saturn, and a mundane Moon in American charts = We the People. This midpoint picture suggests the warring implications as mentioned, above, including the further militarization of police forces.

Chart factor 2. At Midheaven, the WHY? Point of any horoscope, on Friday July 15, 2016 at 11:00 am edt NYC is 25Gem18, the precise degree of Donald Trump's New Moon announcement of his presidential run on the morning of June 16, 2015. You'll remember that Mr. Trump used an agency to round up audience members and paid them each $50 to be there for his announcement and pretend to be in favor of it.

As Mr. Trump has said, he's only the messenger, and this assertion (which I've heard him say myself) is supported by the Gemini New Moon that began his campaign yet this necessarily begs the question: exactly whose message is he delivering? Perhaps we'll find out during the RNC and the RNC Full Moon of fulfillment and culmination which conjoins America's natal Pluto in Capricorn, significator of The Dictator who destroys so that he can rebuild anew upon the ruins.

Suitable for children, check out these Fun Facts about Governor Mike Pence born June 7, 1959 Columbus, IN, a Sun Gemini like Mr. Trump as is Newt Gingrich who also shares Trump's Sagittarian Moon--too much alike? Well, as for Mars and Saturn, Pence has them inconjunct which indicates that he's easy to intimidate, something Trump excels in and what Gingrich doesn't have. Plus, if Mr. Pence was born between 12:00 am and 12:44 pm CDT, his Moon is also in Gemini along with his Mercury--and all are grouped near Mr. Trump's natal Gemini placements. That's an abundance of wheeler-dealer Gemini, sign of The Messenger, which may provide excitement yet is unstable, changeable, and sometimes duplicitous.

Pence, Gingrich--and perhaps I should add today's Crazy Rumor which surely will be dispelled when Trump speaks tomorrow at 11:00 am or so: Rush Limbaugh for VP! The White House as right wing radio show? Please don't stay home on November 8th. Please.

Related posts: We the People: Moon-Tracking RNC and DNC 2016 and Clinton vs Trump: the New and Full Moons of July 2016. Now if we get a Trump we also get a Melania so you may wish to check out a previous post concerning the Wedding Day Astrology of Donald and Melania Trump.

Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets by Michael Munkasey; The Combination of Stellar Influences, by Reinhold Ebertin, and Solar Arcs, by Noel Tyl.

May 29, 2016

We the People: Moon-Tracking RNC and DNC 2016

Horoscopes: RNC and DNC July 2016

by Jude Cowell, your Common Good political astrologer

As always, my only nag in the race is America and as you know, in Mundane Astrology the Moon represents The Public whose favor and approval can fluctuate in the blink of an eye. So with the fast approaching Republican and Democratic National Conventions in July 2016, let's track the Moon through her zodiacal signs during the party nomination processes searching for lunar clues concerning public mood, sentiment, and popular trends in relation to Campaign 2016 and the presidential nominees who, here in late May, seem to be pre-selected.

For both events you see expansive Jupiter conjoining fixed star Denebola (21Virgo) with key words: out of the mainstream; to go against society which shows 'the outsider' quality of this election, a requirement of Venus as Evening Star, and one which can be satisfied by a victory for Hillary Clinton (a female), Bernie Sanders (a Democratic Socialist and Independent), or Donald Trump (a self-declared non-politician).

First up are the Republicans: RNC July 18--21, 2016 (Cleveland, Ohio). (For the DNC July 25--28, 2016 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, see below). Besides the Capricorn Full Moon of Tuesday July 19th, a few other lunar events and aspects will be briefly mentioned as we sail through the signs with Luna, the astrological significator of emotions, feelings, needs, trends, publicity, and popularity. For the time frame, we're symbolically using the first day of each convention at 12:00 am until the last day of each convention at 11:59 pm--to represent each event in its entirety and to cover all possible signs of the Moon from start to finish. The 'last day' 11:00 pm charts are shown, below.

Note that the Sun remains in Cancer during the RNC and in Leo during the DNC, with Cancer ruled by the Moon, Leo ruled by the Sun; brief notes on the changing Sun-Moon blends are included as well as the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse (18 South) which influences both conventions with 'separations, endings, partings' vibes.

RNC 2016: Monday July 18th 12:00 am: the Moon begins @4Cap28 (Sun 25Can57) giving the public at home and in the audience a serious tone of ambition and practicality with duties taken seriously (Capricorn is the sign of government, law, and business; tribal Cancer denotes home but also business); a Moon-Saturn tone indicates that some frigidity of feeling may be in evidence, if not onstage or in the audience, then behind the curtain. Monday July 18th also contains a Moon-Pluto flavor as the Moon conjoins transit Pluto at 9:24 pm (15Cap56). In Politics, a Moon-Pluto signature describes potentials for the misuse of resources in business and/or political activities, and/or campaign promises concerning the use of the military and/or police, plus, underworld criminal elements such as mobsters, fraud, waste, women's issues, and/or hidden wealth (Munkasey); (Cowell).

Actually, across the Cancer-Capricorn security axis, a doubling of Moon-Pluto vibes occurs on July 19th for a Full Moon @27Cap40 perfects and conjoins US natal Pluto (27Cap33) suggesting potentials for military and/or police involvement during the convention (or rhetoric about such topics), violence and/or criminal behavior, terrorism, paid protesters disrupting events, intense emotions such as rage or jealousy, hurled insults, hidden string-pulling, mass media and a very large amount of publicity. (Moon-Pluto = public relations; mass propaganda; a need for power.) Plus, with Moon-Pluto, a 'demanding tyrant' may be on the scene. This is supported by transit Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn which can express as The Dictator (Ebertin).

That the Full Moon's Sun opposes US natal Pluto @27Cap33 (and US SP Pluto @29Cap, a critical degree) hints at what we know to be the case: major power plays are in progress. The July 19th Full Moon may potentially reveal secrets much as a Lunar Eclipse can do and may involve the Pentagon and/or may place plutocrats (Pluto) in the public spotlight, and highlight misogyny, point to abortion issues, and/or uncover past abuses of women. Simultaneously, transit Pluto squares US natal Saturn (14Lib48), a time when motives must be aboveboard, and restriction and criticism occur due to our government's ruthless abuse of power and authority.

RNC 2016: Two Sun-Moon Blends

So RNC 2016 opens with a pragmatic, muddy Water-Earth Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn blend of the progressive traditionalist who knows how to appeal to the masses and can drive a hard bargain. Shrewd in business, smoothing the way for others is one this blend's aims along with following established protocol while looking toward the future. That Donald Trump can fit into such 'established protocol' remains to be seen but he has assured us that he can morph into something 'presidential'--spoken like a true thespian of the shape-shifting Gemini persuasion, one who is full of Mars-Rising self-confidence (on the outside, at least.)

Once the Moon enters Aquarius on July 19th (11:10 pm edt), convention vibes morph into a misty Water-Air blend of Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius, a more visionary combination of energies. Yet heart and head may be at odds with this blend along with an urge to 'upset the apple cart', as they say. Yet there is warmth of feeling here along with interests in home, family, and ancestral heritage, plus, an ability to practice Politics by what can be described as "a people person" (Harveys). Reaching out to the public and the forceful communication of ideas with passion and conviction are notable. Gregarious yet private, this blend allows a continual redefining of the personality and integrity along with a talent for creating magic for or upon the public.

By July 21st, the last night of RNC 2016, the Sun reaches the critical 29th degree of Cancer (+45m) spotlighting its interesting Sabian Symbol (when rounded up to '30Cancer'): "A Daughter of the American Revolution" = GLORIFICATION OF THE PAST (Rudhyar). The Republican Party certainly is determined on that even though it's an irrational head-against-brick-wall effort since the Great Cosmic Clock cannot be turned back to the 1850s or the 1950s! However, Mr. Trump's slogan, Make America Great Again, implies a link to our country's past and fits this symbol quite well. Of course, I assume that the RNC will not 'steal' the nomination from him by July!

Additionally on the evening of July 21st, America experiences a Lunar Return @27AQ at 11:36:19 pm edt which underscores our natal lunar aspects of July 4, 1776 (past history!) and the Thor's Hammer pattern (aka, a Fist of God) in our natal chart (I use 5:09 pm LMT with 12Sag rising, Jupiter ruling) with the Sun-Saturn square at its base (Cancer to Libra) pointing toward our natal Moon (We the People). My reading is that the Sun-Saturn square represents the three branches of government: Sun = the president, Saturn = lawmakers (Congress) and law interpreters (SCOTUS) with the power of the executive branch restricted (square = blockage) by the other branches--and vice versa. That's our founding checks'n'balances tradition, at least, before anti-government infiltrators meddled and the White House under Bush-Cheney wrongly engaged in preemptive war, among other unlawful things. In some cases, President Obama may have overstepped his bounds, too.

So! RNC 2016 is cosmically emphasized by a Capricorn Full Moon and a US Lunar Return, its dates possibly chosen for these planetary reasons. And it seems significant that Donald Trump announced his presidential bid on June 16, 2015 under the auspices of a New Moon @25Gemini07 (a new cycle of activity for him) and his political endeavor may culminate or pay off under the RNC Full Moon in Capricorn with the RNC's intense Moon-Pluto flavors of passion and possibly of violence. Now the Gemini-to-Capricorn lunations may be only a quixotic notion of his (or of mine!) but his 'Announcement New Moon' of The Messenger, Gemini (sign of his natal Sun, North Node, and Uranus), certainly seems about to bear Oval Office fruit--or at least provide the Big Opportunity for Mr. Trump's enlarged ego to pick a ripe one with his very own tiny little hands.

History of The Republican Party.

Here are both last-night horoscopes set for 11:00 pm edt (around the time when nominees' names are usually announced--or they've given their acceptance speeches): lower left = RNC Thursday July 21, 2016 11:00 pm edt; upper right = DNC Thursday July 28, 2016 11:00 pm edt; as you see, the current Solar Eclipse @18Pis55 rises in the RNC chart and is intercepted in the 12th house of Politics in the DNC chart which suggests the possibility of some sort of fated separation or parting taking place behind closed doors:

Now we mosey to Philadelphia where DNC 2016 begins Monday July 25th (12:00 am edt through Thursday July 28th 11:59 pm edt) with the Sun in early Leo (conjunct President Obama's natal Mercury--he will speak at DNC, of course) and the ever-changing Moon @9Aries02. Note that Aries is Bernie Sanders' natal Moon sign though it could possibly be Hillary Clinton's Moon sign, too, if her birth time is later than advertised. Interesting that the Moon will soon contact '11 Aries' which in Sabian Symbols is, "The Ruler of a Nation" (Rudhyar) or "The President of the Country" (Jones). For public sentiment, Moon in Mars-ruled Aries indicates an eager mood of impulsive or stirred up emotions and excited women. And we may hear Hillary bring up the "I am one of you with my modest beginnings" assertion though to me it sounds more sincere coming from Brooklyn-ite Bernie Sanders.

Tuesday July 26th: at 11:37 am, the Moon leaves Aries and enters Venus-ruled Taurus, its sign of exaltation, then on Wednesday July 27th at 9:55 pm, Luna will return to natal degree of former President Bill Clinton (20Tau18), a Lunar Return--with Jupiter trining his Moon along with Pluto so that a practical Earth Grand Trine is formed indicating a comforting power of attraction. This trine is a closed circuit of energies and hints at 'powerful builders' on the material plane, those who can consolidate vast resources until solid gains are made (Tierney).

Yet the course of the Moon (reigning need - Tyl) has obstacles in its path via two squares from Mercury @25Leo44 (5A26) and Venus @10Leo28 (0A49) indicating conflicting opinions (Mercury) and a need to adopt another's perspectives (Venus) which I read as Hillary's adoption (in her rhetoric, at least) of the more progressive views of Senator Bernie Sanders.

To hear very clearly another candidate's perspectives which political pundits say are causing Hillary to lean Left, check out the rousing speech of Bernie Sanders at his Bakersfield, California rally on May 28, 2016.

And of course, Mercury represents young people (such as Millennial voters who prefer Senator Sanders in great numbers) and/or students of student loan fame. Lady Venus on one level may represent women or people involved in professions such as entertainment or the beauty industry, or who work in financial and/or teaching fields. 'If' Hillary is the nominee, she'll need to make some adjustments in her campaign promises which is supported or triggered by the chart's Moon phase of 3rd quarter, the crisis in consciousness phase.

Now here are brief notes on the three Sun-Moon blends that form during DNC 2016:

Monday July 25th: Sun Leo-Moon Aries (Fire-Fire): passionate, ambitious, dictatorial, a social conscience yet self-centered; adventurous, extroverted, a daring gambler, wants to improve things and takes charge. Cautions are to avoid grandiosity, rashness, and recklessness. (This blend may describe the environment on the first day and/or someone who takes charge of the proceedings, possibly DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz).

Tuesday July 26th -- Wednesday July 27th: Sun Leo-Moon Taurus (Fire-Earth): a showman, regal, dictatorial, loyal yet self-seeking, magnetic, generous, powerseeking, a good administrator, intensely stubborn, self-confident with a "splashy personality," reliable, sincere and courageous, shrewdly commercial, a big thinker. Cautions are vanity, inflexibility, subjectivity, and a lack of cooperation.

Thursday July 28th: Sun Leo-Moon Gemini (Fire-Air): humorous, analytical, restless, sociable, organizing skills, youthful, purposeful yet playful, ambitious, adaptable, a quick learner, intuitive, friendly, quick witted, perennial student, persuasive communicator with a social conscience, an optimistic opportunist. Cautions are restlessness, emotional fickleness, and a tendency to over-rationalize.

Mask off! For Sun Leo-Moon Gemini is the natal personality blend of Barack Obama! And he has a Moon Return (3Gemini) during the last day of DNC 2016.

Now you see in the DNC chart a 'YOD pattern' as long as we're willing to count the Midheaven (MC, the Goal/Career Point @6Cap27) as the place where the Sun-Moon sextile (60 degr) at its base can express (in Career). At the Sun-Moon midpoint conjunct the IC, I wrote, "Sun-Moon = Hill and Bill?" because I think it does represent them and their marriage, a partnership of power. Also at IC is US natal Jupiter @6Cancer with its telling Sabian Symbol, "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests", a word picture from 1776 speaks for itself, agreed? Say what you will about the Clintons returning to the White House with all their tiresome baggage (that the GOP will never shut up about), since leaving the White House in January 2001, their speaking careers and the Clinton Foundation have been very lucrative for them and their family.

Now on the right side of the chart you see my scribbles of "YOD: Sun-Moon = MC: husband and wife, and Sun-Moon = US natal Jupiter: joint success" (Ebertin), with a YOD denoting 'a special task, turning point, or crossroads' within this midpoint picture. Return of the Power Couple is apparently the Clintons' goal. The question of a crime syndicate coming along with them is beyond the scope of this post--besides the US is infested with criminal syndicates already. However, I consider the two political parties as factions of a ruling elite with each group determined to control the American branch of Global Government, and it will probably make little if any difference to the fate of the American people whether a Republican or a Democrat is selected by higher-ups to steer our sinking ship, the military arm of said Government.

As for the upcoming transfer of power, a clue is found via the transiting Saturn-Neptune midpoint (26Cap+) now conjoining US natal Pluto which sits atop the Inauguration 2017 horoscope with potentials for feeling downtrodden (Tyl), and denials of guilt from responsible parties (Munkasey).

Now there are two societal conditions that need serious addressing but will the new boss be same as the old? Yes, unless it's President Bernie Sanders. But how many sold-out politicians do you think would cooperate with him?

In closing, I want to say that whoever moves into the Venusian Oval Office on January 20, 2017, the opposite party should consider one thing--that all their sore-loser criticisms and undermining of the presidency simultaneously undermines the United States of America. So as was not done during the presidency of Barack Obama, please think thrice before you determine upon our national failure because your treason is showing.

History of The Democratic Party.


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Note: you may wish to check back later for this post may be updated with timely info as July approaches! jc

May 6, 2016

Trump and Gingrich: Peter Pan and the Pied Piper

Trump and Gingrich: Which One's Which?

by Jude Cowell

Apparently Mr. Trump will be the Republican nominee for the 2016 race for the White House and, politician being needed to bolster his lack of knowledge, many pundits are speculating that his choice of VP running mate could turn out to be former Capitol Hill-er, Newt Gingrich, the old shut-down artist and Bohemian Grove attendee himself. As you may remember, Gingrich led a shut down of the US government in 1995/1996 and was pivotal in taking out a Saturnian Contract On America (which is what I've always called it.) What will the Pied Piper lead Donald to?

Trump and Gingrich working together as POTUS and VP would be two big-headed megalomaniacs bashing their noggins together! Mr. Trump is a street smart wheeler dealer while Mr. Gingrich actually is intelligent in a scholarly way so could the skim-the-surface circus barker put aside his ego long enough to take advice from The Professor who knows Politics? Well, Mr. Gingrich has been promoting Mr. Trump for quite a while now and it seems that both men are determined to 'make America great'...again. Of course, in this noble sounding endeavor they must manage to ignore the part Republicans such as Gingrich played in undermining America in the first place. (And no, they weren't the only ones.)

So is this why they seem so similar to one another? Well, they do have a lot in common, don't they?

Astrology Says: Newt and Donald Share Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius Personalities!

Of course, there are plenty of differences to be found in their charts and psyches as well. Mr. Trump was born in Queens, NY on June 14, 1946 after the older Mr. Gingrich had entered the earthly flux on June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg, PA. Obviously their solar degrees are close in Gemini but to have such close Moons 3 years apart (two Full Mooners)--well, I won't say it's a 'match made in Heaven' because I refuse to believe that our beneficent Creator would do that to us. However, Trump's chart is basically a Lunar Return for Mr. Gingrich and almost a Solar Return for him, too.

Now previously in a post about Mr. Trump I wrote that Sun Gem-Moon Sag adds certain tendencies...such as flamboyance, outspokenness, independence, and spontaneity. An inquisitive 'eternal student' and "positive thinking" promoter is described by the zealous Air-Fire Sun Gem-Moon Sag. Add lots of mental ingenuity, intuition, and an ability to talk people into most anything and we have the pair of them. Education makes the diff in how each one turns out though the image of a used car salesman seems quite appropriate for both, imho.

And 'perpetrator of multiple marriages' applies to both men, too, which may be attributed in part to their shared Sun-Moon personalities which can wriggle out of tight corners but with clouds of indiscretions and misdemeanors following behind. This relates to an emotionally immature 'Peter Pan nature' where greener pastures are sought if and when the going gets tough--and it always does, doesn't it? Taking responsibility for actions is not a strong suit either which is not to say they don't have good ideas at times. How such personalities could fit within the White House and lead the country into anything other than a ditch is anyone's guess but please don't say that either one of these big talkers is what the American people deserve because they seem to me more like the President and VP that no one was waiting for!

Never a fan of "Pied Piper" Gingrich (nee, Newton Leroy McPherson), I have stated here and there that No, Newt is not from Georgia. I am from Georgia, he is from Pennsylvania. It's a small point but pundits used to remind the public quite regularly of whence came Newton--and it was not from my home state.

So have a look at the natal horoscope of Newt Gingrich if you wish while I confess that years ago it was a relief to think that I would never again have to mention him on Stars Over Washington or anywhere else but with Newt's name back in the news a la 2016, the charm has apparently worn off so here he appears.

Astrologically noting that transiting Saturn in Sagittarius, planet of restriction, authenticity, authority, and responsibility, will reach the natal Moons of both of men from December 2016 into 2017 bodes a fair amount of ill for their deepest desires (Moon) for expansion, plus, Saturn will simultaneously oppose their natal Suns possibly denoting health issues. But we'll see how effective conservative Saturn turns out to be at denying or limiting them in what their strong egos (Suns) demand. Or, this applies to Mr. Trump if Newt is out of the official picture and for the purposes of this post. Naturally the women (Moons) in their lives could be affected as well especially with their natal Gem-Sag Full Moons indicating partnerships. Anyway, old man Saturn and 'Peter Pan personalities' seldom team up very well being opposites and all.

Related is the natal chart of Donald Trump in case you find that a gander is necessary.

Also related: Newt Denies Bohemian Grove Attendance! (includes video of him being asked about it), plus, a bit of Jupiter-Uranus.


For more info, see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Dec 15, 2012

'Meet Your Strawman'! (video); plus, Newt Gingrich

Wonder if or how a secret government setting up a paper 'strawman' for everyone at birth relates to the GOP's Orwellian notion of 'personhood' with property rights in utero? Why, even one of their premiere clowns of Thinkdom, Newt Gingrich, endorses the zygote personhood notion.

But there's little left to marvel over when it comes to Newt, is there?

Jul 15, 2012

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell says Bohemian Grove is "nothing" (video)

Speaking of Bohemian Grove and Newt Gingrich's attendance there (as in my last post w video), here is MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell being interviewed on the secretive topic. Is it curious that Mr. O'Donnell isn't at all concerned about satanists embedded in governmental power structures? Does egomania explain everything?

(fyi: s-words and f-words are used quite plentifully in this video.)

Feb 5, 2012

Newt Denies his Bohemian Grove attendance! (video); and Jupiter/Uranus

Playing dumb when confronted with the reporting of your attendance at Bohemian Grove rituals may make sense when you're desperate to play president. Here's Newt Gingrich being placed on the 'male-prostitute' spot by a gutsy young man (thanks, young man-- Newt's confrontation with the truth is priceless!)


For more info and videos concerning the annual gatherings amongst the Redwoods of California of political, business, and entertainment industry bigwigs (and hired servers)--a social affair where calling on the devil seems to be the order of the night, scroll a bit to this blog's Search Bar and type in 'Bohemian Grove' for various entries on this pagan conflagration of 'fire worshippers' who act as social tinkerers and 'leaders' when wearing business suits.

You know, some say that Russian mystic and artist *Nicolas Roerich, an adviser to President Franklin Roosevelt, led the White House under the auspices of 'Black Majick' and that if the American people had known what was really going on, FDR would have been ridden out of Washington on a rail, or worse.

Now I don't know how true the myth but the District's association with the Goat of Mendes gives me pause for wondering about evasive old FDR who took control of our nation at the same time that devilish Hitler rose to power...and both under the influence of the same Solar Eclipse, the 'Fascism Rising Eclipse' of Feb 24, 1933 @ 5Pis28--which conjoins President Obama's natal Chiron and tr Chiron 2012.)

Were AH and FDR both working toward a 'New World Order'? My suspicion is, Yes, each in his own way with both countries wanting to man the helm of Global Government. In the Eurozone, Germany now ascends monetarily while the US has been financially heisted and weakened--on purpose, thanks to the SEC, Wall Street, transnational bankers, rating agencies, and the Fed.

View the 1933 eclipse horoscope with its interlaced YODs of crisis and a few chart details here. Why, in 1933, the Fed was only 20 years old!

*Nicolas Roerich born October 9, 1874 St. Petersburg, Russia; at noon: Sun in mid-Libra, Moon 4Lib37 (or could be in later degrees of Virgo); Mercury in business-oriented, ruthless Scorpio; Venus 2Sag05 (conjoined by our last Solar Eclipse Nov 25, 2011 #@ 2Sag37--the 'Super Committee' eclipse), Mars 14Vir35 (Mars is in Virgo now indicating his Mars Return 2012), Jupiter 12Lib58 conj n Sun, Saturn 7AQ40 Rx, Uranus 14Leo28, Neptune 29Ari47 Rx (@ critical degree), Pluto 22Tau20 Rx (conjoined on May 28, 2000 by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction = Pluto: attaining aims slowly but surely; violent changes or restrictions; immense efforts - Ebertin.)

Natal North Node (NN) 26Ari40 Rx conjoins his Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) 26:24 which conjoin his natal Midas 26:03 and all are snugged between his natal Chiron 20Ari24 Rx, the Wound (so he was born during a US Chiron Return) and often-delusional Neptune...Neptune/NN = lack of community or team spirit.

Hmm. Reminds me of the uncooperative attitude of Republicans and DINOS on Capitol Hill (circa Jan 20, 2009--Jan 20, 2013) who do not need to be named here. (Note: Ebertin gives the Jup/Uran combo of energies on a negative level as: 'obstinate adherence to one's own principles from inherent opposition rather than from true conviction; magnifying or exaggerating everything'. As noted, for we know who the undermining jackasses are.)

Anyway, Roerich's PE falls into the 2 Old North Series: 'unfortunate news concerning relationships; a glum and difficult series bringing potentials for separation and the ending of unions, yet taking quick action may bring positive results.' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.) A Solar Eclipse last manifested in this series on July 1, 2000 @ 10Can15 which greatly affected US natal planets in Cancer, mainly Jupiter '6Can' (monetary policy) and the Sun '14Can' (the leader, or, leadership; the president.) In fact, this eclipse degree was triggered on July 1, 2011 by a Solar Eclipse @ 9Can12, the initial eclipse in a new series.

As for his financial expertise and advising of FDR on monetary policies, Roerich was born with the promise of lucky breaks and financial opportunities because a Jupiter/Uranus sextile (60 degr) attuned him to the financial cycles and peaks of Jupiter and Uranus (as timed by their sextiles and trines) of his day. The Jupiter/Uranus cycle is the "ultra-important" one when it comes to stock markets and business/monetary cycles, says Sybil Leek in her book, The Astrological Guide to Financial Success (1972.)

Jupiterian growth + Uranian change = peaks and fluctuations, with Uranus associated with Technology and Industry; their adventurous blend also indicates scientific discoveries and inventions, broadened horizons, and far-seeing plans and activities.

Not that the current opposition of societal planets Jupiter (growth, investment) and Saturn (restriction, loss, austerity measures) isn't important as well. But they sure are behaving stubbornly especially if we use them to represent Ds (Saturn usually but these days, Jupiter) and Rs (Jupiter traditionally, but these days, Saturn.) The Jupiter/Saturn opposition phase is "strongly recessive," says Sybil Leek. Can you feel it, even with Jupiter moved ahead into Earthy, practical Taurus and Saturn hanging back at the end of Airy Libra? Things are shifting now...

So Jupiter's growth function works well with Uranus' change function, a teamwork that denotes business peaks which may be clearly seen--not only with Astrology--but in stock market records which detail the approximately 3 1/2-year business cycle of Jupiter and Uranus (3.45 years actually.) Many traders know of the 3 1/2 year cycle yet few if any can explain the How or Why of it--unless Financial Astrology is employed for timing purposes.

("Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do." - J.P. Morgan Sr.)

The current monetary cycle as timed by the Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Uranus began, of course, with the three-fer we experienced from 2010 to 2011 with their first meeting standing out due to its occurrence upon a World Point of Manifestation, the Aries Point, as you'll remember:

1. June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18
2. Sep 19, 2010 @ 28Pis43
3. Jan 4, 2011 @ 27Pis02

In markets, Aries = war, weaponry, iron and steel, transport, policing-fire fighting-security services, surgery, adventurous enterprises, mining, oil drilling, and other Martian sectors; Pisces = oil and gas, oceanography, water travel, fisheries, footwear, drugs drugs and more drugs (including vaccines and contraceptives--in the news now), entertainment, art galleries, antiques, religion, mysticism, state bonds for civic development (Leek), and other Piscean sectors which include the military as does Aries.

Naturally, we may expect that market and economic issues will continue to need close attention during Spring 2012 as the Sun reaches Vernal Equinox (00Ari00:00) on March 20, 2012 and highlights this monetary/business cycle while forming a midpoint picture:

Jupiter/Uranus = Mar 20, 2012 Sun: far-sightedness; inventive minds; illumination of one's best position in any circumstance; great success (Ebertin; Tyl); incorporating new ideas (Munkasey.) Well, someone is doing okay, right?


Our current 'ultra-important' financial period: June 2010 + 3 1/2 years = end of 2013, early 2014; or, Jan 2011 + 3 1/2 years = mid-2014, so the parameters are: end of 2013 to mid-2014. Not being of a trading or speculating disposition, there's not a lot I plan do with this info personally but those who are planning ahead in their careers just now may be able to use the suggested periods as a 'far-seeing' financial guide for future expansion and reforms in Technology if in nothing else.


Further reading: 2011's Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

A Blog Note to my Readers: due to an upcoming relocation, my blogging time will continue intermittently until things settle down in early to mid-March. This will entail new tech equipment which I am looking forward to enjoying so please stay tuned for it seems that the broadening energies of Jupiter/Uranus may just knock upon my blogging door yet! Jude

Jan 22, 2012

2012 Candidates' Sun/Moon Personalities

2012 Campaign: Butterfly v Utopian v Royalist v Moralist

by Jude Cowell

Now that our 2012 election year has arrived, why not compare and contrast the personality blends of the 2012 candidates: Obama, Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum? This may be quite easily accomplished by considering each of their Sun (adult; conscious mind) and Moon (child; the unconscious) combinations through their signs, elements, and modes.

Rick Santorum's birth hour is unknown to me ('noon' is used), Gingrich's birth time seems to be somewhat in question ('born in middle of night'; 11:45 pm or 3:00 am are often used; June 17, 1943 Harrisburg, PA), Mitt Romney's is said to be correct (LDS maintain major genealogical records, as you know, so correct birth certificates must be especially prized, I would think; March 12, 1947 9:51 am est Detroit, MI), and Mr. Obama's hour, date, and place of birth seem to have been settled upon: August 4, 1961 Honolulu, Hawaii @ 7:24 pm AHST.)

Yet because Mr. Santorum's Moon remained in Aquarius for the 24-hour period of his birth, his natal Sun/Moon blend is not in dispute. Thus, let us proceed with the Sun/Moon personality blends of the 2012 candidates--here are brief notes with each man's Images for Integration from Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey, and the names of a few notables who share these personality blends:

1. Barack Obama Sun Leo/Moon Gemini: (Fire-Air = a 'live wire'; ideas well-communicated with eloquent rhetoric; joie de vivre; clever and charismatic); a long-winded debater; lives at a fast pace; boredom is to be avoided.

Sun Leo/Moon Gem = a visionary; analytical, humorous and quick-witted; organizing talent; high aspirations; on the cutting edge of social change; restless and sociable; over-rationalizing; can act as a rebellious child; detached from feelings. (Barry is a Sun-Mercury type.)

Images for Integration: "On a bright summer's day a butterfly turns into a radiant being...Children singing 'Happy Birthday to You' at a celebratory birthday party."

(Obama's blend is shared natally by: Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Amelia Earhart, and Benito Mussolini--a royalist, an aviation pioneer (drones?), and a dictator.)

2. Newt Gingrich Sun Gem/Moon Sag (Air-Fire = same as Mr. Obama, above, but with an Airy Sun and fiery Moon, this blend becomes a 'hot air balloon' suitable for reaching the giddy heights, and describes a Utopian Idealist who "sees ever more distant sunny shores to which the human race can travel; loftier vistas, and wider horizons. Alternatively, if this type gets on a high horse, they can be very moralistic, knowing exactly what is good for us"--Harvey. (Newt is a Mercury-Jupiter type.)

Sun Gem/Moon Sag: to be influential is of greatest importance; planning and outwitting (Tyl); flamboyant communicator; verbose; open to experience (ex: 'open' marriage?); optimistic, generous, and resilient; the scholar and eternal student; moral teacher (!); an Eternal Seeker; intuitive leaps (supports his natal Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Gemini); breezes along on his quick wit; impatient with feelings and about taking responsibility for own actions; a need to know it all.

"Images for Integration: The Pied Piper leads his merry band of youths to the amphitheater on the hill for an afternoon of music lessons, philosophical teachings and baseball...A young man goes abroad to attend university and becomes a foreign correspondent."

(Correspondent for whom? Well, the "Pied Piper" image obviously refers to Gingrich and the Republican rout of Congress in 1994 with its theatrical, Newt-inspired 'Contract with America' propaganda.)

(Gingrich's blend is shared natally by Douglas Fairbanks, Guy Lombardo, Judy Garland, Beverly Sills, Bruce Dern, Barry Manilow--and, from the royal class, Prince Rainier of Monaco.)

3. Mitt Romney Sun Pis/Moon Sco: (Water-Water = an intuitive type who goes with the flow of the mainstream; 'drinks in life's experiences and nothing washes over' him; can go misty with emotions--tears may flow; this 'wet' combo in Politics describes a compassionate person with no doctrinal purity (and many would say Mild Mitt resembles that remark!) who may be thought of as a 'wet blanket' at times--yet still waters run deep; clearly reasoned arguments and objective judgment may be lacking since this is a highly subjective combo of energies with a flair for the irrational--what is felt is his reality yet he may lean toward ultra-rationality to hide tender subjectivities.

Sun Pis/Moon Sco: 'the agony and the ecstasy'; complex and psychologically insightful; stubborn; rigid feelings; a rich imagination; exploitation v hardship; self-sacrifice v self-control; highly subjective with emotions, convictions, and opinions ruling decisions; becomes frustrated when misunderstood; great mental capacity if prejudices are moved beyond; appears to take things lightly but is very interested in life's deepest mysteries. (Mysticism?) (Mitt is a complex dude all right, for Pisces and Scorpio have rulers and co-rulers so he is a Jupiter-Neptune-Mars-Pluto type of cuss!)

"Images for Integration: Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath...Longfellow's poem The Secret of the Sea."

(Romney's blend is shared natally by Johnny Cash, Steinbeck and Longfellow, Bernadette Peters, Cyrano de Bergerac, David Livingstone, David Niven, Elizabeth Taylor, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York (a royalist link, personality-wise.)

4. Rick Santorum Sun Tau/Moon AQ (Earth-Air = a clearheaded, rational, scientific approach; innovative; productive; a practical idealist; conscious impulse is to build, organize, and consolidate; 'comes to grips' with reality; far-reaching efforts; supportive and adaptable; dry sense of humour; can lose touch with emotions; tends to become stuck in a pragmatic, cost-effective mode.

Sun Tau/Moon AQ: confident; morally sound; capable intellect; resourceful; holds fast to ideals, committed to principles; independent; shrewd and tenacious; a natural rapport with people; can inspire confidence in others; stubborn and prone to inertia when things don't go his way; an over-confidence that can seem conceited or arrogant. (Rick is a Venus-Saturn-Uranus type.)

"Images for Integration: A country squire holds the summer fete in his garden; all monies raised are divided equally between the three charities in the village - the Friendly Farmer's Trust, the Local Artists' Guild, and the Quakers' Orphanage."

(Santorum's blend is shared natally by: Nikolai Lenin, Nikita Khrushchev, Burt Bacharach, Charlotte Bronte, George Lucas, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Orson 'Rosebud' Welles.)

According to their personality blends as detailed within this Astro-Peek, we seem to have running for the US Presidency in 2012:

1. a community organizer, radiant butterfly, and intellectual;

2. a Utopian Idealist, hot air balloonist, scholar, and Pied Piper;

3. an economic royalist (as FDR termed the predatory class in 1936), wet blanket, and a teary-eyed 'Mr. Still Waters';

4. country squire, cost-effective scientist, and moralist

So who do you think should grab America's helm on November 6, 2012 if you were basing your preference on the candidates' personality blends?

Two natal chart Astro-Peeks available on this blog:

Newt Gingrich with his Sun/Moon opposition squaring natal Neptune, and Mitt Romney with a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in late Scorpio which will have been opposed by transiting Moon and Jupiter Rx in early Gemini on Inauguration Day 2013--will they activate, or oppose and close a cycle for him?

A view of President Obama's natal chart is available on expert astrologer Donna Cunningham's SkyWriter blog.

Plus, you may wish to view one of my posts concerning Mr. Obama's natal horoscope (shown) with a few details.

Candidate Rick Santorum (May 10, 1958 Winchester, VA) has not been analyzed astrologically by this astrologer until the smattering you see here today.

Now as another massive storm system approaches the Athens, Georgia area I'll be lightening-cautious and mosey along for the time being... jc


A Sad News Note: Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will resign from Congress. Sending Warm Regards to this courageous lady, her family, and friends. jc

Used but more or less unharmed by this post:

Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey; Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, Noel Tyl.

Dec 10, 2011

12.10.11: One year since Sen. Sanders' filibuster as Middle Class melts away (video)

Senator Sanders, Stray Birds, and Republican Clowns

by Jude Cowell

With certain entities and their agents within our government working hard to collapse America (like a phoenix arising from the ashes of their one-world-government Utopian dream of chaos leading to ultimate control by an unelected few), here is an ice sculpture from a hot June 18, 2011 day in NYC which perfectly illustrates what Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said during his filibuster on Capitol Hill, a place where you'd think the American people could expect their grievances to be addressed on a regular basis and their needs and issues to be served.

But no.

Instead, we get performances from the GOP Theater of The Absurd. And all their time-wasting, special-interest promoting and protecting gambits are played in full costume upon our dime and against the best interests of the majority. Their contempt for we-the-people knows no bounds and neither does their greed for more more more money and power, as the Senator correctly notes.

They want to us admit that the US government is "broken" and can no longer serve us--and the GOP ploy is to refuse to serve us. A use of self-fulfilling prophecy doesn't work for this dissenting America. You?

Presenting the billionaires' war against a Middle Class which should be the foundation underneath our nation's structure...and one of our few hopes on Capitol Hill, Senator Bernie Sanders:

Imho, it is due to political games, higher oaths, and mystical tricks that America is betrayed and may be 'discontinued' if the American people wimp out thus allowing certain forces to have their totalitarian way.

And so I ask again something I asked you months ago, dear reader, which you never answered--and it has a very Taurean ring to it since intolerance is one of the shadow traits of Taurus the often-greedy Bull and it's where moneybags Jupiter now tarries in retrograde, its energy strengthened by Direct Station which occurs on Christmas Day 2011 5:08 pm est @ 00Tau22:

How long can the tolerant tolerate the intolerable?

Here's an interesting overview of the world's condition: The New "Manichean" Left & the Old Far Right: Tolerating the Intolerable by Nick Cohen.

Additional info: Mani and Manicheaism.


Astro-Brief: 00Tau22 is Adolf Hitler's natal Sun degree (00Tau48) so the 00-1 Tau range of degrees are considered by some to be degrees of violence--Hitler's trigger degree for when his natal Sun @ 00Tau48 was triggered by a planet or planets in transit, he tended to 'get busy' harming people.

Of course, progressions stimulated his egotistical Sun, too. And natal MIDAS conjoined natal Sun--he was a heister extraordinaire and apparently assumed he deserved all the spoils, including controlling the reins of a futuristic Plan that called for a New World Order.

How long was Hitler tolerated and appeased before his crimes--and his psychopathic New World Order intentions--were dealt with? Too long? Well, yes. And it's almost 2012 and we're in precisely a similar predicament again.

'Save America' is only a part of it for the devils have gone global with 'free' trade agreements set up to dissolve borders (and squirrel away large sums of money) in more ways than one.

Two questions: will the World Awaken from the gossamer of false reality in time to be our own rescuers locally, if not nationally? Or, as mentioned in the video: will contemptuous, self-elected global masters of the Earth spitefully pull the plug on civilization in vicious response to the world uprisings which they know must come?

As Rabindranath Tagore wrote so eloquently in Stray Birds:

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims."

Doesn't it though?

Now. Since the 99% supposedly does so anyway, let's go Occupy America! or support those citizens who do.

Oh, and the usual if weeded-out line-up of Republican clowns are 'debating' again tonight in Des Moines, Iowa, as you know. Here I think we'll be watching a DVD of The Debt (Helen Mirren) instead and try to catch up with the mercurial Newt & Friends on the Sunday morning political shows tomorrow and by viewing video debate highlights when I can manage to snag a peek.

And if it's not too close to my dinner time.

Dec 8, 2011

John Corzine's YOD: Pluto/NN = Sun = Mars

John Corzine resigned from MF Global on November 4, 2011 after the company filed for bankruptcy and Democrat Corzine's testimony on Capitol Hill today probably won't clue anyone in on where all the money went, as this Big Player CEO admits to not knowing much about his business.

This will be Mr. Corzine's first public testimony since the MF Global collapse over which he presided.

Astrologically speaking, crisis is shown in his natal horoscope through a YOD pattern (aka, a 'Finger of God' with potential for: a turning point; crossroads; special task; spiritual opportunity) which involves very dynamic planetary energies of power (Pluto) along with the North Node of the Moon (NN) indicating contact with the public and with groups.

Born January 1, 1947 near Taylorville, Illinois, Mr. Corzine's natal Sun conjoins energetic Mars, planet of action and desire. The YOD creates midpoint pictures which you may wish to consider as the turmoil and scandal swirl around him with fallout possibly affecting the White House. His natal Sun and Mars are in Capricorn, Pluto is Rx in Leo (12:53, conjunct Saturn 7:20 Rx) and NN is at 11Gem24, near Uranus 18Gem55 Rx.

Eclipse watchers may be interested to note that Corzine's NN was eclipsed by the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse and his Uranus will be eclipsed tomorrow, December 10, by a Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11--and eclipses do tend to uncover secrets especially from the past (where many of them lurk.)

Plus, the current 'peculiar turn of events' Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 opposes his natal Sun and Mars--ouch! That's a lot of karmic energy from the cosmos hitting Mr. Corzine's natal planets and its reap-what-you-sow vibes seem to have caught up with him.

YOD midpoint pictures:

Pluto/NN = Sun: ruthlessly imposing one's will on others; making use of people; gained respect.

Pluto/NN = Mars: influential people met through groups or contacts; force or invective emphasis during meetings; violence or brutality used in the presence of others; a desire to make others amenable to one's wishes; being placed in somebody else's hand or power.

(Ebertin; Munkasey; all, any, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions.)

Now Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets gives some interesting potentials in Politics and Business for the Pluto/NN combination though not all may apply to Mr. Corzine's situation at the present time--

Thesis: violent or criminal people who secretly enter the country at any given opportunity; sewage or waste compacts; agreements over reciprocal rights for info obtained under clandestine methods.

Antithesis: people who may not have the best interests of the country or business in mind; treaties involving the exchange of secretive or clandestine data; security or treaty breakdowns due to the actions of others.

Group Activities of John Corzine

As you know, only a birth date is needed to look at the Solar Eclipse Series into which John Corzine, former governor of New Jersey, was born--the 2 South--which last manifested @ 4Cap14 on December 25, 2000. By the Sun's degree (4Cap14), his PE (Pre-Natal Eclipse) is being triggered on Christmas Day 2011 and perhaps some of the 'uncovering' will include his involvement with certain 'groups' due to the flavor of the 2S Series:

'involvement in groups and feeling that one will gain a great deal through the association.' (Paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.)

The 2S Series is shared natally by Ronald Reagan and Noam Chomsky (I know!), and is the PE of the Bush-Cheney administration--and of the New Millennium we all held out such grand hopes for until the White House was usurped with the help of the SCOTUS in December 2000, when the eclipse occurred in Saturn-ruled Capricorn opposite US natal Venus in Cancer.

The next Solar Eclipse in the 2S Series will occur on January 6, 2019 @ 15Cap.

(Don't know about you, but the Bush-Cheney coup was the moment I knew for certain that America was in deep poo feathers and Washington DC has done nothing in the meantime to totally relieve such foreboding from my troubled brow. Thus I blog.)

Well, Mr. Corzine obviously gained a great deal as his PE suggests he might. Now what sort of 'deal' will be presented by the US Congress to one of their own?


Newt Watchers! Today's Fresh Air concerns an interview with Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty about her decades' long coverage of the career of Newt Gingrich. Apparently Newtish secrets may be revealed in this look-back at Newt's years as Speaker of the House, "changing the power structure" on Capitol Hill. And of course, Newt's serious ethics charges cut short his congressional 'brilliance'.

The broadcast is about to air momentarily (est) and audio will be available later this afternoon.

Funny, but I'd forgotten that once Newt Gingrich was TIME's 'Man of the Year'! Here's his natal horoscope if you've managed to miss it so far.

Nov 29, 2011

A Natal Horoscope for Newt Gingrich

Newt Notes

by Jude Cowell

Yes, his poll numbers are up and endorsements pour in for Republican candidate Newt Gingrich with his high-flying Sun Gemini/Moon Sagittarius personality blend. Herman Cain's romantic yet secretive nature and Rick Perry's constant flubbability are aiding Mr. Gingrich with fellow Republicans desperate for a viable horse to bet on in 2012.

Earlier today I published Gingrich's natal horoscope with a few details if you're interested. I'd begun the post a week ago and thanks to our holiday break here in America, only today did I get around to completing it but neglected to move the article into today's queue. Hence this shout-out.

See what you think about this Sun/Moon square Neptune (at a critical 29th degree) guy and leave a comment if you have a chance.

Would you vote for the Newtster?


Plus, here are astro-peeks at Mitt Romney (horoscope shown) and Gov. Rick Perry (chart details only), the candidate who never got the memo that the voting age in America is 18, not 21, and the 2012 elections will be held on November 6, not Nov much flubbability for just one man!

Nov 21, 2011

Newt Gingrich = Sun and Moon SQ Neptune

Newt Gingrich: Sun Gemini/Moon Sagittarius = a 'know-it-all'?

by Jude Cowell

The astrodatabank page of 2012 Republican candidate Newt Gingrich gives some basic details on the life of this noted Republican whose Big Year came in 1994 when the GOP took over the House gavel and Newt was named Speaker of the House. Newt was proud to be the first Republican Speaker in 40 years but controversy soon followed the professor of history.

Perhaps you caught a recent Morning Edition feature on NPR To Imagine a Gingrich Presidency, Look To The '90s if you wish to imagine such a thing. (Audio and text. Plus, a big honkin' "Contract With America" photo from 1994 of the political thespians.)

Now when it comes to the natal horoscope of Newt Gingrich, there are at least three conflicting birth times to be found online. For more on that, his astrodatabank wiki page, above, gives you the scoop.

Newt Gingrich born June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg, PA

But which natal chart to use for this post? So far his potential birth times are: 11:45 pm EWT, "middle of the night", and 3:00 am EWT. Let's consider the most often used horoscope for 11:45 pm.

11:45 pm ewt gives an ASC of *19AQ19 which has intellectual and contrarian correspondences. This makes Saturn in Gemini the chart-ruler, with quirky yet brilliant Uranus in Gemini as co-ruler which supports his Mercury/Uranus conjunction's intellectual prowess and its radical ideas (see more on this conjunction, below.) The pair snugs near IC (Foundation; Basis) so its scintillating energies may be said to under gird him and form the basis of bis career success in the opposite house, the 10th house of Career.

10th H contains the Moon (emotional nature; mama; publicity; fluctuations) @ 25Sag11 which shows his waxing-waning with the public yet with a reigning need for public status and attention. Jupiter rules 10th H through Sagittarius @ MC and Jupiter 27Can20 is weakened by its position in Cadent 6th H (abundance through work and service) yet Jupiter applies to an opportunistic sextile (60 degr) to idealistic Neptune 29Vir17 in 7th H of Partnerships (1A58), and a conjunction with power-mongering Pluto 5Leo41, also in 6th H (8A21.)

Bank-loving Jupiter/Pluto is a signature of wealthy people who are of a move-n-shaker persuasion, always ready to start large scale projects.

Broad thinking Jupiter/Neptune has, as you know, the Grand Spirit-Grand Scheme, Speculation-Inflation-Wastrel vibes of an over-promiser. Gingrich's detail-oriented ability is supplied by thinking Mercury in its own sign of Gemini, sign of communication and oration; Mercury is in sextile aspect with Pluto as well which deepens his intellect and provides him with analytical and concentrating abilities which are also supported by energetic Mars sextile hardworking Saturn.

As you see in the horoscope, Gingrich was born when Uranus and Pluto were in sextile
(60 degr) aspect indicating scientific interests, a deep search for knowledge, and sudden inspirations.

Newt, a Man of Ideas

His Mercury/Uranus conjunction indicates an inventive mind; advanced Science topics may be of interest including atomic energy; occult leanings or Astrology may be indicated; sudden flashes of intuition inspire solutions; independent thinking is evident, self expression is dramatic, traditional ideas are never automatically accepted, and he's constantly seeking the new or unusual.

The Essence of Newt: closest applying aspect to natal Sun

Now the only applying aspect to natal Sun is a square from Neptune indicating early confusion with his identity (teen parents separated just after his birth, stepfather adopted him; grew up in a military household.) This is an aspect of a self-deceiver par excellence (US president? Really?) with an unconscious desire for importance which is tamped down a little by a strong Saturn, here in Gemini, which gives him a logical mind. Plus, Saturn and Mars are in sextile (endurance, fortitude, practicality), and Mercury's sextile to Pluto gives keen mental perceptions, powerful self-expression, and another potential for occultism.

Moon SQ Neptune shows some deception or illusion on the part of Mom who may have fibbed a little about Dad (Sun/Neptune SQ.) In adulthood, these energies show up in his multiple marriages and a reputation for romantic affairs and for leaving ill wives for someone new.

A 4th H Sun rebounds its energy by polarity into the public 10th H but also indicates that Newt shines brightest when he's chillin' at home. Yet serious Saturn in 4th H tells a tale of heavy responsibilities in the family sphere, and a struggle to achieve domestic security. Real estate, contracting, building, and/or farming are indicated.

Well, you know there are many people who say that Newt Gingrich Will Never Be President and considering his natal chart, I shall agree.

For one thing, the closest direct link to America's natal Moon (We the People; 25--28 AQ--most victorious candidates have had a strong connection to our national Moon) in his natal chart is an opposition from Chiron 25Leo40; Chiron in Leo shows his crisis on earth relates to **ego problems which were meant to be conquered at his Uranus opposition ('midlife crisis') but I suspect ego continues to rule Mr. Gingrich because he's still desperate for public attention for himself, a trait supported by his 10th H Jupiter-ruled Moon.

Well, his campaign--more PR than presidential?--does collect funds for his coffers and sells quite a lot of books. Plus, his SN conjunct ASC does not indicate popularity! (Click to enlarge chart for more on SN/ASC, bottom left.)

Now here are Gingrich's natal midpoint pictures--any, all, or none may apply and none depend upon a correct birth time except for Saturn/ASC:

Sun/Moon = Neptune (T-SQ): delusions about what can be done or how much hard work it will take to achieve it; dreaming of options open available to redirect plans; misunderstandings, illusions, deceptions, mistakes; undermining of relationships.

Mars/Jupiter = Uranus: ambition; independence; love of freedom.

Mars/NN = Saturn: teamwork rendered more difficult as time goes on; little need for feedback from others.

Pluto/NN = Venus: connections/meetings with powerful women; contacts with influential bankers; accumulating powerful friendships for wealth or power potentials; love tragedies.

Saturn/ASC = Mars: self-willed; obstinate; turbulent circumstances.

Such is Newt, The Politician.


*You'll note that his Aquarian ASC conjoins the natal ASC of President Barack Obama but Newt's chart rulers--Saturn and Uranus--are both in Gemini and at the Foundation of his chart and psyche, if 11:45 pm is correct.

Note: 'know it all' comes from his Sun Gem/Moon Sag personality blend (Harvey.) Plus, the Dec 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse @ 18Gem11 eclipses Gingrich's natal Saturn--a spur to his ambition? Or a depressing time when hidden problems are revealed?

**Chiron info: Barbara Hand Clow.

Midpoint pictures: Ebertin; Munkasey.

Nov 12, 2011

Jon Stewart 'hearts' Rick Perry brain freeze! (video) as a Listening Parrot Forgets to Talk

Jon Stewart!

Rick Not-Ready-For-Primetime Perry doin' a Texas 2-Step 'cos 3 just won't come to this 'Parrot Listening Then Talking' fella.

What I mean by citing the Sabian Symbol (word picture for a degree of the Zodiac) below is that Perry's diverting, substandard 'debate' performance confirms to me a suspicion that Gov. Perry's stated objectives are primarily only talking points fed to him by political strategists--points that he must memorize, write on his hand or on paper, or read from a teleprompter--whatever he's counseled and instructed to say by his handlers.

Wonder if anyone has checked the deja-vu Texas governor's back under his suit jacket a la the debatin' George W. Bush? Was it Karl Rove feeding Dubya his answers? Will we ever definitively know?

All My Exes...

Meanwhile, it's 2011 and Rove's parrot bungled his lines in what passes for a political debate in the US.

Now you don't really believe a buffoon such as Perry can be calling any high level shots, do you? He's a shill who pulls the plug on inmates and signs away Texas's assets to the highest bidders. As governor, Perry executes human beings who may or may not be guilty of their alleged crimes. Even with forward strides in DNA identification, in Texas and much of America, who can tell?

Well, if Rick Perry has lost any sleep over his duties and forgetting his lines as a result, may I recommend melatonin for more REM phase sleep. Cutting down on caffeine consumption might help, too.

But there's another thing.

America's political class by and large is in great need. It is in need of being scoured out of all crooks and betrayers of American sovereignty. This includes all those who tout the US government as Not Functioning, or who go on and on about how government is 'too big', too overbearing, etc (thanks, Bush-Cheney regime--you're the Terror Twins who took down the Twin Towers--Gemini = trade, commerce, and other words, civilization), or how government is 'failing', etc etc, need to be pushed out the door.

In fact, I'd be in favor of a brief amnesty for political crooks if it would encourage the little rats and weasels to scurry for their lairs.

(I knew it was YOU, Bacon.)

Well, as far as Campaign 2012 goes, I hope Jeb won't show up to bat for the Rs who are even worse than the Ds. Some political party name-changin' ought to go on up in here, m'peops.


Political parties should call themselves what they actually stand for, factions, warts, and all. And be expected to live up to their names. If not, we know that secret purposes are on top of their to-do lists, not finding viable solutions on behalf of the America people. So far, Perry seems to be the only one of them who can't list up to three things they'd change yet they are what needs changing if they don't believe in America anymore!

For you know it's way too late in the day for mask-wearing to continue to be allowed by The People. 'Public servants' and officials who take Oaths to serve, protect, and defend this country and its citizens but who also take what they consider to be higher oaths are no longer wanted in service to The People. They have abused the public trust and as such are in breach of contract with the American people.

This circumstance has gone on for decades so it's not as if they haven't proven themselves to be brigands, gangsters, and thieves long before now.

For more progressive ideas visit Thom and text of Thom's broadcasts are available.

Rick Perry Memory Gaffe Described by Nov 10 Full Moon's Sun Symbol

As you know, in Political Astrology, a branch of Mundane Astrology, the Sun represents the leader or the president which Mr. Perry kinda dreams of being, he says, and the Sabian Symbol (word picture) of the Sun's degree during November 10, 2011's Full Moon @ '19Tau' (Sun '19Sco') is a telling tableau that I believe relates to candidate Perry and his painful brain freeze segment during the recent Republican debate (11.11.11.)

'19 Scorpio' = "A Parrot Listening and Then Talking" = CONVENTIONALITY.

Positive expression: exceptional skill in bringing the whole tenor of transient circumstances to the service of a personal aspiration ("Oops!" rp and jc);

negative (unconscious/shadow side): idle mimicry and self-gratifying pretense.

(Quoting The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Now if I had to guess (and most commentators and political pundits seem to agree), his most recent gaffe seems to be Farewell to Perry 2012 (see The Perilous Perry Pattern.) This is a view based on the symbol's meaning in relation to Perry's obvious lack of personal connection to his 'own' list of the US gov departments he'd abolish like a White House monarch with the Magic Wand of Imagined Mandate--to be brandished over our lives without any forethought for consequences or blowback. It's the austere right-wing way.

And so the Sun's degree and symbol at the Nov 10, 2011 Full Moon (Sun/Moon phase of fulfillment-culmination-awareness) naturally opposes the Moon's degree making the solar degree the Illumination Point where deeper awareness of unconscious material may be found.

Jon Stewart certainly found comedy treasure in the moment!

(Of course, all degrees have Illumination Points opposite them which is a good way to delve into that blueprint of your unconscious, your natal horoscope--perhaps finding first causes--by 'flipping' all the zodiacal positions in the natal chart and reading the Sabian Symbol (or other system of symbols) for each planet's and cusp's Illumination Point degree. Exs: '1Ari' = '1Lib', '10Leo' = '10AQ" are IPoints. Voila! Your shadow self peeks out with a mercurial wink.)

The Full Moon/degree synchronicity here indicates that the Perry campaign impetus has gone as far (out) as it can go, at least for now. Mars in Leo may have favored Perry but now the more serious, studious sign of Virgo with impetus planet Mars, does not. His quick comeback and handling of his mess-up was pretty good but will not be enough unless all other candidates blaze up and flare out.

My point is, Gov. Perry's hollow performance, with ideological details near-memorized yet void of any true conviction--is linked to the mimicking parrot archetype and reminds me of a friend's parrot years ago, a bird that sometimes messed up on his rehearsed sayings, sometimes on purpose, as it turned out. He was good at pithiness though.

Scary Perry?

Becoming dizzy with the circus lights/look-at-me-world aspects of a situation does not work on TV for anyone who wants to gain or retain a reputation for cool poise and composure. Cool he is not, and Perry seems to me to be the sort of person who tends to laugh inappropriately, such as those who snicker during funerals. And with the GOP now presiding over what they hope will be America's memorial service (R.I.P.), perhaps giddy laughter and murmured justifications such as, Oops at the prospect of lousy leadership are about all the American people care to muster at the moment.

In between our LOLs, that is--at this masterful display of what does work on TV. So view Jon Stewart enjoying his comedic opportunities while feeding his family on The Daily Show above, if you haven't already! Laughter really is one of the best medicines for our ills and the more we ridicule the powerful, the better we'll feel and the less puffed up they will be.

But let's keep the tar simmering on the national hob and our feathery ducks plucked in case we get a chance to use them.

Crazy As It Seems

So who can GOP voters turn to now? Well, they say that popularity polls are on the upswing for Newt!


Our purposefully inefficient, quarreling Congress has inspired a credt rating agency in China to issue (during a TV interview--not good) the US government a debit downgrade warning.

Now you'd think the opinion of Washington's main creditor would carry some weight and get Capitol Hill's nattering noggins bent together and turning out economic consensus amongst them in spite of their tiresome ideological differences.

To do otherwise, and suffer the indignity and financial results of a downgrade compliments of the Chinese government, shows who wants America to fail and collapse which is by its very nature treasonous endeavor committed by zealots with bigger fish to fry than upholding US sovereignty.

May 18, 2011

A Glittery Newt Gingrich for president! (video)

Most book signings tend to seem awkward and forced to me even when book buyers show up in droves. But the signing on Tuesday (5.17.11) in Minnesota with presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich turned out to be quite a dazzling affair.

Now don't you fret overmuch for Newt and Callista: the glittering direspect did nothing to tarnish their fake smiles!

May 17, 2011

Candidate Newt Gingrich under fire from big guns

Well, candidate Newt Gingrich has come under fire very early in his campaign for his remarks Sunday on Meet the Press and the fire is coming from the GOP.

Charles Krauthammer, one of the elite neocon new world order bunch, and radioman Rush Limbaugh (ditto) are leading the attack at present. Guess Mr. Gingrich was depending on an imaginary groundswell of support from the masses to quell what he must have known was little if any support from his party.

Or, he just likes being on TV.


At 7:08 am edt this morning a Scorpio Full Moon perfected. Click to view the Full Moon chart set for Washington DC along with May 3's New Moon; details included.

May 15, 2011

Right to healthcare is slavery, says Ron Paul

In the last few years a smattering of SO'W readers have asked me to keep up with Ron Paul more regularly especially during presidential campaigns. And while it's true I've given quite a bit of blog space to Paul's Audit the Fed movement, it is with amazement this morning that I read omnipotentpoobah's article Enslaved to Ron Paul detailing some of his more disturbing antics and remarks concerning US health care's delivery and availability.

Yes, I already knew that the Texas Libertarian holds some quirky views and odd opinions about various things but really..."slavery"? These are the sorts of views from Dr. Paul that make the quirkiness of his son Rand Paul more understandable as apples from trees not far do fall! Perhaps the Paul father-son duo resemble the GHW Bush-George Bush duo in the ideology department of politics more closely than we've been led to think.

My question: is Rep. Ron Paul promoting a cold-hearted totalitarian government that allows the American people to go without even the most basic necessities for sustaining life? Now I know my 10th house Uranus in Gemini can make many people think I'm quirky as all get-out, but these Paul birds are way too quirky even for me!

Yet you may be interested in reading a bit I wrote on Ron Paul's natal chart way back in 2007 (no updates have been made for today's post.)

A big shout-out of thanks goes to my friend Alex D'Atria of Political Astrology 2010 ~ 2012 for sending along a link to this revealing article on Ron Paul.

Well, I hope you caught GOP candidate Newt Gingrich back peddling on what he couldn't spin concerning his record of quirky opinions and misdeeds on Meet the Press this morning! Somehow I don't think he did himself much good with this morning's performance (though it could have been worse) but you may disagree as you prefer.

Also from 2007, here's a brief post on the natal chart of former, disgraced Speaker of the House Mr. Gingrich.

So why do Republican presidential candidates, or those thinking of running, have such spotty records when it comes to marriage (among other things)? Is Mormon Mitt Romney said to be the front runner for the GOP nomination because his religion's past polygamy stance seems less problematic for a White House victory and he seems less of a loose canon? From charges of flip-flopping to personal disloyalty and adultery issues, what viable nag can the greedy GOP back in the 2012 race?

Mitch Daniels? Puh-leese! Robert Parry calls Daniels the Architect of the US Debt Crisis during his Bush administration tenure and for very good reason so it seems to me that Mr. Daniels has done more than enough damage to America already.

In fact, haven't they all? Besides...

"You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created."

Albert Einstein, ace problem-solver

Just a reminder in case you should need one in November 2012: Financial Collapse 2008 = result of 8 years of GOP president, George W. Bush, the self-described Decider and propaganda catapulter who was born with the Sabian Symbol "A Bolshevik Propagandist" rising.