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Mar 16, 2011

After watching these last years as The Soulless of Wall Street and Washington tag-teamed to run the American people into the alms house, I find today that in Japan as in the US (and most every other location on the globe, centering in London), it was cold hearted greed and lax oversight that preceded the meltdown of nuclear reactors (built on fault lines); plus a 9.0 earthquake (3.11.11 Fri 2:47 pm local time), tsunami, and volcano to brew a doomsday catastrophe.

Christian Science Monitor's coverage is recommended: Japan Earthquake-Nuclear Meltdown Timeline.

As is that of: Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! and Thom Hartmann's The Big Picture.

As notes of the recent Cardinal Grand Cross echo across my monitor screen, I bemoan again the lingering effects of the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto trio which remain in contact with one another, just not in a planetary configuration such as a T-Square. Their T-Square relationship: Saturn/Uranus = Pluto has dissolved somewhat with Saturn now further into Libra to about 18 Libra when a retrograde station occurred and the Old Man returned to lower degrees of the sign of the Balanced Scales of Justice, Valuations, Beauty, Diplomacy, Relationships, and The Other.

Perhaps the Trio's Midpoint Picture Says It All

*Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: harm through force majeure.

Being opposite Mars-ruled Aries, Libra is one of the military signs. Yet it's primarily been disruptive Uranus crossing the Aries Point on March 11, 2011 (and its declination, with March 11 being the day of the 9.0 earthquake "off the coast of the northeastern city of Sendai") which has commandeered the astrological limelight in the series of disasters now befalling the world and Japan in particular. (Originally ranked @ 8.9, the Friday earthquake rating has been upped to 9.0, last I heard.)

At a cued moment, an event of some rarity was staged with the emperor of Japan making his first-ever TV appearance performing as the emperor of Japan, perhaps a clue to the dramatic opportunism exhibited by a world crime syndicate terrorizing global populations.

Excruciatingly, the worst disenfranchisement most human beings can imagine is what now befalls the good people of Japan and those who will suffer in future from radioactive fallout. The scientists (nuclear), industrialists (GE), politicians and traders (global), and media (scoundrels) have talked it 'down' all the while though some level of admission cannot be avoided in a Sorrow which is being manipulated as if it's a public relations conflagration meant to keep hidden the identities of the many culprits for as long as possible.

The human toll is unacceptable to me. Their corner-cutting construction and maintenance, and other cost-cutting measures that may come to light are irrelevant at the moment with such large numbers of people now fighting for their and their loved ones' very survival.

Somehow the perilous March 2011 nuclear meltdown, earthquake, tsunami, and volcano in Japan makes TV's Survivor seem like a bunch of fluff'n'nonsense.


So is it a coincidence that the TV program 'V' is peaking in its dramatic arc as Earthlings are shown being overpowered and out-technologized by the 'Vs' whose fancy lighting system makes other more earthly mood lifters completely unnecessary? And I can definitely see how Anna's 'Bliss' could seem blasphemous to those who love the Lord.

To me, 'V' attempts to pass on a message that the world is changing radically and will never be the same now. Much has been written of potentials for 2011 and 2012 - maybe to 'set the mood' as the entertainment industry is so perfect at doing. Another current TV offering of the same ilk is The Event but my personal fave of the genre is Fringe, and I suspect you like it, too. Don't ask me how I know - Fringe's parallel universe theme just seems to fit our weird, unpredictable world these days especially for one who reads a blog such as this.


Three Links from me to you: Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Julie Demboski's Astrology, and Woolly Mammoth Chronicles.


*The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

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