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Aug 17, 2011

Alexander Hamilton disses the Tea Party! And reviewing Inauguration 2009's midpoint pictures

Tea Party Approval Rate Trending Down with American Public

by Jude Cowell

Protest4Democracy quotes Alexander Hamilton on the sort of undermining of the US government which the Tea Partisans, theocrats (feelin' all righteously resurrected from their Ronald Reagan 'Religious Right' glory days), and other corporatist shills are espousing in 2011 into 2012.

So as Presidential Campaign 2012 heats up and the overblown rhetoric with it, I sincerely hope all US voters will be able to tell an patriot from a Utopian anarchist, a true Christian from a cold hearted not-my-brother's-keeper-er, a globalist from a real American.

Let's not toss such principles as separation of church and state, freedom to worship--or not--as we please, our national sovereignty, and compassion for our fellow Americans into the historical dustbin. Better to jettison the expectations of those who use political sloganism to steal a national helm which belongs to all of we-the-people, not just the chosen few who choose to tow the corporatist line for some promised reward they may or may not find at the end of a deluded Utopian, One World Government rainbow.

Besides, if corporate tax breaks, huge loopholes, and government subsidies were going to create jobs in America, they would have done so by now--and all through the l o n g eight years of the Bush-Cheney regime when the economy fell apart.

And I say all this even while knowing how the Horoscope of Inauguration 2009 showed the midpoint of the oppressive, disenfranchising, primally violent, racist, corporatist, fascist, communist pair of Pluto/Chiron sitting upon the Obama Inauguration's Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart.

For 'company' at Inaugural 2009 MC as well is US natal Pluto in Capricorn, and a 10th house Jupiter 3AQ25 (money; banking; bankers)--which conjoins China's natal Moon, signifying the people who have many jobs while the American people seem to have fewer jobs each day. Jupiter's Bottomline Economics will be with us a long time, tinged with Saturnian austerity.

Disillusioned with President Obama?

Click for a write-out of the midpoint pictures which were in effect at noon edt in Washington DC on January 20, 2009. In my post from November 2009, I optimistically characterized the pre-inaugural midpoint pictures as being mostly positive yet upon review (Mercury Rx now!) this evening, some of them in particular don't seem nearly as full of optimism on behalf of the American people as you and I had hoped on that 'Game Changing Day'.

That is, you had hoped--unless you're a corporatist, sour grapes Republican, or a Tea Partisan--then you want to see Pres. Obama 'fail', right? No matter who gets taken down with him, it's okay by you because (you think that) all your ducks are in fancy rows and ready for the paradigm shift of a New World Order.

Of course, I cannot yet rule out the possibility that the 'see Obama fail' political script is just another cynical planned-at-the-top ruse to hide a deeper agenda while keeping we-the-people divided against one another--and thereby conquered!

Anyway, read the midpoint pictures for yourself. Looking back during a Mercury retrograde phase is often profitable and it may serve to take you down memory lane to that bitter cold day in Washington DC which now seems so long ago...


The plutocratic duo Pluto/Chiron's favorite equation? Corporatism + Statism = Fascism

America is ruled by corporations who, it has come to light, actually write the bills for Congress to sponsor and push giving the term 'Corporate America' a deeper level of meaning.

In case you haven't, you may wish to check out Move To Amend and get involved! For if you're American, this is your country, too.

Oh, and speaking of corporations, the ground underneath the Fukushima nuclear core reactors has begun to crack. Things are seriously out of control in Japan, the MSM is blacking out the truth, and the world can 'thank' the nuclear industry and their transnational backers for the disaster.

Read more or watch broadcast videos by Thom Hartmann who covers the real news such as Japan's ongoing 'China Syndrome' situation.

Jul 21, 2011

Leuren Moret: Japan's radiation cover-up ongoing (video)

Levels of nuclear radiation from the meltdown at Fukushima Japan continue to be misreported. Leuren Moret has testified in a court case concerning the 'nuclear genocide' of babies and children in Japan, Canada, and the US (including Philadelphia), with a call for wider evacuations in Japan.

In Canada, they're attempting to blame the spike in infant mortality rates on unsafe sleeping practices! That's a real pretzel twist for officials who assume that Canadians have no common sense whatsoever---or it's simply a desperate patootie-covering measure until they can come up with something better to hide the nuclear truth.

Here's the video with Leuren Moret calling out the 'nuclear apologists' in case you don't wish to click above:


Thanks for the heads-up, Kieron! jc

Jul 4, 2011

Leuren Moret safe, sound and researching 7.4.11

Recently I was alerted in a Comment thread here that there may be a question regarding the whereabouts of whistle blower Leuren Moret, so I asked if anyone knew where geoscientist Leuren Moret is or if she's okay. Now I am pleased to report that Dr. Moret has kindly contacted Stars Over Washington by leaving a Comment to assure us that she is fine and busily working.

Since I have no contact info to send along a message expressing my relief that woolly boogers had't gotten her, the only way to respond concerning this excellent news of her safety and continuing research is to publish her reply. Current Fukushima and TEPCO details are included:

I would like to thank you for asking where I (Leuren Moret) am. I have been quiet for the last month, doing more research/interviews on Fukushima and the bigger picture, as well as building international scientific support and expert scientific witnesses for the new lawsuits now moving into the courts in Fukushima prefecture.

The lawsuits are asking for injunctions to evacuate the 350,000 children left there and being poisoned to death with radiation that the govt and the "Goyo Gukusha" (academic whores) are saying is safe "even for pregnant mothers". Also the Japanese Govt must be fed up with TEPCO because they have secretly written a report to break down TEPCO - the largest energy company in Asia - so that the Govt takes over 90% of TEPCO and leaves renewable energy only with TEPCO (10%). I think they should execute with Samurai swords the TEPCO officials, but I think they are all in cahoots so that won't happen.

This is just the beginnning of the nightmare, they are going to continue wrecking the environment globally, poisoning all of the food supplies with rad, and taking down the US to the bottom of the barrel. It is truly horrifying, and I know now that people realize something is really wrong. Thanks for asking about me...sometimes I am very happy to read comments like yours because I know the power of the information is getting out there and people are taking it in. A friend told me about your web comments, so I thought I would let you know that I appreciate them.

Leuren in Berkeley, California

(By Leuren Moret)


You're welcome! Considering the low characters of the thieves and crooks you uncover, it's very good to know you're safe because these reptiles play for keeps as more and more people are now realizing. The cleansing light of publicity's sunshine is the best disinfectant for germs of all kinds! jc

Jun 27, 2011

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Breach: Neptune to US n Moon?

Waters of Neptune and Power of Pluto 6.27.11

by Jude Cowell

Can it be that our recent transit of Neptune to US natal Moon in Aquarius (we-the-people) is still operative? With tr Neptune dipping a mystical toe in the waters of Pisces (but Rx and preparing to lumber back into Aquarius for a while), it seems that dissolving Neptune is reflecting the massive water damage to properties from the Mississippi River and now the Missouri River. And of course, Earth's Moon rules the tides.

Should we fret? ABC News reports officials saying that the public 'is not in danger' even though the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station has been breached. Click to see a horrific looking photo of the flooded plant which has been shut down since April.

And you may have heard that wildfire is threatening the Los Alamos Nuclear Plant within One Mile, which is also being reported by Amy Goodman of the excellent Democracy Now! so it seems that watery Neptune is riling both Uranus (electricity shut off in nuclear plants, back up generators in service, plus storm systems) and Pluto, whose link to nuclear power is well-known bwo Pluto's discovery in 1930.

(If you're interested in Enron news, click to read or hear what Amy Goodman just reported about it.)

Or perhaps I should say that our three outer, transpersonal, generational planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are showing their power to affect on the deepest levels The Collective in which we all must live, breached berms notwithstanding.

So where was Mars, the fire starter and instigator, in all of this when the Fort Calhoun Plant was breached by the Missouri River, a situation with the potential for being 'another Fukushima'? Testy Mars is in early Gemini (nearing US natal Uranus - danger) and about to trigger the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @11Gem02.

As you know, we're inside an eclipse window just now with a brand new Saros Series about to start with the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @9Can12 which falls precisely between US natal Sun and Jupiter.

When we look for resonance with this synchronicity to America's natal chart, we find that at the moment, a transiting midpoint picture brings these same planets together as the US approaches her 235th birthday: tr Sun/Jupiter = tr Mars: zeal and courage - two things the people of the Midwest and those who fight against the effects of such disasters need to possess in Jupiterian abundance.

Underneath that energy is another of sinister proportions with two midpoint pictures now formed and pointing to the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition (though it's not as exact in orb as it's been, Saturn and Uranus are subject to transits and progressions.) Any, all, or none may apply and are from Ebertin:

Sun/Pluto = Saturn: restrictions; physical impediments; ruthless overcoming of obstacles and difficulties; separation by a Higher Power; imprisonment.

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself (valiant nuclear plant workers? jc); sudden adjustment to new circumstances; danger to life.

Difficult pictures, are they not?

Plus, for some months now, the transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint has been hitting US natal South Node off and on (6AQ.) As you know, Pluto/Chiron is one of the primary signatures for oppression, disenfranchisement, racism and other -isms including corporatism...and primal violence. Both bodies relate closely to nuclear power, separately and together, and with SN representing past behavior, Neptune's massive amounts of water now activate nuclear mistakes from America's past.

Yes, the homelessness of Neptune to US natal Moon is continuing on a different level of expression than the foreclosure fiasco which is also ongoing.

Hmmm...wonder what the Nuclear Energy Institute is up to this morning? Makin' policy, I imagine. They seem to be up to date on the Fukushima Meltdown but are not so up-to-speed when it comes to what's going on with the current threats to nuclear plants in the US, as near as I can tell from their website.


Thanks to a reader who asked me to look at the Astrology of the Fort Calhoun Nebraska situation in a comment left after yesterday's post on US Solar Return 2011. No time right now to provide links to eclipse posts and other related topics (though they may show up after this entry is published bwo LinkedWithin thumbnails - look below) because I must motor and deal w lightening damage to some tech equipment here (Uranus!) and other storm-related issues.

More reading on such topics is available to you at the blog of Alexander Higgins, if you wish to check it out. jc

Jun 4, 2011

Apr 14, 2011

Radiation Cloud a Risk to US (video link) and Japan's natal chart data

NewsMax is reporting that a radiation cloud wafting across the sea from Japan's nuclear meltdown at *Fukushima would indeed pose health risks to the US West Coast and Hawaii, says Dr. Russell Blaylock.

My feeling is that the contamination wouldn't end on the West Coast especially with radiation already showing up in the water of several US cities including Philadelphia. And last time I looked, Philadelphia was located on the East Coast.

Click to read and view the video report.

Also recommended there: you'll see a link to Fluoride's Deadly Secret with more videos from Dr. Blaylock concerning the topic. That poisoning makes me glad I was raised drinking artesian well water!


*There is a personal name asteroid 'Fukushima' so I checked its position for the date/time of the earthquake in Japan (March 11, 2011 2:46 pm JST Sendai) and found that Fukushima (#3915) was setting (on Descendant to the degree and minute: 16AQ27) when the earthquake occurred and the world's nuclear nightmare began. **Japan's natal Saturn 16Leo27 Rx from the 1889 natal chart was rising...precisely.

My thanks to Tracy at the excellent for the asteroid ephemeris info, as always.


**There are at least two natal charts for Japan:

February 11, 1889 NS
12:00 pm LMT
Tokyo; ASC 9Gem50, MC 18AQ56; Sun 23AQ-Moon 28Gem

(Source: Campion's Book of World Horoscopes)

April 28, 1952
1:30 pm GMT
Tokyo; ASC 00Cap31, MC 20Lib 17: Sun 9Tau-Moon 29Gem

(Source: Orr's The Astrological History of the World - I assume from historical record.)

Mar 29, 2011

Aries New Moon Apr 3, 2011 w US natal Mars rising

The more I look at the chart factors in the horoscope of the April 3, 2011 New Moon at a critical/crisis degree, the more worrisome they appear. Sadly, the cure isn't to stop looking.

Well, as you know, the combination of Mars and Uranus is a permanent signature in the American natal chart and national psyche so we can't say we're not a warring bunch of varmints, can we? With Gemini the sign of multiplicity, America chooses and fights wars two or three at a time. Click to read more on these disturbing, protesting, incendiary energies which include America's natal Uranus and Mars in Gemini 'going angular' in the April 3 New Moon chart.

And transiting MIDAS conjoins US n Uranus as I type! Where there are wars there are war profiteers lurking behind the scenes for they seldom if ever put themselves in harm's way!

If I weren't under the weather this week, I'd go ahead and post the horoscope so you can view it. In lieu, here are the particulars for setting up the chart for yourself if you haven't already:

New Moon April 3, 2011 @ 10:32:16 am edt (says my Solar Fire software) Washington DC.

Now of course, one lunation chart can't 'do it all' but it can trigger other planetary and social factors. The recent entry into Aries - and crossing the World Point of Manifestation at Aries Point (00Ari00) - of quirky rebel and freedom- fighter Uranus is a major component of April's Mars/Uranus picture especially since the sign Aries - and now, transiting Uranus - are ruled by hotheaded, testosterone-driven Mars.

1927/28 and 2011

Yes, Uranus The Awakener is certainly busy this time around bringing strikes, protests, and stand-offs much as was the case when Uranus conjoined AP on March 31, 1927, November 4, 1927, and January 13, 1928. Combined with instigator Mars in 2011, powerfully explosive situations including the nuclear realm and more earthquakes are dire potentials.

Yet hopefully April won't bring more bad news concerning the nuclear meltdown in Japan, and I pray that the West's Libyan intrusion with its mildly named 'no-fly' zone will not take a wrong Martian-Uranian turn into chaos as well.

And I'm fairly certain you're with me on that.


Events of 1927 (ex: major earthquake in China), 1928 (major earthquake in Greece), and, for 2011, perhaps it's time for Japan to resort to the Chernobyl Solution.


Note: on President Obama's justification speech on Libya last evening, it amazes me that he can rail against Gaddafi's "exploitation" of the Libyan people's wealth and his poor treatment of them when we-the-people have been treated in similar disenfranchised fashion ourselves with more to come.

Where is Mr. Obama's outrage, staged or otherwise, on our behalf? jc

Mar 27, 2011

Obama speaks on Libya 3.28.11 w Mercury at loose ends

Horoscopes set for Monday night, March 28, 2011, on the occasion of President Obama addressing the nation about the US-NATO-Arab-Allies mission in Libya, don't look so much unpromising for the globalists' usual war propaganda purposes as they look...well, ignored by the general public. We have, after all, heard this sorry tune too many times before.

Under conditions which must certainly be obvious even to our bubble-wrapped White House and Capitol Hill denizens, the American people are wumped out and few there be who are interested in hearing about another overly expensive (aka, bottomless pit in the money department) war and possible occupation. Mission Accomplished so soon? We'll see if NATO operations fill the expansionists' bill for domination in the region and if one objective is to get the American people more acclimated to acting in accord with with NATO and eventually, the UN. (Less national sovereignty for us that way.)

Moon and South Node of the Moon

As you know, the Moon in a mundane chart represents the people or populace, the general public, and Democracy. Women, children, and family are particularly associated with the Moon whether in a radix (natal) horoscope or a mundane one (events, inaugurations, coronations, speeches, politicians, elections, etc - whatever has a beginning has an inception chart, even pitifully crooked politicians.)

The thing about this Monday evening at such an hour as the President might read his remarks on the topic (8 pm or 9 pm?), the Moon is in the 6 - 7 degree range of Aquarius which conjoins US natal South Node of the Moon, not the most auspicious marker for anything expecting publicity, or for a speech you want to be well-received by a fickle public.

Speak to Me Only with Thy Mercury

In warring Aries, Mercury (planet of young persons, orators, negotiators, planners, scribes, reporters, bloggers, traders, and jugglers, among a myriad of other things) makes no applying aspect to any planet in the chart/s at 8 pm or 9 pm edt in Washington DC, an indication that the speech may make little difference 'on the board'.

So though he's at loose ends planetarily, Mr. Speedy does apply to a lovely trine with the NN (and thus sextiles SN) so reporters will be listening (it's their jobs, plus, zealous ideologues must pay attention because they can't exist without Politics to promote their causes - perhaps if no one claps their hands, they'll all go pouf! and leave us be.) Hopefully, mercurial young people will be listening, too, or watching it later on YouTube for they tend most often to supply the Pentagon's war fodder, and their futures are intimately connected to the rhythm the White House plays when beating its drums of war.

So it seems in his speech that President Obama may be falling back on past (SN) emotional appeals (Moon) to our better natures (AQ) and of course we'll hear political talking points parroted on both sides in the news before Tuesday and for the rest of the week unless another topic knocks it off the ticker.

Well, the way things are going these days, that's pretty much a given, isn't it?

And since a disciplined GOP desperately craves the White House in 2012, we know that just after Mr. Obama completes his remarks the yapping will begin and spread into the week, revealing the gist or essence of the Libyan conflict's required government propaganda modulated to suit the public mood, and embroidered with all the subtle nuances big money can pay journalists and talking heads to spout as the week plows on and Japan's leaked radiation heads this way. Now there's a leak meant to be taken seriously yet it's more politically correct to downplay it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama prepares an oration for our edification and Politico's headline is President Obama faces a hard Libya sell so perhaps we may consider his speech's Moon/SN contact as: "exit strategy" (what we-the-people want to have and hear about, thanks), bad timing (coffers now empty - US tax payers can't afford to act as the world's police force anymore, we're all tapped out, cheers), more 'terrorism' propaganda (6/7 AQ = Moon = US n SN = Neptune's position at Islam's Founding), or simply that the public (Moon) has negative escapist behavior it wishes to resort to (SN) and would rather not be bothered on a Monday night to listen to...ugh, crafty Politics.

With SN (aka, Tail of the Dragon) having a Saturnian flavor of separation or loss, the Moon nearby can give a Moon/Saturn vibe which includes: separation from females, depression or melancholy, emotional inhibitions, or more positively, ambition, direction, strategy. (Tyl.)

Now you'll easily think of other connotations for Moon/SN and other chart factors in the President's speech horoscope for the evening of March 28, 2011, I know, so your opinions and remarks are being awaited momentarily.

How about: Moon/SN = talk to the hand...?

Mar 26, 2011

Max Igan on Japan, Libya, & more (video)

Today in Northeast Georgia it's on the stormy side so a quick post of this video series by Max Igan is in order due to concern for my pc's motherboard and my healthy respect for Uranian lightening - especially now that we've seen what revolting Uranus to the Mars-ruled Aries Point can trigger on the World Stage:

Observations on Society

by Max Igan

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Mar 24, 2011

Leuren Moret: Japan quake-nuke meltdown "no accident" (video)

Scientist Leuren Moret (a heroine of mine if I tended to maintain pedestals for human beings!) says the current earthquake-meltdown conditions in Japan were done deliberately. I've been waiting for this news, haven't you? Here's the scoop which I found bwo the excellent

(ExopoliticsTV) – Independent scientist Leuren Moret, whose 2004 landmark article in the Japan Times unmasked lies and distortions by government and company officials that led to the construction of nuclear power plants in seismically dangerous areas, has declared in an exclusive 65-minute video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that the “Japan earthquake and “accidents” at the Fukushima’s 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 are in fact deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare, carried out against the populations ecology of Japan and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. #

Radiation is being found in mainland US now and said by authorities to be 'safe' yet I doubt those with compromised immune systems, the elderly, and the young will be feeling 'safe' for very long after radiation builds up in their systems.

Now I realized years ago that these power elites seeking world government control are playing for keeps but their latest nuclear caper just seems to be permanently ruining the whole litterbox for all us cats, even the fat ones, don't you agree?

This may call for a kitty cat photo of our fatcat-in-residence, Grace!

Also online: Lim's Limericks where cats write political limericks and verse and I type them up for the blog because cats don't have typing fingers.

Mar 16, 2011

After watching these last years as The Soulless of Wall Street and Washington tag-teamed to run the American people into the alms house, I find today that in Japan as in the US (and most every other location on the globe, centering in London), it was cold hearted greed and lax oversight that preceded the meltdown of nuclear reactors (built on fault lines); plus a 9.0 earthquake (3.11.11 Fri 2:47 pm local time), tsunami, and volcano to brew a doomsday catastrophe.

Christian Science Monitor's coverage is recommended: Japan Earthquake-Nuclear Meltdown Timeline.

As is that of: Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! and Thom Hartmann's The Big Picture.

As notes of the recent Cardinal Grand Cross echo across my monitor screen, I bemoan again the lingering effects of the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto trio which remain in contact with one another, just not in a planetary configuration such as a T-Square. Their T-Square relationship: Saturn/Uranus = Pluto has dissolved somewhat with Saturn now further into Libra to about 18 Libra when a retrograde station occurred and the Old Man returned to lower degrees of the sign of the Balanced Scales of Justice, Valuations, Beauty, Diplomacy, Relationships, and The Other.

Perhaps the Trio's Midpoint Picture Says It All

*Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: harm through force majeure.

Being opposite Mars-ruled Aries, Libra is one of the military signs. Yet it's primarily been disruptive Uranus crossing the Aries Point on March 11, 2011 (and its declination, with March 11 being the day of the 9.0 earthquake "off the coast of the northeastern city of Sendai") which has commandeered the astrological limelight in the series of disasters now befalling the world and Japan in particular. (Originally ranked @ 8.9, the Friday earthquake rating has been upped to 9.0, last I heard.)

At a cued moment, an event of some rarity was staged with the emperor of Japan making his first-ever TV appearance performing as the emperor of Japan, perhaps a clue to the dramatic opportunism exhibited by a world crime syndicate terrorizing global populations.

Excruciatingly, the worst disenfranchisement most human beings can imagine is what now befalls the good people of Japan and those who will suffer in future from radioactive fallout. The scientists (nuclear), industrialists (GE), politicians and traders (global), and media (scoundrels) have talked it 'down' all the while though some level of admission cannot be avoided in a Sorrow which is being manipulated as if it's a public relations conflagration meant to keep hidden the identities of the many culprits for as long as possible.

The human toll is unacceptable to me. Their corner-cutting construction and maintenance, and other cost-cutting measures that may come to light are irrelevant at the moment with such large numbers of people now fighting for their and their loved ones' very survival.

Somehow the perilous March 2011 nuclear meltdown, earthquake, tsunami, and volcano in Japan makes TV's Survivor seem like a bunch of fluff'n'nonsense.


So is it a coincidence that the TV program 'V' is peaking in its dramatic arc as Earthlings are shown being overpowered and out-technologized by the 'Vs' whose fancy lighting system makes other more earthly mood lifters completely unnecessary? And I can definitely see how Anna's 'Bliss' could seem blasphemous to those who love the Lord.

To me, 'V' attempts to pass on a message that the world is changing radically and will never be the same now. Much has been written of potentials for 2011 and 2012 - maybe to 'set the mood' as the entertainment industry is so perfect at doing. Another current TV offering of the same ilk is The Event but my personal fave of the genre is Fringe, and I suspect you like it, too. Don't ask me how I know - Fringe's parallel universe theme just seems to fit our weird, unpredictable world these days especially for one who reads a blog such as this.


Three Links from me to you: Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Julie Demboski's Astrology, and Woolly Mammoth Chronicles.


*The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

The Iron Wall (video link) -- of Zionist colonization

The Iron Wall (Video link)

"Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population - behind The Iron Wall, which the native population cannot breach."

Vladimir Jabotinsky 1923

Click to read details and view a 57-minute video on this important topic; naturally, the tense duo of Saturn (tectonic plates; soil; earth; constriction) and Uranus (splitting; breaking; loosening) are implicated and are associated in Mundane Astrology with the Middle East particularly Israel and Palestine. The duo's last Great Conjunction/s occurred three times through 1988 - under Ronald Reagan's watch though his deputies may have been minding the national store while the Gipper snoozed; Saturn and Uranus conjoined forces in the near-final three degrees of Sagittarius 27-28-29 rather near Galactic Center. 29 degrees of any sign, as you know, is often in critical or crisis mode and the planet prepares to move into new territory, the next sign.

We felt the Saturn/Uranus opposition in the November 2009 presidential election and again in 2010 across the Virgo-Pisces axis. Nowadays, with Capitol Hill's traditionalism v radicalism, plus riots, protests, strikes, rebellions, overthrows, stepdowns, bombings, disenfranchisement, earthquakes, volcanoes, and nuclear catastrophes, we groan under their brittle 165-degree quindecile relationship indicating 'disruption of governing systems' and 'defiance of law and order.'

Guess that also applies in the spiritual realm to natural law and order.


For more details on the compulsive-obsessive aspect The Quindecile, allow Ricki Reeves to explain.

Is Japan targeted by HAARP? (video)

Well, it was only a matter of time before I had to mention HAARP by name in relation to the nuclear devastation in Japan. My last post covered much of my thoughts, my heart is broken, and there's too much more to say rather than less. Yet we must each watch our energy levels if we have them. Si?

My cordial thanks go to Crystal Pomeroy of one of online's premiere publications Daykeeper Journal for sending along a handy YouTube link. Crystal Pallas Pomeroy is one of three daughters of expert astrologer, author, and lecturer Maya Del Mar ~~ one of Astrology's past lights still shining ~~ and writes a regular column Crystal's Moon Meditations for our growth and renewal.

Thanks, Crystal!

(As you see, the HAARP video is published here in English since I don't speak Spanish. Wish I did. YouTube has it how you want to hear it though. jc)

Mar 14, 2011

Meltdown in Japan & New Nuclear Power Plants Coming to Georgia (USA)

You know how you return home from a weekend trip and there are zillions of things to catch up with? Well, that's my situation this morning as I read the latest info I can find on the horrendous earthquakes and ongoing nuclear catastrophe in Japan, a nation of good people for whom I pray in this, their time of great trial.

Then my terra-mail is opened and I am starkly reminded of Japan's nuclear disaster bwo the recent addition to our Georgia Power electric bills: $3.79 per month for their rammed-through legislation allowing a Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery in order to build not one but two nuclear plants in my home state. This is a pay-it-forward tax since the money has been forcibly added to Georgians' power bills as of January 2011 for future construction.

(Anti-nuke protests are now going on over the globe!)

And of course, it doesn't matter if the public (whose taxpayers' will be saddled with massive costs if there's a catastrophe) wants the worrisome nuke plants or not, or if we consider them safe to live near. Georgia's well known water supply shortages seem not to matter either - millions of gallons of cool water for future meltdowns notwithstanding. Smart planning? I think not. Especially since Georgia tends toward debilitating droughts in recent years which are difficult enough to deal with without potential radiation poisoning to worry about.

Of course, dead people aren't thirsty people, are they?

So what if our nation's antiquated power grid failed during one of Georgia's extremely hot summers? Electricity and water are needed to cool down reactors! And I'm not even considering here the threat of hacking by terrorists.

Water Water No Where

Guess we Georgians could spurn water and just drink Atlanta-based Coca-Cola (not me!) all the time "going forward" - but oops! Brewing Coke takes lots of water, too. Gotta work on that pesky getting-thirsty habit, it seems, for if it comes down to drinking water or having nuclear energy, Georgia Power's thumb on the scale has decided 'what's best' for this native Georgian. It all makes me wonder just who could possibly have thought that hot, dry Georgia was a good location for two new nuclear plants.

Uranus, Earthquakes, and Sudden Disasters: Uranus to Aries Point

For years, astrologers have been expecting big events (as well as one can 'expect' with quirky Uranus, planet of The Unexpected) as The Awakener has again crossed the Aries Point of World Manifestation in 2010 and 2011. And I'm sure we've all been hoping that Uranus to AP wouldn't come to this. Hard lessons from Japan's current nightmare and the folly of placing nuclear reactors on or near fault lines reminds me that I've never considered nuclear plants to be "safe" neighbors.

So if I thought that writing a Dear John letter to the powerful power company would help this deplorable situation, I'd write and send it along - and ask pointedly for my money back for this devilish project. Something along the lines of: nuclear power is only "safe" and "clean" until the first accident occurs, you numbskulls.

Or perhaps I should delete 'you numbskulls' for a better outcome...?

Oh well. Never mind that the state of Georgia experiences infrequent earthquakes, too (name a location that doesn't, right?) At least we're the state with the mysterious Georgia Guidestones which tout (severe) population control, among other things, and apparently was commissioned in 1979 by a stranger with the pseudonym "R.C. Christian", a Rosicrucian reference, as some (such as myself) believe.

It seems that the 'purpose' of the Guidestones (unveiled publicly on March 22, 1986, Elberton, GA) relates to our Founding Deist Thomas Paine and the religious theories he expounded in his pamphlet The Age of Reason. I say this because a carving on the Guidestones states,

"Let These Be Guidestones to An Age of Reason." Voila! The Utopians are coming for us!

Well, after hearing this weekend of the earthquakes and subsequent nuclear meltdowns in Japan, both reason and common sense tell me that building more nuclear plants when you're incapable of dealing with the refuse of the ones you have - and building them on or near fault lines - is self-destructive madness and as such, is not reasonable in the least.


For similar topics, you may wish to check out an intriguing reciprocal transit in 2006 which occurred within the natal horoscope of Thomas Paine. As you know, 2006 was the year that US natal Mars turned retrograde by progression. Paine's reciprocal transit is: Sun to Chiron and Chiron to Sun - simultaneously! Read chart details, or skip the text and view a dual chart image here, if you wish, for his Sun/Chiron synchronicity in May 2006 is quite amazing to see!

Another previous post which unfortunately relates to today's topic of nuclear plants is the Chernobyl meltdown of 1986 (chart details are included.)

And here is a post containing the Horoscope of Chernobyl with a few notes on the Atom Split chart and its Secondary Progressions.

You may remember that in August 2010, 500 wildfires were approaching the Chernobyl site yet I heard nothing of the outcome of that additional health threat. (Yes, all nuclear catastrophes - and bombings - sound precisely like the Scriptures' abomination of desolation prophecy to me. The Atomic Split irreparably broke a natural law, and sad to say, America was in the forefront of unleashing such horror upon the Japan.)

Well, if you're fatigued with state propaganda on such important topics, check out Democracy Now!'s coverage of the ongoing nuclear catastrophe to gain a clearer idea of what's really going on in Japan.