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Apr 21, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011 Horoscope w details

Image: Horoscope Summer Solstice 2011, June 21 @ 1:16:35 pm edt, set for the White House, Washington DC as the seat of US power.

Hour *Jupiter 3Tau19 in 8th house of Transformation, Credit and Debt; ASC 1Lib21 gives US natal MC rising with natal Saturn/Neptune midpoint 3Lib37 and transiting Mercury/Pluto midpoint 8Lib23; chart-ruler Venus 14Gem46 in 9th H of Foreign Lands, Travel, Higher Education, and Philosophy makes one applying aspect (how things will proceed for the summer season based on this chart): a square to Moon 10Pis27 in 6th H of Health, Work, and Service (including military and police service.)

Obviously, the president (Sun) is on display at the top of the chart (MC) in Cancer, a primary sign representing America.

Venus separates from a trine with Saturn 10Lib30 in 1st H; the Democratic Party's significator, Saturn, is in process of our current US Saturn Return (last conjunction August 28, 2011 in US natal 10th H of Career and Public Status; our debt ceiling 'debate' may be prominent along with Saturn's accountability issues.)

Moon SQ Venus is an aspect which tends to create financial, social, and domestic difficulties and those who are too trusting of others are taken advantage of due to our (Moon = the people) over-sentimentality and flowery emotionalism (probably involving deeply ingrained ties to the past - how America used to be?) Group endeavors are the best outlets for this hard to control energy. This SQ may also indicate success delayed, more work needed, a general lack of cooperation, and a lack of confidence.

Plus, a very close Moon inconjunct Saturn (0A04) adds restriction and delay to partnerships and alliances with an undercurrent of uneasiness and guilt in our reactions and dealings; feelings of inferiority interfere with attempts at progress. This aspect in such a prominent chart shows that we should stop being patsies suffering under Washington's incompetence and mismanagement and the US government's tiresome tendency to exploit we-the-people while giving us sound bites instead of real reform that improves our lot.

The Moon/Saturn quincunx (150 degrees) relates to politics, social service (and Moon is in 6th H, as noted), scientific researchers, medicine, and education; serious or chronic health issues may be implicated as well. Either way, there is 'disjointment' between the people and the Democratic Party and controls being instituted by government (Saturn.)

(Note: Moon and Jupiter, significator of the GOP, are 52:53 degrees apart which is just beyond septile (51:26), a karmic, fated condition, and are on their way toward an opportunistic sextile (60 degr.) The situation is underscored by Saturn's status as a planet of karma, and the fact that for Summer Solstice 2011, Moon and Saturn are posited in the same 10th degree which signifies a karmic condition all its own with the Moon/Saturn combo indicating ambition, strategy, and direction, but depression as well.

Moon rules 10th H of Career/Public Status, and Saturn rules 4th house of Domestic Scene, Real Estate, and Security Issues so any karmic repercussions will influence the 4/10 axis, the 1/7 axis (Saturn in 1st H), and the 6/12 axis (Moon in 6th H) during Summer 2011.

Planetary Patterns and Midpoint Pictures

Click chart to enlarge and you will see a sort of assertive, impatient, confrontational Cardinal Grand Cross between Sun/MC, Uranus, ASC, and Pluto; I say 'sort of' because the 4th point has no planet there, only the ASC which conjoins US natal MC so both points are outlets for the energies of the Cardinal T-Squares (midpoint pictures) involved.

Let's lift the squirmy little T-SQs from out of the 'Grand Cross' and have a look at them along with US n MC:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatical reforms without regard for the effects; sudden adjustment to circumstances (arrest); rebellion; sudden changes; new perspectives.

Sun/Pluto = ASC: a crisis of self-preservation; being forced to fight; enormous power projection; suppression of the environment to attain one's aims; ruthlessness.

Sun/Plu = US n MC: striving for power; consciousness of purpose and objectives; vocational crises (and Public Status crises); the qualities of leadership; violence with emotional or psychical consequences.

Uranus/ASC = Sun: restless colleagues; an environment full of danger; nervousness; technical or industrial cooperation; major change potential within the profession.

Mercury/Pluto = Saturn: scepticism; quarrels; irritability; suffering from heavy, bitter attacks (Merc/Plu = propaganda, cruel speech, surveillance, and Saturn = Dems, managers in control, scientists, miners, hard workers, consolidation, status quo.)

Considering all that's going on in Washington and the world, we may wish to stretch to include these pictures which bring powerful, subversive Pluto into the Uranian reformist mix:

Uranus/ASC = Pluto: the use of force; commanding success.

Uran/US n MC = Pluto: fanatic ambition; overwork causes a nervous breakdown; energetic, restless pursuit of one's objectives. (Now Pluto! Why not skulk back into your dark cave of horrors and give it a rest? Frankly your subversion toward the plutocratic aim of a one-world-government have grown stale and transparent. Oh, and take your self-styled "masters of the universe" with you.)

Of course we see that the ongoing Saturn/Uranus = Pluto stand-off is still in force so the world continues to experience: acts of violence and brutality; a desire to overcome obstacles or blockages through extraordinary effort; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure (war.) Pluto seems to be fomenting tension between the Saturn/Uranus opposition - status quo v progress, past v future...but it's Pluto's vision of the future vying to hold sway against the masses through police action, propaganda, and government take-overs.

With Chiron Rx @ 5Pis24, the Wounded Healer or Blindspot is lining up for President Obama's Chiron Return. Here again are the dates (this is a five-fer for the president and thus, for our nation:

1. May 21, 2011
2. June 27, 2011 Rx
3. Feb 26, 2012
4. Oct 19, 2012 Rx
5. Dec 10, 2012

As you see, the 2012 presidential campaign is within range of this important multi-transit which indicates a return to the spiritual values and social conditions which were of influence in August 1961, Mr. Obama's month and year of birth. (There's much to say about his Chiron position but it will have to be published in a post of its own. The November 2012 election is snugged between Returns #4 and #5 and may indicate that results will be in doubt into December.)

Now here are other midpoint pictures which will affect Summer 2011 in no particular order:

Pluto/MC = Uranus: sudden changes (as above); publicity; rewards; sudden occupational changes and restlessness (as above); endurance; prudence; organizing ability; a sudden attainment of one's aims with irresistible power.

Sun/Mars = Venus: birth; conception (note: this may be a reference to abortion issues yet Sun/Mars is being included so that US n Sun/Mars may be mentioned as an echo: it's @ this MC...n Sun/Mars = MC: ready to fight for one's principles, or, a fighter; success; accepting responsibilities gladly; doing one's work for the love of it.)

And last, but not least:

Mars/Uranus = Jupiter: successful contests of strength; good fortune and a lucky hand in unusual endeavors; a correct grasp of situations and timely action; accidents or operations (surgical and/or military operations?)

Together the Mars/Uranus duo = sudden applications of energy; dominant will; a test of nerves which echoes US natal Mars and Uranus in Gemini; notice that tr Midas and Pan conjoin US n Uranus 8Gem55 with Midas @ 8:55!

And the Pluto/Chiron midpoint conjoins US n SN showing past plutocratic leanings still influencing America's direction: our federal government has 'fallen back' (SN) on this negative, neurotic behavior which makes use of Pluto/Chiron's primal violence, and thus, different outcomes cannot be expected any time soon from our high-handed bossiness and disenfranchisement of entire populations; nuclear implications are present as well, sad to say.)

Mercury/NN = ASC: conferences and discussions; transactions, negotiations, or lectures.

The 'health issues' mentioned above are supported by the difficult Mars/Saturn midpoint sitting upon US n NN (direction; path; fate) which gives an 'associations with weak or sick people; prisoners; mourners' vibe for Summer 2011

*Jupiter @ '4Tau' is at Chiron's Discovery Degree (Nov 1977) with an interesting Sabian Symbol especially considering that Summer Solstice 2011 Jupiter is in 8th H:

"The Rainbow's Pot of Gold."

Plus, the deceptive, ain't-what-it-seems Sun/Neptune midpoint (projection of 'the good times'; inflation drains resources) conjoins 8th cusp of Shared Resources and Debt along with Neptune/MC = illusions within career and public status; both midpoints are @ 00-1Tau, degrees of violence and aka, Hitler's Trigger Degree (his n Sun 00Tau48.)

13 South Solar Eclipse Series Shows Energies Underneath

The Solar Eclipse Series in which Summer Solstice 2011 falls is the 13 South (11Gem02 in 9th H.) This Series has a sinister tone underneath, says Brady's Predictive Astrology, and may have 'constitutional crisis' and 'natural disaster' influences as well.

And in her book Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse "Something to Cry About" with Mercury ruling so there is a focus on communications, negotiations, news, transit, commerce and trade. Its closeness to US natal Uranus' position (8Gem55) means that there's an element of surprise to the news and unusual developments; in 8th H, taxation, imports, burial laws, and contagion are on the national menu.

Treaties strain foreign relations, potential workers' strikes occur, the military is on the move, and we may be dealing with an urgent health situation, hospital and/or prison conditions, and perhaps a mysterious crime. (Okay, so there are many of those already!)

The June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse is of particular importance for Australia (9th H Venus and Uranus), Egypt (ASC opposite 7th H Mars), France (3rd H NN), Israel (8th H Mercury, the eclipse ruler), Mexico (6th H Saturn), Vatican City (10th H Moon), Los Angeles (2nd H Saturn), Manhattan (12th H Pluto ascending), and New York City (Pluto and 9th cusp.)

Well, Summer 2011 brings us new difficulties to face and potentials to develop - then July 1, 2011 brings a second Solar Eclipse @9Can12 amidst US natal Jupiter and Sun (Teal's title: "Democratic Spirit".) Two SEs manifesting only a month apart is a rare celestial occurrence which I believe points to a critical time when America's credit rating issues and other monetary difficulties will suss out the future direction of our nation should it continue to exist as a sovereign entity.

So given the current administration's tendency to favor the top 2% (TARP, tax breaks, 'free trade', deregulation, lack of prosecutions of Wall Street gentry, ad nauseum) much more than the bottom 98% of the American people who have been grievously harmed by that very same top 2%, I find myself agreeing with Bette Davis when she said:

An Update of Post Cross-Pollination: the Watery Sun Cancer-Moon Pisces blend of Summer Solstice 2011.


Midpoint pictures from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey; as always, any, all, of none may apply and are subject to activation from transits and progressions.

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