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Sep 1, 2015

Astrological Reflections on the Lionine Mars of Donald Trump

Today is September 1, 2015 and so far I have neglected to post a link to the transcript of Donald Trump's announcement of his run for the Republican nomination for president of the United States so here it is:

Trump Announcement June 16, 2015 trumpeted from Trump Tower, Fifth Avenue, New York New York.

Is this your lucky day, or what? That particular morning I happened to have a TV on so was treated to the full scintillating effect of his bravado announcement and its immediate aftereffects from the media.

It remains to be seen if one of Mr. Trump's luckier days will be September 19, 2015, the day when transiting Mars, planet of warriors and those of a militaristic mindset (which he says he is) returns to natal position @26Leo--rising in his natal horoscope and triggering a certain royal 'kingmaker' star, Regulus, which rises with natal Mars in his chart! As you know, the two-year cycle of Mars indicates a new cycle of energy beginning for everyone when the planet of energy and motivation comes round again to natal degree and sign.

Astrologically, Regulus links closely with Mr. Trump's natal Mars and Ascendant (The Self) and to this ancient and archetypal star is attached a caution when it comes to achieving goals and desires: 'success if revenge is avoided'. So I must doubt that anyone would disagree that his 'if they attack me I attack them back' stance of revenge denotes difficulties in that sphere and implies that a loss of what was gained may be the result for Donald Mars Rising with Regulus Trump. If you're like me, a bully on a playground comes readily to mind with such a prominent Mars.

Plus, he and the other candidates have five months more before the first primary vote is cast--plenty of time for the Republican field to shift--perhaps away from this political provocateur!

Aug 10, 2015

GOP Candidates Turn Blind Eye To Income Inequality - video

Oh dear! As you know, eclipses are considered to be 'wild cards' of the Universe, and the influence of the current Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse at a critical 29th degree continues to uncover inconvenient facts in stark relief:

You may wish to view the DC horoscope of the Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse @29Pisces with its crisis/turning point/special task YOD pattern involving broadcaster Jupiter sextile North Node (public contact) pointing toward debating, voting Mercury in veiled, not always forthcoming, Pisces, the sign that is part of the Virgo-Pisces axis of victimization and martyrdom.

And of course, Virgo, sign of the Virgin (goddess), relates on one level to issues concerning the Madonna-whore archetype. Does anyone believe that Donald Trump's complaint against FOX moderator Meghan Kelly wasn't due to his snarky remark during the recent Republican 'debate' that she was 'attacking' him (Donald the victim!) because of her monthly? Was his meaning veiled enough for you? What an antiquated male complaint against women who let their Barbie masks slip and dare to challenge misogynist male behavior!

Well, the Meghan-Donald kerfluffle has partially masked the fact that the GOP candidates on August 6th said little if anything about the real issues and problems facing the American people such as income inequality but the lack of substance was typical and predictable, wasn't it? "Does Donald Trump have a problem with women?", Thomas Roberts just asked on MSNBC. Quick! Name a Republican who doesn't.

Aug 8, 2015

Thom Hartmann: Trump Tells the Truth, but No one listens...

Are there two truth-telling candidates among us?

#ThomHartmann #DonaldTrump #Bankruptcy #AtlanticCity #Corporatism

Is Donald Trump exposing too many secrets of the false reality matrix? To some degree, and yet Democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders is the one drawing huge crowds at every campaign event because he reveals truths and discusses topics that the American people want and need to hear!

Related: the natal horoscope of Donald Trump Part 1 with details and Part 2 with his Sun-Moon Blend. And since his birth time is unavailable, here are a few astro-notes concerning the Sun-Moon Personality Blend of Bernie Sanders.

Plus, you may wish to review the famous clip of Senator Sanders's 2012 speech on the Senate floor: The American People Are Angry.

Jul 29, 2015

Even Conservative Voters Can’t Stand the Republican Party - video

#RingofFireRadio #Campaign2016 #Conservatives #Republicans #GOP = Grand Old Paranoids? Well, #Neptune sneaking through its own sign of #Pisces = increased paranoia for the vulnerable and emotionally unstable. So, dear reader, don't be vulnerable in case their mental issues are catching!

Jul 23, 2015

The Venus Cycle and US Presidential Election 2016

First Vote 2016, Venus, and the Election of a US President

by Jude Cowell

In September 2008 in her Visual Astrology Newsletter, Bernadette Brady published an intriguing article titled Standing in the Radiance of Venus: A Visual Astrology view of the US presidential election and its self-imposed union with Venus using the 8-year cycle of planet Venus as a predictive guide. With the 2016 campaign season already percolating thanks to interested billionaires and an overeager corporate media industry (using it to divert from other matters), let's take a peek at Election Day November 8, 2016 and focus primarily on the position and condition of Venus who radiates the candidate and ruling party she favors with success, or empowers the challenger she favors, while appearing in her cosmic role as either Morning Star or Evening Star.

Venus Must Have Her Way

Now as Morning Star, Venus favors the incumbent candidate or ruling party (even if 2 terms--8 years--have been served by one president)--aka, the "one who wears the crown" as it was termed in the olden days of Mundane Astrology. The Morning Star status of Venus occurs in November (2nd through 8th, when presidential elections are held) when the lady is in the early degrees of Libra, one of the signs Venus rules. Since our elections are on a 4-year cycle, Venus is Evening Star in alternate elections since Venus returns to her same position every 8 years. As Evening Star her position is the mid-to-later degrees of Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of the stranger or foreigner---someone different or 'other' who acts as the challenger to the throne -- such as a non-politician, or an Independent (neither Republican nor Democrat).

But in her Evening Star role, Venus bestows favor upon the incumbent party's rival as if she's wielding influence in the court of a king and 'the crown' may be given to the opponent of the king who rules. Yet there have been two notable exceptions to this predictive guide--the successful election of Democrat Franklin Roosevelt in the election of 1932 when he whisked away 'the crown' from the head of one-term Republican Hoover, and the election of Republican Ronald Reagan in 1980 who finagled 'the crown' from one-term Democrat Jimmy Carter. Both elections occurred with Venus as Morning Star yet upsets were somehow allowed due in part to both candidates' tendencies to hastily give favors to others and/or make advantageous backroom deals (Iran hostages for Reagan; for Hoover, his tide of popularity had turned due to economics after 1929.) Let's not use the word 'cheating' though I will say that cheating isn't winning, it's stealing. Plus, a fed up American public makes a difference as well--if we show up and vote.

So setting aside the two exceptions of 1932 and 1980 while remembering that 'dirty tricks' are typically used by power elites to skew election results their way, we look ahead to a horoscope of Election Day 2016 in the form of a symbolic chart of the Dixville Notch, New Hampshire 'first vote' in America which traditionally is cast between 12:00 am and 12:01 am by the small yet representative population of Dixville Notch:

Horoscope: Dixville Notch, NH 'First Vote' November 8, 2016 12:01 am EST; 1st quarter lunar phase = crisis in action

Hour of the Sun; Venus out-of-bounds (OOBs); Venus rules 3rd and 10th houses; ASC 1Vir00 with royal Regulus rising; MC (The Goal) @24Tau08 with golden Midas Rx and trickster Pan Rx in Gemini, 10th h; 3rd house Sun @16Sco13 conjunct voter Mercury which has just crossed the IC (one minute of voting and it's over!); 6th house Moon @20AQ47...'21AQ' = "A Woman Disappointed and Disillusioned" may be significant to our 2016 Venusian election tale.

As you see, Venus @25Sag13 has sashayed past austere (conservative) Saturn in mid-Sagittarius in the 4th house of Domestic Security, the Foundation of the Matter, and she glances back as the Evening Star and radiates her favor upon conservative Saturn, planet of law, government, business--and the US Congress (lawmakers, senators, and such.) Plus, evaluating attracter Venus is disposited by political and banking planet Jupiter in 2nd house of Money and Values. Additionally, Venus and Jupiter are in a Mutual Reception of friendliness with Jupiter prominent as lead planet of a Locomotive pattern (high powered executive ability and a drive to success.) Jupiter approaches US natal Saturn (14Lib48) so we may expect a conservative slant to the proceedings on Election Day 2016 with optimist Jupiter bringing US Saturn hard work structured toward reaching goals, an increase of responsibility, a deeper awareness of needed changes, and a chance to turn ideas and ideals into reality as a long-held ambition is achieved.

For the hidden manipulator, wealthy Pluto @15Cap22 here he's posited in the 5th house of Speculation, Risk-Taking, and Creative Pursuits along with activist Mars, the warrior, @29Cap14, a critical 29th degree which has a revealing Sabian Symbol considering foreign investors set freer than ever by SCOTUS' Citizens United ruling of 2010: "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference." For certain they do! This could easily be seen as a reference to plutocrats, transnational bankers, and even the pope (Pluto) meddling secretly from on high and utilizing testy actor Mars to instigate his schemes to control outcomes in business, law, and government (Capricorn.) Plus, with Mercury in big business Scorpio, we know that Mars and Pluto have a lot to say about what Mercury plans to do.

Mercury: the Voter, the Ballot, and our Thinking Processes

As chart-ruler and planet of voters and ballot-casting, Mercury @23Sco10 is near the Sun (6S56) and may not see issues as objectively as needed. Mercury rises on November 8th with starry Ras Alhague with its imperative to 'create balance' so we may assume that American voters may attempt balance of our political system in our traditional way--but switching parties in the White House lest our country lean too far from 'center' after 8 years of a Democratic White House. Venus in Sagittarius supports a change to someone 'different' though this may describe several of the varied 2016 candidates--even Donald Trump, if his nontraditional campaign style gets him all the way to November 8, 2016 (ed: Senator Bernie Sanders is also 'someone different'.) Plus, one of the asteroids of transition and change, Proserpina, is rising on the Mutable (thus, changeable) Virgoan horizon so a different style and/or political party seems to be exactly what Dixville Notch voters prefer in 2016...and the rest of America as well.

As for chart-ruler Mercury's major applying aspects, there are none but there is a square from the Moon (the public) in 6th house (Military, Police, Civil Service) in America's natal Moon sign, Aquarius. Moon-Mercury square indicates blockage between head (logic) and heart (emotions) which is a time-tested political tactic to confuse the public. This horoscope leans toward Fixed-Earth energies and we think of stubborn, possessive Taurus, sign of the Bull of Wall Street which seems to favor GOP candidates more than progressive Democrats (not that Hillary Clinton is a genuine progressive! That would be Senator Bernie Sanders), and of course, what planet rules greedy Taurus?

Even for all that, it is tempting to say that the cyclical Venus Effect on US Presidential Election 2016 must obviously favor a female victor, unless dirty tricks and arm-twisting backroom deals skew results. But as you see, Venus here plays the role of Evening Star and points toward a change of ruling party in the White House in 2016, a portent which can be satisfied by a Republican victor--and doubly so with one such as former CEO Carly Fiorina, a lady Republican and corporatist.

Yet if a Fiorina victory is too disconcerting for you (and hard to believe), there is at least one other possibility shown for "the other" to be favored by Venus in the person of Senator Marco Rubio for on November 8, 2016 the 'social ladder climber' power asteroid Hidalgo @00AQ03 conjoins the January 20, 2017 US Inaugural Sun, mundane significator of The President. This factor supports the potential for a Republican--perhaps a member of Congress--taking the White House throne in 2016 since the 'king star' Regulus @00Virgo rises and is the starry representative of the Capitol Building in L'Enfant's original plan for the construction of Washington DC's *Federal Triangle (see below.) Regulus may also signify a candidate who has held office on Capitol Hill--even VP Biden fulfills that role.

Actually, the Cycle of Venus timing 'the other' as victor in 2016 possibly may be satisfied by someone like Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist of a democratic persuasion. Is he different enough for Venus with his political views quite apart from establishment politicians--those we may call "the old guard" as denoted by status quo Saturn? Or will it take a change of political party to satisfy Lady Venus?

Update Oct 15th: after watching the Oct 13th Democratic debate, the performance of Hillary Clinton now identifies her as one who could possibly satisfy 'the other' imperative of Venus in Sagittarius as "someone different" (as pundits are saying)--the first female president of the United States. Yet I dread the Clinton baggage she'd carry for the Republicans would never shut up about it and let the issues of the American people take precedence over partisan politics. Republicans are so very very tiresome and Democrats only somewhat better for both have played large roles in the weakening of our democracy and the undermining of our Constitution.

Now if these considerations seem arbitrary or too iffy for you, perhaps it's because you know that many more events will occur between today (July 23, 2015) and Election 2016 and circumstances will change. On the cosmic list are Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and New and Full Moons which can affect matters in similar fashion to 'wild card' eclipses. Or does Astrology have nothing valuable to offer Politics as far as you're concerned?

Be that as it may, Election Day 2016 Astrology and Politics will again be a topic here on Stars Over Washington in the future and my hope is that you'll think to return to SO'W soon in case new information turns up or new perspectives become necessary to discuss. More natal planet info of Republican and Democratic candidates is to be added as well though not all exact birth times are to be found online. Here are a few I've posted so far, in no particular order:

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton here and here (includes her Fist of God or Thor's Hammer pattern), Senator Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump here and here and--uh oh!--he was born with Regulus rising!

Related reading: Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2015--2017.


*Federal Triangle: The White House = Arcturus (a different approach), the Washington Monument = Spica (the spike), and the Capitol Building = Regulus (success if revenge is avoided) for it's As Above, So Below, as the Founders and Builders of Washington DC well knew as their plan for the District reflected the stars above upon the earth below.

A Jupiter-Saturn Astro-Note: in Mundane Astrology Saturn and Jupiter, the societal planets, can handily represent the Democrats and the Republicans in various circumstances since both parties tend to alternate wearing restriction-and-expansion caps at will. Most often it's the Republican Party that insists on austerity measures (miserly Saturn) even though they are members of the Grand (Jupiter) Old (Saturn) Party. Of course, they spend lavishly like Jupiterians when they're in the White House or when the largess is for themselves or for the military, weaponry, and other things that make them mega-bucks via their stock portfolios and bribes from lobbyists and billionaire donors. It's that Saturn urge that wants to 'shrink the US government small enough so we can drown it in a bathtub', said Grover Norquist whose noon Natal Chart with details may be viewed here.

Note that Mr. Norquist is the midst of a Saturn Return and that his natal Jupiter in Virgo (planet of money, corporations, funding, investment, growth, politicians, preachers, teachers, mentors, military generals, etc) conjoins fixed star Denebola, keywords: to go against society.

Yet as the older of the two parties, Democrats also play Saturnian roles in US politics while playing generous Jupiter when it comes to Social Safety Net Programs, and promoting investment, development, and growth. Naturally, humankind needs the concepts of both Jupiter and Saturn to balance one another and thus, moderation is achieved. Too bad restriction and investment are so often used as cynical talking points to stall opponents' advancement while keeping any progress whatsoever from moving ahead which might benefit the American people. jc

Mar 23, 2015

3.23.15 Ted Cruz Announces but Mercury Goes Nowhere

Ted Cruz Says He Wants to Be POTUS

by Jude Cowell

This morning as I drove home from errands I was somewhat surprised by Herman Cain on the radio playing John Lennon's song Imagine. Mr. Cain managed to work the word 'imagine' into his script several times as he spoke of a dreamy America we could have if only a Republican snags the White House in 2016, etc. You know the conservative/tea party riff, the usual pack of hooey from the Promise Anything to Get Elected school of politics. (Yes, both parties practice it.)

Minutes later I was inside with my TV airing Senator Ted Cruz delivering a speech at Falwell's Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia to an audience of students who were required to attend and lend their ears. If you heard his speech you already know that for uplifting purposes, Cruz used the 'Imagine' theme in his speech--a guy on the radio echoed the other on TV almost simultaneously in that annoying Republican way as if the American people are too stupid to grok it the first time and don't realize it's a set-up. Or as if over and over makes it believable or factual.

Well, I grokked and I set up the horoscope for today, Lynchburg, VA at the moment the TV time-stamped his actual announcement that he's running for president of the United States (10:46 am edt). Rising 12Gem53 (the Descendant in America's natal horoscope for those who use the 'Sibly' chart for July 4, 1776 5:09 or 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--possibly showing Cruz's Canadian birth as The Other/7th house?) and of course Gemini is appropriate for speeches, messages, and announcements of any kind. Therefore, Mercury, ruler of Gemini (sign of 'good news') rules the chart, the announcement, and the orator so we look to Mercury's major applying aspects to other planets to see how things may proceed from Mr. Green Eggs and Ham's announcement and presidential campaign, or how they will be accepted.

In the chart, Mercury is in the 10th house of Public Status and Career but is rather woolly in the sign of Pisces (16:40). Pisces is imaginative, yes, but is often murky, perhaps a bit confused, or even deceptive--and this Mercury makes not one major or minor applying aspect to another planet in the horoscope denoting that his bid may go nowhere as well. There is a separating sextile of opportunity between Mercury and Pluto @15Cap23 but he would have fared better if he'd not missed its waxing condition.

(A Mercury sextile Pluto indicates a penetrating mind, a need to remain flexible, trying to control the scope or direction of things, and hypersensitivity to criticism to the point that others may not share negative information which makes honest discussion and rational debate impossible.)

So far the feedback I'm hearing and reading has been negative to near-negative and not many voices are shouting for joy over Cruz's announcement today--but of course, I seldom watch FOX News. I'll check it later just to see if they glorify the McCarthy-esque fellow's bid for the GOP nomination or if they sound iffy.

Now as you know, in 2013 Cruz managed to shut down the federal government for 16 days--now wants to run it and either that's confused on his part or confusing on the part of potential voters. What traction Cruz has is on the far-right side of the voting population but can he win in the general election shouting his accusations from the wacko wilderness? Can his style of anti-communist, anti-government, anti-safety-net-ism rhetoric persuade moderates and minorities that he's worthy of the office and would be good for the country?

Natal Saturn's Sabian Symbol: "Swords vs Torches" with his Saturn apex planet of a Fist of God/Thor's Hammer pattern--and his Sun-Pluto square at its base

If he gained more power, would Cruz shut the whole thing down if he didn't get his way while holding his breath and stamping his wittle foot? That willful, demanding, irrational, power-grabbing, ruthless Sun-Pluto square would be certain to show its ruthlessness though admittedly ruthlessness does seem to be a requirement for Oval Office occupancy.

So at this point, a Cruz nomination seems unimaginable unless mega-huge bucks grease his way and the public suffers a collective stroke during the 2016 campaign. Yet his massive egoism and 'swords vs torches' approach to politics mixed with a rather odd personal magnetism when speaking from a script may keep him in the running long enough for his Utopian ideas to shake up the 2016 debate in a major (diverting) way while putting both Republican and Democratic candidates on the defensive and possibly holding them hostage to his oddball ideas.

As such, Cruz may be used by the power elite behind the throne as just another tool for altering the ultimate outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign. And considering the junior senator's very high opinion of himself and what seems to be a total lack of irony and little if any self-awareness, Mr. Cruz may not even realize what a tool he really is.

For further reading see Senator Ted Cruz: A Crusader Dueling with Shadows for info concerning his natal planets.

Oct 23, 2012

Jul 21, 2012

On Romney's Progressed Lunar Phase (Balsamic)

(The following should be filed under Sometimes You Just Want to Be Wrong...)

A Few Astro-Reasons Why Mitt Romney Could Take the Cake on November 6th

by Jude Cowell

Now I know that Mr. Romney won't know what to call the cake, but he may just take it and rush into the White House on January 21, 2013, much to my chagrin...

In 2011, I mentioned on this blog that Mitt Romney enters a Balsamic Sun-Moon phase by progression on September 22, 2012, just in time for the November 6, election/s. As you know, Balsamic phases are the dark of the Moon, just prior to a New Moon whether by transit (real time) or progression (moving the natal chart ahead approximately one degree per year of life to gain hints about one's evolutionary progress and 'time of life'.)

The Balsamic phase of the Moon often relates to 'taking over where another has left off' and/or may bring endings, partings, and separations. Natally, this phase describes one who is born with a prophetic streak (ex: George Orwell) but here we're talking about progressions. Now if you follow the link above, you'll find some info on Romney's Secondary Progressions and his Natal Chart data with the correct birth time--9:51 am, though some of my earlier posts here about Mr. Romney do not have his birth time (which Astrodatabank provides, as I discovered later on, for SO'W is quite gray around the muzzle, you know!

Therefore, today's post is an update due to the fact that November 6th is upon us, and I had not fully considered in 2011, as Romney entered the presidential race (again!), that the November 6, 2012 election/s will be affected by the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio with its 'joy through commitment; taking on responsibilities' theme (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) My point is that I'd taken Romney's SP Balsamic phase as inauspicious for starting a new presidency when it could also describe a 'taking over' of duties when another (President Obama?) could not, for some reason, carry on. I don't want to believe it, but there it is.

Yet when endeavors are begun under the influence of a Balsamic Lunar phase, they often do not last the duration or end suddenly which may indicate a presidency of less than four years if Romney wins (or, 'wins' if the election is skewed and marred as in November 2000 with voting Mercury moving retrograde on Election Day 2012 as in 2000. And you know what miseries that wrought for America. Say, one of the Romney sons isn't named Chad by any chance, is he?)

Another consideration is what Secondary Progressed Lunar phase has President Obama reached in life? Well, he's on the downside of a SP Full Moon which was exact on November 6, 2011 (precisely a year before this year's election!) @1Ari10 which conjoins US natal IC (The End of the Matter; The Foundation) in America's natal chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Phildelphia, PA.) This degree was recently transited by radical Uranus and conjoins the Aries Point of fame, recognition, and prominence of course, but this may not be enough cosmic fuel to garner Mr. Obama a 2012 election victory though the 'light' of his SP Full Moon certainly hasn't faded completely (his Disseminating phase begins March 13, 2015.) And 2012's election outcome may depend almost entirely on how successful GOP dirty tricks against him turn out to be.

Will the American people succumb to a vulture capitalist as CEO-president? For a different outcome, a landslide for Mr. Obama will be necessary, sans dancing leave your sofa on November 6th and it will be there when you return.

Meanwhile, candidate Romney, who seems to be in possession of the greater campaign chest of gold and rubies, has a boost from the Sabian Symbol of the degree at which his SP Moon enters the Balsamic phase which may possibly be supported by the theme of the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse occurring within the two-week time frame of influence upon the 2012 election/s. His SP Balsamic Moon degree (10Ari24), rounded up is:

'11 Aries' = "The President of the Country" which I confess chills my soul with its "1% president" implications that intend to gut our social safety net programs to the bone in order to gift even more Corporate Welfare to those who have no need of it--plus, the degree's word picture has a negative/shadow side connotation for something which Romney seems to me to possess in great Jupiterian abundance: vain pretense.

Now, a la Ann Romney, that's all You People need to know about my concerns that Mitt Romney and clan will take all the cake. And being greedy, they'll gobble up all the crumbs, too.

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii (Sun Leo.)

Mitt Romney March 12, 1947 9:51 am Detroit, MI (Sun Pisces.)

Dec 1, 2011

What do Rs want for America? Social Darwinism, says Robert Reich

As November 6, 2012 Approaches, Republicans Tout Austerity's Misery as Solution

by Jude Cowell

One year of austerity measures enacted in Britain has only contracted the UK economy as foretold and pushed Brits into the streets en masse. The UK government's social experiment has brought no real improvement to economic and social conditions across the pond and a worsening is apparent. Can Washington take a hint? Yes--except for political flies in the ointment who want a different course for the American people that follows the UK's example.

If you feel yourself drifting toward voting Republican on November 6, 2012, please read Robert Reich on The Rebirth of Social Darwinism before you leave the house.

For if you've paid attention to the never-ending Republican 'debates', their views mimic "survival of the fittest" ideals, a fact that amazes me for some of them seem to profess a Christian belief system--and Social Darwinism is hardly what an honest person would choose to promote Christian values such as being one's brother's keeper with Charity as a virtue to which we should all aspire.

What kind of America do We The People want?

Well, the Golden Rule is honored in these parts though it's become quite old-fashioned in Washington DC--certainly on Capitol Hill. Do Unto Others As You'd Have Them Do Unto You? Then voting for a ragmop as long as it isn't Republican will be preferable to voting for those who take an oath higher than their oath to the US Constitution and ignore their vow to serve the populace. Being voted out of power would be suitable for all underminers of America who wish to shove your Granny out on the sidewalk--that's one way to identify them and their true intentions.

What you do with and for Granny is totally up to you once she's evicted with her benefits cut. Plus, you'll be fighting to merely survive yourself in a GOP-infused America which is determined with its drastic austerity measures (and gifts to the wealthy) to mire the American people in their old Robber Baron dream from the late 1880s and 90s.

Professor Reich explains it (including GOP candidates' survivalist ideas and attitudes) much better than I can so hopefully you'll check out his excellent analysis if you haven't discovered it already.

Election 2012 looms large. Capitol Hill catcalls that "Politics is broken" simply isn't an acceptable excuse after all our forefathers did and sacrificed to set up this nation.

Yet America would benefit most from new and improved Politics so let's Occupy Everywhere!


Click to read a previous post with brief details concerning the natal horoscope of Robert Reich.

Nov 29, 2011

A Natal Horoscope for Newt Gingrich

Newt Notes

by Jude Cowell

Yes, his poll numbers are up and endorsements pour in for Republican candidate Newt Gingrich with his high-flying Sun Gemini/Moon Sagittarius personality blend. Herman Cain's romantic yet secretive nature and Rick Perry's constant flubbability are aiding Mr. Gingrich with fellow Republicans desperate for a viable horse to bet on in 2012.

Earlier today I published Gingrich's natal horoscope with a few details if you're interested. I'd begun the post a week ago and thanks to our holiday break here in America, only today did I get around to completing it but neglected to move the article into today's queue. Hence this shout-out.

See what you think about this Sun/Moon square Neptune (at a critical 29th degree) guy and leave a comment if you have a chance.

Would you vote for the Newtster?


Plus, here are astro-peeks at Mitt Romney (horoscope shown) and Gov. Rick Perry (chart details only), the candidate who never got the memo that the voting age in America is 18, not 21, and the 2012 elections will be held on November 6, not Nov much flubbability for just one man!

Is John Huntsman a Man with a Plan?

Perhaps you've heard that 2012 candidate John Huntsman is the only Republican hopeful with a detailed plan to end banking's Too Big to Fail dilemma.

(Well, it helped create a massive dilemma for 99% of us. Bankers seem fine as-is.)

Ah yes, I remember those halcyon days not so long ago (June 21, 2011 actually) when John Huntsman announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president. It seemed such a long shot and now? It seems such a long shot. But maybe a cabinet position on someone's White House economic team would be available to him. Or a VP slot. After all, he does have foreign policy experience more than most.

Well, it hasn't seemed pertinent to study Mr. Huntsman's natal chart so far but I did type up a few notes in real time during his announcement which initiated his candidacy in case you wish to track his progress...

Nov 9, 2011

Herman Cain's Sun Sagittarius--Moon Aries blend

Having just published an image with details of the natal horoscope of candidate Herman Cain, I thought you might wish to view and read.

Born on December 13, 1945 in Memphis, TN, Mr. Cain's double-Fire Sun Sag-Moon Aries personality blend may be of interest as well for Fire-Fire individuals are volatile, creative, and dramatic as we've seen with this communicator. Keenly held beliefs and visions are very real to him on an inner level yet his inner reality can make him insensitive to the feelings of others...and to the facts.

(And, it would seem, to ladies' refusals of his advances! Click and read my WordPress post for more on such tendencies. Not everyone was satisfied with his denials in his press conference yesterday. But I'm going by his natal aspects and other planetary factors.)

Sun Sag-Moon Aries gives a restless go-getter nature that loves to further its own interests above all. A big talker with a far-seeing imagination, we see here a strong determination to succeed and an almost childlike faith in himself which has carried him far on life's path--but does that path lead to the White House?

This fiery blend denotes a natural egoist who doesn't like to admit unflattering facts about himself, and he thrives on challenges. But intimate relationships are not Mr. Cain's strong suit though he is a romantic (uh-oh!) He doesn't like to listen where other people's needs are concerned which can be a problem in the White House as well as in partnerships.

His lack of listening capacity turns up in other chart factors as well as you'll see if you check out my fuller analysis at my tapestry blog, Jude's Threshold.

Still, leadership talent abounds though dark moods may be revealed when things don't go his way. Mr. Cain doesn't care for details which may be seen with the presentation of his '9-9-9' tax 'plan'. A neurotic need to be affirmed as 'the best' is apparent yet one assumes a massive ego is a given for most if not all candidates who run for US president (and Congress.)

The Sun Sag-Moon Aries blend is shared natally with Robert Goulet, James Thurber, and Mark Twain who wrote that, "There was things which he stretched but mainly he told the truth."

How applicable this may be to fringe candidate Herman Cain I shall let you decide...


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.

May 11, 2011

Is Newt Gingrich a "national candidate" yet? 5.11.11

May 11, 2011: Has Newt Gingrich announced his run for US president yet?

He's supposed to be doing so today and weeks ago the story was that his prez bid announcement would be made from Philadelphia's *Independence Hall. My assumption is that announcing from such a location would be a shout-out to Tea Partisans and a bid for hyper-patriotism.

Well, here's Mr. Gingrich's birth data (hour unknown) with a few notes on his natal chart in case he sticks around the campaign trail long enough, successfully stores his past morality baggage of malfeasance and adultery in a dark enough closet, and finally manages to finagle the presidency of the United States.

Personally, I prefer someone who doesn't want the job so obsessively!

And isn't it interesting to note that today is when the planet of announcements, oration, reporting, negotiations, and communications of all kinds - Mercury - leaves its shadow, the degree of its last retrograde station, and begins to move forward into the light?

That degree is '25 Aries' and its Sabian Symbol is:

"A Double Promise Reveals Its Inner and Outer Meaning" which Marc Edmund Jones gives as: SENSIBILITY.

positive expression: a facility of adjustment by which everything in a given situation may be brought into the fullest co-operation with everything else.

negative/unconscious/shadow side: compromising insincerity and a lean to chicanery in all human relationships.

A two-faced degree! Yet it's almost as if Mr. Gingerich makes use of Astrology for its timing function, isn't it?


Update 11:30 am edt: just found bwo Twitter, The Nation's list of the eleven craziest things Newt ever said...only eleven?

*post contains an image one of the many versions of America's natal chart, the Scorpio Rising horoscope, which may be used for spying agencies, surveillance concerns, or even for Big Business, if not as a natal chart for our nation.

Apr 21, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011 Horoscope w details

Image: Horoscope Summer Solstice 2011, June 21 @ 1:16:35 pm edt, set for the White House, Washington DC as the seat of US power.

Hour *Jupiter 3Tau19 in 8th house of Transformation, Credit and Debt; ASC 1Lib21 gives US natal MC rising with natal Saturn/Neptune midpoint 3Lib37 and transiting Mercury/Pluto midpoint 8Lib23; chart-ruler Venus 14Gem46 in 9th H of Foreign Lands, Travel, Higher Education, and Philosophy makes one applying aspect (how things will proceed for the summer season based on this chart): a square to Moon 10Pis27 in 6th H of Health, Work, and Service (including military and police service.)

Obviously, the president (Sun) is on display at the top of the chart (MC) in Cancer, a primary sign representing America.

Venus separates from a trine with Saturn 10Lib30 in 1st H; the Democratic Party's significator, Saturn, is in process of our current US Saturn Return (last conjunction August 28, 2011 in US natal 10th H of Career and Public Status; our debt ceiling 'debate' may be prominent along with Saturn's accountability issues.)

Moon SQ Venus is an aspect which tends to create financial, social, and domestic difficulties and those who are too trusting of others are taken advantage of due to our (Moon = the people) over-sentimentality and flowery emotionalism (probably involving deeply ingrained ties to the past - how America used to be?) Group endeavors are the best outlets for this hard to control energy. This SQ may also indicate success delayed, more work needed, a general lack of cooperation, and a lack of confidence.

Plus, a very close Moon inconjunct Saturn (0A04) adds restriction and delay to partnerships and alliances with an undercurrent of uneasiness and guilt in our reactions and dealings; feelings of inferiority interfere with attempts at progress. This aspect in such a prominent chart shows that we should stop being patsies suffering under Washington's incompetence and mismanagement and the US government's tiresome tendency to exploit we-the-people while giving us sound bites instead of real reform that improves our lot.

The Moon/Saturn quincunx (150 degrees) relates to politics, social service (and Moon is in 6th H, as noted), scientific researchers, medicine, and education; serious or chronic health issues may be implicated as well. Either way, there is 'disjointment' between the people and the Democratic Party and controls being instituted by government (Saturn.)

(Note: Moon and Jupiter, significator of the GOP, are 52:53 degrees apart which is just beyond septile (51:26), a karmic, fated condition, and are on their way toward an opportunistic sextile (60 degr.) The situation is underscored by Saturn's status as a planet of karma, and the fact that for Summer Solstice 2011, Moon and Saturn are posited in the same 10th degree which signifies a karmic condition all its own with the Moon/Saturn combo indicating ambition, strategy, and direction, but depression as well.

Moon rules 10th H of Career/Public Status, and Saturn rules 4th house of Domestic Scene, Real Estate, and Security Issues so any karmic repercussions will influence the 4/10 axis, the 1/7 axis (Saturn in 1st H), and the 6/12 axis (Moon in 6th H) during Summer 2011.

Planetary Patterns and Midpoint Pictures

Click chart to enlarge and you will see a sort of assertive, impatient, confrontational Cardinal Grand Cross between Sun/MC, Uranus, ASC, and Pluto; I say 'sort of' because the 4th point has no planet there, only the ASC which conjoins US natal MC so both points are outlets for the energies of the Cardinal T-Squares (midpoint pictures) involved.

Let's lift the squirmy little T-SQs from out of the 'Grand Cross' and have a look at them along with US n MC:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatical reforms without regard for the effects; sudden adjustment to circumstances (arrest); rebellion; sudden changes; new perspectives.

Sun/Pluto = ASC: a crisis of self-preservation; being forced to fight; enormous power projection; suppression of the environment to attain one's aims; ruthlessness.

Sun/Plu = US n MC: striving for power; consciousness of purpose and objectives; vocational crises (and Public Status crises); the qualities of leadership; violence with emotional or psychical consequences.

Uranus/ASC = Sun: restless colleagues; an environment full of danger; nervousness; technical or industrial cooperation; major change potential within the profession.

Mercury/Pluto = Saturn: scepticism; quarrels; irritability; suffering from heavy, bitter attacks (Merc/Plu = propaganda, cruel speech, surveillance, and Saturn = Dems, managers in control, scientists, miners, hard workers, consolidation, status quo.)

Considering all that's going on in Washington and the world, we may wish to stretch to include these pictures which bring powerful, subversive Pluto into the Uranian reformist mix:

Uranus/ASC = Pluto: the use of force; commanding success.

Uran/US n MC = Pluto: fanatic ambition; overwork causes a nervous breakdown; energetic, restless pursuit of one's objectives. (Now Pluto! Why not skulk back into your dark cave of horrors and give it a rest? Frankly your subversion toward the plutocratic aim of a one-world-government have grown stale and transparent. Oh, and take your self-styled "masters of the universe" with you.)

Of course we see that the ongoing Saturn/Uranus = Pluto stand-off is still in force so the world continues to experience: acts of violence and brutality; a desire to overcome obstacles or blockages through extraordinary effort; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure (war.) Pluto seems to be fomenting tension between the Saturn/Uranus opposition - status quo v progress, past v future...but it's Pluto's vision of the future vying to hold sway against the masses through police action, propaganda, and government take-overs.

With Chiron Rx @ 5Pis24, the Wounded Healer or Blindspot is lining up for President Obama's Chiron Return. Here again are the dates (this is a five-fer for the president and thus, for our nation:

1. May 21, 2011
2. June 27, 2011 Rx
3. Feb 26, 2012
4. Oct 19, 2012 Rx
5. Dec 10, 2012

As you see, the 2012 presidential campaign is within range of this important multi-transit which indicates a return to the spiritual values and social conditions which were of influence in August 1961, Mr. Obama's month and year of birth. (There's much to say about his Chiron position but it will have to be published in a post of its own. The November 2012 election is snugged between Returns #4 and #5 and may indicate that results will be in doubt into December.)

Now here are other midpoint pictures which will affect Summer 2011 in no particular order:

Pluto/MC = Uranus: sudden changes (as above); publicity; rewards; sudden occupational changes and restlessness (as above); endurance; prudence; organizing ability; a sudden attainment of one's aims with irresistible power.

Sun/Mars = Venus: birth; conception (note: this may be a reference to abortion issues yet Sun/Mars is being included so that US n Sun/Mars may be mentioned as an echo: it's @ this MC...n Sun/Mars = MC: ready to fight for one's principles, or, a fighter; success; accepting responsibilities gladly; doing one's work for the love of it.)

And last, but not least:

Mars/Uranus = Jupiter: successful contests of strength; good fortune and a lucky hand in unusual endeavors; a correct grasp of situations and timely action; accidents or operations (surgical and/or military operations?)

Together the Mars/Uranus duo = sudden applications of energy; dominant will; a test of nerves which echoes US natal Mars and Uranus in Gemini; notice that tr Midas and Pan conjoin US n Uranus 8Gem55 with Midas @ 8:55!

And the Pluto/Chiron midpoint conjoins US n SN showing past plutocratic leanings still influencing America's direction: our federal government has 'fallen back' (SN) on this negative, neurotic behavior which makes use of Pluto/Chiron's primal violence, and thus, different outcomes cannot be expected any time soon from our high-handed bossiness and disenfranchisement of entire populations; nuclear implications are present as well, sad to say.)

Mercury/NN = ASC: conferences and discussions; transactions, negotiations, or lectures.

The 'health issues' mentioned above are supported by the difficult Mars/Saturn midpoint sitting upon US n NN (direction; path; fate) which gives an 'associations with weak or sick people; prisoners; mourners' vibe for Summer 2011

*Jupiter @ '4Tau' is at Chiron's Discovery Degree (Nov 1977) with an interesting Sabian Symbol especially considering that Summer Solstice 2011 Jupiter is in 8th H:

"The Rainbow's Pot of Gold."

Plus, the deceptive, ain't-what-it-seems Sun/Neptune midpoint (projection of 'the good times'; inflation drains resources) conjoins 8th cusp of Shared Resources and Debt along with Neptune/MC = illusions within career and public status; both midpoints are @ 00-1Tau, degrees of violence and aka, Hitler's Trigger Degree (his n Sun 00Tau48.)

13 South Solar Eclipse Series Shows Energies Underneath

The Solar Eclipse Series in which Summer Solstice 2011 falls is the 13 South (11Gem02 in 9th H.) This Series has a sinister tone underneath, says Brady's Predictive Astrology, and may have 'constitutional crisis' and 'natural disaster' influences as well.

And in her book Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse "Something to Cry About" with Mercury ruling so there is a focus on communications, negotiations, news, transit, commerce and trade. Its closeness to US natal Uranus' position (8Gem55) means that there's an element of surprise to the news and unusual developments; in 8th H, taxation, imports, burial laws, and contagion are on the national menu.

Treaties strain foreign relations, potential workers' strikes occur, the military is on the move, and we may be dealing with an urgent health situation, hospital and/or prison conditions, and perhaps a mysterious crime. (Okay, so there are many of those already!)

The June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse is of particular importance for Australia (9th H Venus and Uranus), Egypt (ASC opposite 7th H Mars), France (3rd H NN), Israel (8th H Mercury, the eclipse ruler), Mexico (6th H Saturn), Vatican City (10th H Moon), Los Angeles (2nd H Saturn), Manhattan (12th H Pluto ascending), and New York City (Pluto and 9th cusp.)

Well, Summer 2011 brings us new difficulties to face and potentials to develop - then July 1, 2011 brings a second Solar Eclipse @9Can12 amidst US natal Jupiter and Sun (Teal's title: "Democratic Spirit".) Two SEs manifesting only a month apart is a rare celestial occurrence which I believe points to a critical time when America's credit rating issues and other monetary difficulties will suss out the future direction of our nation should it continue to exist as a sovereign entity.

So given the current administration's tendency to favor the top 2% (TARP, tax breaks, 'free trade', deregulation, lack of prosecutions of Wall Street gentry, ad nauseum) much more than the bottom 98% of the American people who have been grievously harmed by that very same top 2%, I find myself agreeing with Bette Davis when she said:

An Update of Post Cross-Pollination: the Watery Sun Cancer-Moon Pisces blend of Summer Solstice 2011.


Midpoint pictures from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey; as always, any, all, of none may apply and are subject to activation from transits and progressions.

Feb 26, 2008

Clinton-Obama: Catfight in Cleveland

Rrraowrrwwrrr! The fur may fly tonight as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama square off in Cleveland, OH, 9:00 pm est. Will the lions' mitts be off?

With two US natal planets angular--Saturn in Libra rising, US n Sun at MC, our natal Sun-Saturn square will have an outlet and platform during tonight's rumble.

Sun-Saturn squares indicate one who (or an entity that) is defensive and fears rejection. Let's say that Obama represents the Sun here and Clinton = Saturn, the establishment actor. Obama brings the new--or at least hints of it--and Clinton is the more traditional whether or not she would be so as president--the fact is, she's the older of the two.

A Sun-Saturn square must be willing to suffer the frustration of not reaching goals so that judgment may be sharpened for making decisive plans "going forward." For success, this is the one-step-at-a-time aspect where feelings of inferiority must be conquered, yet not everyone admires people who 'come on strong' (Planets in Aspect, Robert Pelletier.)

This may be Hillary's result if she criticizes too harshly Obama's lack of experience for she has already delivered her judgment from on-high: his approach to foreign policy is "reckless and naive.'

(One must wonder how much more reckless and naive foreign policy could get than that of pie-in-the-sky-bombs-on-the-ground George Bush.)

So tonight in Cleveland, chart-ruler Venus is in 4th house in close conjunction with Mercury 11AQ26/37, and Chiron is triggering the recent Solar Eclipse at the "Unmasking degree" (she may have hopes of further unmasking Obama--bet she does.)

Moon's applying aspects: square Chiron (1A30), trine Uranus (2A05), but then a crash against a square to veiling Neptune (6A22.)

Sun makes no applying aspects, leading me to believe that Obama's position may stay the same after tonight--in the catbird seat. Rrraowwrrr! Yet if Hillary is correct about Barack's lack of substance, his lion's roar may turn out to be only a pussycat's snarl. Personally I'd rather have an Obama lion than a McCain dragon any day.

NN (contact with the public) is conj US n Moon (27AQ10 in US Sibly chart = people are watching), Sun 7Pis51, "A Girl Blowing a Bugle" (didn't know Hillary could play an instrument), and Mars, now direct but still in his Rx shadow, is in 9th house of Philosophy, Education, and Foreign Enemies...and in orb of his recent conj with Clinton's n Uranus, a very energizing transit when new methods are tried and there's danger in the environment.

Sun has been at Clinton's n Mc this week which is also Obama's n Chiron; and the 2nd cusp of money in the debate chart has Obama's n Neptune upon it. Perhaps instability with money may be a point of attack--squirrelly land deals, or whatever is yet to be revealed about his past financial dealings...friends being indicted, that sort of thing. You know the script for political thespians--we've heard it all before.

Yet perhaps the unmasker will turn into the unmasked!

Asteroid, Apollo, the hero, is conj Mc and US n Sun tonight, which sounds like Obama to me--at least it does to his followers. Golden Apollo, everyone's hero.

Moon 15Sco57 may indicate some betrayal at work relating to the 2nd house of values; money; relationships, and Moon is conj Clinton's n Venus 16Sco51, with her n Chiron nearby (Venus-Chiron = wounded love; love on the sacrificial altar, etc; plus, money issues for her, as well.)

Saturn has been visiting Obama's n Pluto of late, seemingly giving his power potential more structure rather than limiting it, and in 10th house of the 'debate' chart is Obama's n Mercury and Sun in shiny and entertaining Leo.

And with his n Mars 22Vir25 conj US n Neptune, it's doubtful the American public sees his actions very clearly (or ever will.) Of course, this also describes Obama's ability to activate (Mars) America's ideals (Neptune) for work and service (Virgo.)

Hillary's n Sun 2Sco48 is in the debate chart's 1st house, therefore rising a few minutes into the session.

Perhaps tonight with chart-ruler lady Venus applying to a sesquisquare with Mars, and trining the ASC (the debate itself), yet inconjuncting Mc (goals; aspirations) the unmasking will show who they both really are. New vs Old, status quo vs the avant garde--a perfect match for the Saturn-Uranus opposition which the world will be enduring in time for November elections.

But tonight staid Saturn and progressive Uranus are in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile dance (165 degr):

driven toward breaking old and outdated concepts through the use of innovative ideas; may break the rules through defiance of law and order; may disrupt governing systems; benefit comes bwo making societal changes for the betterment of mankind (Reeves, The Quindecile. )

'The betterment of mankind' would be good about now, si?

Well, there is a high-flying Kite formation at 9:00 pm if you're willing to count MC as the 'tail'--which counts US n Sun (and Bush's n Sun) with moneybags Jupiter 15Cap05 at Ic. Moon and progressive Uranus make up the rest of the Kite pattern, so we have these pictures...

Moon-Uranus = Jupiter: large plans to put self forward; sudden success;

Moon-Uranus = Mc: much excitement about ambition; sudden changes of plans; potential gains.

Moon-Uranus = US/Bush n Sun: anxiety about accomplishment; sense of free will; sudden attachments.

There is also a T-square of sorts, Jupiter-Mc = ASC: pleasant contact with others who support one's personal success.

With testy Mars still wandering out-of-bounds (and not cooperating with the other actors) and the Cleveland debate's Sun-Moon phase being Disseminating, information dispersal will be the order of the evening.

Whether political points are scored between candidates is another matter, but I'm fairly certain the public will be hearing a message or two from on high.

The *Images for Integration of tonight's Sun-Moon blend may be of note--it's an intuitive Water-Water combination: Sun Pis-Moon Sco...

Longfellow's poem, The Secret of the Sea...Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath.

Secrets revealed and wrath exposed? Rrrraowrrr, it should be an interesting squabble.

And now here's an apt quote from John Steinbeck who shares the Sun Pis-Moon Sco combo natally:

It is the nature of a man as he grows protest against change, particularly change for the better.

And from the master futurist:

"Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them. There is almost no kind of outrage, torture, imprisonment without trial, assassination, and bombing of civilians, which does not change its moral color when it is committed by our side. The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, he has remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them."

-George Orwell

Aug 12, 2007

Mitt Romney March 12, 1947

While listening to NPR this morning I learned that some pigs love Oreo cookies, and that Mitt Romney won Iowa's straw poll with 31% of the 14,000 votes cast, as near as their fuzzy math can count.

And while one could say that the lipstick on this pig has been masterfully
applied so far, it's too soon to say whether Romney's brand of charismatic leadership will fly considering his religious heritage and any future problems that may turn up concerning his past.

Where do we see these issues in his natal (sunrise) chart?

One major aspect pattern is the Fixed T-square between Venus opposite Pluto with Chiron (the wound; the blindspot) as apex planet (or planetoid, if you like.)

Chiron is in Scorpio, sign of sex, death, and regeneration and in this Solar or Sunrise chart--good for ego/creative/life purpose information--Chiron is in the mystical 8th house, as are Moon 26Sco08 conjunct moneybags Jupiter 27Sco33. As you know, Scorpio is also the sign of big business and deep pockets.

Chiron in Scorpio shows a need for forgiving the unforgiveable, and adds an occultist flavor to the personality. But if the lower side of Pluto is prominent, a search for pleasure and for power at the cost of others is found.

Born March 12, 1947, Romney is very Piscean which makes him interested in mysticism (perhaps as part of his LDS Church and/or of the unusual groups to which he belongs or associates--and oddly enough, the sign of the fishes seems to birth military generals more often than most people would expect.)

There are several indications of leadership ability in his chart, and of being in contact with the collective unconscious, also a Piscean talent. This is a Watery, intuitive, creative guy, who perhaps is not always aware of his deeper motivations.

The Venus/Pluto opposition gives him charisma and a need to compromise as well as to control. Mom was on the overpowering side and has affected his views of women (anima) there may be resentment against females...compliments of mom's obsessive control of little Mitt.

This opposition may result in marriages where role-playing is prominent and shows some confusion with the mythic mother archetype. Control games are typical of this aspect which also is involved in aquiring great wealth--a form of control as well.

Whatever the situation in Romney's relationships, he tends to make excessive demands on partners, and in work situations, strong emotions may interfere with goals. His manipulative Saturn/Pluto conj opposes a detached Venus in AQ...not a good combo for personal relationships perhaps, but may show his money-infused corporate side which is bolstered by Sun conj Cupido, an asteroid relating to family, groups, and corporations.

For the 2008 election, the tr Venus/Pluto midpoint will conj this Solar MC which may mean an affair breaking open to public view. If Romney has any secret fillies or geldings in his stable, he should come clean well before Nov 2008--or this could simply refer to his polygamous heritage.

Relational/values-oriented Venus is linked with another transpersonal planet bwo a trine to Neptune, an imaginative planet of confusion, deception, and veils.

Venus trine Neptune gives a refined nature when it comes to the arts (compliments of mom again), and may tend toward a show of kindness and generosity to others even when they dissappoint. It's helpful with public relations as Neptune gives him a pleasant screen on which to cast an image suitable for entrancing the public.

But negative elements in the environment must be handled by other factors in the chart/nature, for Venus/Neptune trines tend to look the other way. They indicate a need for spiritual development plus, his Venus/Pluto square Chiron shows that sex, death, regeneration, and mysticism play big parts in his nature.

Venus SQ Chiron shows maximum stress between finding a value system that will enhance spirtuality. There may be difficulties in the socialization process and heavy-duty karmic pressure within the sexual realm. (Chiron, Clow, who mentions problems with gender identity--he is cute as a bunny button--to both genders, one imagines!)

But I tend to suppose that this reap-what's-sown karmic sexual stuff comes more from his religious/polygamous background, don't you? But I would since I see heredity where others may see past lives.

Pluto SQ Chiron indicates the Seeker (Chiron) who is conscious of the shape and direction of the archetypal urge to prepare the way and to warn the unwary. He willingly takes on the Quest of struggle against the status quo (uh oh--not another one. This info comes from Richard Nolle's Chiron.)

Let's 'do' the *Sun/Moon personality blend/s...misty, tearful Sun Pis/Moon Sco (but may be ultra-rational in a male) if he was born before 2:34 pm...after that, Moon in he's either emotional Water/Water or steamy Water/Fire:

Sun Pis/Moon Sco: psychologically insightful; strong in adversity; embraces the comic and tragic together; self-sacrifice vs self-control...

...jumps to emotionally-charged conclusions; feels misunderstood; innate ability to understand deep mysteries; complex emotional nature; tenacious; courageous; unaware of persistent prejudices and irrational suspicions; relies too heavily on personal opinions; negative self-absorption; may prefer own company.

Images for Integration: Longfellow's The Secret of the Sea...Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. (This is Longfellow's and Steinbeck's natal Sun/Mon blend which is shared with Beatle George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Elizabeth Taylor.)

Sun Pis/Moon Sag: far-ranging imagination; seeker of truth; affectionate and friendly; resilient; strong social awareness; philospophical mind; generous and gentle; deep self-confidence; spiritual but may avoid organized religious practice; has an imaginative inner world; humility + nobility; a generous judge of others' weaknesses...

...endearing naivety; emotionalizes moral issues; misplaced enthusiasms; prone to exaggeration, carelessness, and lack of concentration; 'tries' to be all things to all people (a politician!--so that's 'pretends' to be--jc); grandiosity and self-deception (other useful political traits--jc.)

Images for Integration: A black woman priest in the confessional hears a tale of woe form a white converted scientist, and they fall in love...Einstein's Theory of Relativity. (This is Einstein's natal Sun/Moon blend.)

Romney's Prenatal Eclipse is in the 2 South Series which manifested prior to his birth on Nov 23, 1946, 00Sag50. The **Sabian Symbol for "1Sag" is the one I so often use for Pentagon/war/chickenhawk issues...

"1Sag"..."A Grand Army of the Republic campfire"...REMINISCENCE...

pos: accomplishment through the cultivation and preservation of enduring ties with others;

neg/shadow or unconscious side: superficial idleness and unhealthy veneration for the past (Mormonism? Other?--jc.)

From Rose Lineman's Your Prenatal Eclipse, we find that a PE in Sagittarius is associated with the search for ultimate truths (supported by several factors mentioned above--jc), and the gaining of spiritual wisdom.

Motivations stem from moral concepts and/or religious convictions that are holdovers from the past, and which may not be spirtually correct. Karmic endeavors based upon misplaced idealism or misguided beliefs are ineffective, and the resultant exaggerated efforts tend to overshoot the mark. Fake optimism causes underestimation of karmic situations and efforts may fall short.

The Sag PE brings karmic relationships with grandchildren or in-laws, and draws the native toward organized religious practices (which counters the above-mentioned Sun Pis/Moon Sag details. Maybe he has a Scorpio Moon! It would jive with the mother control issues, wouldn't it?)

In Brady's Predictive Astrology we find more Eclipse info:

2 South: feeling that a great deal may be gained by associating with or joining unusual groups.

This Series last manifested Dec 25, 2000 at 4Cap14, and is the same PE Series as Woodrow Wilson, who was a Freemason. And Romney has a 12-degree orb 'conjunction' between Uranus and North Node, an indicator of radical reformist political groups. As you know, Bush has a close conj of rebellious, disruptive Uranus with NN, also in Gemini, sign of the bringer of tidings. "Warning the unwary" indeed.

Well, there's a small portrait of Mitt Romney for you--although somewhat out-of-focus due to an unknown birth time. The portrait does describe charismatic Mitt, but is not as focused as it could be.

However, I have a sneaking suspicion there will be more to add later on about this complex Piscean politician, don't you? So let me know if you find an accurate birth time for him--I'd be interested!

*Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.
**Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

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Jul 20, 2007

want Gore to run?

This from

Express yourself if you want to see a Gore presidential run!

The Honorable Al Gore
2100 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203

Here's a previous post with a smidge of info on Al Gore's natal chart (more details to come, I'm sure.)

You can certainly see Gore's 1st house Saturn/Pluto conjunction in his eagle-looking stare over a large nose--just as you see Bush's natal Leo Ascendant in those slightly crossed Leonine eyes...and Tony Blair has Leo-the-Lion eyes as well!)

Jun 20, 2007

Michael Bloomberg

Well here's the coy financier's natal data: Feb 14, 1942; 3:40 pm EWT; Brighton, MA; (RR:AA) and you may wish to view his natal horoscope with Cancer rising.

This is the natal chart of an egotist, who's good with technology, and may have occult leanings, but let's talk amongst ourselves while Bloomberg's Sun AQ-Moon AQ personality blend says he is friendly but detached, independent and gregarious (Jupiter in Gemini loves to converse and has helped him with his early understanding and expansion of technological advancements in his businesses), is highly observant, clear-headed, and well-meaning. (Seems to be reasonably well-meaning for an egotist--we'll see.-jc)

Yes, Michael Bloomberg is a law-unto-himself who wants to do things his way. (A perfect description for you-know-who in the Oval Office circa 2017--?:law under to himself?-- another one worse than the first!-jc)

This pair's dark side has a tendency toward making blunt, insensitive remarks due to comparing people to closely-held ideals. Disliking restraints of any kind, this blend tends to "live in the head"--this is a highly inspirational combo and is supported by Bloomberg's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) which for him is 16 North, a gentle series having to do with 'unconscious material rising and bringing along with it great insights and good ideas which may be profitably acted upon' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.

A Solar Eclipse occurred in the 16 North series in 1995 @00Scorpio, again in 2013 @11Scorpio; next 16 North eclipse occurs @22Scorpio on November 14, 2031.

Bloomberg's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series:

For Mr. Bloomberg a 16 North eclipse occurred prior to birth (his 'PE') at "28Virgo": "A bald-headed man dominates a gathering of national figures"...Keyword: DOMINANCE--

positive expression: accomplishment through a completeness of self-mastery and a rigid control of others; negative/shadow side: a sadistic sophistication.

Note that a cosmic time link was formed by a Solar Eclipse conjunct the same degree (29Virgo) on September 22, 2006, in the 8 South Series with themes of 'separation, loss; to be finished, sad partings' (Brady).

Well there's a peek at Bloomberg with more to come--he doesn't have to declare his presidential aspirations until May 2008 so the twists and turns of fate and his own nature--plus, the chaos principle--will intervene in unforeseen ways. (Update 11/08/19: as you know, his 2008 campaign didn't last long. Now in 2019 Bloomberg is belatedly toying once again with a presidential run which is why I have today updated this post.

UPDATE 4:44 pm edt: neglected to give Bloomberg's Sun-Moon Image for Integration:

"The Jolly Green Giant."

Second Update 'today' November 8, 2019 by jc.

For more personality details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzy Harvey

May 8, 2007


Just back from France, Mr.A.Cat has had me publish his latest limerick at Lim's Limericks concerning the UMP Party's Nicolas Sarkozy and his presidential victory Sunday.

At Lim's you'll find a link to an article on the ongoing riots, car burnings, window smashings, and arrests bedeviling the French nation. It's not certain that Sarkozy's expressed admiration for George Bush will be doing him a world o'good as he attempts to manifest his reformist tendencies upon France with her sluggish economy and large immigrant populations.

And where has Sarkozy been during the riots? Resting on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Sluggish economy indeed. Wonder whose name is on the yacht's title?

He's partying on down, I imagine, while Paris burns. The similaries between Bush, Sarkozy, and Nero I shall barely mention...esp with the incendiary Mars/Uranus snugged around NN...hyperexcitability; an excited demonstration shown to others; the execution of extraordinary and unusual enterprises.

Of course, Sunday's election occurred under this influence as well...and how do they count their votes so quickly in France when we can barely count ours at all?