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May 26, 2011

G-8 Summit in France: Pisces into Aries 5.26.11

Having checked out several sites concerning the current G-8 Summit being held in Deauville, France, I'm settling on Oxfam International for news about and out of this gathering of top leaders. Most of the other sites contain a lot of bosh and what have turned out to be broken promises with the usual patootie-covering spin attached.

As Oxfam says, They've got a lot of explaining to do.

Not a lot of Astrology time is available to me today but let's take a quick peek at the Sun-Moon blends for May 26 and May 27 (Friday) to snag a hint of the general flavor of this time during which the G-8 nations have chosen to meet. (Actually meetings began earlier in May 2011 concerning drug trafficking, for one.)

May 26, 2011: Sun in early Gemini (communications; sharing ideas; lots of schmoozing) and Moon in Pisces (one half of the victim/savior axis, confused or confusing, hidden) shows a chameleon, versatile quality and a dreamy 'blowing with the wind' tendency. Worry about what's already been said may be prevalent with this Air-Water blend yet the public may never know about it given the group's closed-to-the-press directive.

This is an adventurous and very self-aware combination of double Mutable (changeable, unstable) energies which is impressionable, sensitive, and open to new ideas. Group coordination is highlighted and though concentration may be weak, someone may actually stand up to defend the underdogs among us! But lack of boundaries is a problem (open to new ideas) so approaching topics on a superficial level may be the easiest way to deal with the day's issues.

Interestingly, the Sun Gem-Moon Pisces is shared natally by Blackwater's (Xe's? or whatever name his mercenary band uses now) Erik Prince so I wonder if he is in attendance. It is also found in the natal horoscope of Allen Ginsberg and novelist Arnold Bennett who famously informed us that,

"Journalists say a thing that they know isn't true, in the hope that if they keep on saying it long enough it will be true."

Now that's a perfect quote to describe mainstream media "reporting" on such secretive, chaos-dealing groups of world 'leaders' and puppets, don't you think?

Luna Changes Her Tune

Now early on Friday morning (around 1:38 am local time, France), the Moon reaches Aries Point (a World Point of Manifestation; Recognition; Fame) which changes the vibes to an Air-Fire Sun Gem-Moon Aries blend which remains in effect into Saturday. Yes, Mars-ruled Aries (god of war) changes the tone of the proceedings quite a bit into a stronger Mutable-Cardinal (planning; taking initiative action.)

Sun Gem-Moon Ari has a clearer vibe than Friday's Piscean dreaminess but with Sun in communicative Gemini, the discussions can become argumentative, and persuasion in the theme. This a forceful, decisive, impatient blend of a race car driver! An essentially self-centered and intense willpower rules the crowd and Thursday's sensitivity to the needs of others melts away on behalf of wit, satire, and pointed words.

In fact, the 24-hour news cycle was invented by this type of personality which describes the formidable lawyer, politician, broadcaster, writer, and debater. Thoughts are put out for review but never true feelings; empathy is often missing within a pugnacious, rough-shod approach, and convictions are delivered with much enthusiasm as conversations are monopolized with a persuasive power and a strong measure of egotism.

No fools of lesser minds are suffered with Sun in intellectual Gemini and Moon in pioneering Aries!

This blend is shared natally by King Albert II of Belgium, and, oddly enough by journalist and broadcaster, the mild-seeming Bill Moyers. It is also found in the natal chart of actor Robert Morley who instructively proposed,

"Show me a man who enjoyed his schooldays and I will show you a bully and a bore."

I suspect there may be more than one bully on the scene so outcomes may come down to who can out-bully the other and sway the rest.

Now I don't know if you're expecting magical improvements for our global ills to issue forth from this year's G-8 Summit but it seems to me that these are some of the very same syndicate criminals who engineered the financial and social chaos to begin with. Yet even the power elite and their puppets sometimes experience the unexpectedness of unintended consequences which must then be dealt with for they are not the masters of karma they believe themselves to be.

No earthly mortals exist outside the reap what you sow natural law of our universe - aka, karma - so when it comes to politics and social engineering, my tendency is to wait for the pudding to set. For if the G-8 Summit ends and policies change and are implemented in the real world, the proof of any culpability they may deserve will be shown by what happens because of their top-down policies which harm and hinder rather than help populations.

A Higher Power Exists

And of course, we have not one but two Solar Eclipses coming up and eclipses are the 'wild cards' of the universe; they can affect conditions either positively or negatively. Both eclipses trigger planets in the US natal horoscope of 1776.

The first manifests near US natal Uranus 8Gem55, planet of freedom, independence, revolt, and sudden events on June 1, 2011 @ 11Gem02, and the second is a karmic Solar Eclipse on July 1, 2011 which falls between our US natal Jupiter (finances) and Sun (leadership) in self-protective Cancer, and is opposed by karmic Pluto in Capricorn.

So try to keep your feathers dry for it's going to be quite a long summer.


Recommended: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.


Alice said...

This is quite an interesting portray of the article on Pisces into Aries, i love the way you narrated the post. Thanks for the share..!!

Jude Cowell said...

Very kind of you, Alice, thanks! I appreciate your leaving a comment. jc

Jude Cowell said...

Alice, I meant to add that when I wrote about the Sun Gem-Moon Aries being the combo of 'a racecar driver' I was unaware that this weekend in the US there are 3 big car races being run! jc ;p