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May 25, 2011

Horoscope: the karmic Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Today's post is one I'd prefer to skip but since it concerns the Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 @ 9Can12 and deeply affects America's natal chart, my fret is that it cannot be avoided and must be addressed on Stars Over Washington.

With America's birthday coming on July 4th (Sun 13Can+ depending on the birth time you use: today I'm looking at our nation's horoscope for July 4, 1776 5:10 pm EDT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - aka, the Sibly chart) and with our government's placing our country into serious debt to other nations - precisely what our founders hoped to avoid - our annual "Independence Day" becomes more and more of a cynical joke against the American people whose natal Aquarian Moon perpetually longs for freedom and independence.

And since Summer 2011 marks major financial and political time bombs (such as to raise or not to raise the US debt ceiling which Congress has never yet failed to do - one of the many reasons the US in such high debt now), plus, a deficit amount gone into the stratosphere, along with the Democratic Congress' failure to pass a viable budget) this Solar Eclipse and that of June 1, 2011 @ 11Gem02 are all the more pertinent for our astrological and political considerations.

Now some politicians continually tell us that America is "broke" while some say, p-shaw! to the notion. And since it's primarily Republicans who say we're broke (Financial Collapse 2008 occurred on Bush's watch, I remind them - the heisting crescendo of his disastrous 8-year presidency), it's easy to see that the GOP wishes to tar'n'feather a Democratic president with the bankruptcy brush in order to make way for the next - what they hope is a Republican - president who'll conveniently band together with Corporate America to 'save the day'.

The implication is that with a Republican back in the White House (Lodge), millions of decent-paying US jobs will magically appear! This, of course, ignores how many such jobs disappeared during the 8 years of Bush-Cheney and during the terms of other presidents, both D and R.

So if you've read this blog once or twice before, you may know that this reluctant astrologer considers 99% of our ruling elite politicians to be floating along in the same golden yacht and lined up against the American people's best interests, a populace whom they come nearer to drowning every day. In that sense, we're all Katrina victims left upon flooded rooftops.

So with that populist/common good slant in mind, I hereby offer you my take on the Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 which manifests as you see between America's natal Jupiter 5Can56 and Sun 13Can with transiting Pluto (The Wealthy hiding beneath an invisible cape of power) in Capricorn still in opposition to our natal planets in the business-oriented, security-minded sign of Cancer.

Image shown: July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse 9Can12 4:53:50 am edt Washington DC ; eclipse conjoins Fixed Star Alhena: to have a mission; this 'mission' may be of the Manifest Destiny kind and may be part of what is described below as 'the goal'.

Hour Mars 7Gem17 in 12th house of Politics, Self-Undoing, and Karma conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55 which conjoins asteroid MIDA$ 9:03; Mars conjunct Hera (women's issues = Republicans' "war on women"?); ASC 26Gem15 (WHAT?), MC 3Pis34 (WHY?) with Neptune 00Pis43 Rx and Chiron 5Pis15 Rx snugged around it along with Fixed Star Fomalhaut = humanitarianism, idealism, spirituality, and Pisces = The Two Fishes, so the Mississippi River flooding and its effects on New Orleans comes to mind even as seafood and Gulf Coast livelihoods continue to be affected by oil from the Deepwater Horizon blowout of April 2010; plus, crop failures from flooding may affect food prices, transport, state budgets, and homeowners and residents in the flood plain.

ASC 26Gem15: South Node (separation) 23Gem28 and Venus 26Gem34 are rising indicating conditions of separation in relationships, isolation, issues of bad timing, and/or feelings of inferiority. Positively, it may indicate a sincere desire to relate to and aid those who are truly in need which will bring spiritual rewards.

Moon and Mercury are in mutual reception but are 49 degrees apart; ruler of the 8th house, Saturn 10Lib43 in 5th H has turned Direct since its Station on June 12, 2011 (10Lib27); a Solar Eclipse in Moon-ruled, Watery Cancer is of a karmic nature and aspects to the eclipse are very important due to the Moon's 'past' connections; a Cancerian Moon 'soaks up' the energies of the aspecting planets, and Cancer = the homeland, America.

Here are the 3 planets aspecting this eclipse; all are from the Cardinal T-Square; both Saturn and Pluto are considered karmic planets for their affects are a long time in the making:

1. A restrictive Saturn Square to the eclipse indicates that lack of discipline and irresponsibility have played major roles in the problems associated with the eclipse (as we know); resisting the temptation to take the easy way out is an imperative for karmic progress to be made (which to me sounds as if raising the debt ceiling won't help matters, only hinder them - common sense, really, though I suppose Congress will do it anyway.)

Playing into this difficult karmic situation is our national Saturn Return (14Lb48) which peaks with the third of three conjunctions on August 28, 2011 (the resolution phase); having Saturn in natal 10th H of Public Standing has a 'fall from grace' potential, in which case, the global domination/one-world-government crowd will be so very very pleased as their astrological representative - plutocratic, deconstructing/rebuilding-upon-ruins Pluto in structurally-minded Capricorn - continues to oppose our natal planets in Cancer.

2. The Uranus Square to the eclipse indicates that karmic progress is prevented by an uncaring attitude toward humanity at large; indifference to the needs of society interferes with improvement in the conditions described by the Cancer eclipse - it's the vise we're in. Genuine concern for one's fellow man is what is needed yet how to generate genuine concern in those who don't consider themselves to be their 'brother's keepers'? Radical, political Uranus says, Talk to the hand. Yet We know that concern for others cannot be forced externally for it must occur on an inner spiritual level with the aid of a Higher Authority, otherwise, it is short-lived at best.

(We're sunk here, folks, for many Americans have been led to believe that they'll never need the compassion of others even as they see the occurrences of natural disasters increasing! Let 'freeloaders' waste away or collapse on our streets! they seem to say. How odd that many people who exhibit this cold-hearted attitude are holding a Bible in their hands as they ignore the basic needs of their fellow Americans. But depopulation is a major goal of the one-world-government folk for there will be more resources left for them, you see.)

3. Pluto opposes the eclipse which shows conditions of illusion, deception, and chaos rather than the awareness an opposition usually provides. That Pluto's actions are so often hidden or secretive only makes our lack of awareness more possible as we're pulled between reality and fallacy; Pluto's associations with media, propaganda, publishing, Big Banking, Politics, and the Vatican (Pluto = the pope, and other powers behind the throne) shows that we'll get no relief from Pluto's direction.

Jupiter 4Tau59 in 11th H of Groups and Associations trines Pluto and rules the 7th H of Partnerships and Open Enemies in which Pluto is placed; as significator of the Republican Party, Jupiter seems to be aiding (trine) Pluto with his agenda of gaining complete power and control of the US government and its people. The GOP has made it clear they'll do anything to see 'Barack Obama fail' - and the nation along with him as they and the corporate-backed Tea Party hold the nation hostage to austere requirements which may or may not help our debt situation since it's short-sighted (ex: cutting Medicaid or other programs for those of lower incomes will further burden our already-stressed hospital emergency rooms and clinics. Duh.)

In spite of it all, we-the-people must approach our problems as honestly and compassionately as we can, facing our monsters and vanquishing them on our own terms - whether Washington does this or not.

For honest information, Independent Media is one avenue I would suggest for this such as LINK-TV, one of the broadcasters of non-corporate supported programs such as Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez) and Thom Hartmann, among others; LINK-TV is where we're much more likely to find truth, especially since the sign Gemini can be duplicitous, and...

A Geminian Mercury Rules the Way Forward into November 2011

Chart-ruler Mercury 28Can32 is in 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values; through earthy Virgo, Mercury also rules the 4th H of Real Estate and Domestic Scene. How things will proceed is shown by Mercury's two applying aspects: a quincunx to Neptune (2A11), and what may turn out to be a helpful trine with Uranus (6A00.) Plus, this tr Mercury opposes US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx with potentials for: ideas and information received and presented are intense yet possibly subliminal; people refuse to listen to others due to forceful exertion of their own ideas; manipulation of ideas, thoughts, and communications occur in order to gain advantage over others; incorrect information is given with intent to mislead; people withhold what they know to create paranoia and/or to protect their own turfs; not a good time for free speech as surveillance increases and propaganda ramps up.

Sounds like the general tenor of our nation since 9/11, doesn't it?

Well, I intend to monitor the news all summer for such Mercury/Pluto topics to be placed on the front burner as we are led by propaganda and manipulation toward the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse (@ 2Sag.) Yet we may expect that some info or intell may seep or leak out under the rays of the June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse @ 24Sag in 1st house of the US Sibly natal chart giving it a 'personal responsibility' vibe. Of course, WikiLeaks comes to mind yet it may be manipulated by controlled leaks from the US government and others.

Mercury quincunx (inconjunct) Neptune details a condition where facts are elusive or purposefully hidden and promises are hard to keep so we may be hearing the wimpy excuse out of Washington, "Well, at least we tried"; extra tasks are taken on to gain another's approval and nervous energy is spread too thin to accomplish much.

Mercury trine Uranus offers a ray of hope for it brings in much creativity and original ideas with opinions that are based on sound principles; truth-seeking can bring intellectual freedom with this trine, and spiritual values can be well-integrated within our materialistic concerns and tendencies.

As you notice, this position of Mercury indicates that a national Mercury Return has just occurred (on June 28, 2011 in 8th H of the Return chart set for DC.) In this chart, Return Mercury's only applying aspect is an irritating semi-square (45 degr) to Mercury Return Moon 7Gem07 which conjuncts Mars in the July 1st Eclipse chart's secretive/Unconscious 12th H; '8Gem' = "Around a Closed Down Factory, Strikers Mill Defiantly"...protests will be on the rise with Mars to Moon indicating riled up feelings, restlessness and physical actions taken, with a focus on domestic conditions (US unemployment, 'free' trade agreements, etc. We need more employee-owned factories and co-ops, m'peops!)

Note: Our natal Mercury Rx 24Can12 opposes n Pluto Rx (in n 2/8 Hs) making it one of our premiere natal aspects for our eye-in-the-sky country (United Spies of America?); even our paper money is stamped with a symbol of encompassing surveillance. The other aspects that describe the US are a natal Sun/Saturn square (lawmakers restrain the executive branch, or used to) and a n Mars/Neptune square (spying; confused or inspired motivations; deceptive actions; misguided energy; a massive military force.) Plus, the US has a hidden square - 256 degr - between Illuminati planets Uranus and Neptune which is most closely seen in our Scorpio Rising chart.

The Karma of a Cardinal Grand Cross

Now in the July Solar Eclipse chart, above, (which is basically an early birthday gift from the Universe to America) you see a Cardinal Grand Cross highlighted by dotted line between Sun/Moon, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. This configuration greatly enhances the ongoing Cardinal T-Square between the Saturn/Uranus opposition with its apex Pluto pulling the strings of power and control since the Solar Eclipse, along with US natal Jupiter and Sun - fill in the missing point of the T-Square to form a 'Cross' on the material/physical plane.

A Cardinal Grand Cross (or, Grand Square) is created by two oppositions squaring one another and contains tremendously dynamic energy. The Cardinal oppositions indicate that cooperation is necessary in order for the energy to be well-managed: the assistance of others is needed to achieve goals. Yet the impatience and impulsivity of Cardinality can cause bad timing and poorly-planned action as people tend to rush into new activities before completing what was started with verve and enthusiasm. This interferes with accomplishment of one's mission (Alhena, noted above) because reckless behavior is exhibited.

Pitfalls include over-assertion and head-on confrontations. (I'm focused here primarily on financial conditions since US natal Jupiter is affected, yet debilitating war expenses, further involvements in foreign lands, and other issues may be shown as well...also involving Jupiter's over-expansive tendencies.)

A Cardinal Grand Cross describes energy which may flare at the start yet is lacking when it comes to follow-through, and if either Mars or Uranus - here, Uranus - is involved in the configuration, we can expect accident-proneness due to thoughtless impulsiveness, plus, extreme aggression may be indicated (hot-headedness or hair-trigger tempers.)

Is there an upside to this Grand Cross in the Solar Eclipse chart?

Eclipses are 'wild cards' that may affect conditions in a fashion similar to Uranus' sudden, disruptive quirkiness which may act or stimulate at any time: early, late, or never.

This stressful Cardinal pattern shows that frustrating obstacles are causing blockages on the path to fulfilling our needs yet persistence is the key to applying the energy so that one major goal at a time may be realized.

Hopefully, the goals favor the American people for a change rather than corporations and other special interests, so if you think that Washington politicians can handle this vast energy and put Politics aside long enough to do so, I congratulate you on your optimism and faith in our elected officials who have had a very large share in creating the messes in which America is mired. Yet you've noticed, I'm certain, that many of the bigger players and culprits on Capitol Hill have recently retired from public office. We shall meet many of them again in their lobbying capacities.

The July 1, 2011 Grand Cross also tells us that taking premature action through an unnecessary sense of urgency will not result in improvements in our situation. This hearkens back to the Political Theater during Campaign 2008 when John McCain 'suspended' his presidential campaign and rushed back to DC to 'save' the US banking system (Mr. Obama rushed back, too, but not quite as theatrically and fake-ily.)

So considering this Solar Eclipse @ 9Can12 and its manifestation between US natal Jupiter and Sun, we may expect much drama and excitement to be shown this summer concerning political, financial, and other issues, though at least some of the performances will be pure theater for public consumption and persuasion.

Midpoints Paint Word Pictures

Now let's consider the midpoints of the chart; I will include the pictures created by the Grand Cross with US n Jupiter; any, all, or none may apply and are subject to stimulation by transits and progressions; for the sake of brevity, only Ebertin's midpoint pictures will be used, and I shall refrain from again adding the brutal Saturn/Uranus = Pluto picture. You'll see that the Venus/SN/ASC theme of separation is echoed along with some other themes mentioned previously:

Sun/Pluto = Saturn: ruthless overcoming of obstacles; restriction or separation by a Higher Power; imprisonment.

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden adjustment to new circumstances; arrest.

Moon/Pluto = Saturn: grave inhibitions; mental or emotional suffering.

Moon/Pluto = Uranus: extreme emotions; fanaticism; a desire to fight; an urge to do something; nervous crises through excesses; sudden upsets.

Saturn/Uranus = Sun: inflexibility; severe tests of strength; separation; rebellion; the power of resistance.

Saturn/Uranus = Moon: strong emotional tensions and strains; inconstancy; depression; separation.

Saturn/Uranus = US n Jupiter: fortunate powers of adaptation; release from tension; a sudden turn of destiny; getting into difficulties; losses; damage to motors or to buildings.

US n Jupiter/tr Pluto = tr Saturn: inhibited development; lack of progress; difficulties; separation.

US n Jupiter/tr Pluto = tr Uranus: fanatical striving for improvements; the quick exploitation of every situation (politics!); sudden reforms; adjusting to new circumstances.

There are other midpoint pictures to consider as well, all of them involving Jupiter in Taurus:

Sun/Neptune = Jupiter: achieving success with little exertion; optimism in spite of impaired vitality.

Moon/Neptune = Jupiter: sympathy; a good understanding of others through a compassionate attitude; far-reaching wishes; fantasy; artistic success.

Mars/Uranus = Jupiter: a correct grasp of a situation coupled with timely action; successful contests of strength; a lucky hand in unusual enterprises; good fortune with injuries or accidents.

Jupiter/MC = Uranus: fortunate new ventures; an ability to utilize the right moment; a fortunate adjustment to new conditions; sudden success; optimism.

Well, those are certainly great if minor notes upon which to end this Solar Eclipse article, aren't they? And once again, catalyst Uranus - now in US natal 4th house and closely linked to the founding of freedom-loving America - may somehow manage to bring surprising improvements to our current situation!

Now if only Congress will agree to stop delaying decisions that would move things forward rather than tiresomely painting the Other Party as the main culprit and trying to score political points while deflecting well-deserved criticism.


Got opinions on this post or eclipse chart? Please leave an on-topic comment!

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From May 8, 2011, economist Paul Krugman's explanation of how we got here and who's to blame: The Unwisdom of Elites with his additional comments on the financial condition of the European Community.

Sources: The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin (midpoint pictures); Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney (Cardinal Grand Cross.)


Alice said...

This Solar Eclipse will bring in some positive changes and negative changes altogether. What i need to know, what effects it is going to put on the zodiac signs separately...?

Jude Cowell said...

Oh Alice, this Political Astrology site is missing many features that if my real world schedule permitted, I would add. With my blogging time quite limited, I must focus on DC and a few related charts of nations, eclipses, ingresses, events, politicians, etc.

Actually the June/July 2011 issue of Mountain Astrologer magazine contains such info for both the June 1 and July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipses for all 12 signs.

And I notice you have the AstroBix site so perhaps I should be asking you!! jc ;p

Anonymous said...

Interesting and well written. Thank you =)

Anonymous said...

Accidcentally came across Jude's blog. It is totally impressive and detailed. A lot of detail and perceptional thought has been given to help illustrate the difficulties USA will be experiencing this Fall. Well done!