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May 20, 2011

Horoscope: Solar Eclipse 11Gem02 June 1, 2011

On June 1, 2011, a partial Solar Eclipse occurs @ 11Gemini02. Below you see its horoscope set for the White House, Washington DC; Hour Saturn 10Lib33 Rx in 12th house of Karma and Politics; Saturn trines the Eclipse which falls in the 8th house (in DC) of taxation, shared resources, credit, debt, insurance, big business, other people's money, and transformation.

The helpful trine from Saturn to the eclipse indicates that respect, persistence, and shouldering one's burdens will aid the karmic implications and potentially difficult results from this Solar Eclispe which sits upon the Partnership angle in the US (Sibly) chart and conjoins US natal Uranus 8Gem55: Sun/Moon = n Uranus: creating new ways of revealing old ideas; setting oneself apart from others; unusual twists of fate (Munkasey.)

If you're interested, NASA provides a list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2011.

June 1, 2011 5:02:31 pm edt at the White House

Chart-ruler Mars 16Tau03 is in 7th H with Venus 20Tau36 and Mercury 28Tau06, the Lord of the Eclipse so we know that mercurial realms may be affected, such as: Communications (including Media), Transport, Trade, and Negotiations, Pacts, and Agreements. Young people and the news should be included.

The only applying aspect made by Mars is a quindecile (165 degrees = obsession-compulsion) with the Ascendant 1Sco00 (the Sun position in the NWO natal horoscope for October 24, 1993 - the Uranus/Neptune conjunction, # 3 of 3 @ '18Cap' = "The Union Jack" = smug or strong-armed paternalism...Uranus/Neptune are the planets of Illuminism.) Competition and agression are described.

With money sign Taurus on 8th cusp and at a 29th degree, evaluating Venus rules 8th H matters yet with a sense of expediency or even over-eagerness as a critical 29th degree implies. Someone or something is in a hurry! But there's difficult Alcyone, one of the Weeping Sisters, awaiting.

Pluto is co-ruler of the chart and applies to a square with Uranus (Uranus/Pluto = 'collapse of the old order of things, construction of the new' - Ebertin); upsets and violence as a new order is forced upon society. Yes, we know.

Nebulous Neptune 00Pis56 ('1Pis' = "A Public Market" = trade, commerce, or the NYSE?), planet of fraud and deception, is posited in 4th H (Foundation or Basis of the Matter; Real Estate as the Mississippi River floods people's farms and adds to potential food shortages and upticks in food and other prices) along with wounding Chiron now on its degree in President Obama's natal chart. And of course, we've seen other examples of water damage since Neptune and Chiron have been transiting together including the Deepwater Horizon Blowout and the Nuclear Meltdown at Fukushima, Japan - both catastrophes that 'keep on giving' into Infinity.

The Jupiter/Neptune pair (speculators, wastrels, religiosity, and/or those with grand imaginings and plans) rule and co-rule the 5th H of Gambling and Risk-Taking, and their midpoint conjoins Aries Point, a degree of World Manifestation and Recognition.

The eclipse Moon rules 9th H and indicates changes and fluctuations in 9th H matters, plus, all of our nation's Cancerian planets are posited there: Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury Rx. Eclipse Sun rules 10th H of Public Status and Career. Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations) 6Leo12 is conjoined by US natal North Node (NN; destiny; future direction) and both are at apex of a YOD (Finger of God = special task; turning point; a crossroads; crisis) formed at its base by a sextile between plutocratic Pluto/Chiron. And of note: Chiron here is Barack Obama's natal Chiron.

America's NN at MC places our nation's SN at IC (Home; Homeland; Domestic Scene; Security Issues; Endings) which seems to indicate that career and public status matters may go better for us than home matters. However, IC 6AQ12 has the oppressive, corporate Pluto/Chiron midpoint upon it which relates to violence and to home foreclosures as the Oil Can Harry plutocrats continue knocking at our doors and tossing Americans out on the sidewalks to live in their cars (Mercury's 11Gem02.)

8th H ruler Venus applies to a sesquisquare (135 degr) with manipulative string-puller Pluto 6Cap51 Rx (Lord of the Underworld) from 7th H of Partnerships and Open Enemies to 3rd H of Communications and Neighborhoods; this 'interlaced squares' aspect is usually considered minor (an octile...irritation; health issues) and indicates intense interaction with an urge toward promotion of ideas (M. Meyer.)

The Venus/Pluto combo of energies relates to bankruptcy, extremes of private wealth hidden in secret places, volcanic activity (including in financial centers), and breakdown within the fabric of society. (Munkasey.)

Are you still with me? This is depressing, believe me this Saturnian astrologer knows, which is why I've put off this post as long as possible. Yet identifying and facing monsters is the only way to vanquish them. And after the predicted-by-some Judgment Day of May 21, 2011, perhaps this analysis would be different (if it occurred at all) though I doubt it. Well, since May 21st is tomorrow, I shall proceed without such hindsight especially since the popular idea of a 'Rapture' and how the Second Coming will play out does not tally with my own studies of the Books of Daniel and Revelation....though I do agree that there are signs that The End is near if not here. Of course, the smartest thing is to be ready whenever He returns!

In her book Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles this eclipse, Something to Cry About which I assume refers to its 8th cusp at critical or crisis degree: 29Tau24 and the nearness of a difficult Fixed Star, Alcyone 00Gem00: Something to Cry About; sorrow; misfortune; exile; suffering. Any or all may apply.

The above mentioned 8th H and mercurial themes are implicated in this sorrow and we must expect that the enlarged US deficit and debt ceiling imbroglio are factors in where the implied misfortune plays out especially considering that the US dollar is under fire and being abandoned by creditors along with America's dimming reputation in the world and the potential for a US default on debts...if the GOP succeeds in crashing the US economy to make President Obama look bad for 2012.

Other possibilities for this eclipse's influence include: loss of support for the government (political? financial? debt ceiling extension?), sanitation, burial laws, morbidity, imports, and contagion (did you notice that anthrax is back in the news this week?), with attention and discussion relating to taxation, as mentioned. There may be death or resignation (more?) of statesmen, literary figures, educators, or - chillingly - injury to or death of travelers; foreign treaties and pacts are under stress as well. (Teal.)

And with transiting asteroid MIDAS now conjoining US natal Uranus 8Gem55, both bodies are 'eclipsed' or stimulated by the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse. This doesn't sound positive for US gold reserves which would affect the global financial system.

Please click chart image to enlarge for further info such as Fixed Stars, midpoints, some US natal placements, and the Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; corporatism; oppression) conjunction of December 30, 1999 in 2nd H of Earning Ability and Values with the conjunction's degree (11Sag23) opposed and potentially triggered by the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse.

As you see, the ongoing T-Square of Saturn/Uranus = Pluto remains in effect causing the world harm, violence, rebellion, and war; Pluto is a prime actor in this eclipse chart as one leg in the YOD configuration as well as being apex planet of the Cardinal T-Square with such an apex Pluto indicating those with a willful desire to fulfill their ambitious plans through force, manipulation, and subversive actions (ex: secret societies; the Global Crime Syndicate); the Cardinal quality gives Pluto an overt and ruthless determination to overwhelm any and all opposition to 'his' (their) criminal objectives; explosive endings may be anticipated. (Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspects Analysis.)

One other factor I wish to mention: Lord (ruler) of the June 1, 2011 eclipse, Mercury, squares Neptune (2A50) which describes conditions of distortion of truth, fears of responsibility, lack of realism, fraudulent communications, and an inability or lack of courage for dealing with life's harsh realities. Negative escapism comes to mind but please use in moderation for whoever tries to escape their troubles by use of drugs (including alcohol) should be advised that troubles can swim!

Well, that's it for today. If you have on-topic and courteous opinions, remarks, or queries to make, please leave them in a Comment and I will reply as time permits.

And like the eclipses at the end of 2010 which seemed to indicate further financial collapse, this is one eclipse analysis where I'd love to be so very very wrong.


Mea culpa! I just now realized that I neglected to complete penning in (lower right) the name of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who now visits the White House one day after President Obama's major policy address on the Middle East (Saturn/Uranus) yesterday which began with '23Leo' rising and ended with Royal Star Regulus at Ascendant - Regulus = success if revenge is avoided - and as the world knows, endless acts of revenge and retaliation are all the region seems able to manage these days.

Also on the chart, I added that his visit is tomorrow, May 21, but apparently the Israeli eagle has already landed in Washington today and is said to be "disappointed" over Mr. Obama's speech which offered the 1967 borders as the way to go if one actually does want Peace for Palestine and Israel. However, it's actually the 1947 borders which may be the fairest and most legal even though this would put Galilee in Palestine, not Israel.

It is my personal belief that radical National-International Zionism does not want peace in the Middle East but rather a 'King of Jerusalem' and a world capital from which to dominate the entire globe of serfs and pawns...aka, a New World Order, the Utopian dream which inspired the founding of America as the New Atlantis.

For it isn't as if the White House would have sprung Obama's policy speech upon the Israeli government without telling them in advance what would be touted! And the political intrigues and theater performances least until May 21, 2011 at 6 pm Eastern Time.


Coming a mere month later, you may wish to check out the Horoscope of the karmic July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse which @ 9Can12, plops itself amid US natal Jupiter and Sun.


Anonymous said...

I love your interpretations, your side bar sites to visit, etc. Thank you Jude. I'd like to contribute to your efforts - maybe buy some of your artwork. Thank you for your enlightenment. You are one smart lady who can read the signs. Thank you.

Jude Cowell said...

Anonymous, thank you very much for your encouragement and kind words! Yes, my Zazzle Art Shop is open 24/7 and I do appreciate any browsing you may wish to do - and while I'm at it, a hearty thanks go to all who have purchased my art merchandise there or at Cafe Press! Jude ;p