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May 24, 2011

Netanyahu to Congress: Saturn/Uranus = Pluto

May 24, 2011: it's a little after 11 am edt, and any minute now, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu is to speak before a joint session of the US Congress. With the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition pointing toward powerful Pluto, we are about to experience a real-life express of the T-Square with the Saturn/Uranus combo the celestial representatives of the Middle East, particularly of Israel and Palestine.

The violence and brutality of the T-Square I will not repeat here since I've tired of typing it these last several months it has been in force but I do notice from this morning's horoscope set for the Capitol Building that the Moon has just gone past Neptune in very early Pisces, and the pair are in a midpoint picture with Mars/NN, a significator of energetic meetings, cooperative pursuits, and/or a lack of adaptability, falsehood, the use of mercenaries, an ability to attract or to sell military might from others, allies who send military help when needed, military hardware provided by friends, non-payment for military weapons or supplies, aggressive actions against the nation by hostile countries, and/or treaties broken by hostile acts.

Moon and Neptune indicate the public, publicity, the masses, the media, and illusion or deception. As a pair, they represent sensitivity, refined feelings, impressionability, fanciful imaginings, far-reaching wishes (like a world capital in Jerusalem? global domination?), and inner vision. Mr. Netanyahu is to lay out his (alleged) vision for peace. Let's see if this is Israel's usual 'my way or the highway' stance.

Any, all, or none may apply:

Mars/NN = Moon: an emotional attitude toward others; unions based on soul affinity; insistence on the acceptance of ideas; a fixed inconsistency.

Mars/NN = Neptune: insight into how others can help you but also false promises of help and follow-through; visualization of how to guide groups

At 11:23 am edt, the Speaker of the House announces PM Netanyahu as "His Excellency" to much applause. Sounds monarchic to me.

Netanyahu begins to speak with 17Leo rising, Mars in Taurus near MC, and this martian midpoint picture in play:

Neptune/MC = Mars: a desire to bring wrong ideas into realization; the desire to harm other people; the study of metaphysical subjects; a need to activate plans derived from mystical images.

11:29 am: someone in the gallery shouts out but I can't make out the words. Congress responds with loud applause to cover it up and I'm certain the person (sounded like a lady) is already being ushered out. Netayahu then comments on protests, "This is real democracy." But he didn't hear what she shouted and didn't care.

Wonder what's going on in the hall for her in our (alleged) democracy just brimming over with an abundance of 'free speech'?

"Israel isn't what is wrong with the Middle East, Israel is what is right with the Middle East. " he intones. And with that propagandistic assertion, I'll mosey along before his terror-mongering begins...

(midpoint pictures: Ebertin; Munkasey.)


Kieron said...

She was Rae Abileah from CODEPINK. She sustained neck injuries, according to this report. Such class they show toward a dissenting opinion, but what can we expect from a nation that drops white phosphorus bombs on children and then lies about it?

My word verification is very apropos: lothin. Loathing. Exactly so.

Jude Cowell said...

Kieron, thanks, you're up on it! I found your comment just after posting an article today w the info on the CODE PINK protester and couldn't resist adding the 2008 video of the shoes thrown at George Bush's head. jc