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Jun 29, 2011

Obama presser 6.29.11: Saturn rising

June 29, 2011 White House 11:30 am edt: President Obama holds a news conference to discuss US actions in Libya and the US economy; expected to call for bipartisanship from congressional Republicans and Tea Partisans intent on causing a Democratic president's failure.

With 16 Virgo 09 rising, US natal Neptune 22:25 is first natal planet to rise and as you know, this brings up the president's natal Mars as well. This is the link between the US natal horoscope and President Obama's natal planets which has been previously described on this blog and elsewhere as the 'rock star' effect he enjoyed early on and as a Neptunian veil which prevents the public from seeing his actions and motivations (Mars) in a clear light and creates an aura of glamour (Neptune) to his personality.

With nebulous Neptune, planet of the masses, the media, secrets, compassion, falsehood, and fraud, rising we may not find much relief from the answers heard this morning though some may feel inspired. In Virgo, sign of Work, Employment, and Health, the unemployment rate may be discussed with a potential for fudging the numbers or the solution.

Next to rise from the US chart is Saturn 14Lib48 and at 11:30 am, transiting Saturn 10Lib40 is in 1st house (delays, restriction, contraction, potential for loss - a good description of what's threatened if the US defaults on financial responsibilities, August 2, 2011 being the proposed deadline for compromise on raising of the debt ceiling), the ongoing US Saturn Return (# 3 of 3 hits on August 28, 2011) shows its influence of accountability in the financial life of our nation.

Chart-ruler Mercury 25Can32 (in 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes, and Wishes) makes no applying aspects in the 11:30 am chart for the planet of Communications, Trade, and Commerce is entirely unaspected (even to chart angles.)

The unaspected condition makes Mercury's sign, degree, and house position especially important this morning, plus, there's another factor to consider about this Mercury position: a national Mercury Return occurred yesterday (June 28, 2011 @ 5:32 pm edt, ASC 28Sco08 which rises with Fixed Star Ras Alhague: the desire to heal a wound or to create balance. This is President Obama's natal Midheaven, The Goal.)

Now tr SN of the Moon (23Gem28, the Tail of the Dragon) is poised to swipe US natal Mars (22Gem) and here conjoined by tr Venus. Venus to US n Mars indicates people who are highly motivated toward attainment. But what does Washington wish to attain? is always my question.

Money planet (and significator of the GOP) Jupiter 4Tau42 is posited in the 8th house of Credit, Debt, and Shared Resources. Hopefully, its province of The Occult is not involved in these practical, financial considerations but who knows what goes on behind closed doors in our Masonic Capitol Building and White Lodge we popularly call, the White House?

Well, expansive Jupiter is trined by a 4th H Pluto 5Cap10 Rx (1A28) so international bankers may be seen to be at the base of US economic problems including Real Estate
(4th H), as Pluto continues his destructuring and breakdown of Capricornian institutions (law, government, and business.)

Concerning The Occult vibe, it may be interesting to consider here that the enlightened, insightful New World Order planets, Uranus and Neptune, have their powerful midpoint upon the Descendant of the 11:30 am chart (setting) which gives a midpoint picture of Uranus/Neptune = ASC: instability; heightened sensitivity; being sad or depressed with others; wrong ideas. This is the planetary pair whose Great Conjunction/s of 1993 emphasized the Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' = 'The Union Jack': smug or strong-armed paternalism. (Jones.)

Plus, at 17 Pisces, the Uranus/Neptune midpoint at is at a critical or crisis degree. So perhaps it would be instructive to paraphrase the Thesis and Antithesis implications of Uranus/Neptune from Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets:

Thesis: changes in social and political structure because of new ideals and futuristic dreams; strikes or revolutions focused on new ways of thinking; groups formed to exploit oil or chemical resources.

Antithesis: subversion using new methods of acquiring information; sudden upsurge in illegal drug availability; movements that diminish the power of authority or of police systems.

(With the current upsurge of strong-arm police tactics arresting US citizens exercising their right to free speech and catching police arrests or brutality on cell phone cameras from their front yards, it's difficult to believe that 'police systems' are diminished. Diminished by a lack of moral authority, however, is on display in America along with the subversive spying by the US government on all citizens. The more laws on the books, the more crooked the country. We-the-people have been couped. Plus, 2011's Uranus in Aries is given by Ebertin as: Utopians, relating to that Great Plan for America, Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis-world-democracy vision, now being expressed, at least in part, by NWO freaks, totalitarians, and sectarians.)

Other chart factors for today's news conference include:

US natal Sun/Saturn square is echoed in transits for Sun 7Can34 in 10th house of Public Status, is squared by tr Saturn in 1st house, as mentioned. Are Democrats (Saturn) blocking (square) the president's (Sun) initiatives on today's financial and war waging topics? It looks that way though I'll leave it to you to be aware of it or to search for related news links.

So with SN, a separative, Saturnian point, at Mc 14Gem10, we see the 1st house Saturnian issues underscored along with the above mentioned Mars to US n Venus, planet of relationships and evaluations. Mars in 9th H @ 6Gem04 nears the degree of the June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse 11Gem02 and will trigger its influence. This eclipse falls in the 13 South Saros Series and though I've covered it on this blog previously, I will paraphrase here its flavor from Brady's Predictive Astrology:

13S: expansive, yet sinister energy; frustration, inhibitions, loss, and separation. An element of constitutional crisis may be in evidence and this may describe the current presidential v congressional war powers issues being debate concerning the president's NATO alliance now bombing Libya in an attempt to dislodge dictator Gaddafi.

And what about the Moon (the public)? At 16Gem38 (Gemini: of two minds?) and at 11:30 am, about to cross Midheaven, this Moon conjoins Fixed Star Rigel (ree' gal; a lovely star in the right foot of Orion) whose keyphrase is: to bring knowledge, to teach, and Anthony Louis includes: ambition and luck. (Horary Astrology Plain and Simple.)

Well, the American people could use a boatload of luck just now under the yoke of a divisive, partisan, warmongering, gridlocked Congress. Must we be brought further down economically and socially by selfish politicians intent on recapturing the White House in 2012?

At this point it would seem so and yet I would prefer to think that things can move forward in a more balanced way (rich folk paying their fair share in taxes toward the nation's finances - they who have much being called upon to share - oh my!) if not now, then around the time of tr Mars' return to its position in America's natal horoscope on July 21, 2011 (a new 2-year cycle of activity, including war.)

But with Saturn rising in our Mars Return 2011 chart, Mars and SN conjoined in 9th H (foreign wars and violence), today's Sun position at MC (conj Fixed Star Mirzam, to have one's say, and Mars in semisquare (irritation) to Jupiter (again posited in 8th H of Shared Resources, in DC), what are the odds that our erstwhile denizens of Capitol Hill will cease kicking around the American people's needs like a political football while tarnishing our nation's reputation like its theirs alone to ruin - and all based on a Utopian dream?


Please check out Democracy Now!'s coverage of protests now shutting down Athens Greece occurring today at the barricades of the Greek parliament (about to vote) concerning the extreme, forced austerity measures as the world banking cartel enforces its take-over of the birthplace of democracy. These financial reptiles won't be satisfied until the whole world's citizens are on the streets to be assailed by strong-arm police forces spawned by their misguided vision of a chaotic, redesigned "Utopia."

Further reading: Debt Ceiling Deadline August 2: Jupiter/Neptune active with the planetary pair relating to inflation and speculative financial schemes.

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