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Jun 4, 2011

Was Japan's earthquake on 3/11 manmade? (video)

Doesn't hurt to consider alternate ideas, right? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Corbett has a uniquely rational, logical thought process. Thanks so much for showing all sides of earth-shaking current events, especially with the balanced empiricism of Mr. Corbett.

All this past winter, I was plagued by an arrhythmic, incredibly deep bass note which kept thrumming at night.

I live in NC on top of quartz bedrock. As I actually listen for a living, there were nights when I couldn't shut out the relentless bass that never ended, that was very, very faint sometimes and at others, extremely annoying.

It had no melody, no rhythm, and only one note; thrumming over and over, sometimes really loudly and sometimes very softly.

I never could figure out what it was. It was not a stereo or an engine. It seemed to come from this giant drainage pipe that runs through the property where I live.

After about two and a half months of hearing it, it stopped suddenly in early March. I thought maybe it was the natural gas pipeline thrumming while the heat was on for the winter. The only reference I could find was that this sound is similar to ones heard by astronomers from the planetary gas giants.

Again, thanks for the Corbett report. I have been following it online for some time. My favorite superhero has always been Sherlock Holmes.

All these disasters could be completely coincidental and acausal, and in reality simply a perfect storm of astronomical, geophysical, geopolitical, financial, and genetic metaphoric tsunamis of extremely bad biophysical luck for all life on this planet Earth.

Who was it that said "This, too, shall pass"?

If only we could be sure the dice weren't loaded, eh?

Anonymous said...

There's a rumor making rounds in certain circles that the quake was HAARP-generated and specifically was aimed at Fukushima due to the English resemblance to a vulgar curse. But at who? Who is Shima? No one knows. Just speculation, but the timing of the 11th is too, too coincidental. Plus, don't forget, Japan flipped off the IMF right before the quake. Too many co-inky-dinks.

Word verficiation: thrurat, ways and means of certain rodents.

Anonymous said...

By no means am I an astrologer. I don't even qualify as an amateur my knowledge is so shallow. I do consult certain astrological sites. But I do recall that one recommendation from several astrologers about Pluto's entry into Capricorn is to refuse to give into fear. I do understand that Capricorn is an organizational sign (I have a Cap ascendant at 4+ degrees and am thus by nature a worrier - but I'm also a triple Aries - sun, moon and Mercury so go figure....). I also have understood Pluto to mean the great transformer. So it stands to reason that the organization(s) of the world will be transformed on a very fundamental level.

There is so much fear moving about the US and the world today (except perhaps for Asia - not counting Japan). There are many good reasons to fear - climate change, the bank-induced explosion of the financial sector, the economic treason to the American middle class perpetrated by the international oligarchs and their willing servants among the politicians and media. The righties fear and foment the culture wars. We lefties understandably fear the machinations of the righties (end of collective bargaining, the push to lower the pay of employees to developing nations' standards, the threats to what's left of the social safety net, Obama's lack of spine or collusion or unfortunate placement as the Jackie Robinson of national politics with the attendant demand that he turn himself into a pretzel to get along with the GOP/TP, etc.)

I'm not trying to be a pollyanna. Clearly, there is a welter of fear mongers out and about in every corner who seek to profit from those very fears they raise. But again, I go back to, I think, Jessica Murray's advice with the Pluto incursion into Cap that we refuse to live in fear. And we act against those fears and align ourselves with the higher purpose of combating all the sources pushing our fear buttons with faith turned into action by speaking up for and acting in concert with our fellow men and women mindful of those higher purposes in order to aid the best side of Pluto's changes in our organizations.

Forgive this virtual tyro's "preachiness" and rant. All good wishes to you, Jude, and your readers.

Jude Cowell said...

My hearty thanks to you all for your insightful and thoughtful comments on these difficult issues! Jude