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Jul 12, 2011

Horoscope: Uranus Square Pluto on Aug 8, 2011

Image: August 8, 2011 8:13 am edt White House, Washington DC; click chart to enlarge:

In case you wish a view, here's a horoscope of the closest orb I'm finding between disruptive rebel Uranus 4Ari14 Rx 8th house, and powerful, subversive Pluto 5Cap15 Rx in 4th house with the chart set for the White House, and Moon 11Sag53 conjoining the Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron (Pluto/Chiron = plutocrats) of December 30, 1999 which helped usher in the New Millennium and 21st Century.

Their orb is 1S02 (1 degree 2 minutes separating) which indicates a past event of a frustrating, blocking, or explosive nature; or, on psychological levels, it signifies unconscious eneries with similar 'obstacle' flavors.

As you see, out-of-bounds Mars 3Can25 (always touchy in Moon-ruled Cancer) sits upon US natal Venus, planet of relationships, attraction, and valuations. This transit indicates new alliances, partnerships, or cooperative relationships being formed which involve vigorous assistance being offered. Legal and diplomatic matters and social events go well or are at least the target of attention. This is not an especially strong aspect by transit but it will support stronger indicators if or when they are operative - if Pluto opposing Mars will allow it.

The fact that Mars-to-US-n-Venus occurs in 10th H of Public Standing and Career may indicate global importance, however, though tr South Node (SN), a separative, Saturnian point, tells us that things may not be going as well as we'd prefer in the Public Standing category (US credit rating on Moody's cutting board? The desertion of the dollar as reserve currency? But who can trust financial ratings or other 'watchdog' agencies after the purposeful financial carnage of 2008?)

Lesson-bringer Saturn himself (always The Adult in the Room - and this is an Hour of Saturn)) is posited in one of the money houses, the 2nd H of Earning Ability and Values. Only hard work will do! Plus, Sun/Moon = Saturn: addressing problems.

Chart-ruler Mercury, planet of communications, trade, and commerce, is at a critical 29th degree: 29Leo57 Rx in 12 H of the Unconscious/Politics/Self-Undoing/Karma/Behind-the-Scenes and makes two applying aspects in the chart which gives clues as to how things will proceed in relation to the Uranus-Pluto Square. Also, Mercury conjoins one of the Royal Stars of Persia, Regulus (00Vir00) with the keywords: success if revenge is avoided. With the Royal Stars linked to a chart, success is promised yet it can be taken away if the advice of what to avoid is ignored...similar in fashion to a test by old man Saturn.

One thinks of Rupert Murdoch's current embroilment with his papers' use of spying and hacking--and a publishing empire under threat of loss of reputation and business. Even a billionaire can have his credit rating affected by events, bad decisions, and illegal practices if they're egregious enough.

Mercury's first applying aspect is an opposition to nebulous purveyor of oil, gas, water, poison, scandals, and secrets - Neptune, also at a critical degree, 29AQ55 Rx in 6th H of Health, Work, Service including military and police.

And you see Ceres marked into the 7th H at 00Ari10 Rx, the Aries Point, where the asteroid makes her retrograde 'stand' or station, a strengthening of her energies for a specific period of time, on a World Point of Manifestation. Are more instances of starvation on the global agenda? Well, Ceres in Mundane Astrology represents grains, food supply, milk production, food security and insecurity, other security needs and issues, and nurturing conditions. GM foods may be emphasized here. And with the nurturing Moon, natural tenant of the 4th H, strong in the 4th H, Real Estate may be emphasized but with the Part of Fortune conjunct landlord Pluto.

NN 23Sag11, also in 4th H, describes a restless path toward philosophy, knowledge and understanding. This NN is trined by the Sun 15Leo38 in 12th H and near Venus 13Leo25. A Sun/NN trine indicates leadership talent, public favor and popularity - and it favors politicians.

One factor worth noting is that the difficult midpoint of Saturn-Neptune, duo of invisible or secret government, is now 'on the path' (NN) so I must tell you that...

Saturn/Neptune = NN: common or joint suffering; mourning.

As mentioned in previous posts, Uranus is in the sign of the pioneer or trailblazer, Aries, which denotes 'Utopians' (Ebertin.) Uranus remains at the apex of two planetary midpoints, one between the speculator-wastrel-inflationary-grand-spirit pair, Jupiter and Neptune, the second with forceful, zealous, military-minded Mars/Pluto. Created are two word pictures that show the synergies of the trios:

1. Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: experiencing the contrast of imagination v reality; the stage of coming down to earth with a bump (US default? jc); sudden recognition of a difficult situation; disruptions by events which have no explanation; basing decisions on unusual or supernatural theories or visions; unaccustomed confusion; impersonal treatment for those with drug dependencies.

2. Mars/Pluto = Uranus: use of whatever power or means available to reform, disrupt, stir up, or alter conditions (wonder who? jc; sudden calamities of great consequence (sorry, but you should be prepared, just in case - jc); violence, cruelty, brutality. Basically, this is an unwelcome echo of the off-on Cardinal T-Square's mdpt picture with the opposition between Saturn and Uranus pointing toward controlling, ruthless Pluto, The Spy.

Now Jupiter 9Tau34 is happy in his own 9th H of Philosophy, Religion, Foreign Lands, Higher Education, and the Legal System. His helpful trine from Pluto has passed but is still of some slight influence (4S19), and the two money planets (actually Pluto is a third), Jupiter and Venus, separate from their square (3S51) showing someone's recent splurge toward self-indulgence, luxury, and laziness! Financial difficulties, obstructive legal matters, or secret involvements are also potentials of a Venus/Jupiter square and we hear of these in the news each day.

Highlighted in red pencil is the T-SQ pattern just mentioned between Mars-Pluto-Uranus, with quirky Uranus conjunct the 8th cusp of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Big Business, Transformation, and such. The Part of Brethren conjoins usurping revolutionary Uranus in this particular chart and I leave to you to decide if this Part describes any group of actors in particular. (Uranus shows how people behave so here the behavior relates to Mars-ruled Aries and, I believe, to 'Utopians' as Ebertin suggests.)

Around the chart in green, America's natal planets are notated; no natal ASC or MC are added for the US since their positions depend on which natal horoscope you prefer. If you use the Sibly version (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA), then the Moon 11Sag53 conjoins US natal Ascendant.

This ASC 8Vir09 is part of a closed circuit of energies we like to call a 'Grand Trine' though here, at one point of the triangle (marked by a dotted line), no planet appears, only an outlet (ASC) for the planetary participants, Jupiter and Pluto. As a pair, Jupiter-Pluto describes: organizers of large projects, leaders of uprisings (and Uranus loves uprisings and squares saboteur Pluto), fanatics, and those who exploit the masses.

Betcha can't name just one!

Other potentials of Jupiter-Pluto are any, all, or none of these: squanderers, speculators, economic and law professors, conflicts with authority, a desire to lead the masses, those who desire or are determined upon instituting large social reforms, and spiritual or intellectual leaders. (Ebertin.)

Another mdpt picture may be of interest to our topic...

Mercury/Neptune = MC (The Goal; Aspirations): far-reaching plans and ideas (NWO? jc); self-deception; going the wrong way; to lie. (Ebertin.) Munkasy adds: psychic ability.

Now America's radical Uranus in Gemini is angular at Midheaven, yet the first US natal planet to rise in this horoscope is our national Neptune 22Vir25 which brings along President Obama's natal Mars at the same degree. Will we ever 'see' Mr. Obama's actions and motivations in a clear light? This I've tended to doubt. Yet possibly a sifting down of the current impasse concerning America's budgetary and debt ceiling matters will be needed before Mr. Obama's cards are placed on the table within full view of the public.,,and within full view of his opponents, the Republicans, with whom the current Democratic occupant of the White House plays high-stakes chess.


One annoying thing about writing in a blogging form is that in any given post, I must try to link or repeat myself such as with the current opposition from tr Pluto to US natal Venus and Jupiter, now affecting US finances adversely. Plus, to keep from repeating myself once again, I assume that you, dear reader, already know that the above discussed Uranus/Pluto square is a major phase in the cyclic dance between Uranus and Pluto. Their current cycle began when they 'met' in Great Conjunction/s on October 9, 1965 @ 17Vir10, April 4, 1966 @ 16Vir28, and June 30, 1966 @ 16Vir06, all at a critical degree, 17 Virgo.

An example from real life of these strong energies expressing in a not-so-destructive manner, is my own Uranus-Pluto experience during these mid-1960s conjunctions all of which occurred on an angle of my natal chart so that with their intense, powerful connection to Rock-n-Roll, I saw the one and only Beatles concert performed in Atlanta, GA. It was very very Uranus-Pluto! jc

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